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Flagstaff, AZ Service range 45 miles



Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Years in Operation: 3

Type of practice: Collective

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

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Attends home births? Any Home Birth

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Our Doula package includes a 10 week childbirth class, a chiropractic exam and adjustment with a prenatal chiropractor, two prenatal visits, continuous labor support and a postpartum visit. You work with two doulas who support you together, complimenting each other with different talents, giving you double the knowledge and security knowing one of us will always be available to you. We do work with families who feel they can't afford a doula on a sliding scale, barter system or offering lower prices for a doula in training.

Flagstaff, AZ Service range 45 miles

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Birth Fee: $950


Updated 2/6/2020

Years in practice

Birth Fee: $700 to $1000

Postpartum Rate: Not specified


Updated 11/4/2019

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Sarah Axelrod


I couldn’t imagine my labor experience without Kristen. Not only was she the greatest help to me, but she helped my husband coach me and I truly believe everything went as smoothly as possible. She was there every step of the way, before and after. She is calm, supportive and knowledgeable. I can’t recommend her enough!!!



Flagstaff Childbirth’s doula services were absolutely incredible. We were in a tough spot financially, but Kristen continued to stay in touch and offer us an array of options to meet the needs of our family. I was extremely impressed and appreciative for her determination to provide us with the much needed services. 

Kristen also held a very informative childbirth class that both my partner, and myself found to be a necessity, despite this being our second child (yes, I was unsure if it was necessary going into it but, boy, did we need it). It helped us prepare better for the birth, create stronger lines of communication and understanding while labor was in progress, and taught him his active role in the birthing process and how best he could support me. 

Kristen also introduced us to an amazing doula by the name of Maggie. Maggie was absolutely essential in my labor. She kept me calm when the pain was unimaginable (pitocin is a heck of a drug). When I wanted nothing more than to give up, she encouraged me and kept me going. She helped by using pressure points and massage.  She advocated for my birth plan and asked the nurses questions when decisions were made and ensured I was on the same page.  There is no way I could’ve had such a positive birth experience without her. I now have a happy, healthy baby girl and I could not be happier or more grateful.

I would 100% use Flagstaff Childbirth’s doula services in my future pregnancies/births, and I will be doing so. I would love to have Maggie again as my doula, but honestly, all of the doulas I met were incredible (Maggie, Kristen, and Liz). I highly recommend Flagstaff Childbirth’s doula services! 

Kara Kumon


We are so glad that we sought out a doula to accompany us through pregnancy and childbirth, and Kristen was a great match for us!
The prenatal visits were effective in familiarizing with each other and feeling confident we were ready as a team going into labor.
We appreciated that she included the Bradley Method series of childbirth classes that she teaches. It was very informative and helpful to plan/prepare for our upcoming birth experience and gave us additional opportunities to interact with her.
The day I went into labor, I was progressing very slowly and feeling unsure how to handle it. Kristen was a calming force throughout the day, offering suggestions and ideas, giving us confidence to work through it. At the hospital, Kristen ensured we had safe space to process information from our medical team and make the best informed decisions for us. She was indispensable providing support throughout labor, making sure food and drink was always available for me, providing respite for my husband, suggesting labor strategies/positions to try, physically supporting me getting into different positions. She is so dedicated to her work, really patient and calming. Thank you Kristen for everything! I know our experience was more successful and enriched with you by our side.

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