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Tracy was just wonderful for us. We hired her as our doula for our second baby, which was a planned home birth. She took time for us to do a thorough interview to ensure we were well-matched, and her energy was exactly what we wanted - fun, light, easy going but enthusiastic about birth, calm, reassuring, and clearly competent. She has certifications galore, and to us that was important because it confirms she knows what she's doing, has on-going formal training, and is committed to excellence in the field. She helped us map out our birth plan and think about considerations that hadn't crossed our minds, helped us define roles for my partner and her during the birth, and educated us on the importance of optimal fetal positioning for labor/birth and how to achieve that optimal positioning. My first baby was OP and I had a beautiful natural birth for him, too, but thanks to Tracy's advocacy for and knowledge of Spinning Babies exercises, this second baby was LOA and came out in just an hour and 15 minutes of active labor and about 5 pushes grand total. It was an amazing experience. During labor she made it to our house in record time, helped my husband support me, helped coordinate with our midwife during what turned out to be a VERY fast labor, and continued to check in with us after the birth. She also talked me off a ledge when my baby was overdue and I was losing my mind about her never coming out :) My husband and I highly recommend Tracy as part of your birth team. 



My experience with Tracy was wonderful! As a very anxious person, I looked to hire a Doula to help manage my anxiety and bring knowledge and experience to the labor process. Plus, coming from a shared OB practice, where you could have one of several different Doctors at your delivery, I wanted to know I'd have at least one consistent face in the room. Tracy provided the right level of support throughout my pregnancy. In the 2nd and 3rd trimester she was a great sounding board for my concerns and frustrations---listening to my venting and responding with positive encouragement. In the final weeks, she reminded me of my priorities and kept me focused on baby.

During my labor, Tracy took charge in all the right ways. She told me she was coming to meet me, helping me know I wasn't calling her in too early. She worked with the nurse to get the right setup in the my room, place me in the right position, etc. Tracy kept track of time, position, baby's and my vitals (regularly telling me everything was ok) so I could focus on labor. Tracy consistently provided decision making knowledge, and when things started getting challenging and a little chaos came to the room, Tracy kept and managed my focus. And when my baby was taken away to the NICU, she sent my husband with baby and assured him she'd stay with me. 

My husband was a keen participant but having Tracy, someone who was experienced and a friend I'd spent time with prior to labor, was invaluable. Tracy broke the mold on what I'd previously thought a doula was---she supported me in using modern intervention and her medical knowledge was fantastic. I never felt pressure to delay pain relief or do something I wasn't comfortable with. She has such a sunny, positive disposition and is a joy to be around. 

I plan to work with Tracy for future pregnancies and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. 



I interviewed 5 Doulas before my husband and I decided Tracy was the match for our growing family. I was pregnant with my first and I wanted a natural child birth. I learned from the Mid-wives that the assistance of a Doula would be very helpful in me fulfilling my goal.

Tracy is a wonderful combination of cheerful, intelligent, patient, thoughtful and comforting. I am a type-a, independent and strong woman. I wanted someone who would support me without getting in my way. Tracy did just that. She provided all of the information and support I needed and during labor and delivery, at GW Midwives, she allowed, supported and encouraged my husband to be right by my side.

I highly recommend Tracy.

Natalie Duran


We interviewed a handful of doulas when things instantly clicked with Tracy. She is as comforting as she is real, and her level of experience made us feel incredibly at ease. She was a lot of help leading up to the birth and labored with us at home until it was time to go to the hospital. When our desire for a natural birth turned into a very difficult and very long labor due to my son's position, Tracy was right by our side and helped me stick to my birth plan on multiple occasions until an emergency C-section was needed to save my son's life. Her support and reassurance was huge in helping me see the circumstances were out of my control and that I had done everything I could. We highly recommend her!

Erika Luna


She waited for me in the waiting room and kept my family in the loop with what was going on and that everything was going to be ok. She waited until I was back in the post-op room and she came back to check on me and she kept reminding me that I did everything I could to have a natural birth and that I had done a great job! She literally is a rockstar! 3 days later she came to our house to check in on me and turn my placenta into capsuales and once again reassured me that I had given my natural birth plan 110% and that I had done a great job! Just what I needed to hear since I was being so hard on myself. She helped me with getting my daughter to latch, and answered any questions I had for her. A day later she came back to complete the capusales and before she left she once again gave me encouraging words and made me feel confident about entering motherhood. I can't say enough about Tracy, I seriously don't think I couldve done it without her. I will be using her again for our next birth and would recommend her to anyone! Tracy will always have a special place in my heart for everything she did for me on the most important day of my life. Thank you SO much Tracy!

Erika Luna


There's so many wonderful things to say about Tracy but first let me start in the begining. We found Tracy through Doulamatch.net and she responded to me immediatley then we talked through the phone she came to our house and we instantly clicked. She understood what I was looking for without making me second guess myself in my decision for a natural birth. Our personalities clicked instantly she's so funny and made me feel super comfortable. She offers classes for an additional charge but they're so worth it they're educational and prepare you for birth. On April 22nd my labor began early morning and I texted Tracy at 1am and she responded literally in a minute and she gave me some advice and I did what she told me and also I had learned alot from her class so I was prepared to do somethings on my own but with her advice it made it a bit less painful. I texted her again a 6:30 am telling her I was having the baby that day and she literally got to the hospital within minutes. I couldn't believe how fast she came to the rescue. This is where I can't thank Tracy enough. First, during my contractions she would walk with me, hold me, rub my back and do anything she could to help me through the minutes of pain. I was having really bad back labor, I was losing my energy and she had with her these Luna bars and plenty of water to make sure I always stayed in positive spirits. When my natural labor plan went out the window she literally knew exacctly what to say to make me realize that even though I had to have an emergency c-section everything was going to be fine and it was normal and that these things happen. When it was time for the epideral she was my rock, she held my hand through it and kept telling me "you need to do it for Eloise, she needs you" all the positive reinforcement let me overcome the pain, saddness and confusion i was feeling at the moment. TO BE CONTINUED ON NEXT POST

Vinny Giacinto


Tracy was a pleasure to have by our side for the birth of our first child.  We met Tracy while she was offering a class and immeditaly felt a connection.  We knoew nothing of what a Doula did and offered and after researching, we decided to reach out to her for more info and instruction.  She was immediatly caring and warming and felt like family right away.  Since we have no family in the area, we realized that we would be alone in this adventure in the birthing room and Tracy felt to us to be that "family member" who could be ther for us and help take awy the fear and nervousness.  She did just...especially for me...the dad.  Ha!  I recommend her services and offer my endoursement and trust in Tracy. 

Nicole Williams Sitaraman


Tracy is phenomenal.  Yes, I think that about covers it.  In the months prior to my delivery, during the labor and delivery and after my baby was born, Tracy demonstrated such loving-kindness, warmth, support and, most importantly, expertise.  The fact that we had such a knowledgeable doula who had our back throughout the process made the experience of preparing for and going through delivery a very positive and peaceful one.  She made my husband and I feel very secure and taken care of.  Leading up to labor, she took her time to answer any and all of our questions and provide us with detailed information so that we could make informed decisions.  She always promptly responded to my emails and texts and checked up on me regularly.  In the hospital, she struck the perfect balance between being our advocate with the medical staff and our coach and hand-holding friend.  She stayed on top of things and consistently engaged with the medical staff to make sure that things went smoothly.  Tracy always maintained a positive and warm demeanor during my labor.  She is such a sweet, down-to-earth, funny and cheerful person which also made the experience great.  I am so grateful to have found Tracy.  I highly recommend her services. 

Marcia Van Camp


When we first met Tracy, I knew she was the perfect match for me and my husband and we didn't interview anyone else.  It was important to me that my husband felt comfortable with our Doula since he would be interacting with her a lot. He thought she was fantastic, and was so excited to feel like someone would be there to help him know what to do to help me. 

I was looking for someone who would be kind, positive, supportive and smart!  Tracy was all that and more, she brought a calming influence into our home and we really felt empowered by what she taught us.  I had a few complications with my pregnancy and Tracy was incredible throughout the whole process. She really listened to me and gave me the comfort I needed, but also helped me look forward instead of just wallowing in my frustrations.  The labor was long, but Tracy stayed by our side the whole time and always had a smile on her face.  I cannot say enough good things about Tracy, and I believe she had a very strong influence on how well everything went.  I had so many questions, and it sometimes felt like although I had read books and taken classes, I either couldn't remember anything or new issues came up that I wasn't prepared for.  Tracy helped me navigate all this to help me decide what I was comfortable with.  I never felt judged in any way for my decisions, I just felt loved and respected, like she was a sister or Aunt.  My husband and I are so grateful for everything she did for us, and I would recommend her to anyone!

I should also note that I recommended her to a friend before I had even had my own child because I felt so strongly about how great she is...that friend had many of the same things to say, she was so happy and grateful for Tracy's help.  

Kate Palmer


Tracy was truly, truly invaluable to our natural birth experience. From our first meeting, she quietly listened and sought to understand what we wanted. She never pushed her own opinions. She was thorough in asking questions to understand and help us determine what we wanted. The discussion during our initial meetings served valuable when we needed to make decision in the heat of labor. She never interjected or made decisions for us and was very respectful of the hospital staff and collaborated with them. I was told by my midwife the day after the delivery that had I not had Tracy, they likely would have pushed for a C-section after 2 hours of pushing. Tracy was such a calm comfort; She was present just at the right times and stepped back when things were working to allow my husband and me to work together. Prior to meeting Tracy, I was hesitant to have a doula; I was afraid having “too many cooks in the kitchen” would be intrusive. However, having a doula at my husband’s side throughout the labor was exactly what we needed. It was anything but intrusive. My husband best described Tracy as “a shadow” that supported him, but did not hoover. She provided a positive and calm energy that gave us the strength to get through a day we will cherish forever.

Tracy's most valuable support was helping us through the pushing process. In the hospital, the midwife and nurse are only there for short intervals until the grand finale. Tracy was with us the entire time, from the moment we entered the hospital , until we had our daughter in our arms. She was a consistent support and provided suggestions for pushing positions other than simply being on my back, as the midwife and nurse suggested. I would recommend Tracy to any couple, as she will listen to what you want and provide an experienced, positive energy in the labor room.

Jialan Wang


Tracy was a great doula. Since it was my first pregnancy, it was very helpful to have someone with a lot of experience and who had worked at my hospital before to help me through the process and navigate the medical system. She gave us two prenatal sessions on positioning, medical procedures, and other topics that helped me feel informed and prepared for labor. Although my pregnancy went smoothly, I had some labor complications and was in labor for nearly 48 hours. I was almost sure I'd have to have an emergency C-section at one point, but she held my hand through every contraction and coached me through the most difficult hours. I was able to get through labor without an epidural or a C-section, had a quick recovery, and am enjoying my days now with my wonderful baby boy. It was so helpful to have Tracy's support and knowledge throughout. I highly recommend her!

Emily Waters


I would highly recommend Tracy! She has a very positive, welcoming demeanor and truly cares about her clients. She provided great information about the labor and delivery process during two in home sessions. I never felt rushed and I always felt comfortable asking questions. Tracy never pushed her views on me and my husband.

My labor ended up being very short but Tracy rushed to the hospital and provided great support and comfort during the delivery. She also worked well with my husband and made sure he was involved in the process. As a first time parent, I felt much calmer having her as my doula.

Elena Schlickenmaier


Tracy is an absolutely amazing doula! My husband and I are first time parents and she was instrumental not only in terms of preparing us for our birth but also helping us work through parenting concerns and fears that allowed us to bond even further with our son.  The best thing we did was having Tracy do our birth class -- for an additional fee, she came toour home and we were able to dive very deeply into various aspects of the birth process, my fears relating to birth, and ways that she would be able to support us, all before we even started our formal doula meetings with her.  That created an incredible bond between us and we got to know each other very well, all of which was amazing to have once it came time for us to give birth.  In addition, Tracy was constantly available via email and phone and extremely responsive to even the smallest concerns, which made us feel incredibly safe and supported during the pregnancy.  When it came time to give birth, almost nothing went as we had hoped according to our birth plan.  But Tracy knew me and what I needed so well, she was like a member of my family.  I loved having her there.  I walked away feeling incredibly good about my birth despite circumstances others would consider "out of control," because Tracy ensured that we were taken care of.  

I've said a lot of things in the paragraph above that sound a lot like what other people say about other doulas.  The truth is, I actually can't put into words what Tracy did for me, how she made me feel, and the absolutely unquantifiable impact she had on my birth, my relationship with my son, and my relationship with my husband.  There are very few people that truly make an indescribable impact on your life and she is one of them.

If anyone asked me for a doula recommendation, Tracy is the only person I would suggest.

William Schlickenmaier


Tracy was, quite honestly, indispensable for my wife's birth.  We chose to have her come to our home to, in addition to her doula services, provide 10 hours of birth instruction, which not only taught us a great deal, but also allowed us to build a personal bond that was crucial at the hospital. She also demonstrated a valuable pragmatism, passing on ideology to focus instead on preserving space for decisions and making us fully informed of our choices and options. During labor, Tracy was completely supportive, even though medical circumstances meant we couldn't have the labor we had planned. As a first-time father, I wouldn't have made it through had it not been for her.  She was always an honest broker, a sounding board we could use when we didn't understand something or wanted a second set of eyes on a problem.  She filled in ably for me but never tried to supersede my role in the delivery room.  And when we had to go for an emergency C section, she stuck with us the whole way.  Tracy ensured that I felt safe and empowered through the entire birth process.  I cannot recommend her highly enough - I would trust anyone going through a birth process with her.

Erin Styles Fitzsimmons


Tracy is amazing. She helped me and my family through the birth of our first child. As a first time parent I was very nervous and anxious about delivery. Tracy gave us tons of information ahead of time so that we could create our birth plan. Additionally, her coaching  helped us prepare for labor.  During the delivery, we ran into several senarios that required  us to deviate from our birth plan. Tracy was instrumental in coaching us through those events. Not only was she reassuring for me, but my whole family was comforted by her.  I will forever be grateful for Tracy's assistance through this time in our lives. It's funny to think about how skeptical we were about getting a doula compared to how thankful we were afterwards. If you are like us, you might be questioning it. I am sure every situation is different, but in our case I am so glad we decided to partner with Tracy! It made a world of difference! 

Jerien Okoh


My husband and I credit our wonderful, loving, euphoric natural birth to the skill and care of Tracey Osborne.  Her depth of knowledge coupled with her naturally caring and positive nature really enabled my husband and I to feel secure in entering our natural birthing experience.  Tracey came to our home twice and spent considerable time with us demonstrating helpful techiniques and asnwering all the copious amounts of questions we had. During the birth, she was immediately accessible and was extremely hands on and supportive through the entire labor and delivery.  Tracey went above and beyond in supporting my husband and I through unexpected postpartum complications and her presence was extremely helpful to both of our emtional well being.  During her postpartum home visit, she was so reassuring and again provided a wealth of helpful professional knowledge.  We could not have asked for a better Doula.  

Shea Catlin


Tracy was my doula for the birth of my first child on 12/26/13. Tracy had previously visited my husband and myself at our home twice before the birth of my little girl. These visits were very helpful. once I went into labor, tracy was at my side promptly. She was very calming and respectful of my wishes. She had great ideas on how to ease any discomfort. She also got along very well with the staff. My nurse midwife loved her!  I would recommend Tracy and will use her again for hopefully my next birthing experience. 

Melissa Wright


Tracy was a blessing to our first labor and delivery experience. My husband wasn't sure we needed a doula, he didn't understand. Within two hours after our 41-hour labor, my husband said, "you were right, I don't know what I would have done without Tracy here to help us." To this day, my family and I talk about how long I was in labor and feel that if Tracy weren’t there to help us, the hospital may have possibly encouraged a C-section.

Tracy helped guide my husband to show me support. She kept us informed and translated the "medical language".

Tracy helped my husband lift my pregnant 232-pound body into a position in hopes to get the baby to move downward since I could not feel my legs due to the epidural.

Tracy was the only one in the room with me to keep me calm and still during contractions when after 24 hours of labor I decided to get an epidural.

I called Tracy at 2 in the morning to help me labor at home because I was scared; she was there before 2:30AM and stayed by my side until the baby was born days later.

I don't wish a 41-hour labor on anyone, but if that happens, I hope you choose Tracy as your doula.


Happy pushing,

Melissa Wright


Lindsay Stotts


 This was my second labor and delivery, and my second experience with Tracy as our Doula.  She brings a calm, wonderful peace of mind and so many great coping techniques to the labor experience.  She was respectful of all our wishes and decisions, and nothing but supportive through the whole process.  She gently reminded me through out our laboring experience that this is my body, and my decisions, and if it is not a medical emergency, I have a right to have the labor experience I want, and not what the doctors are accustomed to just routinly dishing out.  It was because she was so excellent at being a calm cheerleader and my personal advocate for the birth that I wanted, that I did end up getting the exact birth experience I wanted.  She helped me voice my wishes to my doctor with her encouragement, and in doing such, I was able to avoid a pitocin driven induction, I was able to let my body show me what it was capable of doing, and I also was able to cope for much longer than I thought possible with the pain.  She has a wealth of knowledge, techniques and patience with her clients and even though this was our second child, I would not have wanted to do labor without her support.  She provides the extra support, and the objective, calm voice that is sometimes not possible for the mom and her husband.  She is worth her weight in gold, and I would use her again if we had a third child.  A person can think they know the mechanics of how labor will go, but there is nothing better than having an advocate that is solely their for you and the husband, to support, offer advice and suggestions, and try to help facilitate the birth experience desired.  I have now had two successful vaginal deliveries and I believe they went as smooth as they did, and had the wonderful outcomes they did thanks to Tracy.   She devotes herself 200% to her client during labor and delivery, and one can not ask for more.



As a midwife I have worked with Tracy on several occasions.  She is warm and genuinely caring and a true pleasure to work with as a HCP.  The doula care she provided my mamas was absolutely top notch!  In the last few years I've seen a lot of doulas who just don't do much and left thinking "what on earth did they pay her for?"  Not with Tracy!  She is everything I think a doula should be.  She worked tirelessly through the night, always with a gentle smile on her face and word of encouragement for the couple, even though I know she had to be exhausted herself.  She provided lots of hand's-on support, kept the mama focussed and the daddy reassured.  She was a wonderful addition to the birth team and I wish I could have her available for all of my mamas!  HIghly, highly recommend her!!!!!!!!

Tammy B


From the first time I contacted Tracy by email, I was pleased by her professionalism and quick responses.  Meeting Tracy in person, I knew she was someone who would work well with what I wanted in a doula.  She has a great sense of humor and is very passionate and knowledgeable about all aspeccts of childbirth.  I had a doula with my first daughter and found that I was still able to learn a lot with Tracy, even though I felt more comfortable with the idea of childbirth the seond time around.  During my stay in the hospital, Tracy was invaluable.  With hours of intense and excruciating back labor, her support allowed me to maintain my goal of a med-free birth.  The nurses commented to me after she left that I had a great doula.  She said when she and other nurses hear a woman in labor has a doula, they roll their eyes because of the anticipated experience of the doula trying to call the shots and "getting in the way."  They said Tracy was very helpful and appropriate and they wished all doulas were like her.  I wholeheartedly recommend Tracy to anyone looking for a competent, professional, knowledgeable, passionate and caring doula.

Mel W


Tracy proved to be an amazing wealth of information and help to both myself and my husband.  Tracy's commitment to the birth of my son went over and beyond what was expected.  I had the rare honor of having my son born on the same day as Tracy's children. Tracy left her home after her children's birthday party to attend the birth of my son!  Tracy helped my husband, who was a first time father, with all the support and care that he needed to provide to me.  When my husband needed a break, Tracy stepped in and coached me right to the very end.  Tracy will always be remembered in our hearts!  She is an outstanding Doula and I am very thankful for all of her help and wisdom throughout our pregnancy, birth and postpartum! - Melanie and Matt Klock

Michelle van Wolferen


Tracy was an excellent doula!  I was so terrified of childbirth when we first hired her and she was very encouraging and sweet.  We loved that Tracy was confident in her knowledge, experienced, and calm under pressure.  She was supportive of any choices that we expressed to her.  As my preparation for childbirth continued, my philosophy on birth changed.  Tracy was so flexible and encouraging of all my new choices and went above and beyond in her research and willingness to make sure I had the birth I wanted.  My birth was fast and amazing and Tracy's support was a vital part of it!  She is gentle, sweet, energetic and passionate about birth.  She also taught us our childbirth education class and I HIGHLY reccomend her as a childbirth educator as well as Doula.  She is very professional while being down to earth.  Her presence at my birth and after it made all the difference in my comfort level as well as my feelings of success and positivity about my birth.  She is wonderful!

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