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Kate Topola

Beautiful Blessings

Spruce Grove, AB Service range 50 miles



Birth Fee

$800 to $1500

Birth Fee

$800 to $1500

Birth Doula Certifications

  • The Matrona - Certified Holistic Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 17 births attended

Doula Training

  • The Matrona, April 2018
  • DONA International, October 2018

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Any Home Birth with Midwife

Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Birth pool rental
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Member of the Doula Association of Edmonton

Fee Details

Free Consultation. 2 Prenatal visits building a relationship and to gather appropriate info for your unique birth. Consistent support via email or phone. Access to my library of pregnancy/birth/postpartum books, dvds and birth pool supplies. On call 24-7, 2 weeks prior to and 2 weeks after your EDD. Constant emotional, informational and physical support during your labor and birth. Following your birth I will remain with you to support you during the 'golden hour' (2-3 Hrs) assisting with breastfeeding/bottle-feeding. Daily phone/email/text check in for the first 7 days. 1-2 postpartum support visits. *Reduced fee for birthing people under the age 18. More information Fullfillment Birth & Postpartum Package at www.beautifulblessings.ca

Spruce Grove, AB Service range 50 miles

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Client Testimonials for Kate Topola

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We were so lucky to be able to have Kate as our Doula. We had lots of questions and Kate was very informative while still having a calm and positive energy. She made sure I knew that I could freely ask her anything without being judged. As a first time mom, it was reassuring to have her by my side and to back me up and to make sure we knew all the options available.

I was pretty nervous about my fiancé setting up the pool for the first time at the hospital, so during one of our meetings, Kate walked us through the set up and some great birthing positions for the water (and for out of the water too). 
When they day arrived, Kate showed up to my house and was a breath of fresh air, helping me breath through the contractions, she guided my spouse on how to be of help and she knew when do be there but also when to step back. She captured all the important moments and gave us a beautiful write up of the events a few days later, along with some delicious freezer meals. 

Once at the hospital, Kate worked simultaneously with my midwife and together they were a power team. Kate brought with her some props that assisted in different positions. I had a long and difficult labour, and she was by my side every step of they way. At one point, and I didn’t even know this until much later, Kate pulled my fiancé aside to inform him on what we all just decided on (the OB using forceps) and gave him sort of a gentle warning for what was going to happen and what it might look like and it was so reassuring for Dylan, because he felt prepared for what was next and not scared. He told me after, “it’s a good thing I knew before hand or else that would have freaked me out” haha. She was our biggest supporter and our constant supply of positive energy. 
Dylan and I couldn’t have done it without her and I truly mean that.
We 100% will definitely use her Doula services again ??

Katie Caruana


Although we only had Kate for a short time, everything leading up to my birth was amazing! She is extremely knowledgable and so calm, I instantly relaxed when she was around. I did have some complications delivering, and she always reassured me everything was going to be okay and also kept my husband calm and in the loop. It was also so amazing having her with us in postpartum, to just lend an extra set of hands and answer any questions we had. I love that Kate kept notes during my birth and gave them to us at her first postpartum visit. It was really cool to read back and understand what happened minute by minute and that's a keepsake I can always look back on. If you are looking for a doula, we highly, HIGHLY recommend Kate. She will not disappoint and I can guarantee she will make your experience the absolute best she can! 



Wow. There isn't enough good things I can say about Kate. First of all, her professionalism and demeanor are exactly what you want in a doula. She came at 3:50 pm at my house, and suggested a couple moves for me to get my labour more "active". And they worked. My water broke at 4:40, and she called my midwife to let her know. She held my hand while I had major contractions after. At 5:20 my son crowned. My midwife wasn't at my house yet, but she was on the phone with us. Kate ran around and caught my son. She was so calm the whole time, and spoke so reassuringly to me. She took such good care of my son and I once he was born. She helped tidy the house, and washed all the towels. She brought a care package the next morning. Honestly, Kate is always going to have a special place in my heart, and my family's hearts, because 1. she caught my son, and 2. she took those extra steps to take care of us. My husband was also very impressed with her, and commented that she is in the right profession. 



Kate is truly an AMAZING doula!! I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is genuine, caring and is meant to be doing this as a career. She has this beautiful and calming energy about her that always made me feel at ease. She was such great emotional support for both me and my husband. She was there for me anytime I had any questions and would always give me thorough responses or provide resources for me to look at. Kate would also follow up  on any issues I was asking her about which showed me that she really cared. I could go on and on about how wonderful it was to have Kate for the birth of my daughter and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Deryk Kause


Kate is an amazing Doula!

I knew that she would be a huge support to my wife, but what I was not expecting was how much she would help me as a husband and supporter- not only understand what all was going on, but how to be actively involved in the labour & birth of our son.

- Kate helped us to create a birth plan

- Kate understood our specific pregnancy, and provided guidance on things we could do to promote a healthy pregnancy & deliver

- Kate guided me on how to effectively participate in the birth of our son in the support role, Mentally & Physically

- Kate answered questions and provided options / scenarios long before a decision was required

- Kate taught me how squeeze & where to squeeze mom to soothe the pain during contractions & she squeezed when I was tired

- We laughed

- Kate brought us a peanut ball, & other supplies to help with positions and comfort

- Kate showed us sooo many different positions, and anything & everything to help move baby along

- Kate stayed with us over 24 hours in that hospital room, remaining positive and loving the entire time; she was the last one to leave that night making sure us and the baby were settled

If you have asked “who should be with us during deliver?” but you want more than just a familiar face (– then you should have a Kate by your side.

Kate is supportive & very knowledgeable as a doula, & she is gifted in her ability to stay calm & clearly communicate with all parties, while remaining focused on our interests & goals. Kate understands when to be involved & when to stand back. She will definitely be at any future births we have, and I strongly encourage anyone to invite Kate to be part of your journey.

Nkiru Naomi Nwagbo


Kate Topola’s support gave me the confidence to approach my sons birth not with anxiety but with only joy and anticipation. Not only did i feel much more prepared for the events of the labor, birth and bringing home our new baby, but i was thrilled to have her support in the delivery room to keep me and my doctors and nurses focused on the birth i hoped to have. I would absolutely recommend having Kate Topola to be a part of your birth experience! She exceeded my expectations, she is organized and professional, has access to information and resources, and is knowledgeable about birth issues. She is also personable and easy going which is exactly the energy needed around labor. I felt at ease and well-supported from the moment labor started. She was attentive and encouraging with words and actions throughout the entire hours of my labor and was willing to stay afterwards until i was settled. She is carrying, loving and oh She gives good massages to ease labor pain??. Your best bet is to have her as your Doula because she has a way of distracting you from the pain and encouraging you. I will definitely use her again and again!!!!!

Jenna Topola


Kate was an amazing doula through-out my pregnancy and labour. She was knowledgeable, sensitive and helpful with any questions I had during pregnancy and always responded within a timely fashion. She was an incredible support to both my partner and I while I was experiencing labour (on a holiday). Her care did not end there, she contacted me post labour to ensure we were settling in well and popped over with a freezer meal. She documented the whole labour experience and provided me with a paper copy, complete with timelines and memorable labour moments. This was the most special gift, as the day is such a blur. I will cherish this for many years to come. This was my first birth experience and it was so positive. I would highly recommend anyone interested in doula care during pregnancy, labour and postpartum, reaches out to Kate, to see if she can support them through this amazing time in their life.

Angel Ingram


My experience with Kate was amazing. She is kind, patient, accommodating. During the time I was in labour, pregnant, and after my child was born, she was always diligent to make sure I was ok. The techniques she used to help me get through it all were incredibly helpful. I've never had a better experience with pregnancy, labour, birth and post partum till I had met Kate. So understanding and super supportive all around. I will never forget the experience I had as it was super positive as opposed to my other births. 

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