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Julie Reynolds

Springville, UT Service range 75 miles

Birth Fee

$500 to $800

Birth Fee

$500 to $800

Birth Doula Experience

5 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International, June 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Childbirth education services
  • Military families support
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental

Springville, UT Service range 75 miles

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Annie K


From the moment I met Julie, at a Child Birth class she was teaching, I knew she'd be an amazing person to have on my corner. I love her passion for what she does and it certainly shows. She uses evidence base methods that sat well with me. Hiring her as my Doula has been one of the best decisions I could have ever made, especially being a first time parent. Julie supported me through a 20hr natural labor process that ended up in an emergency c-section due to unforeseen conditions. She was amazing and so personable. Her expertise helped guided me through some of the most painful contractions and scary moments of my life. Her encouragement was everything. I honestly couldn't have done it without her support. I highly recommend Julie for Doula services!!! 

Samantha Clive


I cannot gush enough about how awesome Julie is as a doula and as a person! I recently was asked how on earth I had a natural birth. Well, there would have been no way if I didn't have a doula! With her help I had a great birth experience with my first baby going all natural. I had been scared into planning on using an epidural (even though I didn't want it) when someone referred to the first born as being a "battering ram". I'm only 5'3" and my husband is 6'3", so I was very nervous about having a big baby. I knew a doula would be key to a natural birth. I read through many options on doulamatch, then interviewed several to see how I felt. I knew immediately Julie was the perfect fit for me. She is easy going, non-assumptive, a great listener, and has a wealth of knowledge. She helped me with homework by sending me articles on exercise and eating to help my body be ready. She was exceptionally supportive in the week prior to his birth when I switched my delivery doctor and hospital due to a late discovered difference of opinion in the birthing process. I felt completely comfortable telling Julie my priorities, my concerns, and asking for her advice on things I wasn't sure about. She was highly competent, professional, and over-the-top kind. My baby came much faster than I expected, and she was extremely responsive to my questions about my progression. She met me at the hospital at 5 AM ready to go. What made the biggest difference for me was how she provided (and taught my husband to provide) just the right pressure at the right time through massage and counter pressure. She made my contractions bearable by talking me through EVERY one of them. She was truly amazing! I felt so supported and feel like I made a true friend. I will definitely be asking her to be my doula for future deliveries. She went above and beyond! My husband was skeptical at first, but is now a believer in how powerful a doula's support can be! I can't recommend her enough!



Julie was my doula during the labor and delivery of my second child. The difference between the two deliveries was night and day. Julie was my advocate, my suppporter, a calm voice of reason when there was so much uncertainty. She is extremely educated in all things labor and delivery and answered every question I had with depth and knowledge. The most impressive aspect was that while she gave me all applicable information based on her experience with her six children and the numerous mothers she doula'd for, she NEVER tried to sway my decisions. She did help me make informed decisions where the hospital staff simply didn't take the time to explain things fully to me. She advocated for me and helped make tools (peanut ball, six pin?etc.) and techniques (ball sitting, etc.) available to me, when they otherwise wouldn't have been. My labor was stalled. Why didn't the hospital staff help me move the labor along? Why did they just have me sit in my bed and leave me for hours? Well, Julie had the knowledge to advocate for me and do all the things that never would have been done. I am confident that I was able to avoid a c-section because of Julie. She helped me get things moving along naturally. She conforted me through my contractions (rubbed my hair, my hands, helped me relax my hands, helped me with my breathing, and cheered me on). I would (and have) recommended Julie to everyone I know. Her calm demeanor and positive energy was such a ray of light during labor. I feel a big sense of regret that she was not my doula for my traumatic first delivery. (She lived in a different state and I didn't use a doula). Having Julie's support and expertise was EVERYTHING during my labor. I felt incredibly grateful to have her advocating for me and my baby.

Sandra Gonzalez


I loved learning from Julie. Every thing she taught me I was able to apply in the delivery room and have a natural childbirth experience with no complications. Not only did I benefit from her teaching but also my husband. My husband learned what his part is throughout the process, such as pressure points on my back to relieve contractions and what the environment of the room should feel like to make it as comfortable for me as possible. Julie definitely made my birthing experience a lot easier and gave me that confidence I needed to take on natural childbirth. I 100% recommend Julie for anyone's childbirth experience. 

Sharon Williams


Julie's birthing class was very informative and in a relaxed setting. My husband and I were taking this class as a refresher since we already have a daughter, but we both agreed that we both got a lot more out of the class than we expected! We both wished we had this information the first time around. Julie is patient with questions, has exercises that help attendees apply their new  knowledge, and is full of tips and tricks to help get through the labor process. Highly recommend this class!



Julie did an amazing job during the birth of our daughter.  Our situation is unique and we traveled from California to Utah when our surrogate went into labor.  Julie met the surrogate at the hospital before we arrived and it was very comforting to have someone there that we could reach easily and keep us updated.  Labor took nearly 24 hours and Julie stayed the whole time even missing part of her daughter's birthday party.  She took some great birth photos as well.  

We would highly recommend Julie as a birth or post partum doula!

Tonya Pereyra


Julie was so fantastic and supportive, she never made me feel like I should go one way or another and she was right there next to me through many hours of labor. She was making suggestions and recommendations to the nurses that made a huge difference to progress things along when I was getting frustrated that they weren't.  My husband was very happy with her support there. He was still able to be involved she did not intrude at all,  It was comforting to have her experience in the Room. Julie was helpful before delivery with recommendations to help my body prepare for labor, I do feel like my healing is better because of her advice. I have had a few deliveries without a doula and I noticed more comfort with this one. I really felt like she was there for me and I really appreciate the experience and her being a part of it.

Christina Fullmer


I met Julie only a few weeks ago. I had an OBGYN who wasnt listening to what I needed. But I was so far along that I didn’t feel I should find a new OB. Julie really helped me to know that I was the one in control and it was my body and I can speak up for myself. We met a few days before my delivery and she gave me some awesome  technics that help to relieve pain and prepare my body for labor. 

On the day of delivery she came to the hospital and supported me while I labored. She had great ideas and different positions to try and each one really helped me to work through each contractions. She was easy to talk to and listen to all my needs. 

Through my entire labor process Julie was there supporting me and I am just so grateful she was!! Giving birth is a long and hard process, but when you have women around you helping and supporting it makes the whole process so much easier!! I feel so blessed to have Julie’s support and I would recommend her to anyone!! 

She also had good suggestions for other Professionals and technics that can help with the pregnancies. 

She really was AMAZIN!!! 

Ryan Call


My wife and I have used Julie on 2 occasion. I would not have thought we needed help having children as we already had 2 but, during the birth of our third, I was in the military and gone for 3 months. That's where Julie came in. She made sure that my wife got to the hospital and took care of all her need, wants and then some luxuries that I didn't even know you could request. She also made sure I was a part of the delivery by setting up a video call so I could see what was going on in real-time. I know I'm a guy and am not an expert on pregnancies but I felt like I was pretty decent as I'd had front row seat a couple of times before. After watching Julie take care of my wife though it became very apparent that I there was a lot I didn't know in terms of techniques for making things more comfortable and less painful. The best part of the whole thing was that while she bossed the nurses around and pampered my wife, I got to sit back, relax, be a little lazy and enjoy the whole thing and the wife was happy with it.

For the next pregnancy the roles were switched. We had moved but we wanted our Julie! Maybe me more than my wife. We set up a camera in real time. Since she could physically interact, she coached me on what to do and when to do it. She stayed with me (us) the whole time. She had me request all sorts of things from the hospital staff and made me sound like a competent delivery room husband. At times I thought she was making me do stuff so she could have a good laugh like standing on the bed to put pressure on my wife in certain places to relieve pain but in the end she made me look like a champ of a husband and i felt like one too. I wasn't the guy in the corner getting in the way.

I definitely recommend Julie, even if you have already had kid(s) and specially for any guys in the military, or some other profession, who can't be there for part or all of the pregnancy. Thanks for being there for us Julie!

Ceci Hermann


I didn’t know the true benefits of having a doula present at the birth, until I started looking into it and talking about the subject with friends. I am incredibly grateful Julie was able to be present and for the calming presence she brought, along with the great support, and pointers for my husband while he was helping me labor through the hard contractions. She was knowledgeable in her suggestions for positions to try, and somehow always had the right words to say at the right time. This labor experience was the best and most positively successful in comparison to my other three, and I know having Julie there as my doula made the difference. I’ve enjoyed the moral support she provided before, during and still continues to give me. My only wish is that I could go back in time and have Julie to be my doula at every one of my babies’ Births ??

Janay Manchak Call


I had 2 epidural births and then it came time to deliver my 3rd and my husband was gone on military assignment. My baby decided to come a month early so when I went to the hospital I didn’t even have a birth plan or have any intention of delivering naturally.  She remained so calm and had such a positive attitude it kept the atmosphere light and pleasant. My comfort and happiness was all she seemed to care about.She had a way of saying just the right words and helped me get into just the right positions that I was able to keep going. She seemed to have more faith and trust in me than I did in myself, that helped me push past the hard contractions and feel like I could do what I needed to do to get my baby there. Because my baby was born early he had several health problems and needed to be in the NICU. She made sure I wasn’t alone, helped me get set up with a breast pump and was there with me when I wanted to visit my baby and rejoiced with me when my baby came home finally. I was so happy with how the delivery went, I decided to have another baby naturally, but wouldn’t even attempt it without Julie.  Even though I had a baby before without any pain meds, I didn’t anticipate the different mental and physical struggles I would have this time. Julie gave me some beautiful lyrics to repeat in my head. She helped me feel empowered and strong. I really appreciated how she encouraged me by pointing out when what I was doing or how I was breathing was helping the labor to progress faster, and at the same time If I started to tense up she calmly guided me back to where I needed to be. She also was crucial in helping my husband feel included, she told him how to message me, or what props he could ask the hospital staff for. After my baby was born she called me both in the hospital and after I got home and was so patient in all my breastfeeding concerns.I am so grateful for Julie, she was my heaven sent angel!

Steven Hermann


Julie was fantastic!

She brought so much peace and confidence to our delivery. This was our 4th baby (but first time with a doula) so we thought We knew what to expect. We couldn’t have been more surprised by how much she contributed, both beforehand and at the birth. She was well prepared with both Knowledge and tools to help us through. She didn’t hesitate to jump right in and help out with counterpressure and any other thing we needed, and she was very perceptive to my wife’s needs and emotions throughout our experience. 

I would definitely recommend Julie, she made the experience much more special And meaningful for both my wife and me. 

Ceci Hermann


I didn’t know the true benefits of having a doula present at the birth, until I started looking into it and talking about the subject with friends. I am incredibly grateful Julie was able to be present and for the calming presence she brought, along with the great support, and pointers for my husband while he was helping me labor through the hard contractions. She was knowledgeable in her suggestions for positions to try, and somehow always had the right words to say at the right time. This labor experience was the best and most positively successful in comparison to my other three, and I know having Julie there as my doula made the difference. I’ve enjoyed the moral support she provided before, during and still continues to give me. My only wish is that I could go back in time and have Julie to be my doula at every one of my babies’ Births ??

Suzanne Gaytan


When I was asked what I needed or how I envisioned the birth of our fourth child, I knew that we needed positive energy and a “sense of humor”. Julie’s positive energy and light heartedness was a perfect fit! Julie has a very intuitive, personal manner that she uses to serve others - it is in that, that she knows how to help a woman feel safe when met by challenges of labor and how to stay incredibly calm in the event of a complication or emergency. Anyone who has the honor of her doula services will appreciate her gentleness, stamina, knowledge, and witty sense of humor.

Miranda Tutor Mann


My experience with Julie was amazing. I went into labor two weeks early at 4 in the morning. Despite having a baby of her own, Julie dropped everything and spent the day at the hospital with my husband and me. Once there she walked the halls with us for hours while I tried to avoid Pitocin for my stalling labor. She was patient and caring and encouraging and supportive of everything I wanted to do. While walking she also snapped pictures of me leaning on my husband during contractions. 

Julie came prepared with all kinds of things to help ease the pains of labor. My favorites were the tennis balls she used to rub my cramping feet and calves. She also had a neat device called a TENS unit. It sent electricity through sensors attached to my back. I could control the pattern and the intensity of the pulses. They were a nice distraction from contractions.

Probably the best part of the experience, however, was Julie’s obvious love of and respect for birth. She told me she loved birthing women and wanted to help as many of them as possible. When labor was getting hard, she held my hand and told me that giving birth is a service that women perform for their children, and that it is a huge way we show them love. Thinking about the baby I was about to meet and how much I loved her was a lot more pleasant than focusing on the pain of labor.

After the baby was born, Julie photographed us with our new little one. Once all the doctors and nurses did their things and slipped away, Julie offered to get a late lunch for my husband and I. She came back with food and a chocolate cake! Everyone who has just had a baby should get cake.

Julie was a much-needed calm presence in a time that can be chaotic, and a sympathetic and friendly ear to listen and a hand to hold when my husband needed a break (which was often!) I loved having Julie at my birth and I would absolutely recommend her to any and every one.

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