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Szu-Ting Hao (Mandarin and English Speaking Doula)

Bellevue, WA Service range 10 miles


Birth Fee

$1000 to $1500

Birth Fee

$1000 to $1500

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Pacific Association for Labor Support (PALS) - Certified Doula

Birth Doula Experience

8 years and 33 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, June 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Childbirth education services

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am an experienced nurse with 8 years of progressively responsible experience in various units of the Taipei Veteran’s Hospital, and also a registered nurse in New York State. In 2011, I became a birth doula due to my wonderful professor, Chia-Chi Chen, who is not only a doula trainer, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, certified childbirth educator, but also an advanced doula honored by DONA in July 2016. I am deeply influenced by her. She devotes herself to maternity care, and she is loving and caring to the people around her. I believe that giving childbirth is a big ceremony for every family. I hope when the families recall the birthday, they will have many sweet memories. I am very grateful to Penny Simpkin for giving me a chance to be a helper in her birth class in August 2016. After the class, with her encouragement, in 2018, I completed the Professional Childbirth Educator Training and doula training in the U.S. As a Doula, my philosophy is to let the mother and her family lead the labor and let them have their own wonderful labor and birth story. I will keep working to this end.

Languages Spoken

  • Chinese
  • English
  • Japanese

Fee Details

My fee includes: A free consultation, 2 prenatal visits, 24/7 access via phone and email from 38 to 42 weeks, labor and delivery support and 1-2 postpartum visits. These are my usual services. However, I am flexible. I also offer private childbirth education. In addition, I am now contracted with Sweedish Swedish Hospital's Doula Program and available for its First Hill and Issaquah birth locations. My fee through the Swedish Doula Program is $1200.

Bellevue, WA Service range 10 miles

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Client Testimonials for Szu-Ting Hao (Mandarin and English Speaking Doula)

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Paddy Sun


First-time parent here. My wife had a long delivery and some complications. Szu-Ting really stood with us the whole way through it. She gave great advice and the emotional support when we needed it the most. We also find the pre-birth sessions really helpful for my wife in the final few weeks of her pregenancy. All being said, I would highly recommend Szu-Ting to anyone who is looking for a doula in the Seattle area. 

Kim Y


Asking Szu-Ting to be our doula was the best decision we made for our birth. This was my first child and I could not have asked for a better support person than Szu-Ting. She was knowledgable, patient, and proactive about checking in with how I was doing.

Szu-Ting also welcomed grandparents to join in the prenatal sessions, and this was especially wonderful because our parents are a big part of our child care team. Also, since my parents speak Mandarin as their first language, it was truly helpful that Szu-Ting is bilingual both for the education sessions as well as helping communicate with my parents while I was in the hospital.

During labor, Szu-Ting's coaching, massage, and other techniques helped tremendously when I was coping with contractions. Although my labor did not happen as planned, she was there with us every step of the way. We consulted her as we made decisions and ultimately shared some emotional moments as we made the decision to have a C section (water broke almost 48 hours before birth and my labor had stalled for several hours). I am so glad that she was with us throughout every moment, and she helped capture our special time together as well, sending us photos she took for us throughout the 36 or so hours she spent with us. Szu-Ting truly cares for the mothers she works with, and you can really feel that when working with her.

I would definitely hire Szu-Ting again if we have another child and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Meredith Qiu


Hiring Szu-Ting as my doula was one of the best decisions I made in the past pregnancy. As a first time mom, I was nervous and uncertain about the upcoming delivery. During pre-delivery visits, Szu-Ting educated us about coping with pain, massage techniques to relax, exercise to get ready for delivery, etc. She was very prepared each visit, and would answer all the topics I was interested to discuss. Before heading to hospital, I felt I was prepared and I was in good hands.

On the delivery day, she stayed up entire night with us, helping me relax through my contractions. My labor was a bit long until I was fully dilated, but she was there doing all she could to comfort me, encourage me, give me strength, and keep me updated about the process. She was like a sister, a family member that I felt secured and motivated.

Throughout the entire delivery process, she also took pictures and videos for my family and the new born baby. Those would be invaluable memory for us and I appreciated she captures those moments.

Even after baby was born and we went home, she kept checking in on our status. During the post partum visit, she taught me about massage to get good breast milk, baby care, and she answered all the questions I had. I would say this was so important as taking care of a newborn is not easy especially for first time parents.

I am still seeking for her advise when I get lost about parenting or baby care. She is a genuine person who is passionate about being a doula, helping moms to bring their angel to the world. She is also very responsible and professional. She earned our trust and brought us confidence about birthing and parenting.

I would highly recommend Szu-Ting if you are looking for someone professional, knowledgeable, caring and loving to support pre and post partum.

Pamela Li


It is my pleasure to be one of Szu-Ting’s testimonials since I had a wonderful experience working with her.

I was introduced to her through the Swedish doula network. I sat down with a few candidates to interview them before I make a decision to work with Szu-Ting and I still feel lucky about my choice.

Her 8-year professional experience as a nurse made her very knowledgable about people’s emotional and physical feelings. During the pre-labor coaching sessions, she provided me very helpful knowledge and technics to manage discomfort before, during and after labor. She is also very diligent and keen on providing services above and beyond. She was reliable and supportive when it comes to my needs. She had to stay up the whole night with me while I was in labor, and she was at the hospital in the early AM when I needed her the most. With her hard work and support, I had an amazing labor experience. Her effort did not just stop when our contract ended, she has been following up with me on a daily basis to make sure everything is going well after my labor and offered great help.

I think the most valuable quality that makes her stand out among her peers is that she has a big heart and really loves what she does. She cares about her clients, cares about the well-being of mothers, cares about society as a whole.



Hiring Szu-Ting is probably the best decision we’ve made in this pregnancy. She is so knowledgeable, kind and supportive. Having her as our doula makes me less nervous about the whole process. She came visiting us twice before I gave birth and both time she came well prepared. During delivery, she gave us all the support we need (and took many pictures for us!). After the baby is born, she came to our house and checked on how I’m doing, how’s the baby doing, etc. She answered all our new parents’ questions and gave great lactation support. Hiring Szu-Ting and make your pregnancy easier! 



Szu-Ting was hired for me by Swedish Dula Service. That was my first time pregnancy. And I never had any experience of childbirth. Szu-Ting gave me useful information for preparing my childbirth. She is an excellent Dula, and she is a very kind person. She stayed with me during my labor, and she helped me a lot. When I pushed my baby out, she told me how to breathe to push easily. That was very important technique for pushing a baby. So I     just took 40 minutes to push my baby out. I highly recommend Szu-Ting for someone who needs a Dula. She is a very professional Dula. 

Chuwei Lu


I would highly recommend Szu-Ting to anyone who wants a smooth, safe and memorable childbirth experience.  My husband and I were expecting our first baby and felt lost and overwhelmed by all the information. Szu-Ting ensured we understand the entire process and helped us craft and implement a birth plan that suit our needs. I went to the delivery room with confidence and ended up having a swift and uncomplicated viginal delivery of my first baby. 

Szu-Ting has many years of medical experience and is able to constantly provide advice and support before and after the birth of the child.  She is also responsive to all our questions and concerns and makes sure we know all the options and are on the right track.  I find this extremely helpful especially because most physicians and nurses are not easily accessible. What makes Szu-Ting stand out is her passion in educating women what their bodies are capable of and how they can reach their childbirth goals with various pain management techniques.  Thanks to her, my husband and I had a very positive experience. We would gladly recommend her to anyone!

XiangZheng Sun


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Szu-Ting was my first doula.
She's like a little sister to me and reminded me a lot of things in our prenatal visits.
In labor and delivery, because my husband had to take care of our first kid, I didn’t have him and my parents with me. Szu-Ting gave me warmth and strength, just like my parents and my husband. She is beautiful and kind. She didn’t talk too much, but every word warmed up my heart. I really appreciate my doctor recommended this wonderful doula, Szu-Ting, to me.

Wendy Liu


Szu-Ting was very professional and took excellent care of us! Szu-Ting is highly dependable and organized; we could always rely on her and she also gave me a great deal of physical comfort and emotional support during my pregnancy, labor, delivery and post-partum. Szu-Ting was indispensable, and we will be recommending her to anyone seeking a doula.

Birth Availability for Szu-Ting Hao (Mandarin and English Speaking Doula)

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