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Amy Gottschang, CD(DONA)

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Lilburn, GA Service range 45 miles


Birth Fee

$650 to $800

Birth Fee

$650 to $800

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

1 years and 27 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, August 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
Midwife must be present at a home birth.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Military families support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Fee Details

Now providing Virtual Doula Support! My virtual doula package price is $650 and includes everything detailed below except in-person labor and delivery support. Prenatal meetings, virtual labor and delivery support, and a postpartum meeting will be held on a digital video platform that works for you. // My fee for in-person doula labor and delivery support includes: 2 prenatal visits; unlimited support via text/email/phone once you hire me; access to my website's extensive client resources page and use of my lending library; 24/7 on-call from week 37 until you deliver; continuous in-person support during your labor and delivery; assistance with breastfeeding, skin-to-skin time, or with other postpartum concerns for 1-2 hours after birth; one postpartum visit and text/email/phone support for up to 6 weeks postpartum.

Lilburn, GA Service range 45 miles

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Client Testimonials for Amy Gottschang, CD(DONA)

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Sarita Shepherd


We had an amazing experience with Amy. From the very first meeting there was an instant connection. She's very intuitive, has a warm personality and the perfect temperament for this industry. She formed great relationships with doctors and nurses, and was truly an advocate and liaison for us during the active labor stage. Not only did she provide practical, real world experience, she also took the time to do a great deal of research, which enabled us to make informed decisions every step of the way. She has many resources available and tailored them to our goals. We didn’t feel forced into anything but, guided with relevant  information. If we decide to have another baby, we will definitely use Amy's services again!

Joanna McBee


Amy was absolutely wonderful! She was so insightful, and very informative about many things. Such as what can be done to help cope with pain, the baby being improperly positioned, and helping labor progress. She brought so much peace to my labor and was very supportive. Even my husband talked about how much of a blessing it was having her there. If you want a doula with great techniques, a kind heart, and a gentle spirit I could not recommend Amy more. 

Stephanie Dugan


We hired Amy Gottschang for the birth of our second child in January 2020. She is a woman who, I believe, has identified her gifts and talents and uses them wonderfully to bless others.

I simply cannot imagine having a natural birth without her. When I was starting to lose it, I heard her calm and secure voice every time. I felt as though she brought me back to the light. I knew that my comfort and well-being was her priority. I felt that while giving birth.

In our prenatal meetings I was greatly impressed by her wanting to know if I had experienced any previous trauma - related to my first birth or otherwise. This showed how thorough she is in providing the best possible care.

Not for a moment did I feel like just another client. My family felt loved by her, and I am certain that this is true for everyone she works with!

An outstanding professional Amy went above and beyond to answer all my questions. And her lending library has a wonderful selection. I particularly loved ‘Labor with Hope’ and ‘Natural Hospital Birth.’ Also the DVD ‘Spinning Babies’ which I borrowed was immensely helpful. I told Amy, ‘if only every pregnant woman had this information!’

During the weeks when she was on call Amy was very quick to reply to my text messages. She is easy to communicate with!

I felt deeply supported by Amy both prenatal and postpartum. I had birth affirmations hung up in my house and she encouraged me to do the same for my postpartum experience.

If we have another child, I cannot wait to hire her again! With Amy, a woman and her family are in excellent hands!



I am so thankful for Amy's support before, during, and after the birth of our daughter.  She offered many resources and advice that helped me prepare for an unmedicated birth. During my labor her support to my husband and I was incredible.  The whole time I felt safe and supported to labor.  She helped me keep my focus and end goal in mind.  I could not have imagined doing it without her.

Ksenia Dietman


Amy was referred to me by a friend who recently had a baby and was supported by Amy. I was on my second pregnancy when I met Amy. And first time around I had a c-section even though I had very easy pregnancy and zero complications, but during labor things didn't go as they should've. I really was hoping to have a natural birth with my second pregnancy and I couldn't thank my friend enough for introducing me to Amy. Her support, knowledge, resourcefulness, showing exercises that are good for me to do to prepare my body for delivery was the best thing that could happen for my delivery. I had vbac (vaginal birth after c-section) with epidural, but smooth and no complications during or after delivery. She was an amazing support for my husband as well. He was calm and ready for the process. We are forever grateful to Amy for this wonderful experience of having a natural birth ! Thank you so much !

Tori Nieman


Amy was absolutely incredible!! My husband and I had no idea what to expect going into my pregnancy and giving birth to our first baby. Amy went above and beyond to make sure we had multiple resouces, comforted us, and was continuously available with our multiple questions. She truly takes the time to get to know both you and your spouse so she can serve each of you best throughout your pregnancy and delivery process. She is dedicated to her clients and always allows you to make decisions that are best for you and your family, but helps guide and direct you along the way. I'm honestly not sure what we would have done without Amy throughout such a sweet time that is filled with so much joy but also anxiety and uncertainty. I would highly recommend Amy again and again to any mamas. What a joy and blessing she was to our family. 



We are so happy to have found Amy for the birth of our first child. I debated for many months of pregnancy about whether or not to hire a doula and I'm glad I decided to after finding Amy's profile. Whenever we had questions, she was always quick to reply with just the resources we needed. Whenever we had doubts, she had just the right words of encouragement or scripture. During my long labor Amy was always right there beside both me and my husband, ready to support and serve in whatever way we needed her to at that moment. We could not have done it without her. Her personality, demeanor, and servant's heart made her such a treasure to work with and she truly became like a family member to us throughout the process. If you are looking for a doula to hire, go with Amy!

Corrie Bailey


Amy is an amazing doula! I cannot sing her praises enough. She met my husband and I in our home for our consultations and really worked with us as a couple to understand our needs and wants for our delivery experience. She taught us many laboring techniques to help labor progress and get baby in a good position in the womb. She is a wealth of knowledge and a lifelong learner so you can always expect to get helpful and encouraging advice from her. Amy has copious amounts of resources for her clients and even recommended an amazing lactation consultant for difficulty after labor with breast feeding. I would not have been able to successfully birth my baby in the hospital without her help. She eased my pain during labor and made the room feel like a spa with music, soft lighting, and an essential oil diffuser. Her voice and demeaner are incredibly soothing and I'm so happy a friend recommended her to us!

Mirjam Wit


Having a newborn is a mess, with lots of second guessing. Delivering a baby with Amy's help: no second guessing whatsoever! My husband and I had no idea what to expect with our first baby on the way and Amy guided us through effortlessly during the last trimester, delivery, and post-partum. She is gentle, pragmatic, very well informed, and reasuring. My husband and I both tend to over-research and seek control of a situation...both tendencies not very helpful for a delivery! Amy allowed us to relax, feel prepared, and feel totally reasured that we were in good hands. We didn't know what we were doing, but she sure did.

With Amy's presence and tireless, resourceful, and creative support during the delivery I felt like I was able to create the experience, and sense of control, that I was looking for. I planned to do a natural birth, and even though I did get an epidural the last two hours, I honestly feel like I had the best possible birth experience. Amy provided the guidance that allowed me to feel good about the physical labor and about the decisions made along the way. She included my husband in her support and gave him the room and confidence to be involved the whole time.

The details of the labor and delivery are already fading, but the memory of having a fulfilling and incredible experience I attribute to Amy. 


Missy Knox


 I’ve been putting this off for quite a while because I wanted to say the perfect thing about Amy but I don’t know if I ever could because of how wonderful she truly is.  I will start with this; I could not have done it without her. I had a 29 hour labor that went a lot differently than what I had originally hoped and planned for.  With Amy there, I felt more confident, reassured, and hopeful that I would have if she were not there. She was by my side the entire time we were in the labor room.  She tried so many different things to help get that baby out, make me feel comfortable, and  spoke so much love over me the entire time. I know my husband wanted to help as much as he could but even he would say he was so glad that she was there too because he would not have been able to help the way that she did.  Amy did a great job giving him directions so that he COULD help.  I think we both have a bond with her now that will never go away. Amy was a lifesaver and a total godsend. We love her and hope all new mamas are able to find her so they can have her be a part of their wonderful, beautiful day. 

Evan Knox


As the husband and he was an absolute rock star and I could’ve done it without her. Honestly I don’t know if she could’ve been any better it was almost perfect having her there and I’m so grateful that we were there and you should totally do that too! 

Jessi B.


Amy did an incredible job helping me with the birth of my 5th baby! My first 3 labors I went all natural, so with my 4th, I did not think I needed a doula. That ended up being an 86 hour prodromal labor with an epidural and pitocin for the last 5 hours. It was my goal to not have interventions, and I had trouble walking for many weeks after the epidural. I hoped this 5th labor would not be prodromal, be I needed a doula just in case. Amy set my mind at ease from our first prenatal visit. She is very positive, wonderful at keeping conversation going (my coping mechanism), and she really loves Jesus and her clients. This labor lasted over 6 days. I was so thankful to have Amy on our team! After 2 days, I felt like giving up, but Amy came to my house and helped my husband and I for a couple of hours with really useful techniques. After 4 days, Amy brought two sizes of peanut balls to my house, and those were excellent. On the 6th day, Amy met us at the hospital and was delightful to walk and talk with during the 2 hours they watched me. When I was discharged (having contractions no further apart than 4 minutes for almost 5 hours without continuing to dilate), she was that validating voice helping me to feel like a normal human being and not to give up. I cannot tell you how much it helps to have someone besides your spouse tell you that you are not broken or lousy or failing. She met us again at the hospital that night, and her presence was so calming to both me and my husband. I was pushing in the parking lot but rushed to a room on my knees backward in a wheelchair, and my son was born like that. Calm Amy was who I was watching. And Amy stayed with us for several hours after birth, capturing precious memories on camera and helping me rehash those crazy events. She came to visit us at home for a postpartum visit and was also available to talk to when later in the week I passed some retained membranes. I would not hesitate to hire Amy for a birth in the future!



When the lead nurse in the labor and delivery room  states she wants your doula in the room ALL  the time, you know you have been blessed by a gem! Amy truley magnifies what she wrote in her "about" section, which says," With kind encouragement, powerful education, and dependable communication, I strive to empower a mother to find her own voice and achieve the birth she and her birth partner desire." That very sentence sums up her heart and attitude as a doula. As a first time mom, my husband was not supportive of hiring a doula. He thought there was not point in one and wanted evidence-base research before he considered us hiring one ( I think being a doctor has something to do with this). After our first meeting with Amy, my husband's whole demeanor changed and he completely agreed to hiring Amy on as our Doula. We continue to discuss how we could not have had the birth story we do if we did not have Amy by our side. She said God has gifted her in this field and she is 100% right! I could say so much more, but Thank you Amy for being our advocate in the hospital and changing our son's first diaper !!! 



When I first met Amy I was so impressed by her knowledge, research, and passion for the birth world and her role as a doula birth coach. As we got to know each other more I instantly fell in love with her and our doula/client relationship grew into a friend ship all the way through my birth and beyond. She has a professional and confident attitude toward her work, yet a soft and caring mama heart towards you as a laboring mother and your child. She has a bag filled with items that will help support and calm you in your labor. She was always a phone call or text away if I ever had any questions or concerns. And she always had the right words to say at the right time.

The day I went into labor we were texting back and forth until she arrived at my house later that evening. She then followed us to the hospital and held my hand right up to when we got to hold our baby boy in our arms. We had a last minute c-section, and even though our birth didn't go as we had planned, she still waited in the waiting room until the time came for her to join us again. Even my OBGYN commented on how impressed he was with the atmosphere she brought into a room.

I would highly recommend Amy to anyone I come into contact with. She was a coach when I didn't know what I was doing. And a comfort when I needed it the most. I wouldn't go another birth without a doula, and I wouldn't recommend any other doula more than Amy Gottschang. She made my birth story beautiful! 

Latera Davis


Amy was amazing, I cannot recommend her enough! She is such a positive and calm person and really made a huge difference at my labor and delivery. This was my first pregnancy and I chose to have a natural birth at the birth center. My labor ended up being 24hrs long and there is no way I could have done it without her ! she was very attentive to my needs and went above and beyond to make sure I was as comfortable as possible and provided great support and encouragement, to not only me but my fiance as well. Amy was also a great help during my pregnancy as she always checked up on me and quite often sent me videos and articles that were very helpful ! She has a huge heart and a soft spot for mamas and their babies and it really shows. I would definitely have her as my doula for round 2... she’s awesome ! 

catherine tsarouhas


My experience with Amy was amazing! She made my birth experience so much more calm and helped accomadate me with the things I wanted to be included in my birth. She is one of the most caring and loving people I have ever met. Let's just say I hope she is still providing services as a doula when It is time for me to have my second!

Melissa Alagon


I was nervous about my previous fast deliveries and getting to the hospital on time, so I opted for induction with an optional epidural as needed. Amy was an amazingly gentle and comforting presence during even the most intense contractions. I honestly don’t know how I could have gotten through without her. Also, when it was suddenly time to push, the medical staff didn’t believe me at first. Based on my history and my facial cues (I don’t express pain outwardly in an obvious manner), Amy knew I was telling the truth and advocated for me to get the medical attention I needed. Truly, my baby was out in four pushes with little tearing, zero complications, and my beautiful baby girl was completely healthy. I didn’t know what a doula was before, and now, I would recommend Amy HIGHLY to anyone giving birth, no matter what your birth plan!

Maeghan Cranford


I will never choose to have a birth without Amy again! Amy made herself available to me even before labor began for questions I had about what was to come and what I could expect. She eased my nerves and help me feel prepared for what my body was about to go through as a first time mama. She has a wealth of knowledge from her own personal birth experiences as well as births she has attended for friends. Once I arrived at the hospital, I asked Amy to be there with us as I was scheduled for an induction. I had done my own previous research on labor and delivery but I knew in the thick of labor that I would most likely forget it all. My desire was for my husband to be an emotional support for me and Amy to be the physical support. My husband and I both said that I would not have had the amazing birth I did without the help and support of Amy. From positions in pushing, coaching me through contractions, explaining why I was feeling what I was feeling to the verbal support...she did it all! I cannot recommend her enough!!

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