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Chester, NH Service range 71 miles We service areas all through NH, Southern ME and North Shore MA


Birth Fee

$0 to $2200

Postpartum Rate

$0 to $45

Availability Remarks: We are willing to work with you to customize a birth/postpartum support package to meet your specific needs and budget. Payment plans available. Please send me a message to discuss options!

Birth Fee

$0 to $2200

Postpartum Rate

$0 to $45

Years in Operation: 6

Type of practice: Agency

Clients per month: 1 to 20 births and 10 to 15 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
We will support a birth at any hospital! We have supported births at all the Seacoast NH hospitals and many throughout southern N.H. ME, and North Shore MA

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
We will support any birth center births!

Attends home births? Some Home Births
We will only attend home births that are accompanied by a certified midwife.

Fee Details

Birth services include: 2 prenatal meetings, 24/7 support via phone, text, or video leading up to the day labor starts and up to 6 weeks postpartum (& beyond). In person labor support from the time you request me in labor until 1-2 hours after birth. Also included: 1 postpartum visit, lactation support, local resources tailored to your needs, access to a lending library of books, photography throughout labor and birth if requested. Our doulas are formally trained in Spinning Babies techniques and well equipped to help you achieve optimal fetal positioning before and during labor. The majority of our doulas are also VBAC trained and certified. Other services include postpartum and lactation support, prenatal education, placenta encapsulation, and so much more.

Service Area

Chester, NH Service range 71 miles We service areas all through NH, Southern ME and North Shore MA

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Birth Fee: $900 to $3000


Updated 4/18/2024

Years in practice

Birth Fee: $1650 to $1800

Postpartum Rate: $45 to $60


Updated 4/12/2024

Certified Doula
Years in practice

Birth Fee: $800 to $1800

Postpartum Rate: Not specified


Updated 3/22/2024

Certified Doula
Years in practice

Birth Fee: $1000 to $2000

Postpartum Rate: $25 to $50


Updated 11/15/2023

Years in practice

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Kristen Varney


We cannot thank Ashley enough for all of her support throughout my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience! Ashley was extremely helpful with providing knowledge around how to optimally prepare for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), which is the type of birth I wanted. Ultimately, due to circumstances out of our control, I did have another cesarean birth. Ashley’s support through that process of needing to change the plan was instrumental in helping me to feel empowered by the decision, rather than upset and potentially traumatized. I will forever be grateful that we had this type of support, and I highly encourage everyone, whether it’s your first birth or fourth birth, or whether you are planning a VBAC or scheduled cesarean, to highly consider working with Saltwater Doulas. Birth can be so unpredictable, but having a doula by your side to support you through it all can have a lifelong impact on your health (both physical and mental) and make all the difference!

Elizabeth F


Having Ashley as our doula was the best thing we could have hoped for. From our prenatal meetings to her postnatal home visit, Ashley was  caring, supportive and excited to make the birthing/ postpartum experience the best it can be. She came to our house at 4 in the morning and helped me to labor as long as possible at home. She guided me through an unmedicated birth that was seeming to stall. Her knowledge of body positioning allowed for us to move the baby for a successful delivery! When I felt like giving up, she helped me push (literally) through it. I couldn't have done it without her and am forever grateful! 

Nicole W.


I was lucky enough to have worked with Ashley, Alyssa and Kenzie. I went back and forth deciding if I wanted to have a doula for my TOLAC. My first pregnancy was a c-section during Covid. I wanted to have more control of the birthing process and I made sure to do my research and am so glad I went with Salt Water Doulas. Ashley was super responsive and attentive to my needs. It was nice to be able to run questions by her without having to see my OB. Working with Alyssa and Kenzie I was able to get the birthing experience that I wanted. It was truly a night and day experience from my last delivery. From them being in the room and rubbing your back, their coaching techniques with words of encouragement - that let’s face it, sometimes your husband just can’t get right! I will definitely recommend them and be using them, if I ever decide to have the crazy idea of getting pregnant again. Thank you ladies, so so much!!

Mariana McGuire


Ashley is amazing!! I cannot imagine having anyone else be apart of this incredible life event. She was so supportive throughout the entire process (prenatal, birth, postpartum). I felt like I could text her at any time of day and she would always show up with support, information, and the most kind words. I am eternally grateful for Ashley and her help to have the birth experience I was really hoping for! 



We were so grateful to have Ashley as our Doula! She was supportive of our birth plan and helped us talk about the process. She empowered us to advocate for our needs. She encouraged me to ask our providers questions which allowed me to make decisions that felt right for our family. I will never forget her greeting me with a warm hug at the hospital. She will always have a special place in our lives.

Olga Shestopalova


Ashley was my doula for my first birth, so when I got pregnant again, I knew I had to get her again! The second time around was just as swift and incredible as the first. Ashley helped me make decisions that were best for myself and my baby, and I avoided any interventions (no epidural!). The second time went so smoothly that when I had the urge to push, nobody thought it possible because my labor has been so chill up until then, Ashley and I spent it just walking the hallways and pausing for contractions! Early postpartum, I had some trouble breastfeeding, and Ashley was there for me, offering suggestions and helping me figure out proper latch. I felt so supported!



I have worked with Ashley many times and she is amazing. She has always been there to answer any and all questions I have had. Great communication,  very professional and has the mist caring loving personality. ?? 

Kristen Curtis


Ashley was an amazing, supportive, caring and knowledgeable doula. She responded with care and concern to all questions throughout pregnancy, she was thorough and my husband and I felt really listened to about our wishes for birth. I ended up having a C-section and Ashley's support made the experience healing, calm and supportive. I would highly recommend Ashley to anyone looking for an amazing doula.

Kolbie Deamon


I have to start by saying Ashley is an incredibly kind, caring, and thoughtful person, qualities that make her a truly amazing birth doula. 

Ashley was so supportive and wonderful as a birth doula for the birth of my first child that I knew I would hire her for the birth of my second child as soon as I found out I was pregnant. Throughout my pregnancy and leading up to labor, Ashley provided support and resources to my partner and me around the clock. She is an absolute wealth of knowledge, is very responsive to calls and texts, and is a true professional in all senses of the word (but not in a way that makes her feel stiff or unapproachable). Ashley’s support feels like the support of a friend you’ve known all your life. 

Honestly, I'm a little sad that I won't have the opportunity to work with Ashley again, knowing that I'm done having babies, but I sing her praises to every person I know who is expecting or hoping to get pregnant soon. As soon as someone tells me they're pregnant, I immediately ask if they've hired a birth doula and I give them Ashley's info. 

If you are searching for a doula or not sure whether to hire one, hire Ashley. You will not regret it.


Sarah Davis


Ashley was my birth doula and she was amazing. My birth experience with my twins in general was smooth but having Ashley there just made it an even better experience. I greatly appreciated her presence, experience and support through it all. So calm and supportive. Knowledgeable and caring. She supported my husband and I in more ways than I can count and was there when I truly needed her. I highly recommend her and will always recommend her to friends and family for their future births.

Sara Randazzo


Ashley was our birth doula and we couldn't have been more happy with our experience. She not only provided support for myself and my husband during our long labor but has been an amazing resource through our pregnancy and postpartum journies. We are so pleased to have found her and cannot express how truly grateful we are to have had her as our advocate throughout this great adventure. 

Kate W.


I worked with Ashley through the Portsmouth Hospital Doula Program, and had a wonderful experience. Ashley was our lead doula - she was kind, knowledgeable, and a wealth of knowledge. I wanted to highlight what specifics made our experience with her exceptional. 

- Birth Preferences: She helped us identify our birth preferences, and helped us feel prepared for different scenarios that could pop up. She took so much time with us, and we never felt judged for what felt like our naive questions.  
- Thoughtful Guidance: She also helped us answer questions as they popped up throughout my pregnancy, and identified things we should ask about that we didn't even know we should think about. She was a lifesaver when my doctors recommended an induction at 39 weeks along due to IUGR. An induction was not one of my original birthing preferences. Ashley guided us through this process and what to expect. She helped us take what could have been a stressful time, and instead helped us feel informed and empowered.
- Great Communication: She proactively followed up on appointments, and was always super prompt in her replies. She also communicated with the fellow doulas so nothing about my preferences got lost in transition at the hospital.
- Helpful Resources: She also provided us amazing resources to help us prepare for both labor and postpartum. I have  leveraged everything she recommended and it has been so helpful (including but not limited to incorporating perineal massage, a guided spinning babies home routine, pelvic floor PTs, seacoast parenting communities etc.) 




When my partner and I found out I was pregnant, we knew we wanted to work with a doula to have the best possible birthing experience. Ashley was an invaluable member of our team from the jump, helping us to shape our birthing plan and define our priorities, as well as guiding us to helpful resources along the way. She was an incredible presence at our birth, encouraging and supporting us all the way through, and radiating a sense of calm the entire time. I would absolutely recommend Ashley to anyone who wants to work with a doula!



We reached out to Ashley after deciding the Hospital group birth classes were not working for our style. We decided we would like a more personalized approach as we prepared to welcome our first child into the world. We are so grateful that we found Ashley! She was exactly what my husband and I needed. She answered all our questions without judgment and from a data based perspective. Ashley helped change my perspective on the process of giving birth and develop a decision tree based birth plan that aligned with our wishes while remaining flexible. During labor Ashley was my biggest cheerleader and advocate. She helped my husband and I navigate our options, labor using various methods resulting in the birth of a healthy baby boy! She even captured our first moments as a family ?? 




If you're considering hiring Ashley, just do it!  She was such a pleasure to work with - very knowledable, kind and caring.  My first birth experience was pretty traumatic - active pushing for 5 hours, vacuum delivery, OP (face up baby), 4th degree tearing, retained placenta, hemmorage, and a trip to the OR - and I wished that I had hired a doula believing that if I had, some of the above wouldn't have happened. 

Well I was right.  After talking extensively with Ashley about my fears and concerns and desires for my next delivery, she gave me exercizes to do at home to make room for baby to prevent another OP birth.  During labor, she worked some of the same and some additional exercizes to relax me and make space for baby. 

The result.... I pushed for 3 or 4 contractions (not hours), and literally laughed my baby out (yes, laughed!) Baby was presenting OP and TURNED HERSELF as she was coming out - due to the space Ashley gave to her! NO vacuum! 3rd degree (not 4th!) tearing.  

Also - if you're trying to decide whether to do an epidural, just do that too.  I went natural for my first, and planned to do the same with my second.  After getting induced, the contractions came hard and fast and I wanted the epidural ASAP.  I was amazed at how with the epidural, the pain was gone and I was able to feel the contraction doing its job to push my baby out.  

I'm so thankful to Ashley for helping provide me with a wonderful birth experience the 2nd time around!





Grady Savage


There was no way to know ahead of time how medically complex my birth would end up being, and having Ashley on our team was a huge part of what made such a wild, chaotic, adventurous birth still somehow a wonderful one. It's hard to adequately express how much her support, grounding, kindness, humor, steadfastness, confidence, and care meant to our entire family.

I earnestly would not want to experience birth without her.

If you're expecting and thinking about getting a doula - DO IT!!! And if you're a NH local and you're looking for the best one around, your search is over because Ashley's it!



Ashley is wonderful. In the hospital, she was very competent, attentive, caring, and kind. She helped with the pain management, as well as the pain of organizing all else and communicating with the health professionals. On top of all that, during the labor, she was carefully observing my symptoms and she might have even saved us from a complication. She kept communicating with us after delivery too, and offered her help in numerous ways. We recommend her without hesitation. 



It takes a certain person to be a doula and Ashley is just that! I'm so glad we found her and I would recommend her to anyone who's searching to have a doula for their pregnancy journey. When we found out we were pregnant I knew having a doula would be helpful. Ashley was just that and then some! Her knowledge helped ease any worries and fear we had and helped flip my sunny side up baby for a better delivery. I'm so grateful we had her and if you're considering a doula is the right choice then Ashley is the perfect person for the job! 



Ashley is an amazing birth doula. She is very knowledgeable about the whole birth experience and what to expect. As a new mom, I was scared of the uncertainties associated with labor but Ashley helped ease my fears. Ashley was great in helping me create a birth plan. For example, she took the time to present me with a wide range of options to choose from for my birth plan. I found this really beneficial because had it not been for Ashley I would not have known all my potential options in labor. During labor and delivery, Ashley was very supportive all around. My baby Jack was in the posterior position. She helped coach me with spinning babies exercises to get Jack into the ideal position prior to delivery. Ashley helped comfort me during labor by giving massages when needed for my lower back pain. My husband and I were both very pleased with having Ashley on board as our doula!



I always knew that I wanted to have a doula for labor and delivery when the time came. We chose to deliver at Portsmouth Regional, and coincidentally, they offer a doula program, which I made sure to enroll in. When the time came, we had the night shift on-call doula come in for a few hours, and then Ashley came in for day shift.  My labor and delivery was nothing I expected, and my birth plan of "going as naturally as possible, as long as possible" quickly went out the window. Labor was hard and fast. At 1cm I wanted pain medication/management, and then my water broke, wo we augmented with pitocin. 

Ashley was phenomenal with me, and was a great resource and relief person for my husband (who doesn't do hospitals, and was having a hard time himself). We did some breathing work, counter pressure, and a lot of laboring in the bath, with candle and aromatherapy. However, I struggled. I did get some IV medication for pain, and I thought I was screaming for an epidural, however, I had actually only asked once. 

In 2.5 hours I went from 1-10, and had an unmedicated delivery! Hubby and myself felt so supported through it all, and would hands down utilize doula services again, especially with Ashley!! She even took some beautiful first photos for us to treasure! 

Chloe Parcell


My name is Chloe Parcell, and I gave birth to my daughter Madelyn on March 3, 2022. Ashley Brittain acted as my doula during my birth. I had to be induced due to preeclampsia 3 weeks early. Ashley was acting as my substitute doula, and I was a little nervous before she came because we had not had a chance to meet. However, from the minute Ashley entered the room, all my worries went away. She walked into the room with an amazing energy that immediately made me feel at ease. Ashley came after I had received my epidural, and she helped me get into a better position to move along my labor and help me feel comfortable. For the rest of the night, Ashley helped me switched positions every 30-45 minutes. My labor was progressing well, and I was ready to push by 8:30 that morning. During this time, Ashley helped me and motivated me. When Madelyn was born, with my permission, Ashley captured amazing photos that my husband and I will cherish forever. Throughout my postpartum healing, Ashley has been extremely helpful and comforting. She has continued to check in on me and help me through breastfeeding. Ashley also came to visit me and helped me with Madelyn's issues with sleeping at night. I would highly recommend Ashley to any new parents. Having her as a resource is something I am grateful for. 

Amanda Nordberg


Ashley is simply amazing! I was terrified of childbirth - not knowing how painful it would be or how the process would go is scary. I honestly don’t think my experience would have been anywhere as positive and relaxed if it weren’t for Ashley. I was induced so we had some waiting to do before things really got underway. Ashley took that time to work on Spinning Babies with me, as my baby was not in the best position for birth (head down but facing my side). We did all sorts of exercises, stretches and massages,
which also helped to pass the time! Every time a nurse or doctor came in the room she was great about asking me if everything made sense and if I had any follow up questions. I really felt like I had another family member/friend with my husband and I in the room. When it was time to push she was so encouraging and truly made me feel like I could do anything! I am still so impressed with myself that my birthing experience was so smooth. I never thought I could do it! The baby arrived with no troubles or stalls so her Spinning Babies exercises really worked! We plan to have more children down the road and will absolutely be giving Ashley a call when the time comes!



The hospital I gave birth at uses a team approach and I was free to schedule prenatal appointments with any provider I wanted but the doctor who would deliver me depended on who was on shift when I went into labor so there was a chance I would never have met him or her before. I was totally fine with this but it's what made me want to hire a doula because I wanted someone in the delivery room who knew me, knew my birth plan and who my husband and I knew. We found Ashley and she was amazing! My labor and delivery didn't go how I had envisioned it. I ended up being induced which made labor progress very hard and fast and despite being in the most pain of my life I remember Ashley being there and she had the essential oil inhalers, and she was rubbing my back and providing enough distraction to get me through. My husband was great but having her there was amazing for him too since this was our first and we were both a little shell shocked :) She offers to take pictures of the birth, which I didn't want, but she did take a few immediately after birth which I love because without her there they are moments we would not have captured. She was always available and checking in on me during my pregnancy, she was an amazing support person to have during labor and delivery, and she's been available and completely supportive since I have been postpartum. I struggled with breast feeding but having Ashley was such a relief. She was encouraging, she provided tips, and she reassured me I was doing a good job when I felt like I wasn't. She is very knowledgeable and has so many resources to offer before, during and after pregnancy. I can't say enough great things and I highly recommend her. I am very hopeful that she will be able to be my doula for my next baby. Thank you, Ashley!

Christina Mujakovic


The most amazing doula ever! She met with me several times during pregnancy and eased all of my fears about the birth process. We practiced spinning babies techniques (even on the day of my labor!) and I truly believe this helped me line my baby up and achieve my VBAC!! She was my right hand woman from the very first contraction all the way through a few hours post delivery. I will always cherish the pictures she took and the amazing experience we had together!! If you’re on the fence about a doula, you absolutely cannot go wrong with Ashley!



Hiring Ashley to be my birth doula was easily the best choice I made for the birth of my first child. From our first meeting to our last, Ashley was excellent in every way.

When we met with Ashley before the birth, Ashley asked thoughtful questions that prompted a healthy discussion about our goals, expectations, and concerns. She was an empathetic listener and offered creative suggestions about steps we could take to achieve our ideal birthing experience. She was very well prepared to educate us about the birth process itself and the various comfort measures we could employ to help ease some of the physical discomfort of birthing a baby. Ashley also taught us and coached us through the Spinning Babies exercises, both prior to and during labor, to help our baby get into the ideal position in utero for birth. 

Ashley attended my nearly 20 hour hospital birth. I can't overstate how supportive, encouraging, and helpful she was through the entire thing. She suggested and literally helped me move into position after position during the first stage of labor with the goals of easing my discomfort and moving baby down towards the birthing canal as efficiently as possible. She worked tirelessly to provide counter pressure on my lower back and coached my husband on how he could physically support me as well. 

When my labor took an unexpected turn, Ashley reminded me of my original goals for the birth and reassured me that I was actively achieving them, which gave me great perspective when I was feeling forlorn about the experience. To me, this was a clear indication of Ashley's empathetic and attentive style of listening and that she put me and my goals at the center of my birthing experience above all else. 

My husband and I couldn't have asked for a better support person. We are so grateful to have found and hired Ashley as our birth doula for the birth of our first child. 

Ryan Landry


From a husband’s perspective, I never thought I would be ok with using a Doula, but after our first two births ended in c-sections, and we found out we were pregnant with our third, we decided we would hire a doula to help try for a VBA2C. We found Ashley through DONA, and after our initial zoom meeting, we immediately felt like she was an understanding and excellent resource that we could trust.

Throughout the pregnancy, Ashley's was always available as a resource. When my wife went over her due date and we were told we needed to schedule an induction, Ashley helped us work through asking the right questions so we could figure out what the best options were to give us our best chance at a successful outcome.

My wife’s third labor was long, and throughout it all Ashley was indispensable. I know that I could not have provided all the support my wife needed over what was a 26 hour labor without having Ashley to back me up. She was a wealth of knowledge that helped us remember our goals and ask the right questions to help us get there. She was also a much needed set of skilled helping hands who gave my wife support, particularly when I needed a break. When it seemed like the labor was stalling, Ashley helped my wife labor in many different positions that I have no doubt helped the labor finally progress, and ultimately end in a successful VBA2C.

This third labor shared many of the same characteristics of our first two. What was different with this third birth is that we had Ashley. She was a steadfast and trustworthy resource, especially during labor. She never overstepped, and I never felt like she was “replacing” me, which is something that had kept me from considering a Doula in the past. Without her help, I do not think we would have had the result that we did. To any dad who is hesitant about using a Doula, I would wholeheartedly recommend Ashley. I am certainly glad we found her. 

Sarah Siebert


This was my third pregnancy but my first time attempting to do it all natural. Because of my decision to labor and birth all natural I wanted to find a doula that would support my decision and help me through the process. I couldn’t be happier after finding Ashley! She helped me to feel comfortable, gave me material to read and techniques to practice at home in preparation for labor. She also came to my house prior to going into labor to meet with my husband and I so we could put a face to the name and feel more comfortable before the big day! During our visit we also went over and practiced exercises to get baby in the perfect birthing position. The week leading up to labor she was a wealth of knowledge and always very responsive to my texts. When my contractions began early in the morning Ashley responded right away and promptly met my husband and I at the hospital. She helped me through managing my intense contractions and keeping my husband engaged and calm. Everything went smooth and my baby was born within one hour of arriving at the hospital. Ashley did an at home follow up after my baby was born to check in and spend some time with my family. It was just what I needed after my parents had just left and my husband went back to work. I can’t recommend Ashley enough! She was exactly what I needed and more and helped me to remain calm and confident through the entire process. 

Olga Shestopalova


Ashley made my prenatal, birth, and postpartum experience so much smoother and calmer than I ever could have expected! I cannot recommend her enough! She met with me during the pregnancy and educated me on what to expect, how to make for a more peaceful and less painful birth, and all of my options in the hospital so I felt incredibly prepared. She went the extra mile, showing me massages to do to help baby get into the correct position, helped me through a scary near-induction experience at the very end of my pregnancy, and checked up on me regularly to make sure I was doing ok.

I gave birth at Exeter hospital and Ashley provided invaluable help through contractions, helping me make the most of them and breathe and position myself to calm down and be able to overcome them. I made it through without the need of an epidural, entirely because Ashley and my support person gave me the best environment possible- in the tub, with a soothing light touch massage, aromatherapy, tea lights, and music, it was incredible how big a difference this made! I felt safe and calm and was able to come back down after every contraction. Ashley made my birth experience feel so powerful!

Ashley also checked up on me postpartum, creating this amazing basket with goodies and helpful information, it was so wonderful having her check in on us and once again, give us even more info that helped us in those first weeks! Overall, Ashley truly cares about her clients and is an incredible help before/during/after birth!

Jamylle Nogueira


I should have done this review sooner, but with a toddler and a new born time got away from me. I had planned to have a natural birth, but 4 weeks prior to my due date we had to make a decision to go for a c-section. Those became some of the most difficult days of my life. Thankfully Asheley provided amazing support and I fell secure. She comforted me and provided guidance every step of the way.

I feel that as a Doula she has an ability to connect with her client and is able to make the birthing experience feel safe and personal. She cared about how I envisioned giving birth and wanted to make sure it became a reality. Although my plans changed, she still made her self available to help me with whatever I needed and even came to the hospital to make sure I had enough rest. We kept in touch after I  left the hospital and she even paid me a visit at home. I’m very grateful, and I believe I made the right decision choosing Ashley as my doula, she is an amazing person and made me feel at ease whenever she was around.



Ashley was a godsend during my labor. I was not someone who originally considered having a doula, however, it was the best decision I ever made! My husband and I originally wanted to keep the birth experience between us, and I assumed I would want an epidural and wasn't sure I would need a doula because of that. Thankfully, as my pregnancy progressed, we realized that having someone like Ashley present could dramatically improve the birth experience (which it did)!

Ashley was amazing from the moment we met! She helped us prepare and imagine what my ideal birth might look like, which was honestly not something I had not spent much time considering. I felt so much more prepared from our conversations compared to how I felt after the online birth classes.

When I was experiencing prodromal labor for days, she was a constant supportive presence, and when my water broke unexpectedly in the night she jumped into action. My labor progressed quite quickly and having her there to support and guide me was the most amazing gift. My husband and I still felt like it was an intimate experience, but what was more, Ashley gave me the confidence and natural pain management to give birth without drugs.

We have also utilized her postpartum services which have been wonderful for a first time mom like me. My recovery was slow and my husband had to return to work soon after the birth of our son, so having her help seriously kept me sane.

If you are thinking of having a doula, no matter what kind of birth you are planning, I HIGHLY recommend her! 

Trina Mujakovic


I had Ashley as a postpartum doula and she is absolutely amazing, so kind and caring. She helps with everything from cleaning bottles and pump parts to house keeping and laundry. She can even help you with breastfeeding and will watch the baby while you nap!! Ashley has all the local resources, which comes in very handy, especially when you are a first time mom like me. She made me some lactation bites, which help with milk production. And one of my favorite parts of her visit was some lovely adult conversation. She's worth every penny and I will definitely be using her again for my next baby! 

Madisyn Pappas


At the start of my pregnancy i began my hunt for a doula, when talking to women in the NH area, i really wanted to find someone who i could relate to, someone who shared my values and beliefs, and someone who i could truly talk to as a friend, not just someone i hired to help me. Ashley gave me just that through this process. Through this troubling time of covid-19, ashley was able to offer me sound advice, and gave great tips to making it through. Having her on my team to help guide us through the process was such a blessing, before labor, during labor, and after! During labor ashley was as hands on as she needed to be, and read each situation well as labor progressed. She was comforting, helpful, and supportive to both myself and my partner. Ashely urged me to use an exercise ball through contractions, and gave me a massage while on the ball that was a total god send in the moment. She was also consistently helping me to sway through each contraction, reminding me of the work that my body was doing and how the swaying would help! She consistently offered me water, and helped me get through the moments immediately following birth. Natural birth with out drugs was quite the experience, and i am so happy that ashley got to be a part of this with us! 



Ashley was the perfect support for us as we went through our second pregnancy and first birth, all during the time of COVID-19. My partner and I were impressed with her blend of professionalism and down-to-earth demeanor from our first phone call straight through to our postpartum visit. She was flexible and always made sure we were comfortable, with COVID this meant having video chat sessions instead of in person, her wearing a mask during our labor, and offering video chat and text or call support while we ended up having to go to the hospital during a pandemic where she was not able to come with us in person due to hospital restrictions. Our sessions before birth were filled with client-centered support, lots of listening and validation, and all the information and resources we could possibly need. During labor at home she was able to be a support for both me and my partner, provided hands-on support, and was our emotional rock. She was there to do anything we needed and when things got intense she was able to just step in and do what we needed without us even knowing how to ask. When it was clear we needed to leave our plan of home birth and go to the hospital she was able to be strong and assure us this was the best plan and quickly helped us pack up, putting things in our bags we never would have thought to take, and doing anything and everything that needed to be done. She was a virtual presence when she couldn’t be with us in person and when we had our postpartum visit she processed with us, gave more resources, and offered extended support. All of this to say that Ashley is excellent at what she does and we would choose her again in a heartbeat!



We had a beautiful and wonderful experience with Ashley as our doula. This was my second child and it was great to walk through my previous experience with Ashley and set expectations for this labor and get her recommendations. During the actual labor, she was a voice for me to the nurses and doctors when needed and helped coach me through early labor to actual delivery. Thanks to her I was able to stick to my goal of an unmedicated delivery. Before having a doula I was unsure about the value, but now I wouldn't deliver without one, specifically Ashley. Her calm demeanor and knowledge were exactly what I needed during a completely different birth experience than my first.

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