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Demi Lucas, Doula & IBCLC

Keller, TX Service range 25 miles

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 35 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years and 45 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, April 2017
  • Bebo Mia, January 2019

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 2 to 3 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I personally have had a birth center birth.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I personally have had a home birth.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Cloth diapering education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

La Leche League Leader and IBCLC

Keller, TX Service range 25 miles

Client Testimonials for Demi Lucas, Doula & IBCLC

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Carly Marcks


Demi helped us with our newborn from weeks 8-13. She was wonderful with our son - we instantly felt comfortable having her play with, soothe, and rock him to sleep while my husband and I were able to get some much needed rest or a shower. Demi also talked through our questions and concerns as new parents and was super reassuring and encouraging. Demi was flexible and easy to communicate with. We really appreciated her help!! 

Lindsay Cassidy


I cannot say enough good things about Demi!

She was very knowledgeable and always had an answer any question I had about pregnancy, giving me several different links to give me information on whatever my question was.  She was also very quick to respond to any message.  She has been a help since having the baby as well, still answering all my questions.

I could not have gone through my labor without her! She was so helpful through painful contractions and cheered me on when I thought I couldn't do it anymore.  She set up a spa-like environment at the birth center, with soft light and candles, and played soothing music which was so nice to help keep me calm.  



We are so grateful for all the support we received from Demi as our doula for our second baby. Top 5 reasons she’s awesome:

1) She is like a huge ray of sunshine — We all (myself, husband, and 4 year old “big sis”) enjoyed her company. This was key. We wanted to spend time with her and looked forward to her visits. She meshed well with our family and was considerate of all our needs. We all felt supported by her.
2) She is a wealth of information. Seriously, her depth of knowledge was like having a birthing textbook by my side. Her explanations were rooted in science which complemented all the personal experience she brought to our discussions. I appreciate that she put everything into layman terms for me too. 
3) I never felt pressured to consider doing anything a certain way. I always felt like Demi was on my side. She was so empowering and helped me feel confident about my decisions.
4) She really personalized her information, taking into account my experience (2nd pregnancy), my age (40 year old mama), my preferences (unmedicated birth), and my reality (blood pressure spike at 40 weeks leading to the choice of a cesarean birth). It was great to get the common answers to my questions along with a response through these filters. 
5) She is also a lactation consultant —> this was huge! While I nursed my first 2.5 years, I still needed help getting started with my second. Different baby, different challenges. I truly feel Demi set us up for a successful breastfeeding journey.

If I got pregnant again, I'd definitely want her on my birthing team. 



We hired Demi as our postpartum doula for our new baby. She helped us a few nights a week and it was great to get some extra sleep and wake up to the dishes done, pump parts washed, bottles washed, laundry folded and less for us to worry about. I recommend her to all our friends who are about to have a newborn. Day or Night everyone should have a helping hand when you come home with a newborn! 



Do yourself a favor, HIRE HER! You WON'T regret it. Demi was an incredible resource to both my husband and I during our pregnancy, birth and postpartum! We wanted the knowledge and guidance during birth, but we quickly realized she was exceptionally helpful throughout the pregnancy helping us feel confident and prepare for the experience. I didn't feel fearful going into my labor and birth due to her helpful teaching and knowledge she shared while I was pregnant. During my labor she created a peaceful and relaxing environment which made a significant impact on my mood and uplifted me during the trying times when we were close to delivering With lots of hands on help and reassurance. Afterwards she helped us establish breastfeeding and even came by when we were home to answer our baby care questions and ensure we were doing well! We ended up hiring her as our postpartum doula for some day/night shifts which I we didn't think we would originally need but it ended up being just as essential as having her as our birth doula. I have such a beautiful memory now of the entire experience and will be hiring her without a doubt if we have another child! 

Monica A


I was in a pinch in finding a doula and at the least minute Demi came through. She messaged me right away and made a meet up happen instantly because she knew my sense of urgency. I loved her calm nature and she was so super informative without being too overwhelming. She was super patient at our first meet up and went through everything in great detail and made me feel so much better about my delivery and labor. My labor/delivery didn't go as planned but Demi came and comforted me at the end. Postpartum she came to my house to patiently go over all my questions about breastfeeding as it was a huge concern of mine. Super thankful I got to work with her and learned a ton! Thanks Demi for being there during a very special time!



Our experience with Demi as our lacatation consultant was wonderful! She was available in short notice and came to our house for the consultation. She provided encouragement and a clear plan forward so that I could continue breastfeeding in a way that worked well for my daughter and I. She  was available after the appointment via email to answer follow up questions as well.  

Emily Rhyne


Demi was a delight to have in our home caring for our 2 month old.  She is extremely knowledgable regarding all things birthing and newborn care.  Demi is a very loving person who is very trustworthly.  Upon meeting her for the first time, i immediately felt at ease knowing my daughter would be safe in her arms.  

Kathy R


We LOVED having Demi several nights as a night nurse while our newborn granddaughter was visiting the DC area.  Demi is so calm and pleasant and so unassuming.  She comes in and takes over, allowing all the grownups in the house to retreat for some much needed sleep!!  She washes baby bottles, sterilizes pump equipment and was even willing to do baby laundry.  We so enjoyed having her wealth of baby knowledge at our disposal and asked her a million questions.  Her advice is well thoughtout and based on many hours of experience with newborns/infants.  Demi always had a smile on her face and could not have been more pleasant with which to work.  I highly recommend Demi to anyone with a baby!!

Ashley McMahon


Demi was amazing. I wasn't originally sold on the idea of having a doula, and wasn't sure of the personality of doula that I'd want, but after going through the experience, I highly recommend getting a doula and I very highly recommend Demi. She was friendly, warm, knowledgeable, thoughtful, experienced, and calming right from our first meeting through to postpartum. I ended up with an induction with pitocin at 40+6 but with Demi's help, I was still able to have the pain medication-free labor and delivery that I desperately wanted.

Demi changed the atmosphere of the room as soon as she arrived. She was fully prepared with candles, diffusers, and knowledge. I was hot - she placed a portable fan in front of me. I was thirsty - she literally put a straw in my water AS my husband handed it to me. When the contractions got to their worst, I could not have gotten through them without her hands-on pressure massage and encouragement, that I didn't even know I needed, but absolutely needed. 

I am so happy we went with Demi and I highly recommend her services.

Justina Butera


Demi was an excellent doula and I would highly recommend her services. She offers a pre labor meeting, 24 hours during labor, and a post partum meeting. She was also very accessible via text and was prompt with replies to questions and concerns during labor. I do not think I could have gotten through my labor (which spanned 4 days in the hospital) without her. She turned my hospital room into a spa with warm lighting, essential oils, and positive mantras around the room. She helped me with comfort measures during contractions and was my personal cheerleader when I was tired, overwhelmed, and ready to give up. My husband, who was also tired from being in the hospital for 4 days, did not always have the knowledge or means to provide the positive reinforcement I needed, so Demi's prescence was invaluable. She was an integral part of my support team and knew just how to encourage me.

Laura T


Demi is a wonderful doula and person in general and is a pleasure to work with through the whole process both pre- and post-birth. She instantly makes everyone around her feel comfortable and calm and brings that feeling to childbirth itself. I felt confident in her abilities upon meeting her and was only reassured as we moved forward.

Besides her soothing presence, Demi goes to great lengths to make the atmosphere surrounding birth more comfortable and calm. She covers the room in beautiful flameless candles and adds lots of aromatherapy of which she has a great selection. At every contraction, she was there holding my hand and wafting soothing lavendar scent. Even the nurses couldn’t believe how transformed the sterile hospital room was. 

In addition to her warm demeanor, Demi is wonderful to work with because of her vast knowledge of pregnancy, childbirth and nursing. She instills great confidence from the very beginning. After our first meeting, she sent me an incredibly through email with information specific to my pregnancy and planned birth and was able to thoughtfully answer any questions my husband and I had. 

My husband and I both adore Demi and are thrilled she has agreed to help us care for our twins going forward. I can only highly recommend working with her.  

Tia Miller


When we found out that we were expecting our fourth child, I didn’t necessarily know what a doula was, but I knew I needed help! After suffering from postpartum depression In my earlier pregnancies, I sought to prevent a repeat. I thought I was just looking for someone to come to the house and keep me company, but what I got was soooo much more!

Demi came in to help us for a few days a week for 6 weeks, and every morning I was met with “have you had breakfast? Can I make you lunch? What can I do to make your life easier?”

Demi was awesome with helping out with all the things I didn’t even realize I would need help with—preparing dinner, taking care of the baby’s laundry, giving special time to our older children.  There was nothing that I needed help with that she wasn’t willing to do. And when I just needed a break to shower or get some fresh air, she stepped in and took excellent care of our newborn.

And as a fourth time mom, I thought I had seen it all—but apparently a lot has changed in 9 years and Demi was super knowledgeable and able to answer questions and provide me with basic reassurance that I could do this! She provided great breastfeeding support, product recommendations, and just general advice based on her extensive experience.

Her positive attitude and warm personality  made me feel at home—like she was family just coming over to help! And that’s an amazing feeling. We enjoyed working with Demi and highly recommend her as a postpartum doula.

Sandra Bowler


Having Demi by our side was priceless for my husband and I. This was my first pregnancy and I wanted to have a vaginal delivery free of any medical intervention/drugs/pain meds. I was connected with Demi through a doula agency, and after meeting her, I excitedly called my husband to let him know that she was fantastic. Just from our first conversation, I felt confident about achieving the birth plan I hoped to experience. Her knowledge, calm demeanor, outlook on giving birth, and kind personality were the perfect fit for me. 

Leading up to my delivery date, Demi was on call and responded to all my questions. She also recommended books, videos, and websites to help me prepare for the big day. She spent time w/my husband and I to go over a detailed birth plan that she would relay to the hospital staff when the day came.

When the day arrived, while I labored at home, she came by to check on me and drop off a birthing ball. She kept in contact with me all day/night offering suggestions of how to remain comfortable in those early stages of labor. Once at the hospital, she made our room feel cozy by decorating it with twinkle/tea lights, playing calming music, and diffusing aromatherapy oils. During my labor, she did my breathing with me, massaged accupressure points, provided counter pressure to my back, made sure I stayed hydrated, and held my hand. She helped my husband by letting him know how best he could support me as my labor progressed. At the end of my labor and while pushing, her calm demeanor and gentle voice kept me calm and confident that I could in fact DO this! With her support, I was able to give birth vaginally, free of any pain meds or medical intervention. After, she remained on-call to answer postpartum/breastfeeding questions, stopped by the house to help us, and connected us w/lactation specialists. My husband and I welcomed our healthy baby boy on 8/19 and are forever grateful that we had Demi by our side. 



Calming.  Encouraging. Knowledgeable.  That’s how I would describe Demi and three of the best characteristics one could ask for in a doula.  She was a support and encouragement up to, through, and after our daughter’s long and complicated birth, and ensured that we had the best possible birth experience that we could look back on and cherish.  The connection with Demi was almost immediate from our first meeting and I felt comfortable and empowered having her there with me through the toughest parts of labor and many tough decisions that we had to make as delivery by C-section became a necessity.  In birth, things always come up that are unplanned and Demi was caring, anticipated my needs, and reminded me that I had the strength to make it through.  I highly recommend Demi as part of your support team.  She was with us for hours and never left my side.  She provided encouraging words, a comforting environment, position suggestions, and listened and encouraged as needed.  She is very responsive to texts and emails in the run-up to the birth as well and is a wealth of knowledge for navigating the medical decision making process.  She also stays involved after the birth as well.  Demi is a wonderful doula and I highly recommend her.    

Emma and Abel Lomax


We had a great experience with Demi as our birth doula.  We met Demi late in the pregnancy, just a few weeks before birth, but she answered a lot of our questions about the birth process and gave us tips for working through pain at home.  She helped us put together a birth plan and had copies ready for hospital staff, which was essential in communicating our preferences to the doctors and nurses.  She arrived at the hospital shortly after we did and provided excellent support throughout a long labor.  She was very helpful in getting through painful contractions and transforming the hospital room into a calm and relaxing environment.  She also helped guide us through decisions around various interventions during labor and delivery.  She stopped by our home and was available by email to answer our questions about postpartum recovery and learning how to take care of a newborn.  We would definitely recommend hiring her!

Jeni Szwajder Atlan


We are so happy that we hired Demi! She was a wonderful resource and support system for both my husband and myself. We couldn’t have done it without her! We highly recommend Demi and are so thankful that she was part of our son’s birth. Demi is kind, warm and very knowledgeable. 



Demi was a lifesaver for us! I had trouble getting my newborn to latch, and Demi helped me with that, and using nipple shields. She showed us how to give our tiny newborn a bath, helped us take him out for the first time and did chores around the house for us. In those early days when everything seemed scary and overwhelming, she let us know everything was going to be ok. She has such a calming presence. If anyone was meant to be a doula, it's her. We will be forever grateful for her help!



We highly recommend Demi and are so grateful for her expertise and support. She has been providing our family with postpartum doula services for a few weeks now. We’ve had a wonderful experience. Demi has been extremely helpful in troubleshooting feeding issues with our son. Her knowledge and expertise has helped us to feel more confident about addressing our  issues. Shes also graciously been tackling some household chores that free us up to spend more quality time with our little guy! .



I can’t imagine going through labor and delivery without Demi! We made a decision in the final weeks of pregnancy to try for a VBAC and we knew we’d need support. From the moment we met Demi we felt more confident about our decision and so much more at ease. She provided all the support & resources I needed to mentally, emotionally & physically prepare for what was ahead in the few weeks we had left. Her prenatal support put me at ease and gave me the confidence I needed. When it came time to have the baby Demi was amazing! She was so calm, strong, reassuring and knew how to help lead me through extremely difficult moments. My husband was so grateful for her as well. It also gave him confidence leading up to labor as well as help knowing what he could do to help when the time came! Having Demi there made us feel safe and assured, and the prenatal care made us so much more educated! For example, before meeting Demi I didn’t know I could ask to not be immediately hooked to an IV, and while they had to put the port in, I never needed to be hooked up and that gave me the freedom I needed to move around when labor wasn’t progressing as quickly as I hoped. When I expressed my concern Demi suggested I stand up if I could and after laboring that way we progressed much faster! I can’t imagine not having her consistent support through this experience. I am so thankful Demi was there to guide and coach us though the hardest thing I’ve ever done — unmedicated childbirth!! We avoided a lot of fear and frustration by choosing to work with Demi. She gave me the confidence I needed each step of the way. Again, I cannot imagine walking through that without her. We are so grateful. Thank you, Demi!



We wanted a to hire a doula for this pregnancy because I wanted someone to coach us through our first labor experience and wanted to avoid any pain medication.  We worked with Demi for the birth of our first baby in May. Demi was our backup doula, so we never met her before she attended our birth.  My labor had initally progressed slowly, but in the evening sped up rapidly.  I had been in active labor for 4 hours before we called Demi to meet us at the hospital.  She was totally wonderful, and knowledgeable.  As soon as she walked in she was so calm and encouraging as I moved into transition.  My labor progressed so rapidly that she was only there for an hour and a half before I suprised the staff and told them I had the urge to push.  As the staff rushed to get the room ready for delivery Demi coached me in how to stall pushing until the staff was set up for me.  Throughout the time I was pushing she was by my side encouraging me and validating what I was going through was normal (first pregnancy for me).  When I was unsure if I should get an epidural Demi reminded me that I said I wanted to avoid that and that she thought I could still do an unmedicated birth if I wanted to.  I did not get the epidural.  After the delivery of our son she stayed and communicated our desire for skin to skin and delayed cord clamping to the hospital staff.  She assisted me in getting our son latched on for breastfeeding for the first time.  After skin to skin she talked to me about practical ways to deal with the tear I experienced.  During the post delivery followup she brought several items to help me with my recovery including frozen medicated pads and topical spray.  She was so encouraging and answered all our questions.  For any future pregnancy we would definitely work with Demi again. Having Demi there for the birth of our son was so helpful.  I'm very happy we hired a doula.  

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