Kelly Contreras CD(DONA), CVD(TVL) Photo

Kelly Contreras CD(DONA), CVD(TVL)

My Doula Kelly, LLC

Denver, CO Service range 20 miles

Birth Fee

$250 to $3000

Birth Fee

$250 to $3000

Birth Doula Experience

4 years

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, December 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Birth Photography available

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Birth Photography available

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Birth Photography available

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Photography - Birth
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

My heart's desire is that you have the most satisfying birth as YOU define it. I help families work toward their goals for birth. I meet with families a couple times before birth to find out their specific goals for birth. During labor, I offer emotional, physical, and informational support. Unlike a doctor or nurse, I don't have a shift. I provide continuous support until a couple hours after the birth. I work with families no matter what kind of birth they are planning.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

I am birth doula, birth photographer, and placenta encapsulation specialist. My birth doula services include 1- 2 prenatal visits (approx. 60-90 min each), unlimited phone and email support. I consider myself to be "on call" at 38 weeks and will be available for you by phone at all times. Once active labor has started, I provide continuous labor support and stay until your family is settled after the birth. These services include one postpartum visit at your home and a digital gallery of your brith photos (usually 100-150 photos). If you have decide to have your placenta encapsulated (an additional fee), I deliver that to you within 72 hours of the birth.

Service Area

Denver, CO Service range 20 miles

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We had the most wonderful experience with Kelly. She was incredibly caring, thoughtful and insightful for every part of our journey. She was always very quick to respond to any and all needs. She provided great recommendations throughout the pregnancy and was of course so helpful during labor. She was there for a good laugh, strong hip pressure during contractions and very knowledgeable with positions during labor. We felt so supported and loved during every step. She treated us like good friends instead of clients and we will be forever grateful that she played such a special role in our journey to bringing our little guy into the world. 

Stephanie and Paul


Having Kelly as our doula was probably the most important decision we made when it came to our birthing experience. As a first time mom, I knew I wanted to hire a doula, especially since I wanted to attempt an unmedicated labor/birth. We found Kelly through and after meeting her via Zoom, we knew she was right for us. Kelly was knowledgable, friendly, and easy to get into contact with. 

On the big day, Kelly helped my husband and I manage my labor at home for several hours. She supported me through contractions with positive affirmations, counter pressure, and reminders to change my position at home at in the hospital. Kelly was able to work seamlessly with my hospital care team to help support my birth wishes. She ensured I was moving, staying hydrated and fed, and reminded my husband to do the same. When the pain from my contractions became too much, she walked me through my pain control options and made sure I felt supported and informed when I decided to get an epidural. Kelly's attentiveness to our needs ensured my husband and I were able to focus on each other and the arrival of our baby girl. Throughout the entire labor and birth process, she also took beautiful photos that captured the experience for us to cherish forever.

From my husband: I was skeptical about the need to hire a doula as this was my second baby and I thought myself and the hospital nurses would be able to support my wife through birth. I am so glad my wife talked me into it, as I learned very quickly that things have changed quite a bit since my son was born 13 years ago! Kelly's presence allowed me to focus on my wife during labor and made the experience much more positive and less stressful. For any other partners feeling unsure about whether a doula makes a positive difference, I can say without a doubt that it does and highly recommend Kelly.



We hired Kelly to support our second child's birth after a glowing referral from our retired doula from our first birth. Kelly was everything you would want in a doula experience - knowledgable, kind, grounding and helpful. Our meetings prior to the birth made us feel incredibly comfortable with her and excited to have her during the labor and delivery. When she arrived (as I was getting my epidural!) I immediately felt calmer knowing that she was there ready to support us. She helped guide our decision making through things like breaking my water, some induction options and more. Her knowledge and calming nature made us feel like we could make the right decision for us and felt supported by her at every turn. She also served as our birth photographer and WOW we are so thankful for those pictures and the moments she captured - in addition to an amazing doula she is a really gifted photographer! All in all - any one who is considering a doula for their birth I would say 1. definitely hire a doula! 2. deinfitely consider hiring Kelly, she's the best!

Emily Frost


Kelly was like a guardian angel, quietly advocating for me in the background and taking care of a million tiny details during our birthing time — from closing the blinds to create an atmosphere that let me draw inward, to making up the couch into a bed for my husband and refilling my ice chips, while gently encouraging me to try different positions and manipulating the tools for me to do so (plus she does this hip squeeze thing that made my contractions so much easier!) Ultimately, Kelly managed the margins which allowed my husband and I to be more fully present to our birth and our daughter when she arrived. And then to see the photographs she captured of our birth — Kelly caught special moments I didn’t even remember, which we’ll now treasure forever. The newborn photo shoot was such a gift as well! She even got a genuine smile out of my 10-year-old. Our holiday card this year consists entirely of photos by Kelly.

Kelly’s steady confidence effused into our entire birth experience, helping me and my husband be far more calm and present than I imagined possible — she is a big reason why I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a thing about my daughter’s birth. I deeply appreciate Kelly’s expertise and services, and strongly recommend My Doula Kelly to be your doula, too!

Gesina null


Kelly was the insurance we didn't know we needed. Going into the vbac homebirth of our baby boy, I was a little mislead about how difficult the experience would be. I watch tons of home birth vlogs on YouTube, took a birthing class, and researched coping meconisims. I believe we were ready for this birth.  Well, I was defiantly wrong and the experience became difficult quickly.

Right when Kelly showed up everything felt more at ease. Kelly brought a sense of calm to my birth that drastically change the climate of the room. Throughout my birth I wanted to stay in one position. Kelly gently guided me into new positions that helped bring my baby down. She found the perfect time to help me move and definitely helped the progression of my labor. I never felt alone, and I loved having her there to welcome my baby boy into the world. Kelly is a treasure and I could not recommend her more. 

Meagan Blake


We loved working with Kelly! As a first-time mom, I was (like most) very nervous for birth. I had no idea what to expect and found the endless information online extremely overwhelming and often contradictory. Finding Kelly was my saving grace. She was able to make me feel so prepared for birth by offering endless resources, opinions and just a listening ear when it all got to be too much. She truly is responsive whenever you need her and was always willing to hop on the phone to talk it out. An objective, outside opinion who is always looking out for your best interests is something everyone should have for birth!

When the big day did finally come, we had some complications and Kelly was there every step of the way. Not only did she make sure I understood my options, but she made sure that I felt comfortable with our path forward. She was an advocate when I was too scared or distracted to speak up for myself and was a helpful hand when the nurses weren't in the room. Having that extra set of hands + extra brain in the room let me and my husband really focus on each other which made the whole experience even more special.

For the partners out there, my husband wanted to reiterate all of my above sentiments but add how nice it was to have someone who was constantly checking in on his feelings and mental state. When all the doctors and nurses are focused on mom + baby, Kelly made sure that my husband felt prepared, involved and part of the team. Can't tell you how invaluable that was.

Finally, the photographs that Kelly took for us are something that we'll cherish forever, and I can't recommend adding that package enough. It's a moment that you'll never get back and it made me appreciate my body and the work that it did that much more!!

Overall, if you are looking for a doula, look no further!! :)

Lauren Kanski


I was honestly hesitant to invest in a doula for the birth of my firstborn. The farther along I started to get in my pregnancy, the more overwhelmed I became so I finally but the bullet and hired Kelly. It was hands down, the best decision I made. I can't imagine my pregnancy without her now. She was extremely communicative from our first intro zoom call to meeting up live in persons to talk plan, options, and strategy. She was available and so supportive 24/7 over text. Answered all the "dumb" questions and concerns first time parents have and made us feel safe. When it came to my delivery, she was with me, hands on, thru every contraction and kept me in line with the plan I had for myself (natural and unmedicated). If it wasn't for Kelly, the doctor wouldn't have even been in the room when I pushed the baby out, she monitored EVERYTHING. No joke. She also made my husband feel comforted which was very important to me and obviously, helpful for him. Aside from all that, she got incredible photos and videos of the birth that we can watch and look at forever. Truly don't know what this journey would have looked like without Kelly and we will absolutely have her help us with our next baby ♥?



My husband and I cannot speak highly enough of Kelly and our birth experience with her. We just had our first child and my goal was to have an unmedicated birth experience in a birth center as well as have my placenta saved and made into capsules.

I wanted to have at least one consistent support person in addition to my husband and a Doula was the best choice for that. My birth experience ended up only halfway going to plan and we ended up being transferred to a hospital for delivery. Through the whole experience Kelly was the best support we could have. She came to my home during my active labor phase and assisted me through my contractions and the experience. After we got to the birth center I continued with contractions and when we were being transferred to the hospital she spoke with my husband and I about our options and gave great advice. We did not know really what to do or ask the medical professionals in that moment.

Our positive experience was hugely due to Kelly and her support, knowledge and comfort to our needs and questions. No matter what birth experience I chose for the future I would not do it without Kelly or a Doula. I highly recommend having her be a part of your families next steps. You will be blessed in so many ways having her there.

Lauren G


As first time parents with no family nearby, it was equally intimidating as it was exciting finding out we were pregnant. When we found Kelly it was SO helpful. Any questions, big or small, were alleviated by having her as our doula. She honestly felt priceless in our experience. I knew that I not only had someone to lean on, but could count on her to help my husband be at peace through the process also. It's such an important time to stay calm and concentrate on the love of the existing and new family member(s). I'm so glad that we hired Kelly. She is so sweet and is amazing at her job. Thank you Kelly!!!

Michelle Dean


Kelly was so amazing to have by my side before and during the birth of my daughter. She was so helpful before Cora's birth with resources and advice. While I was in labor she was in contact with me all day checking in, making sure I wasn't alone, and checking on my progress. During labor she was an advocate for my needs and wishes, she was a cheerleader when I got tired, and she was so supportive. I couldn't have done it without Kelly as my doula!

Paige Leedy


The fact that we could laugh in our first interaction gave us full confidence in our decision to hire Kelly for the full package. She was able to put us at ease about all that you worry about as you embark on pregnancy and birth for the first time. Because we committed early in pregnancy, our rapport got strong and support was there throughout my pregnancy. This was valuable when we got unsettling news at my 34 week ultrasound, she was empathetic and kind in helping us process the news. Kelly's humor became a helpful tool again when my due date came and went and ultimately resulted in an induction at 42 weeks. When I was in labor and had my husband reach out to have her join us at the hospital she asked if he needed anything and ended up bringing him his favorite breakfast burrito on her way. He claims it was revitalizing, evidencing how she was truly there for both of us. Throughout my labor she helped with pain management and also helped us make decisions that were closest to our preferences. We had a very negative experience with the delivering OB. Kelly called him out for his wrong doings in the moment and continued to stand up for me following. Witnessing her come to my aid with such passion made it clear she was meant to be a doula. She captured so many great moments that I will cherish forever in the birth photography. Because she was so attuned to us that day that we didn't even notice her taking pictures. We also reflect fondly on our postpartum visit and love our newborn family photos. I went with the Chinese medicine encapsulation and since taking them I feel exactly how she said I would, calm and relaxed. Which has really helped as I adjust to motherhood. I am beyond grateful for all of Kelly's services in my most vulnerable moments and I have nothing but amazing things to report about my experience with her. I am forever grateful to her and all she did in helping me bring my baby earth side.



Kelly was fantastic leading up to, during, and after the birth of my daughter. From our first zoom meeting (COVID, ya know?) my partner and I felt comfortable and safe within Kelly's prescence. We knew right away she would be a great fit to our birthing team. She provided a lot of helpful resources including things to encourage labor, different positions and stretches, pain management and healthy coping mechanisms as well as postpartum stuff like breast feeding and nursing resources, classes and meet-ups within the community, and a sweet postpartum gift. By the time we got to the birthing center, I was already deep into labor world, but I do remember Kelly being kind and supportive to not only me, but to everyone on my birthing team. She fit beautifully into my sacred space and I can't wait for her prescence at the next one. Also, the pictures she took at the birthing center are SO DREAMY and I am incredibly happy she was able to capture the experience the way she did. I am forever grateful for this beautiful soul. 

Bethany Donnalley


Hiring Kelly was hands down one of the best decisions we made in preparation for having our first baby. Kelly is deeply knowledgeable about all things birth, and it gave both me and my husband incredible peace of mind leading up to labor to know that we’d have Kelly in the room with us during such an unpredictable and intense event. Kelly became a sweet friend to me during my pregnancy and checked in regularly to see how I (and baby!) were doing. She helped educate us on what to expect with birth/postpartum and provided an amazing suite of additional resources as well. Even though I wasn’t planning to have an unmedicated birth, having Kelly there during my labor and delivery was truly wonderful. She was encouraging and supportive every step of the way, and she and my husband made a great support team. I had a genuinely enjoyable birth experience and Kelly absolutely contributed to that. She also helped prep me for the pushing stage by offering tips right before I started pushing which I think ultimately helped keep my pushing time very short! Our baby unfortunately had to be taken to the NICU for some supplemental oxygen right after birth, and Kelly stayed with me while my husband went with our baby. If Kelly hadn’t been there, I would have been entirely alone right after delivering. I was so grateful for her calming presence and kindness during those vulnerable hours. She also took AMAZING photos of the birth, and it’s been such a gift to get to relive one of the best days of our lives through those images. We will absolutely be hiring Kelly again for any future babies and strongly encourage you to do the same—you won’t regret it!

Lauren Thurman


Hiring Kelly as our Doula was the BEST decision we could have made for the birth of our daughter (first baby). There are so many fears, uncertainty and information overload when it comes to preparing for labor & delivery and Kelly was there every step of the way. She came to our home a couple of times and walked through our mindset, emotions, thoughts and validated everything that we were feeling - Both me as a first time mom and my husband who wanted to make sure we had someone experienced by our side. Kelly came in with confidence, a wealth of knowledge, and a comforting energy that made us feel prepared, strong and ready. She spends a good amount of time walking through pressure point & position work that you can do in the third trimester, gives you things to think about and documentation to read through to prepare on your own time, and was also available via text with literally ANY question or concern that came through either of our minds!

By the time my water broke a week early, we reached out to Kelly and kept her in the loop with every single detail/update- She was quick to respond and answer our calls.  Kelly helped us talk through the situation and discuss options that the doctor had proposed. When it was getting closer to "go time," Kelly came into our hospital room (while I was laboring in the tub!) and she didn't skip a beat before jumping in and providing me with the exact caring words and hip pressure that I needed in that very moment. She was not only there for me, but she was there for my husband when he had questions or just simply didn't what he should do to help. Through the coming hours, Kelly was my shoulder to lean on (quite literally), our advocate, and our experienced, trusted partner who was there for the BOTH of us. Any moment that I felt scared or tired, I would look at her for comfort and she talked through how I was feeling and what my options were.We are so thankful for Kelly- Hire her as your Doula!

Mark Znutas


As a first time dad, I couldn't imagine going through the pregnancy and birthing process without Kelly. Kelly was always there for us when we had questions during pregnancy. She never made us feel silly for asking questions and she was always highly responsive. Kelly made sure we were fully prepared for the birthing process by helping to craft a thoughtful birth plan. We felt as ready as we could be!


Kelly was also incredibly helpful in the hospital, making us feel calm during a stressful period. She guided us through when to go to the hospital when to think about the epidural, and was a steady hand during the birth. I would highly recommend working with Kelly. She's great!

Chloe Vogt


My third trimester was full of anxiety about giving birth and about all the things happening to my body. Having Kelly around was a serious game changer for that. She was always willing to answer my questions, no matter how silly, and talk me through the nerves. She worked with my both my husband and I to prepare us for the birth process. She gave us tools and resources to help us make informed decisions. During labor she talked me through different processes and was able to help me understand more of what was happening. She made us feel comfortable and had fun with us. My husband and I were so thankful to have Kelly on our team!

Sandra Carrillo


I reached out to Kelly after seeing her post on the Wesiminster mom facebook group promoting her services as a doula and placenta encapsulation. This was my second pregnancy and I was interested in the placenta pills to help me with my post partum. Kelly scheduled a zoom call with me and it was a chance for me to get to know her  and the process of placenta encapsulation as well as her to learn more about me and my pregnancy. As a Latina I have often been dismissed by my doctor on my pain or concerns and having a chance to name that out loud with Kelly gave me so much power through my storytelling. My first labor and delivery happened during March 2020 1 day before the lockdown began, I delivered my baby girl at 35 weeks and was induced with pitocin and got the epidural. I did not ask or know the pros and cons of either medication and felt robbed of how I envisioned my delivery. Once I got home I struggled with low milk supply and was so stressed every time I fed my baby or had to pump. I had severe Postpartum Anxiety (PPA) and rage and I felt so alone and not worthy as a mom. When I got pregnant with my second baby girl I wanted to feel empowered and educated on the choices and decisions that were best for my health and my babies health. After sharing my story with Kelly and telling her my concerns with having another preterm labor and having PPA during postpartum, Kelly connected me with another doula who had openings in March. I connected so well with the other doula as well and began the process of getting educated at birth, I read a hypnobirthing book and learned techniques that help lower pain and increase oxytocin. Kelly picked up my placenta and then delivered my pills at home and continued providing support throughout my postpartum. The placenta pills have worked amazing. I have nothing but positive things to say about her services. She is an amazing doula and overall person to have by your side! Thank you.



I can't believe our luck in finding Kelly. We had our first baby in October and hired Kelly about six months before our due date. We picked her because she took time to get to know us in our initial interview - not just our birth preferences but our personalities and interests. This remained true during all the time we spent with her. She really paid attention to our needs and concerns. By the time we got to the birth, I felt like we had a close friend in the room with us. 

The birth itself went so much faster than any of us expected  I had prepped with Kelly to do all sorts of movement and pain management techniques, but we didn't have time for any of that! Kelly stepped up in a way that I didn't even know I needed.  She managed the hectic environment. She made sure my husband ate. She made sure I understood what the nurses were saying to me. She put my hair into a ponytail and helped me find my chapstick  :) I don't think I could have done it without her!



I'm so grateful to have found Kelly! I decided I wanted to have a doula with my 2nd labor and delivery experience after having a traumatic experience with my first child's birth. Kelly exceeded my expectations in every way! She is kind, knowledgeable, and supportive the whole way. My goal was to have an unmedicated birth and to labor at home for as long as possible prior to going to the hospital. With Kelly's coaching and amazing equipment (I highly recommend using the TENS unit), I was able to achieve my goal and had a great experience with my 2nd child's birth. Through contractions and pushing, Kelly was such a great support and coach calmly guiding me. She stays with you following delivery and captures so many amazing photos of the labor experience and newborn photos. Kelly does a postpartum visit and continues to be available through calls or texts with questions. Kelly truly has a passion for what she does, and I highly recommend her to any family for their labor and delivery experience!

Alison, Skyler, and Averleigh


Kelly has been an amazing doula for my husband and me and I cannot recommend her enough!! She is friendly, kind, and caring. Her knowledge was invaluable to us again and again. She helped us prepare and think through parts of our birth plan that I don’t think we would have thought of otherwise. All throughout my pregnancy, she has been available very quickly via text or phone call.

I’m so glad she was there during my labor to support us, both at home and at the hospital. Once there, we found out that two nurses had called out sick that night. If Kelly hadn’t been there, it would have been just me and my husband while I went through transition and into active labor. She brought a sense of calm and helped us find ways for me to be more comfortable. When the nurses did come in, they were just watching and monitoring me and baby. Kelly was more involved: she encouraged me and supported my husband while he helped me deal with contractions. She even took professional pictures of our daughter’s arrival!! I am so grateful that Kelly was there to guide us through the life changing process of childbirth. If I had to go back and do it again, I would book her in a heartbeat!!

A side note: I was worried about postpartum anxiety, as I dealt with general anxiety before pregnancy. Kelly suggested placenta encapsulation, which she went through certification to do. I had never heard of this before! She recommended that I research it first and then let her know if I’d like to add that on. I loved that she left the ball in my court. I ended up trying them out and let me tell you— they work!! My anxiety shot through the roof after birth, but once I started the pills, I definitely notice a difference when I take the steamed pills (calming) than the days that I forget. I personally have not noticed a difference with the dehydrated (energy) pills, but everyone’s body is different and it might make a difference for you!

Amie Wolgroch


This was my first pregnancy so I knew I wanted to have a Doula by my side during the birthing process. Kelly was my guiding light during my birth experience - she helped me with pain management, answered my many questions during the birthing process, insured me and my baby were comfortable after the birth and partnered with my Husband along the way. I would highly recommend working with Kelly if you want to have a doula who goes above and beyond for you, and truly cares about your wellbeing. 

Victoria K


Kelly was an absolute GIFT to our pregnancy journey! As first time parents, my husband and I had no idea what to expect as we journeyed into parenthood. Kelly's support, wisdom and encouragment were unmatched! She was incredibly easy to communicate with and responded quickly to our emails/texts. She provided a ton of evidence based research and information that allowed us to make informed decisions when it came to our birth plan -- which my husband and I found super helpful! 

I could go on and on about how incredibly valuable Kelly was to our pregnancy journey but what I remember most is her calm and steady presence. My birth went nothing like I imagined it would, and Kelly's steady prescene brought a lot of peace and assurance to my husband and I. 

I would highly recommend her, and we will definitely be giving her a call if/when we get pregnant again! 

Allie Morgan


My husband and I were on the fence about working with a doula for the birth of our first child, but we are incredibly glad that we chose to work with Kelly. She is knowledgeable, kind, and reassuring — like a wise girlfriend and coach rolled into one. We appreciated the chance to get to know her and talk about our goals, anxieties, etc. for birth in the months beforehand, and to learn about options for pain management and discuss our plan for labor. It was also helpful to me to have someone to text and chat with throughout my pregnancy after appointments and when I thought of random questions. Kelly made it clear that no question was stupid, and she was always super responsive.

After a slow start, my labor progressed quickly and I had a much faster birth than any of us had expected. I had fully planned on getting an epidural after using other forms of pain management (Kelly was always supportive of this decision), but suddenly I was out of time and it wasn't an option. Her calm demeanor and positive words were helpful at a time when I felt kind of panicked. She was the one who called the nurse into the room when it was clear things were moving quickly, and the hospital staff wasn't prepared. There wasn't even a doctor present when my daughter was born, just Kelly and my husband and the nurse — and holy cow, we're glad Kelly was there! At one point my husband jokingly asked the nurse if he should scrub in and she hopefully asked, "Are you a doctor?!" (He's not.) It all worked out fine and after the birth, Kelly did everything from helping me fix my ponytail to making me a juice drink when I felt dizzy and tired. She also took beautiful photos for us that we will cherish, and was almost invisible in doing so. Because of her, I got to see moments like my daughter being weighed for the first time (which I missed when it was actually happening).

In short, I cannot recommend her enough.



Kelly was recommended to me by a friend, and I am so happy she was! I got in contact with Kelly early in my pregnancy and we had a video chat meet-and-greet. Kelly is very personable and I felt like she was a great fit for me and would be a great addition to my labor and delivery story. She requested that I keep her updated on my appointments, including my chiropractor appointments, so she could stay in the loop with what my body was doing. She also sent relevant articles, gave advice, and was just there to talk. We had another video chat with my husband, and I appreciated how Kelly always wanted to keep him involved, know his thoughts and feelings, worries, etc. It helped her get the full picture and let me know she cared about my whole family. Around 36 weeks, Kelly came to my house (mask and all!) to further discuss my wishes for labor and delivery, as well as options for pain management. We had a great visit and, again, I felt really comfortable with her. I ended up delivering late, but Kelly checked up on me often to see how things were going, right up until my induction date. The day that I was induced, we texted until I told her I was ready for her to come in. She made sure I always had water and always reminded me to actually drink it. She kept in mind how long I had been doing any one thing for pain management and suggested different options every so often. During birth and shortly after, she took many many photos of me, my husband, and my new baby. I really love them! She captured so many things that I missed, and I love looking back at them. One of my favorite things Kelly does is take notes during the labor and delivery, and then does a debrief with you later (about 1 week postpartum). I didn't realize how therapeutic it would be to go back and remember or tall through my experience, but I really appreciated it. Overall, I had a wonderful experience with Kelly and would highly recommend!

Ashley and Tanner Fleck


Considering Kelly's personality and our common beliefs both spiritual and lifestyle, we hired her right away! My due date approached and pre-labor symptoms began. Knowing Kelly was an expert in everything pregnancy, I began to text her almost daily updating her on my symptoms and receiving really useful and compassionate feedback. Well... my due date came and went and I began to feel very insecure about having my baby on time. This was an extremely emotional time for me as I had my heart set on a natural birth with my doula. Kelly texted me daily and listened to my concerns with empathy to rival Mother Theresa! Not only did she offer the most perfect comforting affirmations, but she also continued to offer advice on how to induce labor naturally and safely. Finally, 10 days after my due date, labor was naturally induce. My water broke at home and my body was thrust into high intensity labor. My husband was an irreplacable comfort during drive, however as soon as we got to the birthing center, Kelly leapt into action coaxing my hollering self out of the car. Moments after entering the room, my contractions intensified even more and Kelly allowed me to hold onto her arm, hips, and shoulders as the contractions waved through me. I remember feeling so physcially and emotionally comforted by her feminine touch. Shortly after, I was pushing and Kelly continued to offer verbal and physcial support with her soothing voice. I loved how Kelly listened to me between contractions and affirmed me instead of offering advice on how to cope with the pressure and pain. When it was time, Kelly helped me to the birthing tub and then naturally took a back seat while my husband stepped in to support me. During this time, Kelly captured the most amazing moments of the birth with her camera and later shared these priceless, raw, and absolutely stunning photos with us. Hiring Kelly was the very best decision we made and I couldn't imagine having gone through this season without her!

Kimmie Bradley


I will never not have a Doula ever again - and I hope for every kiddo in our family that our Doula gets to be Kelly! Especially in the unsure times of Covid, Kelly helped offer support to my husband and I in a time where having a baby in a hospital had been turned upside down!

Kelly has a fun demeanor - she brings that to every room she walks into. In moments where a joke could be cracked, she was quick to lighten the atmosphere of the room - a quality I truly enjoyed when I was laboring (both at home and in the hospital!).

Kelly is wise - she helped us know some of the details that would happen immediately post-birth so we could go into the labor room educated. She never gave her opinion without us asking directly for it, but told us what to look up & what the potential options were. Especially with this being our first baby, I was so grateful to know ahead of time about antibiotic ointment & delayed cord clamping...two things I would have previously had NO idea about!! 

Kelly is a gamer - once my water broke, it was game time. From the moment Kelly entered the room, she was "in the zone". She knew how to coach my husband to help and and was at my head offering encouragement between contractions. During contractions, she was quick to offer physical relief by smashing my hips together! If anything can feel good while in labor, it's that maneuver!!  

Kelly is an artist - she got to bring a camera in to our labor room & after having conversations about it, knew what kind of photos we desired. The moments she captured are worth millions to us. She has an eye for the beauty of birth and knew how to capture the moments that would be empowering and evoke emotion for YEARS to come. 

I can't say enough about our experience with her. She added so much joy to our birth and continues to support us in the early days (& hopefully forever more!) of our family! 

Stephany V


Kelly was caring, compassionate and a prayerful women of God. She made an immeasurable difference in the way I experienced my pregnancy through a pandemic. She gave my husband and myself the emotional and physical tools we needed to prepare us for L&D. She prayed for me more times than I'll ever know. She supported me and my husband through labor, reminding him of ways to help me and encouraging me to make informed, well thought out decisions as we labored.  And when things didn't go according to plan she was present through it all. Even more, she helped me pick up the peices as I recovered emotionally and physically post partum. 

She's an incredible doula. I am forever grateful for her service, her kindness and her spiritual support!

James S


My wife and I are so greatful that we were able to use Kelly's doula services for the recent birth of our first child.  We interviewed with several potential doulas before deciding on Kelly, and we feel we really made the right decision going with her.  Kelly is so knowledgeable, warm, friendly, and professional.  Her services were invaluable to us, and we recommend her 100%; especially for new mothers and fathers.  

This was our first birth, and we had a an extremely positive birth experience with a long labor and very minimal pushing time at the hospital.  We attribute a lot of of this to Kelly.  Being able to labor at home for 25+ hours before going to the hospital helped us minimize the risk of medical intervention during our birth, something that my wife was terrified of.  Once we were at the hosipital, Kelly helped me feel comfortable asking the nurses and docs questions.  I also took a lot of queues from her, (helping my wife push, giving her relief with massage, suggesting different laboring positions, and giving her overall support).  Kelly's presence, as well as her advice and laboring relief techniques were crucial in helping my wife get through one of the scariest days of her life.  We couldn't be happier with her services.

When/if my wife and I choose to have another child, we will likely be calling on Kelly for her doula services again.  


Mercedes P.


My husband and I just had our first child, and we cannot imagine not having Kelly throughout the pregnancy. Kelly is warm and nurturing.  We felt very comfortable with her from the beginning. Kelly was an excellent resource throughout the pregnancy whether it was questions about the physical aspects or emotional/mental support. For my actual delivery, my goal was to labor at home for as long as possible. Kelly came over when we asked her to and helped us progress at home.  She was all about what I felt comfortable with. We worked through different positions and techniques to help things along. When contractions picked up in intensity, Kelly and my husband helped get me through.  At the hospital, she was invaluable as support for not just me, but also my husband.  She was able to help him ask the right questions and get information from the staff. I am very happy with our labor and delivery experience, and I truly believe it would not have been as good without Kelly.  We will definitely be recommeding her to other expecting parents and will work with her again, if we have another baby.



We used Kelly's doula services with our second baby. Our first pregnancy and delivery were nothing like we had hoped for and we were hopeful that having a doula would allow us to feel more satisfied the second time around. What I expected when we asked Kelly to join us for our birth was that she would be a helper and coach on the day of our birth. What I found was that Kelly was all that and more. The most surprising part of my experience was the ongoing support throughout my pregnancy. Kelly regularly checked in with me after doctors appointments and just helped me troubleshoot everyday issues such as nutrition and exercise within pregnancy. Kelly's encouragement to me was powerful, as my second pregnancy also did not go exactly the way I hoped. She helped empower me to advocate and not give up on my hopes for this birth, in spite of the things that had come up in pregnancy. I did end up with an induction, which was not my hope, and even with the induction Kelly's support allowed me to carry on to the point where I was able to deliver my daughter naturally, which I no longer believed was possible in the context of an induction. Kelly was fun to have in the delivery room, many times helping me laugh to help lighten the mood. She was also strong and deeply encouraging. I will never have another baby without her!

Amanda Flathers


Kelly was an amazing doula to me for the birth of my daughter! My birth experience did not go as I was hoping, but Kelly's support and encouragement made a huge difference and made the experience much more positive! She took turns with my husband pressing on my hips during every contraction, let me squeeze her hand, was a support person for my husband, prayed for me when things got really tough, came in the middle of the night and stayed until morning, texted and called me before and after the birth and always let me know she was there for me, and was so supportive when I was not at my best. I don't think I could have gotten through that birth experience without Kelly. Kelly is very knowledgable about birth, labor positions, comfort techniques, and breastfeeding. Kelly is an awesome doula! 




Kelly was great! She helped so much with the birth of our 3rd child.  We had interviewed her once and scheduled a follow up but our baby surprised us by coming 3 weeks early.  We called Kelly from the hospital around 8 pm to see if she would be able to make it and she travelled all the way to Sky Ridge in time for the last part of labor and the birth of our daughter at 11:30.  She has a very supportive and easy-going approach and was supportive of our choice to have a hospital birth with an epidural.  Despite the fact that we hadn't gotten to know each other very well yet, I felt very comfortable with her and appreciated her calm and encouraging presence.  I highly recommend Kelly!



Throughout my pregnancy Kelly was always a source of knowledge and comfort. Any time I had a question she knew the answer or found it out- she even sent me videos of exercises to help me with what I was going through! She was a constant source of encouragmeant through my labor, she was there for me after with so much help with breastfeeding, and she loved on me and my baby! I would recommend Kelly to anyone- she is the most kind, caring, empathetic, hardworking, encouraging person I have ever met! I honestly don't know what I would do without her! 



Kelly was nothing short of amazing. She provided my fiancé and I with so much warmth, knowledge, and comfort during our  labor experience. We felt like we could completely count on her during our pregnancy to answer any questions or concerns we had. We loved her and can not wait to have her as our doula for our future children as well! 

Leticia Torrez


Kelly was fabulous. My fifth child was the first labor and delivery having a doula, and I was not disappointed! Kelly was at my side when I needed her, encouraging me and helping me to relax when things really got rolling! I am truly grateful for her being involved in the process!! 


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