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Lolli Comar

The Vancouver Doula

Vancouver, BC Service range 10 miles Vancouver and immediate areas only (will travel outside the immediate Vancouver area for planned home births and repeat clients)

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate



Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

27 years and 1000 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

17 years and 500 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, May 1996

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 1 to 4 births and 1 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
B.C. Women's Hospital and St. Paul's Hospital

Attends birth center births? No Birth Centers
there are currently no birth centers in my area

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I will travel outside of the Vancouver area for planned home births. Areas I will consider are Richmond, North and West Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and Coquitlam.

Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Parenting consulting
  • TENS units rental

Fee Details

As i tend to get pretty booked up with repeat clients, I take only a very limited number of new clients per month. My most commonly charged fee for births is $1500. This rate reflects my 25 years of experience, 100s of births attended, ongoing professional development and high demand for my services. Sometimes in certain special situations I may charge less or more. I will do a limited amount of sliding scale births each year for clients who are in dire financial situations.

Vancouver, BC Service range 10 miles Vancouver and immediate areas only (will travel outside the immediate Vancouver area for planned home births and repeat clients)

Client Testimonials for Lolli Comar

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Marina Castro


Lolli was absolutely crucial in making our pregnancy and labour as successful as they were. The first time we met her both my husband and I knew, right away, she was the doula we wanted. She has an assertive, yet caring and fun personality. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to pregnancy. A real guru! We didn't know until we hired her, but she has an amazing reputation in the field-- everyone seems to know her, from our midwives, to our prenatal class instructor, to family friends. Our meetings (in person and over the phone) leading up to labour provided us with a ton of resources to cope with physical pain, emotional struggles and helped us feel much more confident and know what to expect when the big day came. Of course, though, nothing happened as planned! We had a very fast labour and by the time we called her, I was already at the hospital fully dilated and ready to push. So, even though we didn't have her by our side when I was labouring, we feel that everything we learned from her and in our prenatal classes allowed my husband and I to handle it so well on our own. And, I have to say, having her with me when I was pushing made all the difference! She guided me on how to breath and push more effectively, and ultimately helped me push our baby before the doctor and midwife started the vaccum process (which I had agreed to)-- really, I had like 5 or 10 minutes as they were getting everything ready for the procedure, and she and my husband believed I could do that on my own and sure enough, I did! After the birth of our son, she continued to provide us with incredible support, especially with breastfeeding. I can't recommend Lolli enough! She's someone who'll be forever part of our lives and whom I hope to have again in our next pregnancy.



Lolli was fantastic! We weren’t really sure what to expect from a doula service but we’d heard good things and thought we could use all the support we could get with our first pregnancy.  Lolli made us feel comfortable right from our first meeting with her. She is a wealth of knowledge and provides a tremendous amount of reference material on any question you can think of. She never makes you feel judged or embarrassed by anything in the entire process. We had a home birth and she was essential for helping it go smoothly.  Before the birth her visits helped us know how to best prepare our home, as well as what to expect and how to deal with some of the challenges. During the birth she was calm and extremely reassuring to my wife without ever intruding on how we wanted to do things or taking over the process. Immediately after the birth she went the extra mile and made sure to heat up some food for us, helped to clean and organize the place, and above all made sure we were comfortable and had all the knowledge we needed to handle the first night on our own with our son. I would definitely recommend her to anyone, especially those having their first child, as the experience and knowledge she can provide is invaluable.

Kristin Johnson


Lolli was invaluable to our preparation for and delivery of our first baby boy. Lolli is professional, caring and compassionate and we were able to have an incredible safe and nurtured home birth as a result of her coaching.

Labour was not as expected (is it ever? I don't know, I've only been through it once) and as two "planners" our expected labour, leading to a Plan A hospital birth turned into a Plan B home birth; without Lolli's unwavering support I don't know that we would have had the confidence to trust that we were safe and capable of bringing baby safely into the outside world at home.

We are so happy that Lolli (and the rest of our team) supported us, educated us and empowered us to be open to different labour experience and delivery options.

Lolli is so much more than a birth coach or support person. She has shared so many resources with us, both pre and post natal, that have made us feel more confident as we step into this wild world of parenting.

We would recommend Lolli to anyone looking for a doula's support at any stage of pregnancy or beyond.

Alexandra Siren


Hiring Lolli as our Doula was a very easy decision. Her many years of experience, vast wisdom and calming energy was obvious to my husband and I right away.

This was my first pregnancy and I was determined to have a natural birth and wanted to do everything in my power to avoid a C-Section. When I found out at 37 weeks that our baby was breech, I thought all of our hard-work and planning had been derailed.

Lolli provided us with a great deal of information, resources and emotional support in relation to the breech baby. She recommended exercises to help turn the baby, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, homeopathy, swimming, etc. Without Lolli’s guidance and support I would never have gone through with an ECV (procedure where a doctor turns the baby), which was successful, and I would have ended up with a scheduled C-Section at 39 weeks. She showed us options that we didn’t know we had. Lolli was invaluable during this very stressful time.

When I was past my due date Lolli checked in with me regularly and helped keep me calm. She made sure I was getting sufficient rest and taking care of myself in preparation for labour. She always reassured me that my body had an innate wisdom and knew what to do.

During my labour Lolli was instrumental for both myself and my husband. Whenever the pain would become overwhelming she would find a way to comfort me and get me through it. When labour wasn’t progressing she suggested we use a breast pump to help naturally produce oxytocin and allowed me to avoid medical intervention. She integrated seamlessly and respectfully with my midwife, husband and nurse. Without Lolli I truly believe the birth story of our son Jack would have been very different.

Lolli was worth every penny and we are eternally grateful to her for giving us the birth story we hoped for.

Alexandra Lightman

Kathleen Millar


Lolli is a wonderful, incredibly dedicated doula but she is far more than that. She is the centre of the entire metro Vancouver birthing community and someone with over 20 years of experience accompanying families through pregnancy and birth. Her vast experience made all the difference to me in my own journey. When I first looked into getting a doula, I was only thinking of someone who would help me through labour and birth. I was not expecting all the support Lolli ended up providing me throughout what my pregnancy and postpartum period. Lolli pointed me to very useful, well-informed, evidence-based articles and resources and by offering to listen to me and to talk through difficult decisions and accompanying emotions. I found Lolli’s experience to be invaluable. Because she has been doing this work for so long, she had excellent referrals for everything (such as midwives, chiropractic, acupuncturist, LC, prenatal classes, infant development workshops, you name it….). Lolli was available for questions and chats at a short notice—even calling me on her vacation from Mexico once! Most importantly, she was the one person who always knew exactly what to say to both calm me and renew my confidence in the process of becoming a mother. I simply could not have done it without her and now consider her part of our family.

Jennifer Ags


We are so very grateful that Lolli was our doula. She has immense experience and it comes through in everything she does. She is the calm, reassuring and knowledgeable presence that everyone needs during labour. Because of her, my very long labour with over 3 hours of pushing never felt overwhelming. She laboured with us at home, gently getting me into the best positions to ease the pain, providing relief and support to my husband so he could be the best support to me. When my water broke before contractions, we called Lolli who talked us through next steps. When my contractions starting slowing down at home, Lolli suggested activities and a 'labor cocktail' to get things going again, which worked and was not suggested by our midwives. In the hospital, Lolli got me in the tub right away which helped with the pain immensely. She guided my breathing through the pushing. And she's been a godsend postnatal support and information as we've struggled with breastfeeding. We've recommended her to friends who had a similar 'thank god we hired Lolli' experience and we certainly can't imagine going through another labour (if there's a #2) without her. Hiring Lolli was the best birth decision we made. 

Christine Kim


Having Lolli as a doula was the best decision I made for this birth. She was so helpful before the birth actually happened as well, she came to our house several times to talk for hours about giving birth, postpartum care and breech baby. My baby was in breech position until 37 weeks and she recommended chiropractic and prenatal massage to help the baby to flip on her own. When we we went to the hospital at 37 weeks to flip the baby, she already was in head down position and the doctor was surprised to see the baby to turn on her own at 37 weeks as she was in breech position at 36.5 weeks. When I was actually in labor, we called her to the hospital and I really don't know how the whole process would have happened without her there. She taught my husband how to help and comfort me during and after contractions and stayed couple hours after the birth to help with settling in. She also came to my house after I came home from the hospital to check how everything was going. I plan to have her again for my future births. My words cannot express how great she was during the whole experience of this birth. Highly recommended!

Michelle James


My partner and I decided fairly last minute that we could do with the extra support during labor and contacted Lolli - it was by far the best decision we made. When my midwife first approached me about the idea of a Doula, I was fairly adamant that it wasn't something I wanted or needed. Initially I felt as though a doula was going to be like having a complete stranger in the room and that my husband was all the support that I would need. However, I was 37 weeks pregnant when the reality of labor approaching hit me and I started to think more about how things may play out. I then began to realise that not only would I benefit from the support of a Doula but my husband and midwife would too. Lolli was beyond amazing as our Doula and I could not have labored the way I did without her. Lolli's support when she meet us to the labor and postpartum was something that I will be forever grateful for. She gave my husband and I the knowledge and tools needed for early labor and was there for me as soon as my labor progressed (without me even realizing I needed her). Lolli gave my partner the direction and assistance needed to adequately support me through a fast progressing labor and did not take over his role at all which I was grateful for. Lolli due to her experienced always knew when it was time to change up position and knew just what I needed when I needed it. She enabled me to feel safe within each stage of my labor, encouraging and ensuring me every step of the way. I would highly recommend her to any expecting couple!! 

Andrew Tattersall


We contacted Lolli last minute and she was very accommodating and professional. For me as a partner I felt out of my depth and really appreciated Lolli's experience and ability to read our situation. I don't doubt that our successful birth story wouldn't be the same without Lolli's support.

Kyle MacDonald


Lolli is amazing and worked exceptionally well with us. She was very present when needed and a great person to hang out with. Superb energy, communication, and a very qualified and professional doula ! Highly recommended !! :-)

Sarah Scott


Lolli Comar is an amazing doula. We just had our first child and we really didn't know what to expect with labour and delivery or with using a Doula. Lolli exceeded all of our expectations.

Two things jump out for me when thinking about her care. The first was her ability to coach me through contractions. Her coaching and guidance made them as bearable as possible. She was so reassuring and experienced through each contraction which I found incredibly useful. She knew what kind of encouragement I needed and read the situation to ensure she was meeting my needs while also supporting and guiding my husband.

The other thing that really jumps out for me is her incredible knowledge and expertise. Lolli is INCREDIBLY knowledgeable about pre and post natal care in addition to labour and delivery. This is something that would only be possible with her many years of experience supporting women and families during births. She is professional and takes her role seriously and was so helpful to both my husband and I leading up to, during and after the birth of our son.

Thank you Lolli!

Shannon Norberg


Lolli is a doula that I have recommended to so many of my midwifery practice clients.

Just knowing that a client has hired Lolli brings me such calm - she is one of the most experienced doulas in Vancouver and I have only had positive birth experiences with her.  She is practical, professional, comfortable in both home and hospital environments and is such a fantastic member of any birthing family's support circle.

Lolli does not book a high number of clients each month so that she is able to be available and provide 1:1 care for her clients.  She is skilled at helping families through early labour and always knows when to call the midwife!  Clients are relaxed and understand the birthing process and are able to be flexible with their "plans" - in my opinion one of the most bestest ways anyone can approach the birth of their baby.

If you are considering hiring Lolli I would say an unequivocal 'yay' - give her a call, she is happy to meet with you and have a conversation about her services and your hopes and vision and she is always open about whether you each feel you are a good match for the other.  Best of luck to you!

Dana Crudo


When we were pregnant with our first child, we hadn't planned on having a doula. We were meant to meet Lolli, however, as her name came up on three different occasions from different people! So we finally contacted her, met her and decided to have her help us as we were planning to have a home waterbirth. Lolli is straight-forward, confident and extremely knowledgeable.  Without her, we likely would have had our first daughter on my yoga mat with no one around! She came and got us on track. I felt completely safe and in her caring, connected hands. My husband also felt more relaxed and was able to enjoy the experience more deeply, knowing that he had Lolli to fall back on.

When we decided to have a doula that first time, we hadn't expected to have one in future births.  But we just couldn't imagine having a birth without Lolli. In my subsequent births, Lolli was at the forefront and kept me focused. I felt like she was totally in tune with me and knew when to make suggestions or let me ride things out. When she suggested something, it was PERFECT! She was more present for me than the midwives in that she was just always there at the right moment (I LOVED my midwife team as well, don't get me wrong). With these subsequent births, Lolli inevitable became a part of our family, part of the most intense, intimate and precious experiences in our growing family.

Especially after my last birth, Lolli provided support and sweetness afterward while I was trying to get my bearings as a mother of 3. I could always count on her not mincing words, being honest in her opinion and offering practical suggestions. I also appreciated the resources she offered and connections between clients she offered. She helped ease me into tandem feeding by setting me up with another mother in a similar situation. I cannot ever thank her enough for her authenticity and genuine care. I recommend her to anyone who even mentions they are thinking of having a doula!

Gillian Clayton


As a person who didn't even know what a doula did only months ago, I feel incredibly lucky to have been referred to Lolli for our pregnancy, labour & delivery. Both my husband & I knew right after meeting with Lolli that she was a perfect fit, in fact we both knew after the first few minutes of meeting her.

I thought Lolli was especially impressive in talking to us as individuals, asking us questions about ourselves & really listening to the answers, which led to her really thoughtful insights for us to hear, as well as very meaningful conversation for us to be a part of.  We finally started to really 'learn' about pregnancy, which was so interesting coming from someone with so much experience, positivity & boundless enthusiasm.

Lolli was able to provide superb resources that I would never have found on my own, and that really changed my approach to thinking about labour & delivery.

I think the single most important aspect of a wonderful labour & delivery for us was the fact we were able to labour at home with Lolli there. I felt completely confident that I was doing all of the right things, which left me free from any fear which would have negatively affected my labour. 

She was a quiet yet strong presence immediately supporting initial bonding & attachment with our new baby, and was the most sensitive person to help with initial attempts at latching & breastfeeding. 

Being able to meet with Lolli after we had returned home was an immeasurable support as we had many questions, needed help with breastfeeding, and also wanted to talk through the whole process of how our labour & delivery went.

I would absolutely recommend Loll to anyone wanting or curious about having a doula. Our transition from expectant parents, through labour & delivery, to new parents with a beautiful brand new baby was seamless thanks to Lolli.

Mark Villella


Lolli was a rock in our birth/labour experience. We so appreciated having her experienced, calming, down-to-earth prescence during the labour, particularly as we were first-time parents without any close family members near by. It was also great to see the established relationship Lolli already had with our midwife - it was so easy to trust them and give in to the initmacy required for the birthing process. 

Lolli is a calm, confident, intelligent doula with great stamina and fearless energy. Everybody told us that a doula was esential but we couldn't fully appreciate that until we had gone through the birth experience. We really felt like we lucked out with Lolli and would highly recommend her.


Thanks Lolli!

Mark & Anleena

Alexandra Fedorova


Lolli was a godsend. My labour went well to a large extent thanks to Lolli. The labour started early morning, with water breaking and light contractions. In the afternoon, Lolli was in the area and offered to stop by. As she did, she taught me how to breathe through then-quite-manageable contractions. She predicted that as the first-time mom, I will be labouring all through the night and advised that I take a nap. At 2pm I went for a nap, waking up every ten minutes to breathe through intensifying contractions. At 4pm sleeping through contractions became impossible, and as I stood on all fours and breathed through them, I was wondering to myself why I thought epidural was such a bad idea. Luckily, there was no one around to offer me the epidural, so to make myself more comfortable I got into the bathtub. I wasn't timing contractions, but they felt like 10 minutes apart, so I wasn't calling anyone. I did see bloody show, but still thought it was too early to call anyone. Thank God Lolli was in the area and proposed to stop by! Because when she came I was ready to push. Lolli realized that immediately, judging by the grunts I was making, and got everyone organized, my husband, the midwives, etc. On the fly we decided to have the baby at home -- I was already in the second phase, so I couldn't imagine going to the hospital.  While the midwives were setting up I had to resist pushing. Lolli taught me the panting technique that worked very well, and was actually panting with me -- this was so helpful, because between contractions I'd forget how to do that! When the time came to push, Lolli was there directing me how. This was very useful -- the force to push is so strong that you don't know whether to resist or guide it. So Lolli's directions made all the difference -- and in three pushes my beautiful baby was born.  And what do you know -- after that, as I was enjoying my baby, Lolli was busy doing the laundry! ;)

Sarah Shore


Dear Lolli,

Thank you for playing such an integral role in the birth of Riley and preparing us for the unknown.

I knew from the moment we first started chatting on the phone that you were going to be our Doula. You understood exactly how I worked and when you told me that you were going to tap into my strengths and teach me how to use those in coping with labour, I felt confident.

Your calming voice and soothing touch were invaluable during labour and the pointers that you gave me throughout were instrumental in positively moving me closer to meeting our daughter.

Chris said immediately after the birth how happy he was that you were there as he couldn't imagine having done this without you.

Your years of experience & tranquil nature were exactly what we were hoping for in our Doula as someone to emotionally support Chris and myself through this journey.

Thank you again,

The Stimsons

Karen Ageson


Lolli was such a dream to have on call throughout my pregnancy and during our home birth. She has decades of experience and it really comes through in her measured approach to birthing and support of the mama. Her back-up doulas, who we had the occasion to have to call on, are as rich in experience as Lolli. I found out from our midwives that we'd had the honour of being visited by the three most seasoned doulas in all of Vancouver.

Dina Maxc


If you are interested in a natural childbirth I highly recommend hiring a doula. We hired Lolli Comar for the birth of our daughter Rose. I was a first time and 'older' mom of 44 and wanted a natural childbirth with as little medical intervention as possible. My pregnancy was a healthy one but it was starting to run a bit late. Lolli's advice and support were crucial for me to stay calm in the face of strongly suggested intervention. She helped me encourage the labour process naturally and once labour started, it was fairly quick (8 hours). Lolli's guidance helped me handle the contractions and also helped my husband stay calm and focused during labour.

My labour and birth experience were managed beautifully. I cannot thank Lolli enough for her wisdom, sense of humour and beautiful energy.

Jill Braunstein


From the time we first met Lolli at our home for an interview, she seemed very calm, present, and experienced. She came highly recommended to me from a birthing professional in the community, who described Lolli as "intuitive, kind, and wise." We found Lolli to be all of those throughout our experience working with her. Some of the highlights of working with Lolli prior to the birth include: learning more about the midwifery system in Vancouver, borrowing book & video resources from her library, getting to know her and sharing our deepest questions and concerns prior to the birth, establishing a sense of safety and trust, learning about the benefits of Rescue Remedy and other Bach-Flower Remedies, and attending the "meet the back-ups" evening at her home… On the day our son was born, Lolli was amazing! She showed up ready to do whatever it took with an encouraging and supportive – powerful yet subtle - presence. Our baby came very quickly, and Lolli advised me on helpful positions, provided hands-on encouragement in a gentle and intuitive way, offered calming support and direction to my partner, interacted well with the whole birthing team, and took incredible photos of the moments of labor and birth that we continue to cherish two years later. Lolli’s role in our son’s birth was precious, and the after-care she provided (for follow-up visits and then as post-partum doula) was also helpful. Not only was it meaningful to re-visit our incredible Birthing Day with Lolli, she helped us with questions we had early on surrounding breastfeeding, baby-wearing, co-sleeping, etc. Lolli has a way of providing gentle guidance and a sense of humor and perspective, while empowering parents to find their own way to settle into this important and life-changing role. We are grateful that Lolli was our doula and believe you will be too!

stephanie innes


I was incredibly fortunate to have Lolli as my doula.  Whenever I told anyone she was going to be my doula, I heard that she was one of the best doulas in Vancouver and I wasn't disappointed.  We had a very long labour and Lolli was with us for at least 30 hours.  She provided emotional and practical support and made a difficult birth experience manageable.  Her knowledge and expertise was so helpful, both in helping us prepare for the birth, during the birth and in her post-natal support.  She is so knowledgable about everything to do with birth and babies and it gave us a great deal of confidence to have her alongside us throughout the entire process.  

I think she's the best doula in Vancouver and I"m so happy she was with us.  Anyone would be lucky to have her and she would make any birth experience better.  My husband was also thrilled to have her with us, he said it allowed him to relax and not feel like he had to remember absolutely everything he had read as she would know the practical things and he could focus on providing me with emotional support.  I am so grateful that we had Lolli as our doula and our post-natal doula.

Darcie Light


Our midwife had worked with Lolli before and we were grateful that she agreed to attend our planned home birth. I had a difficult time conceiving and was worried that my body would not do what I needed it to do when the time came. The birth itself was long - nearly two days from water breaking to birth, including 16 hours of active labour. Lolli was with us throughout the long second day, and helped me find a rhythm for labouring in my home. She encouraged walking, helped me find comfortable positions for contractions, and offered soothing words of encouragement, which became the mantras that helped me breathe through hours and hours of labour. My husband felt relieved that I was “in good hands" the whole time. As midwives came and went during the day, Lolli was a consistent source of reassurance and a calming presence. I was so relaxed (especially in the inflatable pool we set up), that my husband thought labour was a piece of cake! After much hard work, we welcomed our son at home as planned. Lolli was a great support as we got going with breastfeeding and settled in to spend our first night together.

When expecting my second child more than three years later, I was thrilled that Lolli was again available to help us. My second birth went very quickly, and we were so grateful for Lolli’s presence, especially because our primary midwife was not available and her backup was someone I’d never met! Lolli was calm and reassuring, even as I was in denial that this baby was coming out pretty much all on his own, without much help from me! Such a different birth experience, yet just as positive as the first one, in large part to Lolli’s participation.

My husband is pretty frugal, but he is quick to recommend a birth doula to any expectant father who will listen. He says, “It’s the best money I ever spent!” Thanks Lolli!

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