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Cashmere, WA Service range 35 miles Additional Travel Fee may apply if more than 20 miles out of Wenatchee


Birth Fee

$900 to $1500

Birth Fee

$900 to $1500

Birth Doula Experience

1 years and 35 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, March 2019

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
A midwife must be present

Special Services Offered

  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Surrogates and intended parents

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

As a birth doula client with me, you have special access to a heavily discounted rate on birth photography services! Doula fee: $900 Add on Birth Photography: $600

Cashmere, WA Service range 35 miles Additional Travel Fee may apply if more than 20 miles out of Wenatchee

Client Testimonials for Christine Potter

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Alison Westover


It's hard to describe in words an experience that left me speechless. My husband and I found Christine on this site several months ago as we prepared for our first child. We were struck by how many people said that Christine really genuinely cared and gave them such unique, intentional, and kind care. We had no clue the challenges that awaited us, challenges that she would see us through. First it was Covid-19 and hospital lockdowns. Most places wouldn't allow a second support person so we knew even early on that we'd do whatever we could to find a place that would allow Christine to stay on our team. Her calm demeanor, knowledge and passion for childbirth had already convinced us that she was essential to our plan. Then came gestational hypertension on week 38. We had to switch from a midwife center birth to a hospital birth, find new doctors, and head in for an unplanned induction. Having a child is scary Enough, much less one that deviates so drastically from what you'd envisioned, topped off with serious health concerns. Christine drove 2.5 hours to our new delivery room. She stayed overnight. She was with us almost 36 hours due to the unique nature of our birth. She not only made sure I was OK but also gave much needed support to my husband. And she never complained. Never showed any sign of anything but positivity. Her encouragement and steady presence turned what could have been a truly terrible experience into one that still delivered beauty, laughter, peace, bonding, and a tiny miracle - our baby girl. Not to mention, Christine captured it all so wonderfully with her camera. We truly can not recommend her enough. Having her by your side will be the best decision you make for your birth next to having your child. Thank you, Christine!

Caitlin Balken


Christine’s doula service is an incredible value. You will find out right off the bat that she is very passionate about her work and is easy to get along with. Her support throughout labor is comforting and reassuring. She is extremely professional in all hours of labor and calm. She never oversteps and listens to what you need. She does not go past your comfort level and  adjusts to your needs. Christine also  provided support for my husband throughout all hours of labor. Her tone and presence help keep everyone at ease and in control of the situation.  I would recommend her to my friends and family and I will use her services again for my next child. 



Words cannot discribe the value of having Christine as a part of our birth experience. Leading up to the delievery, she was attentive and helpful, checking in every so often, being a sounding board for my emotional concerns. On the day of delivery, we went in early and didn't deliver until nearly midnight.  She was present the entire time, advocating for me as needed, but mainly attentive to my needs throughout the day. She helped my Husband be the support person I needed, showing him ways to assist based on what I was feeling physically. She kept me up and moving, transistioning positions every so often to keep labor going. When things got rough, she had tricks up her sleeve that made the experience less brutal. Above all, she was kind, encouraging, and checked in with me emotionally throughout the process. There was one point where things had changed unexpectedly (as they do in labor) and she checked in with me after the Doctor had left the room. This one simple act helped me process what I was feeling and helped us come up with a game plan.

Lastly, THE PHOTO's! Oh my gosh, what an amazing eye she has. I am so thrilled with them all. Being able to capture and have the moment our daughter was born was worth her weight in gold! Everything else was just a wonderful extra. The photo-journalistic quality of her images allows for sharing that day with anyone, without concern. 

If you are contemplating her value durung this time, don't. I delievered at the hospital with Christine, my OB, and my Husband and I would do it again in a heart beat. To those on the fence (especially the significant others), just do it! The mom-to-be gets focused assistance throughout the labor, the OB loved working with her (didn't feel there was a power struggle), and my husband can't stop singing her prasises. 

Thank you Christine from the bottom of my heart! 


Jana Fischback


I hired Christine for the birth of my second baby at a birth center. I had a natural birth and a fine experience with my first, so I was considering not hiring a doula for my second. I'm SO glad that I did. She was an amazing asset to my birth experience. She was always there with an idea for a new position or something else to try when she could tell I needed a change. She's very intuitive, and experienced - she knew what I needed before I did. I joke that she had a bag like Mary Poppins; she was very prepared. 

My water broke at 10pm so it was an all-night long labor, and with Christine's help my husband even got to sleep for a few hours! When he woke up, she guided him in what to do when he wasn't sure. After the birth the even ran next door to pick up our breakfast so he could stay and enjoy the first few hours with our baby. 

Christine also acted as my birth photographer. At the time she was just trying out to see if she could manage both at the same time, in the past she had mostly done one or the other. She did a fabulous job of being 100% doula and 100% photographer at the same time. I cherish the photos she took and they've helped me to remember the details of that day. She also took great notes throughout the whole labor and gave them to me, so I didn't even feel the need to write down my birth story like I did with my first. 

Even though I had a pretty textbook labor with no complications, it wasn't easy, and having Christine's help was amazing. I joked with her just a few minutes after our baby's birth, that if she asked for payment at that moment, I'd pay her double! Worth every penny. Thanks Christine!



I had a traumatic first birthing experience and was looking for a doula to help keep me in a good, safe place mentally as I prepared for the arrival of my second child. As soon as I met Christine, I knew she was the perfect fit. She has the best, kindest, most nurturing energy. My labor was fast and furious (VERY different from my first) and she knew exactly how to support me and my husband. She also took photos of our family for a Fresh 48 session, which are so, so perfect. I would wholeheartedly recommend Christine to anyone looking for a warm and caring, but still confident and encouraging doula.



If you've been on the fence about getting a doula for your upcoming birth, I'm here to you give you the nudge you need. Hire a doula, and make sure it's Christine. My first birth was a rough experience. I felt so let down and out of control. This previous traumatic experience left me with anxiety over my upcoming delivery. I knew I needed more support this time. She brought all kinds of goodies with her, including essential oils and tealight candles to create the perfect relaxing atmosphere. As my IV ports were placed, which proved challenging, she held orange essential oil under my nose to help get my mind off of the pain and I felt my anxiety melt away. After that we walked the halls for 3 hours together. We shared stories, giggled, and laughed, and she even carried my portable monitor for me. When my legs got tired from walking, she massaged them and arranged for a heat pad to be placed on my bed to relax them, something I wouldn't have thought to ask for myself. After laboring for 6 hours pitosin was administered. She gave me the best advice for working through those contractions as they became more intense. It was invaluable to have someone telling me exactly what to expect as things progressed and how to cope with each change.

Nothing phases her. She saw me at my best and my most vulnerable. This birth was the most rewarding and empowering experience of my entire life. I owe my ability to persevere to Christine. She took initiative in subtle and discrete ways, knowing what I was probably going to need before I knew myself. She encouraged me to keep moving and if I was standing she positiond me the best way to help baby move down. In all she does she continually cares for her clients, but I have a hard time with that word because she cares for you like family. Christine truly loves birth, she loves babies, and has a genuine gift for this. Should I be blessed with more children, I will continue to have her by my side.


Brittney sweet


I knew from the moment I met Christine that she was the gal for me.  Her passion and genuine love for the field oozed out of her.  I chose to have a natural birth and doula pretty late in the game (30 weeks) and her belief in me, experience and compassion was absolutely what got me to the finish line.  Christine waited on me hand and foot from the moment she stepped in to my birth story.  Her presence was genuinely calm and magic.  Her bag was full of essential oils, snacks, the fixings to make lavender towels, a notepad to take down every detail that I would surely forget.  But there’s even more to say about her heart.  She took the time to get to know me personally before entering labor land with me and she had many tricks and tips up her sleeve.  She gave me confidence through my labor, she snapped beautiful photos and she held my hand while they stitched me up.  She made sure I was hydrated, remained calm and she put much needed pressure on my back and hips when I needed it most.  She never let my ice cold lavender towels get warm and she never left my side.  My husband was quick to say right after she left that her help was the cherry on top and helped me accomplish my goal and that without her he’s not sure we could have done it.  She knew just the right amount of touch, words of affirmation, and encouragement to get me through all stages or labor.  If you’re considering hiring a doula I would HIGHLY recommend Christine.  I’m a picky person and labor is very intimate and we clicked right away.  Having her in my corner was phenomenal.  I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the special person who was with me during one of the most important days of my life.  I don’t have enough words to truly describe how wonderful she made my experience and I know that there’s no doubt you’ll feel the same!

Ruby Van Winkle


Just thinking about writing about my experience with Christine, brings tears to my eyes. I'm still in awe at the fact that I did it! What I loved about Christine, was that she made me feel like we had been close friends for years, all while still being professional and respectful. I had a very rough labor and delivery with my son, and it wasn't until I knew that Christine was my doula that I began to look forward to doing it again! I wanted that natural birthing experience, and thanks to my caring doula, that's exactly what I had. I have horrible anxiety, every time I questioned myself and was feeling it, she helped me relax and be confident! she helped my husband be involved and helped us bond, we even danced, and joked around while I was 8cm dilated! A girl who struggles with anxiety dancing and laughing during labor?! That's what you get with this amazing doula! One of the things that really came in handy was having a code word in case i needed pain meds. Having the freedom to express my discomfort and to say I want pain meds without truly wanting them, helped me feel in control when I started feeling like I wasn't. Those powerful words, reminding me to let my body guide me, I can't believe I did it until I remember all that Christine did to guide me! I have never felt so safe with someone I just met a few months ago, thank you so for your passion and dedication to helping women get such an unforgettable experience during such a significant event in life. It is because of the wonderful doula that you are, that I can remember that I can go beyond what I think my body is capable of when I believe. This birthing experience will be one of my fondest memories, what a blessing you are! If you are thinking about hiring a doula for your next pregnancy, do it and make sure it's Christine! This woman is one of a kind and with her as your doula you will get the most beautiful birthing experience and you will learn so much more about yourself during!

Ashlee Melby


My experience with Christine was absolutely amazing! From the first time we met, she was just so loving, welcoming, and respectful. She was extremely helpful and informative with my questions and concerns throughout my pregnancy and after. During my labor process, she was just the right amount of hands on and REALLY helped my husband stay calm through what ended up being a very traumatic labor experience for us both. We didn't have a doula with our first and we were nervous what this experience would be for us with our second baby, but we don't know how we got through our first kid without her! We wouldn't have made it through our second labor with our sanity if it wasn't for her! Our experience with her was and still is out of this world. If you're looking for someone who is the perfect amount of everything, she's it!



We could not have done it without Christine! After my water broke, the doctors wanted my baby to be born within 24 hours. But my labor did not progress.  The doctors allowed us some time to get labor going before inducing me. Christine was able to work with us through exercises and techniques to try and get labor started. I ended up needing to be induced after all. As I was attempting an unmedicated birth, Christine was able to use her vast amount of knowledge to work with us to help reduce the pain through pressure points and techniques. Christine was there to physically and emotionally support both my husband and I throughout the entire labor and birth. She was unfailing cheerful, helpful and supportive. We can't wait to have her at the birth of our next child!



Using Christine as my doula was the best decision! Christine came and met with me in my home to get an idea for what my goals were, what I thought would and wouldn't work, and to talk about my past birth experiences. We came up with my birth plan and how I thought she could best help me during the process. It is very apparent that she cares about you and your baby, and wants to make the birth process a positive experience. Every meeting and encounter I had with Christine before and after deliver was filled with compassion, knowledge and care. Christine is like the Fairy Godmother that you always wish for, but never knew you could have. 

The day of my labor and delivery, Christine showed up with her Mary Poppins bag full of labor and delivery essentials that would help calm my mind and body. She got right to work setting everything up and making sure I was comfortable. She met the nurses and midwife on call, and quickly established a relationship with them. Its was very apparent from the beginning that Christine was the calming force in the room. Christine worked tirelessly to make sure that I was mentally and emotionally in the right place for each contraction. That being said, she made sure that my husband was at the forefront, assisting me and helping me through each contraction. She was able to guide him on how to best support me, which was good for both of us! After the delivery, Christine stayed close by, but in the background to make sure we had our privacy, but also there to offer support as needed. Post delivery, I had some severe medical complications that required all medical staff to assist me. Christine quietly stayed by the baby making sure that she was okay. I really can't say enough good about this wonderful woman and her ability to care with compassion, knowledge and experience. Christine truly has a gift that makes her the quintessential doula.  

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