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Alison M.


We had both Terri and Sarah’s help with our little baby girl born in June of 2019. Terri was wonderful and so helpful meeting in person and through phone calls, and was such a wonderful support through every big decision. She brought such peace to my anxious heart. Our little girl was 16 days behind her due date when the big day finally arrived, and Terri and Sarah both did a wonderful job making sure I was taken care. We weren’t expecting such a late delivery date but they flawlessly made sure someone was always with me, even bringing in a third doula friend for support.  We will definitely be using them again for our next baby!

Brinn Johnson


I used Terri as my doula for the birth of my first child. My plan was to have a home birth, however after 50 hours of labor I transferred to the hospital for an eventual C-section. This was obviously not the birth I had planned, but when I look back on the entire birthing time, I look back with peace and love instead of grief and resentment. So much of that is because of the support that Terri (and her partner Sarah) gave me.

Terri helped me to surrender to the process completely, to trust my body, and to use all of the Hypnobabies tools that I had learned. She adjusted her style based on my ever changing needs throughout the birthing time - she was hands on when I needed it, and hands off when I needed to be alone. I am so thankful that I had Terri to lead me deeper into surrender and trust in my body and my baby. 

Thea Fleming


Terri was wonderful! She was very thorough helping us to plan and prepare for labor and birth. She helped us to stay calm and focused on the day our sweet baby girl was born. We highly recommend Terri.



Terri was a fabulous doula! This was our first child, and I wanted to make sure I was educated in my options and had an advocate. Terri did just that and more. We appreciate the time Terri spent to walk us through what to expect before the birth, and she was there via phone and text support in the weeks leading up to the birth. In the early stages of labor, I was in constant communication with Terri who was able to provide assistance from afar, and when I wanted her to join us at the hospital she hopped right in the car. During labor she was a calming presence. It was great having her there to ease my mind about what was going on and telling me what I could expect. There is so much going on during labor and the nurses aren't always present, and I loved having someone else there who knew what was going on. Terri helped talk me through the many decisions to make when giving birth, with no judgement, only support. I also really appreciated the follow up visit after we were home. It was so comforting to have her visit us and provide more love and support. She genuinely cares about her families and we had a wonderful experience.

Cassidy Piche


Terri was an incredible, fundamental support for us during the birth of our first child. The times we met before labor were very helpful and gave us an idea of what to expect/how she would be there to help us on the big day (or days, in our case!). We definitely had birth "preferences" leading up to the day our son was born, and unfortunately almost nothing went to plan. BUT, Terri was there the WHOLE time after we called her to the hospital to come (25+ hours!), and helped us to remain focused and not get discouraged. She not only supported me physically and emotionally while I was laboring, but she also took care of my husband by reminding him to take care of himself. I honestly don't know how our birth story would have been without Terri, I wouldn't be surprised if we would have ended with a cesarean had she not been present.

I cannot recommend Terri enough! She is sweet, compassionate, knowledgable, calming, intentional, and a wonderful advocate for her clients. If you're in the market for a doula, seriously, LOOK NO FURTHER!!!

Kailey Urban


Terri was there for the birth of my second child in February. She was such a blessing to my husband and I during the delivery! She was so supportive of our preferences and really eased my anxieties when I ended up needing to be induced. This delivery went so much more smoothly than my first, and I’m sure Terri played a big part in that!

Deisy Miranda


Terri Schelkoph was my doula during the birth of my first son. Terri made me feel cared for and HEARD. She listened to what I WANTED for my birth and stood by me to make sure my voice was heard and I was not in anyway neglected. Of course as a first time mom I was scared out of my mind ! I told Terri I WANTED the epidural as soon as I felt the first contraction... well I made it up to 7cm before I got it ! we were both very surprised and she made me feel strong. During labor she would give me the space I needed when needed but also gave me back rubs when needed. I’m beyond happy with her and would have her for all my future babies. Terri will listens to you, support you and motivate you !

Amanda Langmade


Terri was so thoughtful and so amazing! She is a very kind hearted person who is really there for you. She listened to what I wanted out of my birth experience and truly helped me achieve it. She was very in tune to my needs and listed to my suggestions about how to keep me calm, during my labor. I was having a difficult time with the on call physician (who was not my primary physician) letting me change positions and I started to feel that I was not in control of my birth. When Terri got there she was very polite with the physician and gently reminded them that I could birth in a different postion that would be better for me. Since we had spoken beforehand and gone over exactly what I wanted she was able to help give me the experience I wanted. She was very encouraging, and helped me feel empowered over my own birth, reminding me of what I wanted when the pain took over, and I felt 100 times better having her in the room with me. If anyone is looking for a positive, in tune to YOUR needs, amazing doula, look no further because you have found her! Thank you Terri I appreciate all of your kind words, encouragement, and motivation! 

Tami Schwoch


Terri was such a blessing to me and my husband! We refer to her as "Angel Doula" because she came into our birthing room wondering if we needed a volunteer doula. I enthusiastically said YES! We were in great need of a doula and she came just in time. We were in labor for three days and it was a tumultuous process that ended in cesarean. Terri was so encouraging and supportive every step of the way. She did not have to be there for us as it was on a volunteer basis, but she came back on her day off to the hospital and held my hand (literally) while we had to make the hard decision of cesarean because our little one's heart rate kept going down. Her time spent with us at the hospital was such a blessing to us, we thank God for her servants heart and gift of supporting mama's in their labor and delivery. She also went out of her way to cook a meal for us and deliver a very sweet gift after our baby was born. I could not recommend Terri enough. She is the best, and I know she will bless many more throughout her doula journey. <3 Thank you, Terri!!

Andrea Schultz


Terri is a confident, calm, and comforting presence to have as a doula.  I previously delivered 5 babies in a hospital, and I was so thankful to have Terri as a doula since we were planning a home birth with our 6th baby.  She performed maneuvers to correctly position the baby inside me in preparation for birth.  This amazingly relieved lower abdominal pain and pressure that I experienced late in the third trimester.  We continued to do those maneuvers throughout labor to relieve back pressure, which would have been unbearable without that assistance. She calmly encouraged me and rubbed my neck and shoulders as i labored, which helped me release tension in between contractions.  She also involved our teen daughter who was present for the birth, and reassured her as delivery approached.  We were all so thankful to share this birth with Terri, and would not have experienced such a peaceful home birth without her! I would highly recommend her as a doula for anyone seeking additional support for their birth experience.    

Jessica Fussy Millner


Terri stepped up to the plate when my current doula backed out at 36 wks. I was really nervous having someone new again at such a personal moment. But everything happens for a reason and I'm glad we crossed paths. Terri made me feel comfortable and supportive of my birth plan and was non judgemental. Terri checked in adequately betore and after delivery. It is  nice having that extra support for the pre labor anxiety and jitters and then the crazy hormone post partum craziness. Having 6 kids of her own you know she totally relates to all your going thru.

Katherine Sanders


Terri joined us for the birth of our fifth baby back in August and she was such an incredible blessing! She has such a servants heart, and was right there to help with whatever we needed. She is compassionate, respectful, loves what she does, and brings a ton of joy and peace into the labor and delivery room. I felt very loved and well cared for, advocated for, and she fully supported me in all my birth preferences. The biggest blessing was having her there when they had to take my baby away due to breathing problems. She helped me stay calm when things felt overwhelming. I am SO glad we had her as our doula!

Jessica Coggins


Terri is as amazing as they come! She was the Doula for a friend of mine and she was calming, gentle, encouraging and compassionate. She is very skilled and knowledgeable in her skills as a Doula and is a great resource to have in the delivery room!

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