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Nicole Ramsey & Bethany Dickinson

Ada’s Gift Doula Services

Lafayette, IN Service range 60 miles


Birth Fee

$900 to $1200

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $30

Birth Fee

$900 to $1200

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $30

Birth Doula Experience

3 years

Postpartum Doula Experience

1 years

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Childbirth International (CBI) - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • Childbirth International, June 2019
  • Childbirth International, May 2021

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 1 to 4 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: We are excited to offer postpartum services to clients in the Greater Lafayette Area.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
We have attended births at 7 hospitals ~ working well with OBs & midwives both. We have supported VBAC, VBA2C, unmedicated vaginal births, inductions, births with epidurals, repeat vaginal births, situations with preeclampsia, repeat c-sections, and more. We believe that every birth is better as a supported birth!

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
We both have experience as doula support at Sacred Roots Birth Center & are always happy to be there again!

Attends home births? Some Home Births
Any home birth with a CNM or CPM. We both have experience supporting in home birth settings.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

We are members of ICAN and have worked with THE VBAC Link doula training program. We proudly support VBACs. Bethany is a former WIC lactation consultant. Nicole is admin of the Lafayette Breastfeeding Community Facebook group (check us out!).

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

$900 for births in Lafayette, IN or within a 30 mile range of the 47909 zipcode (we attend home births with midwives) $1200 births 30-60 miles from the 47909 zip code. Free phone consultation when considering doula services. Birth Doula package: Two prenatal visits with birth and pregnancy education, help creating a birth plan, exploring options, discussing pregnancy and newborn concerns. Phone/text support throughout pregnancy. On-call & continuous birth support. 1 postpartum visit after birth, and phone/text support for the first 2-6 weeks after birth (longer for clients also utilizing postpartum services).

Service Area

Lafayette, IN Service range 60 miles

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Client Testimonials for Nicole Ramsey & Bethany Dickinson

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Jamie Davis


My wife and I worked with Nicole and Bethany for the pregnancy and birth of our first child. They were wonderful partners during the pregnancy, checking in regularly with us to ask good questions and share helpful suggestions. During our (complex) labor, Nicole was always there to interpret the medical jargon and make sure we got all the information we needed to make the best decisions for our family.

I was a little skeptical when my wife suggested we work with a doula. I figured that supporting us was the job of the medical staff at the hospital. As it turned out, the medical staff with whom we interacted tended to skip a lot of details that were obvious to them (but not us! like side effects we didn't know about...), omitted a discussion of alternatives, and were occasionally insulting. Having Nicole there during labor made a huge difference, because (a) she could support my wife while I slept, and (b) she was someone with lots of birth experience in the room to help us understand what was "normal" and when we should be pushing back on the medicos.

If your financial circumstances permit it, I would strongly recommend a doula. Nicole and Bethany are a great option.



I had a great postpartum experience with Nicole and Bethany. They were supportive, kind, and attentive. I never felt alone and support was just a text away. Each brought her own strengths to serve my family and me. 

Nicole and Bethany helped me in what may seem to be small ways - cleaning, meal prep, tending our small veggie garden. But with  these small daily tasks off my list, I had time to rest and truly bond with my daughter during the fourth trimester. 

Laura and Ben Stelly


Nicole and Bethany were excellent!! I gave birth at a hospital in March 2022. Bethany helped me achieve the natural unmedicated birth I wanted. She took the time to talk with my husband and me before the birth several times and understood our birth plan, and supported the path to making it happen. It was so great to have someone there who really knew what she was doing as far as positions and comfort measures to achieve the birth I wanted and make sure the baby came out safely. Her energy and knowledge were genuinely comforting and professional. She stayed with us after the baby was born to help with breastfeeding and also came again after we got home to check on us and make sure all was going well. It was a wonderful experience all around. My husband and I would use Ada’s Gift Doula Services again and recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat. Thank you both so much!!



Nicole & Bethany provided amazing support throughout my pregnancy and birth! They were incredibly responsive to any texts and questions I had. They also provided evidence-based support, links, and studies I could read to learn more about my pregnancy, my options for birth, and to help me feel empowered in my decision-making. Having several kids each themselves, they had a lot of personal experience with pregnancy and birth which helped me immensely as a first-time mom! Bethany was present for birth and I felt fully supported in everything I did. Wanting to go unmedicated was very important to me, and she was a huge physical and emotional support throughout the entire birth. When I felt like I couldn't do it, she was a source of strength reminding me that I could. She supported my husband as well throughout the birth with helping me count through contractions & pushing, trying different positions, and reminding me to breathe! I was so grateful to get exactly the low intervention, hospital birth I wanted and I fully credit Bethany with helping me achieve it! 



Bethany and Nicole are an amazing team that exceeded my expectations and offered support I didn't even know I needed. They have a wealth of knowledge and were quick to provide reliable and helpful resources for all my questions! I'm most grateful for their empathetic listening and encouragement throughout my pregnancy following two miscarriages. They were intentional in building a trusting relationship that felt safe and empowering. I highly recommend them!!

Nicole & Adam Barragato


Bethany was such a blessing, I cannot imagine doing a birth (whether at home or in a hospital) without her. I decided to do a home birth because I wanted the opportunity to have the birth my way. Bethany not only understood that, but she also encouraged it. Even when my water broke unexpectedly (and three weeks early), Bethany did not miss a beat! She showed up and began doing the preparations which included getting supplies to prepare the much needed padsicles. Early in the labor, before there were any real contractions, Bethany kept me calm and reminded me that everything would be okay. She never pressured me to make decisions or do anything rash. My husband would remember her as the calm and gentle voice that would always speak softly and offer encouragement, even though I was very disappointed that my water broke so early. When this led to very painful contractions, Bethany was there by my side ensuring that I only made decisions I was comfortable making.

Days and weeks after the baby was delivered, Bethany continued to check in and offer encouragement and recommendations as my child was not latching correctly while nursing. She encouraged me to keep working hard at it and even provided consultations, even though this was my third child. Whether you're doing a home or hospital birth, I highly encourage you to have Bethany at your side. She will advocate for you and ensure that you have the birth you want to have, even when it feels like the cards are against you. She is knowleageable, friendly, and extremely helpful. Do not have your next birth without her!

Libby Wilger


Bethany and Nicole are some of the kindest, most compassionate people you will ever meet. They were so attentive throughout my pregnancy, texting me every few weeks to see how my prenatal appointments were going and how I was feeling. Between this and our in-person visits, I felt so comfortable with each of them that it felt like welcoming a friend into my birthing space rather than someone I’d hired. They really took the time to get to know me, my unique history, my fears, and my goals for this birth.

It was such a privilege to have Nicole with me during my labor and birth. She offered continuous support through text while I was in early labor at home, encouraging me to trust my intuition and my body. She was there within minutes after we arrived at the hospital and never left my side. She let my husband take the lead in supporting me but complemented him perfectly. She continuously kept a positive, peaceful, encouraging tone in the room with the midwife and nurses. I also loved that she kept timestamped notes about my labor progress so we could reflect on the birth at my postpartum visit with her.

I can’t recommend Bethany and Nicole enough. Even if you have a good support system in place for your birth, you will not be sorry to have these wonderful ladies in your corner.

Catherine Wallace


I was so excited to have one less decision to make when I got pregnant with my third son.  No doubt in my mind (if Nicole would have me!) she would be my doula again.  I was planning a home birth after having a c-section and a hospital vbac.  She was with me every step of the way during my mid-covid hospital vbac (loooooong labor) birth and helped me process all that birth entailed so I knew she was my girl for this one too.  I loved that Nicole has had both home births and hospital births herself and how she puts research above personal opinions (I actually never knew her opinions because she'd always share research-based pros and cons). 

The moment she walked into my house the entire vibe changed.  Her calm presence is what got me through both my births! She knew when I wanted hands on support, when I needed emotional support and always knew when to step away to give my husband and I time alone.  Between Bethany and Nicole, they were always able to answer my pregnancy and postpartum questions and are both a wealth of knowledge.  When you are choosing your birth team, Bethany and Nicole are the ones you want around.  They are calm, kind, so knowledgeable, dependable, supportive, listen to everything you want, and will support your birth desires – whatever they may be.  I don’t know if I’ll have any more babies but if I do, I hope I never have to do it without this amazing doula team.

Also – my husband would 100% agree he doesn’t want me to have any other babies without Nicole by my (and his) side!



I’m a first time mom and had this idea for my pregnancy journey that I wanted the support of a doula. I was not really sure initially what one encompassed and neither was my husband but, after some online research we decided to go with Nicole and Bethany and so glad we did. 

Throughout my journey Nicole and Bethany met with my husband and I twice for prenatal visits and were also avaible via texting/phone support. They provided unbiased opinions and support with any questions, concerns, or praises I had.  They sent online resources and videos of any topics I had questions about. Personally, I’m not one to initiate asking for help or reaching out and I feel like they did a good job checking in on me to see how I was feeling physically, and emotionally. I personally had a difficulty time with stress of work and some minor pregnancy health concerns and Nicole and Bethany were great about listening and giving guidance on support of allowing me to choose what I thought was best for myself and my pregnancy. I also appreciated the acknolwegement of support for my spouse and any information for him that he could use to support me during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. 

I  had a very quick natural birth and Bethany had offered come to the house, but I had transitoned to the hospital and she was able to support me there during labor. Overall, I had a great experience and am glad I had their support throughout my pregnancy journey!

Andrea DeMaria Courtney


Hiring Nicole and Bethany for doula support during our pregnancy was one of the best decisions we made. They provided exceptional education, support, and care during our prenatal, labor, and postpartum periods.

During the prenatal period, we connected through scheduled meetings and weekly texts or phone calls. They guided me to be my own advocate during routine appointments, educated us (through books, articles, videos, etc) on topics we were interested in learning about or had questions on, and made sure my husband was included every step of the way. I appreciated their evidence-based approach, caring and supportive nature, and timeliness in communication. They helped me feel confident in our preparations as first-time parents.

I could not have successfully managed my natural birth experience without Nicole's support. She helped me manage my contractions through visualizations, breathing techniques, and position recommendations. We felt supported through our in-home laboring and hospital delivery and were thankful to have her as a patient advocate through all the hospital chaos that came with a quick delivery and premature baby. We also appreciated how she stayed until we were settled with our son, and then stepped out when she knew we were ready to be on our own.

We didn't realize how much we needed or would value doula support during the postpartum period until we got to this point. I was thankful to have a follow-up visit to connect and reflect on everything we had gone through and the chance to text and chat with Nicole and Bethany about the highs and lows I was experiencing as a new mother. Again, they shared resources (articles, YouTube videos, community information) to help me with my questions and needs.

Nicole and Bethany supported me in having a safe, memorable, empowering pregnancy and birthing experience. I highly recommend them if you are looking for the same.

Katrina R


I was able to give birth to my son 8 lbs 7 oz with no pain meds with 12 hour labor. I never dreamed I could do it, but having Beth there to encourage me and support me throughout my pregnancy and labor helped me so much!

Jenna sichting


I began my journey with Bethany and Nicole in the first trimester of my pregnancy. I had a miscarriage before this pregnancy and we worked hard for over a year to conceive. Tried two different fertility medications, one medical procedure and no give. On the month I stopped using medication, my body gave me a viable pregnancy. At 7 weeks pregnant I found out I had Covid. I went to the ER for breathing issues. At 9 weeks I had another ER visit for breathing issues as well. That’s when I knew something wasn’t right. My scans weren’t matching up anymore with my gestational timeline. I was scheduled for my first OB appointment for 12 weeks. At this time we did routine blood work and found my levels to be normal. However, once again my ultrasound wasn’t aligned with my projected due date. But due to ovulation tracking I knew how and when I conceived. So when I first thought about a doula I had two reasons, one being that Covid was on going and I wanted more than just my husband in the room this time and two, I wanted support Incase something was wrong. I’m so thankful I did. At 24 weeks I found out that it was more than just a growth concern, I had IUGR, inter-uterine growth restriction and my baby was not on par for her growth. She was growing exactly two weeks behind her gestational age. That appointment was a blur. All I could remember were the letters. The second I got ahold of Nicole she knew what I was talking about. Having Nicole on my team was the best thing. I think of this as a gift to myself, my own “push present” the gift of reassurance. The gift of friendship for 4-5 months. The gift of knowledge and that is enough to hire them again if I wanted to. So needless to say, Nicole and Bethany are amazing and anyone on the fence of hiring them, don’t be, just do it. You won’t regret it! Love them! 




GREAT EXPERIENCE! I hired a doula due to the fact that I have anxiety and wanted to have an all natural birth. I knew I would need all the help I could get. The though of an epidural or c section triggered my anxiety so bad. Both doulas came to my house and got to know me along with my wants and fears. They were so supportive in my plan. When it came to labor and delivery it did not go as planned in many ways. I ended up getting an epidural and after a long and hard 24 hours my son was finally born. The 13 hours I labored without medication I could not have done without the support of these two. They were not only so supportive and helpful to me but also my husband. Even once I got the epidural and it was time to push they were great. The 4.5 hours I had to push and the many options and obstacles that came up during that time were made so much easier with their support. Not only that but when I was in and out of the hospital after birth for post preeclampsia they were constantly checking up and asking what they would do and that they were thinking of me. I would highly recommend these and a doula for anyone!



If you want evidence based support and just sweet, supportive souls, you can’t go wrong with Nicole and Bethany. They are knowledgeable, communicative, and super on top of it. 

The level of support both prenatal and postpartum was excellent.

When it came time for the birth experience, I felt so much more in control and able to cope, even as things did not go as planned. 

Nicole was indispensable as a member of my birth team. She supported me through every contraction and looked after me through the whole birth experience. She was with us the entire way, and never seemed to tire or change her attitude, even as we got into the wee hours of the next morning. 

When tough decisions had to be made, she was right there with me, assisting me with figuring out what was right for me based on the circumstances and even holding my hand when my husband could not. 

VBAC mommas, 1st time mommas, and mommas who just want an amazing support team, look to these ladies. I cannot recommend them enough. 



I had never had a doula for my previous pregnancies. After this pregnancy, I know the importance of having great doula support. They were always up to helping me research topics and questions I had in regards to pregnancy/labor/postpartum. Nicole & Bethany are so genuine. I felt completely comfortable and supported in all of my decisions.

Shaila C


I am so grateful for Bethany (& Nicole's) care. I had a traumatic birth experience the first time around with severe complications afterwards- thankfully everything worked out but when I got pregnant again I wanted to avoid reliving that. I tried to convince my husband that getting a doula would be worth it. After a very redeeming birth he confidently says Bethany was worth it. 

Bethany met with me twice before the birth and we worked through what I was wanting, what I was scared of, getting more information to help make decisions, how she could help me during labor physically AND mentally/emotionally, encouragement in how to talk to my doctors, making a birth plan, how to tell if it was truly labor or a false start, and ways I could prepare my body and baby for labor and different laboring positions. 

For all of the help and support the biggest thing was having someone who was not my doctor, my husband, or my mom to walk through it with me. She'd check in on me when I didn't realize I needed it. She made sure I was taken care of and listened to when I got to the hospital (with contractions lasting a minute and only a minute apart my capacity was limited). She was a soft encouraging presence, reminding me of different options and helping my husband. She had the presence of mind to tell him if he wanted to see baby come out he would have to move and to encourage me to latch as soon as possible. She made sure our post partum visit wasn't too long after so she could help me process the experience. 

Bethany is committed to learning and growing in her craft- but most importantly she is committed to you. To helping you have the best experience you can. To focusing on mom when everyone else, including you the mom, are focusing on baby and everything else. She is a blessing in my life and is well worth it. 

Alyssa W


Nicole and Bethany were absolutely wonderful to work with! They were both so supportive and kind. They were so great about listening to my concerns and questions, finding helpful information, and helping connect me with resources to help with breastfeeding, etc. Bethany assisted my birth and was such a great support! She helped me find positions to help manage my pain during labor, she gave me a massage to help with back pain, and she was a great emotional support during delivery.



We were grateful to have Bethany as our doula. She answered all of our questions about labor, breastfeeding, and many more. She provided us with plenty of helpful resources that better prepared us for labor. I loved that she showed us various techniques for how my husband can help comfort me during labor pains.

It was especially wonderful having Bethany by my side during the 24-hour long labor and c-section. There were many moments where I felt defeated, but she was always encouraging and worked through all my doubts. She also gave me courage to stand up for myself when I had questions about my care. I love how she took pictures of our first moments with the baby, as we were too busy by the hectic environment to think about it. I would not have wanted to do my first pregnancy without her.

Asia Doyle


I am absolutely LOVED Nicole!  She came through and took my case when many other doulas did not. I was trying to have a VBAC after 2 c-sections and everyone told me that it couldn't be done. Nicole, at least was willing to try, and I am so grateful that she did. I gained not only an amazing support person, but someone I am pleased to call a friend. She helped keep me calm when my delivery did not go as planned, she was there in the first hours of my baby's life when there was confusion and fear, and she was calm the whole time.  Even Bethany was a great help and support. She gave me some great food and snack ideas to help me with breastfeeding my little guy, that would not spike my blood sugar. She even put me in touch with a lactation consultant, just in case I needed more help. I would definitely recommend Nicole and Bethany for their services, they were wonderful! 

Megan Mason


I hired Nicole to support me through my pregnancy and birth of my first baby. I had read about doulas online but was not very familiar with them but I love the idea of women supporting women during child birth. After speaking with Nicole she seemed like a great fit for my husband and I because of how easy going she was and her kind and calm demeanor. During my pregnancy I ended up changing providers 3 times, unfortunately. Nicole was with me every step of the way and was a great resource to help me feel informed and empowered about the decision I was making. I could not have found the strength I needed to make the move without her. Changing providers was the best decision I could have made for my pregnancy and my birth vision. During my labor Nicole was amazing. She provided physical, mental and emotional support. Without her there I do not know if I would have been able to have the unmedicated birth I dreamed of. Sadly I ended up having to be transferred do to an unforeseen issue with my placenta after delivery. Nicole offered to come with me to the hospital and support my mother during the process. Nicole really went above and beyond during my entire pregnancy. She was always available for information I needed, someone just to listen and someone to affirm my choices and make me feel empowered. Nicole will always have a special place in me and my families heart. 

Catherine Wallace


My first birth was a c-section and I knew if I wanted a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarian) I would need as much support as possible.  I am so glad I was encouraged to reach out to Nicole.  I really do not believe I would have had a successful VBAC without her support, encouragement, knowledge, and sweet sweet spirit leading me through this challenging and beautiful time.  Throughout pregnancy she helped provide research and was an incredible source of knowledge as I worked through the different challenges COVID and life presented.  She was the perfect amount of personable and professional - never giving her personal opinion but always providing resources for me to review and make an educated and empowering decision.   She was always available and as I got closer to my estimated due date she was always quick to respond and provided a lot of support during my long days of prodromal labor.  During labor she didn't leave my side - and it was about 18 hours!   She knew what exercises to do when labor was slow and contractions weren't consistent.  She knew what to say when I wanted to give up and would remind me of my goals.  She 100% believed in me and my body and even when my birth did not go as planned, she believed I was making the perfect decisions for my body.   I didn't realize how much I needed support before and after labor and birth to process and walk through decisions and emotions. She was there for me and my husband through it all and I cannot recommend her enough. 



I had a natural birth with my first child, but I felt unprepared for labor. For my second birth, I wanted to utilize more pain management techniques and have someone there to offer more focused support than my husband and mom were equipped for. Nicole met with me twice before the birth to talk about expectations and fears, and she sent me so many helpful articles and videos about all the slightly obsessive questions I had. On the day I went into labor, she kept in contact and suggested ways to relax. After coming to my house to help with pain management (hip compressions were a lifesaver!!) she accompanied me to the hospital. Nicole offered verbal and physical cues for relaxation the whole time, made sure I had water, and suggested more comfortable positions. She went above and beyond when my baby was admitted to nicu for a minor problem and stayed with me so my husband could be with him while I was moving to the mom and baby unit. The emotional support during that stressful period was invaluable. She checked in via text over the next few days, and then she came in person to help me find some comfortable nursing positions and even help me around the house. There are so many support people involved with a birth, but a doula is the only person who is totally focused on the mother. Nicole was great about offering support and advice while still respecting my wishes for my birth experience. I would definitely recommend Ada's Gift Doula Service for any new or experienced mom.



I had wanted to do a medication free birth with my first child, but I didn’t really know what I was doing and ended up having an epidural after having back labor. For my second child, I wanted to try to have a natural birth. My labor was much faster this time and I was SO glad she was right by my side while my husband was parking the car. The check in staff was not very urgent about checking me in. I’m so glad Nicole was there because she advocated for me (since I was having trouble talking and breathing through my contractions at this point) and insisted that I was in active labor and needed a room right away. It was a good thing too, because I was in transition in the elevator and baby came 20 minutes later!! 

We used Nicole as a doula again with baby #3 because I wanted to know that I could birth a baby naturally on purpose and not just because I ran out of time to get an epidural! She was there to help calm my fears and give advice if I wanted it. When I got to the hospital I was 4 cm. I ended up progressing to fully dilated in an hour and a half. Nicole was so helpful with the hip compressions, I know I would have had a harder time coping without them. She does such a great job observing even the smallest change in facial expressions to figure out what you need. She was always there with water for me and I think one of the other biggest helps was the encouraging words. It kept me going when I was ready to give up at the end. But I was so happy to have another epidural free birth! The snacks she brought were also a high point for me, I didn’t realize how hungry I was and the clementines she brought were a good way to keep me hydrated.

One other thing I will say is I appreciated the aftercare nursing and postpartum support. Both by text and in person. Sometimes in the postpartum period it’s hard to sort out rational thoughts and it helped to have Nicole to reassure me.



Nicole joined my fifth birth in 2018. Though I had two previous natural births, I’d never had a doula, and I wasn’t sure I would need one since I knew I’d get an epidural and because I was induced.
We spoke throughout the pregnancy about past experiences, expectations, fears, and desires. She was easy to talk to, completely understanding, and took time to research options for me.

I’m so glad I had her join me. My husband is a wonderful support and has been with me through all of my births, but there really is something different about a doula and the presence of women.
She was on the lookout for how to better serve me and noticed things no one else did, including myself. It was a relief to know someone was there to help me, never shy about asking nurses for information, leaving me free to labor before the epidural.
Nicole tried different pressure and massage techniques tirelessly. She captured photos after the birth, provided snacks, water, and offered breastfeeding support.

Despite the distance, she made a postpartum visit to talk about the experience, check on me and Lucy, and make sure there wasn’t anything we were needing or struggling with, which was greatly appreciated.

We have many friends and family looking out for us, but having someone to offer specific and informed care before, during, and after birth is a blessing of another kind. I highly recommend Nicole and her services. She’s kind, she’s a mother, not only does she understand (both from experience and continual education) pregnancy, labor, delivery, babies, and motherhood, it’s also her passion. She loves what she does and she’ll go to any length to make sure those experiences are as wonderful for you as they can be.
Birth is unpredictable but I’m positive having the support and advocate I had in Nicole was a large factor in how happy I was with Lucy’s birth.

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