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Phone: 615-957-5871

Birth Fee: $950 to $1400

Postpartum Rate: $35 to $40

Fee Details: We are a group of birth doulas, postpartum doulas, and childbirth educators dedicated to supporting all families during their birthing time and beyond. We offer centered care for a supported start for your family. Our birth doula fees are all-inclusive, and you never pay more for longer labors. Buy a postpartum doula package, and get a discount! We also offer group & private childbirth education classes. Group classes cover everything you need to know and create a community of new parents for you. Private classes are tailored to your specific needs and time constraints. Professional, progressive, inclusive, informative—your doula will be by your side through it all. Give us a call today to schedule a free consult!

Years in Operation: 2

Type of Practice: Agency

Clients per Month: 4 to 10 births and 4 to 6 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth
As long as a care provider is present

Special Services Offered

  • Abortion Support
  • Childbirth Education Services

There are 5 agency doulas.

Client Testimonials for East Nashville Doulas, LLC

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My husband and I decided to hire a doula on the recommendation of numerous friends who had been through a natural childbirth. After some brief searching, East Nashville doulas was highly rated, so we reached it to Andrea. She was incredibly helpful and after speaking with her, she matched us up with Amy. A few minutes into our “interview” we knew Amy was the perfect fit to help us navigate the complicated process of bringing a child into the world. We really enjoyed getting to know Amy, and in our pre-birth sessions she was incredibly helpful in alleviating so many of our concerns, as well as discussing things we never would have thought of as first time parents. When it was discovered that our baby boy was breech, she helped to walk us through the prospect of a c section. She was there for our (unsuccessful) attempt to flip the baby with an ECV, then the semi emergent c section when some complications arose. She was a true calming influence and voice of reason throughout the whole process, and continued to check up on us after the birth of our son. I truly believe that the end of my pregnancy,and the birth process, would have been so much more stressful without Amy, and we will absolutely be hiring her again should we ever decide to have more children. Perhaps the next one will go along with our plans - and if he or she doesn’t, I would be comforted in knowing Amy would be able to help us navigate whatever was thrown our way. 

Posted 6/14/2019

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Stella Yarbrough

We had a fantastic experience with East Nashville Doulas. We met Andrea at an event at Baby & Co and instantly gelled with her. She matched us with Katherine--and it was a great match. Katherine was the doula I needed; she was quiet, calm, and attentive. She was available via text and phone (and in person) before delivery and helped me with suggestions on getting baby into a good position (a la spinning babies). When labor started, she was in touch throughout and was a good resource for the hardest question for first-time parents: when should we leave for the hospital??? During my labor, she was always by my side, helping me with whatever I needed--cool towels, water, encouragement. She suggested different positions and helped rub my back and hips during the really painful periods. The best part of having her present, however, was after the delivery. She stayed for a long time, helping me eat, drink and recover. This allowed my husband to simply relax with me and enjoy our new baby. It was a really special time, and it was so helpful having someone there to help with the little things. I highly recommend Katherine if you are introverted like me and want someone who is a calm, strong (but not overbearing) presence.

Posted 5/24/2019

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Erin Breeding

My husband and I decided to hire a doula for the birth of our son and a quick internet search showed Andrea Hewitt to be highly-rated, highly-educated and truly beloved by those she worked with. Having had her by my side, I too can attest. Andrea delivered on all fronts. She was incredibly knowledgeable, reassuring and always cheerful - truly cheering us on! - at every meeting and in every discussion prior to delivery. On the day of delivery, she was a rock-solid, calming presence, answering every question, tending to every need (some of which we did not even recognize we had), and supporting us all the way. She even assisted with managing family expectations, visitations, and questions - everyone loved her and they were as grateful for her presence as we were. Andrea is truly kind and provides her services from the heart. She only wants the best for you and your family, based on your definitions, hopes and expectations. Postpartum she provided invaluable recommendations and resources for me as I recovered and looked to learn more about how to successfully navigate this new life. I would recommend Andrea in a heartbeat and would not hesitate to hire her or a member of her team. I am grateful to have been able to have her in my corner.

Posted 4/20/2019

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Andrea and her team are attentive, educated, and helpful! We are so glad we had them by our side during the birth of our first child!

Posted 2/28/2019

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Hunter Gast

We were so pleased with East Nashville Doulas and Kat. It was invaluable to be matched with someone who "got it" when it came to our wishes and our personality needs. Having an extra, objective support before, during, and after the birth of our son helped ensure that we had a birth experience that respected our wants and needs.

Posted 12/16/2018

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Lizzie Wright

Andrea was our doula for the birth of our daughter. Leading up to the birth Andrea was available any time for our questions and made the trek out to our organic farm to meet with us. We loved spinning babies which she taught us and our daughter was head down from 27 weeks till birth! It was also a great way for my husband and I to connect as we prepared for birth. We ended up with an induction which was kickstarted a lot quicker than expected. Andrea came in soon after we called her and much earlier than we thought! My induced labor was extremely intense and I was not coping well. Andrea immediately helped me calm my breathing and moaning. Even though it was not in my plan I started thinking seriously about an epidural. Andrea and my husband helped me analyze this situation very quickly (I was not in a state for lengthy conversation) and in the end I chose to do it. I had a lot of regret afterwards as I had been determined to have a natural birth. Andrea talked it through with me for a good 30-45 min and I was able to move past the regret and be present for the rest of my birth which was absolutely beautiful. In retrospect I wouldn’t have done it any other way. And through out the decision making process I knew Andrea was 100% on my side and had my best interest at heart knowing my intentions for my birth plan.  I can’t imagine going through the whole birthing experience without Andrea! I feel absolutely certain that I would not have been able to enjoy the rest of my birth without her there to help me reflect on my decision. So grateful for her and all of the support she gave us during the beautiful birth of our incredible daughter. I can’t recommend her enough. I also know Sarah and although she was not our doula she is an incredibly loving, bright, personable presence. I highly recommend her as well! Amy is also amazing! I don’t know the others personally. But I can’t imagine this team would be anything short of superb.

Posted 12/13/2018

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Anna Weir

My partner was about 8 months pregnant when we decided to hire a doula. It was important for us to find someone queer and trans friendly, and East Nashville Doulas and Andrea were recommended by a good friend. My partner is the one who gave birth but as the other parent and primary support person I had my own hopes and expectations - all of which were met!

Andrea being present allowed me to take physical breaks when I needed to, which was such a relief in a 24+ hour labor/delivery. If she hadn't been there I would not have been able to rest/recharge, or leave to get a meal. Knowing someone was there who focused on supporting my partner gave me the space to take care of myself a little bit, which helped me take care of my partner.

A big part of why I wanted a doula was to have someone with experience help my partner find better/more comfortable ways to labor and push and that's exactly what she did. She helped find ways to be more physically comfortable between contractions; she suggested different ways to get through the contractions; and push more productively. I also felt much more confident in how I responded just having her there for backup.

Andrea worked seamlessly with the hospital staff. She made clear that she was there to support us and work with the medical team - not insert herself or explicitly give advice. She knew when/how to advocate for my partner though (when it came to pronoun preference, or letting the RN know what kind of support my partner did NOT want).

She knew when to step in and when to give us space. She offered to get us food or drink, take pictures - the little things you don't always think about in the middle of chaos and exhaustion.

As the partner of the person giving birth I could not have been happier with Andrea. From all my nitty gritty questions ahead of time to the time the baby was born I was at ease and felt supported.

Posted 11/20/2018

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Caitlin Sward

We just had our first little girl 4 weeks ago, and Andrea was such an amazing part of our pregnancy and birth experience! It was one of the best decisions we could have ever made to have her be part of the journey as our doula. Honestly, I do not know how I would have made it through the 28 hours of labor without her! She was there to help keep us calm, breathe with me through contractions, and support us in whatever way we needed. She made everything less scary for me as a first time mama, and gave me so much encouragement throughout my entire pregnancy. It was such a joy to get to know her and to have her be a part of such a special time in our lives. We truly consider her a friend now, and we are so thankful for that!

Posted 11/2/2018

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My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Andrea during the pregnancy and birth of our son. In addition to being very professional and knowledgeable, she is extremely warm and caring. Andrea helped us understand what to expect in the final weeks of pregnancy and everything that would and could happen during our hospital birth. Without family in town, having Andrea with us during such a big event and emotional time was incredibly helpful. She helped us tremendously during the labor when we had to make some unexpected decisions, and made sure my husband and I had the space to discuss everything privately too. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her and East Nashville Doulas to anyone looking for doula services, and we will definitely ask her to be part of our next birth. Thank you so much, Andrea!

Posted 10/29/2018

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lyndi michele

We chose to hire a doula at the last minute, and we're so grateful for making that decision. Rebecca was our doula and she was absolutely wonderful. She was very professional, but also warm and friendly - we felt like we had a really knowledgeable, trusted friend walking us through some of the unknowns of our first birth! We felt fully supported and heard throughout the experience. She intuitively read the room, knowing when we needed her by our side and when we needed space. I highly recommend East Nashville Doulas, and we just can't say enough great things about Rebecca.

Posted 9/18/2018

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Alex Fisher

Andrea from East Nashville Doulas assisted my husband and I during the labor and birth of our son, Jackson. Her presence was invaluable--from helping me find different positions to labor in, to helping me make informed choices about interventions, to giving me mantras and positive affirmations throughout my long labor, I can't imagine going through it without her. I would HIGHLY recommend Andrea and East Nashville Doulas, and frankly, I can't imagine the birth process without a doula!

Posted 9/17/2018

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