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Anna Otaola CD(DONA)

Ezer Doula, LLC

Denver, CO Service range 35 miles


Birth Fee

$800 to $1200

Birth Fee

$800 to $1200

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

7 years and 30 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, December 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Miscarriage support
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am so passionate about childbirth - in all its forms and stories and twists and turns. I believe every woman should have access to the support of a doula if they desire; that they are supported emotionally, physically, and advocated for during this incredibly personal and intimate time.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

I am passionate about doula services being available for anyone who desires the support. I work closely with my clients/partners prior to labor to build a strong, safe, and trusting relationship providing emotional, physical, & with informational support & advocacy. My goal is to support whatever your birth goals & preferences are, resulting in your birth experience being as positive & meaningful as possible. Being invited into a significant life event is an honor and I aim to provide the support that the role deserves. My services - prenatal visits, unlimited text, phone & email support, continuous labor support, & postnatal visit - I charge $1200. I also have a scholarship fund that you can contribute to to help cover cost for a family that might need financial assistance. If you need financial assistance, please let me know so that we can agree on an amount that fits your budget. I offer packages with fewer prenatal visits or only labor support, for clients that might be interested.

Denver, CO Service range 35 miles

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Our experience with Anna went beyond expectations.  When we first met and interviewed Anna, she offered genuine kindness and understanding of our miscarriage previous to this pregnancy, thus, my being a bit more "shaky" this time around. She listened to us attentively as we shared the details of our labor and delivery with our first child and the overall negative experience of receiving epidurals (yes, multiple). She explained to us her role as a doula and how she could help meet our goals no matter what they may be, but that they would be especially helpful in our desire to have a natural birth this time.

Mainly due to CV-19, the reasoning behind my goals eventually shifted from the desire for a natural childbirth due to having a negative experience with the epidural, to desiring a natural birth simply to keep us from having to be in a hospital for longer than necessary during these strange times. 

The day I went into active labor, Anna came to our home and helped us with various positions. Most importantly, she helped me stay "on top" of the contractions so they didn't roll over (overcome) me like a wave. She did this with gutter breathing techniques that I'm sure my husband - as amazing as he is - couldn't do. Perhaps most importantly, she kept us out of the hospital for literally as much as humanly possible - baby was crowning when we arrived; we were rushed through an emergency exit; we bypassed initial screeninga check-in; and we were wheelchaired to a room where I birthed our baby girl before I could even get into the hospital bed! Due to Covid-19, I was only allowed one support person in the hospital. But Anna stayed with me on the phone the entire time - from the car ride to the very brief labor in the hospital.

Anna is extremely professional, but also relatable - a rare combination that's perfect for this important role.

Meghan E


We hired Anna to be a part of our first child's birth and could not have made a better decision. Anna brought so much comfort, calmness, and knowledge to us during our pregnancy and birth. We did not know much about birth and hired Anna to be our expert and guide us -- she did exactly that!

We were originally planning for a vaginal birth, but at 37 weeks, we found out our daughter was breech. Anna immediately hopped on the phone with us to discuss all of our options - we decided to move forward with a planned C Section. The week before our scheduled C Section, Anna met with us to go through how the procedure would go, what to expect, etc. I felt so comfortable calling her to ask questions (she was always available day-night) and she regularly checked in with me to see how we were doing.

Even though we had a planned C Section, our daughter decided to come early and I went into labor 3 days before the scheduled procedure. Anna kept us calm and met us at the hospital right away. She was the most comforting person to have with us (she was just as comforting to my husband as she was to me). I felt more calm and confident knowing we had Anna with us!

Anna was with us before the surgery and she was right there in the recovery room after the procedure. She helped me with breastfeeding and took my placenta home to encapsulate it. She made notes of quotes that were made by us and our care team throughout the night (and put them in a sweet book for us to remember). She visited us in our home two days after we were discharged and brought us the placenta pills (these helped my hormones regulate). 

Anna helped my husband and I stay calm and reassured throughout the whole pregnancy and delivery - it was such a relief for both of us to know we had her. We highly recommend working with her (especially if you have any anxieties around pregnancy or labor/delivery) and we definitely hope to work with Anna in the future. 

Kaylan Riley


Anna was incredible- words can't express how grateful I am to have had her during my birth with my son. She was so helpful during and before labor. We had a few bumps leading up to labor and she was always accesible over phone to bounce questions/concerns/ideas. During labor, she was ahead of me and knowing my needs. Her knowledge for different birthing positions and helping my labor progress was essential. She had so many tips and tricks while I was laboring to help with pain management. Anna's knowledge and ability to encourage myself was what helped me stick to my birthing plan. I can't recommend Anna enough-- what a joy to have had her by my side during labor -- her calming, reassuring, and strong presence was everything I needed! 

Brenda Almonte


Anna was indeed the best investment we made for the birth of our little one, Vera. My husband and I moved to Denver at my 28 weeks of pregnancy without any family or friends to support us during the rest of my pregnancy and childbirth. This, of course, was a source of anxiety for us since we were first-timers and we had no idea of what we were doing and how we were going to get through childbirth. Also, I was very scared of having a medicated birth, terrified. 

When we met for an interview, Anna was very prepared. She brought some information for us and she took notes at all times, which I loved because it shows how much she cares for her clients. Hiring Anna was the best thing we could have done, I am so glad she was present. During labor I felt very connected with her, she understood my needs even without me having to explain myself completely. Although my husband was the best emotional support, I really enjoyed Anna’s warm touch and comforting presence. She simply knew which spots to massage and when to say encouraging words the moments I needed it the most. I don’t think I would have gotten the natural childbirth experience I wanted without Anna’s presence. The reassurance I got from her that everything was okay and that I could do it was invaluable to me. My husband and I are very happy and grateful for her guidance and support.

I also enjoy her postpartum visit. She brought the cutest presents and she pointed out some things that were nice to remember about Vera’s birth. After this, I can only say, Anna was just what I needed. I will think of her every time I think of my beautiful childbirth experience. Thank you Anna for being such a wonderful doula. 

Rafael and Brenda.

Chris and Michaela Palamar


When we began the process of hiring a doula, my wife and I committed to interviewing 3. We felt like that would give us a good comparable data set from which to make a choice. Anna was the 2nd doula we interviewed during our process. We walked out of our meeting and immediately decided that the 3rd interview was just for posterity, as we knew, without a doubt, that Anna was the correct choice.  

Anna provides the perfect balance of business and bedside manner. While it was clear from the outset that she was incredibly knowledgeable about the birthing process and all it entails, it was the caring, empathic energy that exuded from her that sealed the deal for us.  She took time to truly get to know us, our goals for our birthing process, as well as understanding that when it's go time, things can fly out the window.  We felt over-prepared, in the best way possible, for our journey to meeting our little man.  When labor did arrive, Anna was the eagle scout we all need: prepared with all the tools (from snacks to juice to appropriate and timely interventions) necessary to make labor as comfortable and joyful as it could possibly be. 

Post birth, Anna followed up diligently to ensure that mom was taking care of herself, going as far as bringing us a "recovery" basket filled with goodies to help the healing process while we are learning how to be new parents.  

We cannot say enough good things about Anna so we will leave it at this: If you are contemplating utilizing the services of a professional doula, you will be doing yourself a disservice if you pass up the opportunity to have Anna be a part of your process. 



Before I gave birth Anna met with us and made herself available for questions throughout. This made me so much more calm when I went into the hospital. During labor Anna coached me through from start to finish. I am confident labor would have taken much longer and been much worse without Anna. She has a way of feeling like a friend but leading confidently. Even after birth Anna made sure we were in a good place and had all the resources we needed. It was my first birth but would highly recommend her for first, second or fifty! 

Rachel Stein


Working with Anna was an all-around positive experience. From the beginning we appreciated that she was professional but easy to get along with and very responsive. Because we were not first-time parents Anna worked with us on what type of services would meet our needs and tailored our conversations based on our prior knowledge. We also knew that Anna would be an excellent advocate for us and our needs during labor and delivery. Ultimately, however, it was our experience in the days prior, during, and after delivery which made working with Anna invaluable. In the days leading up to delivery, we were in regular contact about symptoms and trying to determine what steps we might need to take. Throughout those days Anna was patient (despite many false alarms about potential impending labor) and helpful. When I was actually in labor she promptly joined us at the hospital and was helpful every step of the way. Although my labor moved too quickly for us to try many coping techniques, Anna was always ready with ideas for comfort and to continue to move things along. While my labor and delivery were fast and straightforward, I did have some postnatal complications. Even though this required rapid medical response, with little room for decision making, Anna was there and supportive. While my husband attended to our baby Anna stayed with me and was very reassuring throughout everything that happened. Not only was she attentive in the moment, but she continued to offer us support until everything had stabilized and followed up with us periodically in the days that followed.

Picking a doula is a very individual and intimate process. Yet, I only have positive things to say about working with Anna and would highly recommend her to others.



Wow, Anna is absolutely amazing!

I'm a first time mom and I am so glad we had Anna. I had a lot of anxiety about birth because everyone in my family had a c-section, and I hadn't actually been to a birth myself. Anna put my mind at ease and gave me the confidence that everything would be okay.

There were a few things that really set Anna apart from everyone else:

- Empathy and Kindness: From the moment I met Anna, I thought she was a kindred soul. I really liked that she had personally experienced both a c-section and a vaginal birth, so she was very credible about both experiences. She's calm, thoughtful, and extremely knowledgeable. 

- Organization and Preparation: I loved that Anna was super on top of it. Every time we met she had a clear agenda where she gave me really relevant info based on the stage of my pregnancy. I felt like she was my birth educator and taught me things I didn't learn elsewhere. At the same time, she's the opposite of scripted - I loved that she was so prepared to help me prepare for birth, but each time we spent time with her it was like a conversation with a long lost friend.

- 1:1, High Touch Service: Anna met me at a coffee shop by my house for our first consult, and then at our home for two sessions before the birth. When Anna says she's available for questions, she means it. Every time she brought me teas and after birth she brought me a really thoughtful care package. She genuinely cares about all her clients.

In the end, Anna was in the hospital with us for 16 hours as she helped me through multiple phases of a stalled labor. She was always providing encouragement, showing me exercises to get the baby into a better position, and overall helping to orchestrate the birth. She was absolutely wonderful and made our birth experience stress-free and happy.

I can't recommend her enough!


Anne S.


Anna was wonderful! I really enjoyed my birthing experience and look back on it fondly. Leading up to the birth, Anna not only gave us lots of good info, but was also a great listener, learning about us and our preferences. When I had a doctor's appoinment where I learned I would no longer quaify to birth in a birthing center, I sent her a message to let her know and express how dissapointing that was. She called me back and gave me space to talk through the dissapointment and then helped me think about how I could still create a birthing experience as close to what I had imagined. Anna was very present durring the birth, she remembered my preferences, such as specific visulizations, and made sure to use those with me. She was very encouraging and helped with pain management and was responsive to what worked for me personally. The postpartum visit from Anna was very affirming. It was great to have someone to talk through the whirlwind of birth and the first few days with a newborn as first time parents. Anna also had taken some notes durring the birth and shared those with me. I was really grateful to have those to add to my journaling since the birth was an experience I wanted to treasure and remember. 

Cathryn Leal Martin


Working with Anna was truly the best experience my husband and I could have imagined. Not only was she highly recommended to me, she really met and exceeded any expectations I had. We met for lunch around 32 weeks and immediately my husband and I agreed that we wanted to have her as our doula. This is our first child so one of the things that we liked best about Anna in that first meeting, is how she presented us thought provoking questions to help prepare us well ahead of time. Throughout, she presented information in a clear and loving manner to help me prepare (as best possible) for labor and delivery. She helped us create realistic birth wishes and, leading up to labor, answered all of my questions. She really became a friend to me. 
We had planned on a water birth but at the hospital I ended up changing my mind. Though I was worried the team around me would be disappointed that I wasn't keeping to my original "wishes", Anna made it very clear that she and everyone else involved were proud of me and happy for me REGARDLESS of how I delivered. As my family came into town/the hospital, she worked with my husband to facilitate the type of interactions we had previously discussed. Not only was she attentive and sweet to me, but my family absolutely adored her. During delivery and the pushing phase, she kept my husband calm when the unexpected occurred and continued to actively encourage me throughout. Lastly, the day of, Anna kept a journal of everything... including sweet moments or funny things we did/said so we would always have those memories. 
In her post partum visit, Anna came to our house bearing gifts. We talked through the entire day of L&D, reminiscing, laughing and processing. It was also so special to see her hold our baby!! I really cannot say enough good things about Anna. It is undeniably evident that she deeply loves being a doula and is passionate about her work. I would never want to do this without her!

Chris and Julia


We simply cannot say enough good things about Anna Otaola. 

Like so many first-time births, the arrival of our daughter did not go as planned; after an otherwise uneventful pregnancy, we suddenly found ourselves heading to the hospital for an urgently-needed induction. Our birth plan had vanished before our eyes, along with our sense of calm and sanity.

Anna did not miss a beat - she helped us re-center as we adapted to the new plan, and showed up at the hospital right on cue and ready to work. Her presence was both subtle and strong, as she provided ongoing encouragement and nuanced advice that allowed us, miraculously, to regain a feeling of teamwork and control. 

Our baby girl came quickly - and even as our heads were still spinning, we felt both proud and grateful for our birth experience thanks to Anna's sure and steady guidance. 

In addition to her support at our daughter's birth, Anna provided exceptional care to our family during our 2 prenatal and 1 postpartum visits. She helped us prepare for our daughter's arrival, develop a communication plan and practice pain management techniques that we employed during labor. During our postpartum visit, Anna guided us through some helpful reflection on our birth experience and even brought a basket of fun treats for mom, baby and dad to enjoy. 

We would recommend working with Anna as a doula without reservation, and will look forward to partnering with her again in the future as our family grows. 

Sarah and Kevin Micke


We are so grateful for Anna’s support before, during, and after the birth of our daughter. Anna’s serene, calming presence and careful listening were such a gift. She has always made me feel heard.

My labor progressed faster than expected, so Anna met us at the hospital. It was kind of stressful transitioning from laboring at home to the more bureaucratic hospital space, but Anna helped make that transition as smooth as possible. Without me having to explain anything, Anna helped me continue using the coping strategies that had worked well for me at home. Her encouragement, guidance, and support were invaluable.

The birth of our daughter was a very emotional experience for both my husband and me. Anna made the experience even more meaningful by helping us both feel more grounded and supported.

Jessica Reiss


As our doula, Anna provided both me and my husband excellent support. She was calm and her presence brought strength and encouragement. She spoke truth and grace, as I struggled believing I could complete the tremendous challenge of birthing my son. I was so grateful to have her comforting eyes as a focal point, and her arms to hold my legs as I pushed. Anna took clues, had insight and helped guide me and the medical team as the birth of my son evolved differently from my plan. Due to a significant tear during the delivery requiring extensive repair, I was unable to remain with my husband and son after the delivery. She stayed with them both until I was back in room -- providing me peace, and my husband reassurance during my absence. I am so grateful for all she did for me and my family!

Anna Johnson


From the moment that I called Anna while in labor she was there immediately and was fully and completely present throughout my entire labor and delivery. I ended up having to have a cesarean after going through 24 hours of active labor and she never left my side. She listened, she gave me space, and she encouraged me with words when needed and she told me the truth. I also would like to say that she gave great permission to my husband. I wasn’t sure how he would feel having her being apart of everything. However, she did a phenomenal job of standing in the background so that Ryan could take the lead when he wanted, and she seemed to know when to step in as was right. The thing that I remember most about Anna was her intentional presence. I knew she was watching me. I knew she was listening. I knew she was very attentive to everything that was going on and having her there made me feel so much better. I cannot recommend her highly enough. My first birth experience would not have been the same without her.

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