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New York, NY Serves families in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens


Postpartum Rate

$65 to $75

Postpartum Rate

$65 to $75

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA) - Certified Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doula Experience

7 years and 112 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, March 2013
  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA), January 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 4

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Elimination communication education
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Parenting consulting
  • Sleep educator

Languages Spoken

  • Spanish

New York, NY Serves families in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens

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Kelly was incredible to work with! I was not aware that a postpartum doula was capable of SO much as part of their job description. Kelly worked with my family for 5 weeks in 2017 and this is what I had to say then: 

I am a second time mom but had no help the first time around and knew better this time.  Breastfeeding: I formula fed the first time but was committed to giving breastfeeding another go. Kelly helped me with gave me tips on how to boost and maintain supply, helped manage sore nipples and engorgement, and even helped me get comfortable with new breastfeeding holds so that I could cuddle my toddler comfortably at the same time. I'm still exclusively breastfeeding and was able to stash a great supply in my freezer so far!
Education: She is also super knowledgeable on how to use baby carriers and also demonstrated different ways to use the things I was gifted and made recommendations on what stuff to keep.  Household tasks: Laundry, cooking, meal prep, food orders/groceries, amazon shopping, baby announcements, thank you cards, she helped me with it all. Sibling Care: My part time nanny was not always able to stay extra hours but Kelly kept her engaged in various activities while I rested or showered. It is such a relief to have someone to pay attention to all the things your energetic toddler wants to talk about when all you want to do is sleep. Emotional support This one was big for me and this woman is an amazing listener. I was literally able to talk myself out of my issues sometimes just by having her there. She just has this calm soothing energy presence and I think this has helped me tremendously even now that I finished working with her. I highly recommend working with Kelly if you just had a new baby and I cannot emphasize enough the amazing value she brought to our family during those early weeks. 



I reached out to Kelly for lacatation support when I had mastitis and a clogged duct. She showed me (and supported me through practicing) some techniques to try to unclog my duct including a water bath, bending massage, and dangle feeding. She also provided insight on how much my baby should be eating, positioning, latching and so much more. Even though this is my second baby, I still learned a lot that could have been helpful the first time around. I should also add that she has a calm demeanor and is not judgmental. She never told me I was doing something wrong, but still managed to teach me more effective strategies. I have already referred Kelly to several of my friends.

Elaina D


My husband and I are so very grateful to Kelly for the services and care she provided (and continues to provide!!) during my early days with my newborn daughter. I was struggling with lactation before I met Kelly-the baby would only latch with a nipple shield, and her weight was dropping as she was struggling with latching, and I was thinking of throwing in the towel. Within 2 visits and Kelly's guidance with my breast feeding, the nipple shield was a thing of the past, the baby was feeding well, and I started to really enjoy the process of nursing and bonding with my daughter. Beyond lactation, Kelly helped with so many elements of learning to care for my daughter-how to set up our various baby items and sleep spaces, helped me to organize and establish routines, and organized her nursery. And probably most significantly, she took care of me as the mom. She prepared meals, made sure I had well set up pumping station and made me meals so that I was always well nourished and taken care of. The encouragement to nap and shower were so huge in those early days, and I was able to do those things with Kelly in our home because I trusted her and knew the baby was in excellent hands. She took such wonderful care of us, gave me confidence, and got us on the right track. She's currently helping to train our nanny and will help me with prepping a routine and pump schedule for return to work. I recommend her whole heartedly!!! She is a gem. 



I have worked with Kelly since the birth of my firstborn, almost three years ago. Since then I've had a second child and anytime we've had questions or needed extra support, we always reach out to her.  Kelly has helped us tremendously across a broad range of issues from arranging and organizing our nursery and baby supplies, hiring our nanny, soothing our babies, designing and implementing sleep routines, offering strategies for feeding and, of course, developing pumping schedules and offering assistance with breastfeeding. Kelly's input has always proved very effective for my family--she offers gentle approaches that lead to reliable and consistent outcomes without putting stress on my little ones. I sought Kelly's help when it was time to wean by babies off night feedings and, by following her suggestions, I was able to make modifications to their sleep routines that eventually got them sleeping through the night without having to use any strict sleep training strategies.  Kelly was instrumental in helping me figure out when I needed to pump in order to save enough milk for my return to work. I am sure that my ease with breastfeeding both of my children, and having a freezer full of milk, was due to her guidance.  She was particularly helpful when I decided to fully wean my firstborn so that I could think about having a second child. I had grown to love breastfeeding and was concerned that the weaning process would upset my little one. With Kelly's advice I was able to wean my son gradually without causing him even a moment of upset. Kelly is lovely to be around and her calm and reassuring demeanor go a long way in helping you build confidence as a new (and second time) mom. The support and tools she provides are invaluable and really help you to enjoy all those wonderful moments with your newborn and growing baby.    



I can’t speak highly enough of Kelly and her passion for the work she does. Her knowledge and support during a tough phase in parenthood helped me tremendously . She helped me transition from mostly formula feeding to exclusively breastfeeding my son. She offered guidance and was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had . She also helped me find a great pediatrician and tackled my son’s sleep, putting him on a good schedule, all while providing me opportunities to rest and eat well. She truly made a difference , and 16 months later I am still exclusively breastfeeding my son,which was my most important goal in our work together.



I hired Kelly before having my first baby in March. Not having family nearby, I knew I wanted someone to help out in the beginning as I navigated parenthood. Kelly met with us and set up a schedule for when the baby would arrive. We had her come six times over the first 2 weeks. While people are quick to share their experiences and advice about parenthood - there are things I definitely didn't anticipate! First of all, breastfeeding is not as intuitive as one might think and a big source of frustration while waiting for my milk to come in. I didn't get the resources I needed while at the hospital and went home feeling like I wouldn't be able to nurse my daughter which was incredibly frustrating. Kelly was immensely helpful with this - she patiently went through different positions and monitored progress. She helped me start pumping and once my milk did come in, I was put on a schedule for nursing and pumping. I don't know that I would have kept at it on my own, Kelly was incredibly encouraging and kept me on track throughout. I also underestimated what my own abilities would be after childbirth. When I first came home from the hospital, walking was difficult and I felt pretty run down. Kelly was able to help get my apartment organized and provide recommendations on products to help me out. She helped clean and do the baby's laundry which allowed me precious time to take a shower or nap. Before hiring Kelly, I had no clue what a postpartum doula was or what the benefit would be vs a baby nurse. Now that I've worked with Kelly, I understand that a baby nurse will do things for you whereas a postpartum doula will show you how to do things so things so that you can better manage on your own. I have since gone back to work and felt like I was better equipped for pumping and dealing with milk supply because of the start I had with Kelly. She was a great resource and I highly recommend for first time moms especially those who will be breastfeeding!


Natalie Vena


I worked with Kelly during the three weeks after my son was born. She was incredible! She supported me with breastfeeding my son, which was challenging, and I don't think I would have stuck with it without her guidance. She also helped my husband and me set up our son's nursery and pick out the best items for him--from his stroller to his diaper cream. Kelly also taught us how to care for our son--how to best use our cloth diapes, how to bathe him, even how to massage him! I particularly appreciated how she supported us in becoming attuned to our newborn's emotional needs. They often just want hugs and love--not necessarily milk or a diaper change. Finally, Kelly was very supportive of me during those difficult weeks. I was exhausted, I injured my tailbone during birth, and I was still finding my confidence as a very new mom. Kelly cooked for me, took care of my son so that I could sleep, and gave me pep talks! My family and I benefited immeasruably from her help. 

Ellen M.


I proactively looked for lactation consultants prior to giving birth based off recommendations from friends that it would be a very helpful resource once baby arrived. They were right! I reached out to a few different LCs and Kelly was by far the most thorough and responsive in the weeks leading up to the birth of my child, so it was an easy choice to use her services. We had phone and email consultations prior to birth, she checked in on me several times. Then the week I got home we had an extensive at home session where Kelly gave me helpful tips on not only breastfeeding but also taught me how to pump and store milk. Like many moms I had a lot of trouble breastfeeding and was also dealing with a broken tailbone so Kelly’s help was tremendous during those first few weeks. About three weeks into breastfeeding I was so frustrated I wanted to quit but after a call with Kelly I decided to push forward and 10 weeks later we are successfully EBF. She was non judgemental, understanding and very compassionate while being encouraging at the same time. Not sure I could have made it this far without her! 

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