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Sara Withers


I highly recommend Saralyn to anybody seeking support before, during or after their delivery.

I’m a bit embarrassed by it now but a few weeks before my delivery day I had thought my water had broke and although Saralyn was visiting family several hours drive from where I was she didn’t hesitate to leave and head my direction in hopes of being present for the delivery. Although I was wrong and my water had not broke Saralyn was kind and understanding, ready to be of help at a minute’s notice.

When the day came that I had scheduled to be inducted she was there with me and my husband as we checked into the hospital. She was willing to stay on location but we persuaded her to go home and get rest as nothing was probably going to happen until tomorrow. However  hours later when I realized I was in labor we called her and she quickly arrived at the hospital. I am so thankful for her presence as none of our family members were able to make it due to such a quick labor and delivery. She was a great support for my husband and I know it wouldn’t have gone nearly as smoothly and wonderfully as it did had she not been there. She made great suggestions all along the way. She was a huge advocate when I wanted to understand what was going on and the doctors and the nurses were not being as clear as I needed them to be. 

Saralyn is someone that you can quickly feel comfortable with and at ease around. She gives you great resources to help make decisions and respects your choices. 

On top of everything she provided me with some amazing lactation cookies when we first arrived at the hospital. Little did I realize how much of a life savor they would be. They were healthy and tasty and just what I needed when a meal wasn’t readily available. I can’t say enough how much I respect and appreciate Saralyn. 

Thank you Saralyn, for all you did for me and my family!

Annie Paulson


Everyone should have a postpartum doula!  Me and my husband had a lot of support from family and our community of friends, and even with that we still needed the support of a doula.  Saralyn was professional, nurturing and a great listener.  I had a lot of internal pressure (being a capricorn and all) to feel like I knew how to do everything even though I have no experience being a mother.  Saralyn helped me feel confident in baby wearing, which led to me wearing my baby ALL the time because it feels so good, they sleep and you can go outside, walk the dog, grab a coffee, it's endless.  She sat with me when I cried after my husband went to work again.  She is amazing and if we ever had another baby (which I am a hard no on) I would hire her in a second. 

Brooke Maylie


Saralyn is a remarkable person. She started helping me as a postpartum doula after the birth of my second child and then we decided to work together more long-term. She is compassionate, highly skilled and has provided invaluable support to me, my infant and preschool age child for over a year. I am a physician, and Saralyn’s training as a nurse and her medical background was really important to me. It provides her with additional experience that is so useful when caring for newborns and it is a tremendous benefit when trying to understand infant medical issues. Her knowledge of infant care and postpartum needs is incredible and she made the first few months with my newborn comfortable and a more memorable journey for me! She has a rare ability to truly anticipate needs and issues that might come up and my children have really thrived while in her care. She is nurturing, calm, fun, careful, and tremendously thoughtful.
I did not have a need for a birthing doula, but I can’t imagine a more qualified or caring person I would want by my side during the birthing experience and any expecting mom would be lucky to have Saralyn on that journey.
I would highly recommend Saralyn and her endless generosity of spirit to any expecting family.



I am so glad that Saralyn was my doula. I tell everyone she worked harder than me at my baby’s birth (since I can’t remember how hard I worked!). I chose to have her attend some of my prenatal appointments and appreciate that she was able to talk through and debrief with me after the appointments to be sure I understood everything. I did a lot of research during my pregnancy but she brought ideas and insights to our birth planning sessions that I hadn’t thought of or hadn’t figured out how to prepare for.

We opted for a home birth and while I labored, did all the work of making sure I was moving, hydrated and comfortable (as possible). Bringing me things to eat, cleaning up my vomit. This left my husband available to be at my side full-time or rest as needed. When we did have to transfer to the hospital and eventually have a C-section, Saralyn stayed by my side the whole time (except for surgery) and then she went back to my house and cleaned up any evidence of a 24 hour labor.  She did it all with cheerfulness and a passion to serve.



The most knowledgeable, passionate and caring doula I have ever met! As a new mom, there was so much I didn't know about pregnancy and labor which was worrying...then I met Saralyn and she made my journey amazing!
She empowered me with information (articles, books, videos etc) based on facts so that I didn't have to rely on myths. She did not withhold anything that she thought would help me including her own birth ball, essential oils, products etc.
She created time to check in with me often and I knew I could call on her any time. She often came to help me do some exercises that helped my back and hip and baby's position (3 sisters of balance). She planned everything around my due date and even had to cancel personal/family events so that she would be around when I needed her. I never had to worry about her not showing up for my birth!
I totally recommend Saralyn to all expecting moms out there!

Mary Bernabe


Sarahlynn is an amazing Doula. She takes to heart her role of helping, comforting and all around support of a laboring mom. I’ve seen her in action. Tireless in her role, easy to be with, and a joy to work with. She puts her whole being into it. 

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