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Leigh Anne McGriff


My husband and I would say that hiring Dalia as our doula was one of the BEST decisions we made in the whole pregnancy journey.

Before even going into the hospital, Dalia came over to our home with her impressive knowledge about birth, her warm spirit when showing us ways to prepare, and her encouragement that helped me feel more excited about the birthing process rather than fearful.

Once the day(s) came for the adventure of bringing our son into the world, Dalia was a pillar of strength and reassurance. We ended up at the hospital with my water broken, but no contractions. We were disappointed that things were already not going as planned (laboring at home for some time before coming in). Her gentle reminders over the phone to trust my body kept my thinking positive as we waited for contractions to begin. Once they did, Dalia joined us at the hospital. Her presence in the room was calming and without us even having to tell her what we needed -- she was just magically there -- helping me breathe through each contraction, helping Colton (my husband) know how to help and support me, massaging my shoulders and legs, helping me move around to find comfort in different positions, getting the hospital staff to draw a bath for me and prepare the monitoring so I could soak in water (which I had told her in meetings before the big day that was something I wanted). I'll never forget when I was probably in the 30th hour of labor and my contractions were slowing down from exhaustion - Dalia pulled out jasmine oil that helped the contractions to continue. With her there, I was never worried that the hospital staff might miss something or that I would have to make a quick decision without someone there to guide me through it. That added sense of peace, I know, made me able to relax enough to focus on listening and trusting my body. Dalia and Colton, together, guided me through the most incredible journey, and I am forever grateful. 

Brittany Whitworth


I have no one to compare to Dalia and I could not have survived my 57 hour labor without her. Yes, almost three days of labor and Dalia hung with me for 48 hours before calling a back up. She stuck with us at home and in the hospital, coaching me on relaxation and various positions to encourage labor and keep my baby safe. There were many times that I was scared and had given up, but Dalia always spoke reason and encouraged me with words of affirmation or a gentle touch. She has been the best support for me through labor, breastfeeding and postpartum mood swings. Dalia is a calming presence, as well as, assertive and directional. I could not have brought my baby into this world without her help!

Lyndsay Clark


Dalia was amazing!  Working with her prior to the birth of my daughter was educational, helped answer questions and calm many fears.  The day of, her presence and support were what enabled me to get through my intense and fast labor. She coached my husband on ways to support and comfort me, and her techniques really did bring relief and comfort at a time when there wasn't much! We were able to stick with my plan A, which was for a birth with minimal intervention. I am confident I would have lost sight of my goal and ability to have a natural birth if not for her.

Sara McGowan


We hired Dalia to support us for the birth of our first child and she was wonderful! I knew I wanted a natural birth and I wanted someone with a lot of experience as a doula to help with my labor and work with my partner to assist both of us during the event. With Dalia, we got so much more than birth support. We met before the birth to discuss birth preparations and go through some of the laboring techniques so we could find what might work. She also encouraged us to think about the event as the special occasion that it truly was. I was so caught up in the logistics and fear of pain and interventions that I hadn't considered what a magical and spiritual occasion the birth of my daughter would be. That really helped me find more joy in the process. We ended up having a lovely natural birth in the hospital and it was such a comfort to have Dalia there, talking to us, encouraging, making various suggestions about laboring positions, and using her wonderful warm compresses! I felt very safe with her calm, comforting, and experienced presence so I could just focus on bringing my child into the world. After the birth, Dalia visited us at home and was invaluable support for our success with breastfeeding. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a doula.

Meghan Wardlaw


Hiring Dalia was the very best decision! I had had a pretty tramatic experience in labor with my first followed by an elective cesarean out of fear of repeating said trauma. I wanted to attempt a VBAC for my third but still had so much anxiety. Dalia gave me the tools to feel confident in my choice and ability! she Was available to talk all the time And really listened to my fearS. I still ended up needing another c section after about 20 hours of labor but I left confident that I had done all I could on the matter and that made a world of difference! Dalia was calming and reassuring the whole time. She helped a TON Specifically with positioning and pain management.  My mom, who was skwptical at first about the need for a doula and vbac, even commented that “she was worth every penny!” Ha! I truly so grateful to Dalia for the sense of peace she brought to an anxiety ridden situatioN. I’m never doing that again- ha!- but if I were dalia would be the first person I call! (Well after my family maybe) ;)

Kellie Gutterman


Going into my first pregnancy I knew I wanted to have a natural labor and delivery. Hiring Dalia' as our doula was one of the best decisions we made. Dalia's knowledge, coaching skills, prior doula experiences, and support leading up to labor, during labor and delivery, and postpartdom were completely invaluable and we are forever grateful. Our labor was long and intense , and having Dalia by our side really helped in keeping my husband and I connected and focused through the labor experience. She was patient, attentive, and quick thinking to help us through every stage of labor. I know labor would have been so much more mentally challenging without her presence because her nurturing gentle touch, and encouraging words ensured my confidence and decisions throughout the process. We would want to have Dalia as our doula for any future babies we have and would highly reccomend her services !

Elizabeth Salter Brooke


Dalia is incredible!  If I could write her a love letter, this would be it. We call her "The Oracle".  Everything she said came true. :)  Her knowledge and support throughout the childbirthing process, beginning, during, and after is a large part of why we are thriving as a family. She is intuitive, she calls it like it is, and she is so wise, not to mention, affordable!  Her classes are Amazing!  She makes herself available at most any time.  And she is really passionate about what she does-- helping miracles along-- through her doula work and her training of doulas and her non-profits, providing doula services. Again, Dalia is just amazing.  I would recommend her to anyone.  I'm happy to call her a friend and happy to know this wise woman and to have had her on our team :)

McKenzie Golson


I am so grateful to have had Dalia's help with my last two births. Her presence made such a difference in my labor! Dalia has a strong but gentle spirit. She has a wealth of experience and expertise, yet is a calming influence. Her knowledge and skills as a doula helped to greatly ease the back labor and other pains of childbirth. And while I have been blessed to give birth in a supportive hospital with supportive doctors and nurses, it was still nice to know that Dalia was in my corner and would do everything she could to make sure my birth plan was followed. She knows when to step in but also when to step back, which is an art and a grace. For instance, there were times when I needed my husband or my mother, and she always made sure I had who (or what) I needed. I can't imagine going through childbirth again without her! She is everything I would want in a doula. She is the best!

Connor Sheets


Dalia Abrams was an essential part of our birthing experience. I'm not sure how we would have made it through without her.

She was an integral part of the prenatal process as well as the actual day of and the weeks after. She is a consummate professional but also possesses the warmth, passion and understanding necessary to keep mom, dad and everyone else more than comfortable while succesffuly navigating the sensitive issues and situations that arise as a child is brought into the world.

She is a good person and great conversationalist as well, which helped to quickly build trust between everyone, and she exudes a sense of calm confidence and mastery of the birthing experience that kept everything on an even keel. She is deeply knowledgeable about all related issues, which contributed to her ability to smooth over some of the bumps along the road in ways that we likely would never otherwise have been able to.

In conclusion, Dalia is the best doula we could have hoped for and we recommend her for anyone looking to have the best birthing experience possible.

Veronica Wilson


My husband and I attempted nonmedicated delivery for our first son with just a husband coached delivery plan. We had only one non medicated birth class under our belt and 2 books to help us mentally prepare. Once labor kicked off, 5 hrs into it, we soon realized how unprepared we were. Second baby I was determined to try again, natural non medicated but with my due date quickly approaching, I realized how important it was for me to be successful this time. I had to know that I had tried everything within my power to have a succesgul deliver. With that, I decided we needed a doula support we could both lean on. After deciding on our Doula, Dalia Abrams, it was like all the missing pieces fell into place and nothing but peace abounded. We had the ultimate experience and invaluable support behind us, we just knew. Even with the peace of mind going into labor could not have prepared us for the overwhleming experience we had with Dalia through the journey of our second son's delivery and beyond. As my husband proclaimed with passion, she gave me the confidence I needed to say the right words to my wife when she needed me the most. She was the perfect balance of strength & support to my husband & I as well as taking care of my basic needs. I would never want to go through what I went through without her. So much knowledge, so much experience, so much genuine care. My husband and I had the most beautiful, intimate experience we would have missed out on if not for Dalia. We will be forever grateful for Dalia & the experience surronding our second sons birth and the moments following it. She stuck it out with us 24+ hrs. We love her.

Jon Horton


I cannot imagine attempting natural childbirth without Dalia! Her experience, sweet nature, and excitement about the miracle was soothing and infectious, and kept fear from dictating our perspective of the experience!  It was intense, humbling and at times chaotic, yet she never waivered.  And so we didn't either!  I think we would follow her into battle after that experience.  Make her your mooring through the storm, and I bet you would too!!

Jennifer Boully


I chose to hire Dalia to assist me with the birth of my fourth child.  It was a second VBAC and our second experience with a doula.  My husband and I were both grateful for her presence during this birth.  Even though this was our fourth birth, Dalia was able to provide us with new information and techniques that were very helpful.  She is extremely passionate about childbirth and the education of the mother.  This instilled so much more confidence when expressing myself with hospital staff about the decisions we were making regarding delivery. Dalia is a very confident person and was a great advocate for me during labor.  Because of her many years of experience I felt completely at ease during all the stages of labor.  She just seemed to be in tune with what I needed almost the whole time.  She helped my husband by consistantly making suggestions of things he could do to help me relax.  Which was great since I didn't have to direct him either.  I could just focus on the labor itself.  Her expertise helped us so much that we are even considering a home birth on our own next time!

Natalie Ferguson


This is my second testimonial and my second time using Dalia as our Doula.  I initially chose her because I look up to her.  She has a soft, peaceful demeanor that reminds me of my Aunt. If nothing else, you want soft and peaceful during your delivery.

After our first delivery, my husband said he would never have another baby without her - so after we called our parents to tell them we were expecting, we called Dalia.  She actually joked that we called her REALLY early, but we find her services incredibly valuable and couldn't imagine anyone else at our child's birth. Her experience with her own births and attending births shines through as she is an expert in what she does. I have recommended her to multiple friends over the years.

Our second birth had some unexpected circumstances - nothing that was an emergency, but it was certainly out of the ordinary and Dalia handled it like a professional and remained calm throughout the entire process.  She is loving, hands on, and respectful.  She is so mother-centric during the childbirth, it makes you feel like a queen during one of the most vulnerable times of your life.

leslie martin smith


 Dalia  was my doula with both of my pregnancys and my birthing experience would not have been the same without her.. Dalia helped me and my husband the whole time that i was in labor with my breathing and relaxation helping me to remain strong throughout the duration.. not only during labor but she also kept in contact before and after my births  with pre and post partum visits and phone calls,, . I am so grateful to have had Dalia with us ,, Many Many thanks

Rachel King-Barr


 Initially, my husband was a bit hesitant to use a doula because he didn't really fully understand what a doula is. Having done some research, I had a better understanding of her role. However, only personal experience can give you a full grasp of a doula! Dalia was a calming presence, supportive voice, gentle reminder, coach, and active participant in my 26 hour labor. Mostly importantly, she empowered my husband to be an active confident presence. Dalia always makes herself available, and is ready to share her insight and wisdom without forcing anything on you. I would also highly recommend taking her natural childbirth classes--the information is great for preparing you and will allow you to hear things from a non-hospital perspective (it's VERY good to get a balance in your perspective). I would definitely recommend using a doula, and I would encourage people in the Birmingham area to use Birth Well Birmingham. If Dalia is available I HIGHLY recommend her for her experience, dedication, and wisdom, and kindness. 



At first I was unsure that I wanted an unknown person at my delivery since I wanted this to be a special time between my spouse and myself. Now, I am so thankful that Dalia was there. Dalia helped my husband and myself work as a team. She was there when we had a medical question that the hospital staff asked us. She was incredibly knowledgeable about hospital procedure, rules, as well as medical facts. Even though we had read dozens of articles (provided by Dalia) and books about potential routes that the delivery could go, we still were stumped by some questions. We looked to Dalia to give us a medical opinion from the unmedicated perspective that we could trust. She was also a wonderful listener and encourager. We called her at 2 in the morning when contractions were 10 minutes apart and she gave us the confidence to stay at home longer. I am glad we did because I didn’t end up delivering for another 30 hours. She listened to how I sounded. When we asked, she was also willing, without hesitation or question, to give my husband and me time alone during the less intense parts. Then, when I got down to the last four hours of pushing, she got me through the hardest part when I was ready to give up. Her nurturing and calming nature, as well as her extensive experience, was crucial. There are three people that I KNOW I could not have had an unmedicated birth without…my husband, my doctor and Dalia.

Megan Sherod


 I could not have had a more perfect birth experience without Dalia. She is a wonderful person and I consider her a part of my family. She was by my side every step of the labor process and was a wonderful advocate for my husband and myself with the hospital staff. Dalia kept me calm and gently instructed my husband on how to best physically, and emotionally, support me. There were several times during my labor experience when I thought that I could not continue with my unmedicated birth plan, but Dalia helped give me the strength and encouragement to continue. My husband and I were so grateful to have her there that we insisted that she cut the umbilical cord. In addition, in the weeks leading up to the birth of our child, we took Dalia's classes. The information we learned in her classes was invaluable during the birth process and considerably reduced our anxiety. Dalia has also been a great support and wealth of information post partum. I have turned to her on multiple occasions for advice about breastfeeding and infant care. I could not give a higher recommendation of her as a Doula and I feel honored to call her my friend. In my eyes, no other Doula in Birmingham could be more amazing. 

Natalie Ferguson


I couldn't have done it without Dalia. When I first got pregnant and expressed my concerns about giving birth, my husband said, "well you just go to the hospital, the Doctors and Nurses know what they're doing." After our daughter was born, he said that he would never let me give birth again without Dalia. When my doctor told me he would induce, I called Dalia and with her guidance and my own research, refused the induction. The next day I was in labor. She was the ultimate coach, helping me through the difficult contractions and spending what was probably hours letting me know what I was made to do this and that I would get through it. She provided comfort and ultimately, helped me achieve the birth that I wanted, even when I felt like giving up. I honestly couldn't have done it without her.

Jessica Woods


I first met Dalia when I signed up for her child birthing class with my first child.  My husband was not convinced we needed a doula, so we did not use a doula for our first birth, and I ended up with a C-section.  Dalia visited me after my C-section for breastfeeding support and listened to my horrible birth story and help me process some issues I was dealing with.  Thanks to her support I knew I wanted to hire her as my doula for my second birth, as I wanted to attempt a V-BAC.  Dalia was supportive to me from the beginning as she followed up with me on a regular basis, was available to answer any questions and encouraged me that VBAC was safe and achievable. Dalia met us at the hospital and immediately provided support to me and my husband. My goal was to have an unmedicated birth. I had hurt my back two weeks prior to going into labor so I was in a lot of pain and afraid I was afraid of having another C-section.  Dalia kept me relaxed with massage throughout my labor and encouragement.  She also suggested different positions and gave my husband suggestions to help me as well as allowing him breaks.  Once I was at 8 cm for an extended period of time, I was not getting any pain relief between contractions due to my back pain.  Dalia was supportive during my decision on whether or not to ask for pain relief as she reminded me of my options and helped me discuss my options with my nurse.  Once I received a "light" epidural, Dalia continued to support me and my husband and when it was getting close to start pushing she assisted with perineal massage.  My VBACShe also was there

Elizabeth Gerhart Thompson


I found Dalia after we decided to have an unmedicated birth for our first child.  We attended her childbirth education classes and hired her as our doula after having attended only a couple classes.  She is so relaxed and natural about everything, exactly the kind of person we wanted with us through this experience.

When The Big Day finally came, Dalia was able to give constructive advice on everything: from when we needed to get to the hospital (and make sure we ate something!) to when she came to the hospital to support my husband and I through my labor.  I was teetering on the edge of throwing in the towel and asking for medication and my husband called Dalia for advice.  She was there within the half-hour and was able to refocus my energy on what I had fought so hard for: an unmedicated labor.  She was with me in the shower through my entire transition, guiding my husband on ways to help massage me through back labor and how to keep me calm.  She helped with breathing techniques, relaxation, position changes during the pushing phase, you name it...  I know I couldn't have gotten through the day without her help.

I will sing Dalia's praises for years to come for all that she's done for us.

Daniel and Duski Van Fleet


Dalia was such an essential part of our birth experience, and we believe she contributed greatly to our positive outcome.  We were very unsure, at first, about whether or not to hire a doula.  It was our first birth experience, and we idealistically were thinking we wanted it to be just the two of us in the room for the delivery.  The closer it got to delivery, the more we realized it was going to be too much for Daniel to handle, trying to support me AND remember and assert our birth preferences with the staff at the hospital.  So, we decided to hire Dalia one week before our "due" date!  We are SO glad we made that decision!  First of all, Dalia helped us to know when it was time to go to the hospital.  We didn't want to get there too early.  If she would not have been with us, we would have been there way too early, which could have resulted in a much different experience.  We got to the hospital when I was 8.5 cm, just in time to get checked in and start pushing!  Throughout labor and delivery, Dalia was an amazing resource of ideas for how Daniel could support me, help me relax, and focus on what I needed to do.  She was very comforting, calming, and reassuring.  She reminded me of all the things I learned in childbirth class about how to focus, breathe, and position my body.  It would have been impossible to remember those things on my own while I was in labor!  She was very professional in how she related with the hospital staff, kindly making sure our preferences were respected, but not being awkwardly "pushy. " I also had unique problems with breastfeeding, and Dalia was so supportive and encouraging.  I believe she helped me give my baby every drop of breastmilk my body was able to produce.  If given the opportunity again, we would both hire Dalia without any hesitation.

Meredith Attar


We feel very lucky to have had Dalia as part of our birth experience.  We went in search of a doula as I was determined to have an unmedicated birth and wasn't sure how supportive the nurses at the hospital would be.  Dalia met with us before the birth and thoroughly talked through our vision of the birth of our son.  We knew then that we had made a great decision as Dalia's exprience, confidence, and kindness shined through.  These qualities continued as she labored with us throughout the night at the hospital.  As soon as she walked into the room, she was advocating for me.  She was by my side helping ease the pain and talking me through the contractions.  Even after the birth, she guided me through passing the placenta myself and helping my son latch for the first time.  I had the birth experience I envisioned, and I believe Dalia helped to make that happen.  Even after we were home, Dalia continued to be a great source of support.  She visited us at home and eased all of my worries and was always a quick e-mail away when a question arose.  I highly recommend Dalia's doula services.

Kristen Eson


We decided to hire a doula since it was our first child and we had strong feelings about wanting to have an unmedicated natural birth.  We chose Dalia as our doula because of her wealth of knowledge, years of experience, proactive and calming demeanor and confidence in her abilities.  There was never money more well spent than on hiring Dalia to be a part of our daughter's birth.  We would hire her again (and will) with our future pregnancies.  She was a source of positivity and strength during the labor and source of knowledge and experience when we had questions prior to and following the birth.  I especially loved that she took an interest in instructing my husband on how to help me during the labor instead of leaving him "on the side lines".  I'm glad that my husband was able to be really involved in the process and so was he.

Natural birth in Birmingham is rare and can be a daunting experience that leaves you feeling like you're swimming upstream against the "average" medical community.  If you don't have the right knowledge and tools to help you along through the process it can be frustrating, misleading and downright impossible to have the kind of birth that you want.  Dalia helped us achieve the birth that we had set out to have and we are forever grateful.  I have no doubt that it would have been an entirely different and difficult experience without her assistance.  

Brandy Ruttka


 Dalia was a wonderful encouragement for me during my labor and water birth. She helped keep not only me calm, but my husband calm and focused as well. She knew some great massage techniques and it was great to have someone there to instruct us on how to use the ones we were taught in classes. I wish that everyone could have as great of an experience as I feel that I had, in part, thanks to Dalia.

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