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Denver, CO Service range 10 miles


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Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

2 years and 6 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, January 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
With the presence of a certified nurse midwife

College Education


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  • TENS units rental

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During my fertility journey, I craved the support and understanding of someone who had been there. After a 3-year rollercoaster of emotions and countless procedures, I emerged not only with 2 beautiful sons, but with a profound appreciation for our bodies, pregnancy and childbirth. This experience was my instinctual calling to become a doula: to hold space for women during their journey towards motherhood. Birth Support: As a birth doula, my goal is to help you feel supported, informed and empowered leading up to and during childbirth. In addition to my DONA training, I bring a calm, nurturing and empathetic energy to guide and support you through birth. Fertility support: I have a deep understanding of the emotional, social and physical challenges that go along with struggling to conceive. As a fertility doula, I am your advocate, sounding board and confidant, helping you make sense of the journey and feel supported throughout it.

Denver, CO Service range 10 miles

Client Testimonials for Jenny Vandehey

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Scott G.


Both my wife and I truly loved and appreciated Jenny’s support for the birth of our daughter. As a Dad, Jenny provided me with knowledge and helpful tools to help me be of assistance to my wife. Also, we loved having another expert in the room to help interpret medical advice and opionions of the doctors. Jenny supported us in making informed decisions during our birth. Lastly, Jenny’s calming and comforting presence provided our family with an outstanding birth experience. 


Grace Gathercole


Jenny was an absolute blessing in my prenatal experience, and an amazing emotional and physical support, throughout my laboring process. She went above and beyond to make sure I was as comfortable as possible, and reassured me throughout that I was safe and doing everything right. She stayed with me throughout the entire 32+ hours I was laboring, made arrangements when we were told to leave the birthing center in the middle of labor to come back at a later point in labor, and braught a sense of peace and security to me in what was a very long and trying process. I ended up having to be transfered to a hospital for an emergency C section after 32 hours, and though the hospital would not let her be with me, she did everything she could to be there for me, and came to visit me after the birth to make sure me and my Son were doing ok in the hospital. Her 5 year old Son even helped me pick my Sons name! She has remained in touch since, and I feel so Greatful and lucky to have had her help me through this huge life change. I would definitely reccomend her to anyone needing a kind and loving and strong support Doula. Jenny is Amazing! 

Sarah Mickulesku


Jenny atended the birth of my third child and was absolutely instrumental in the success of my labor and delivery. Jenny met with me on multiple occasions to discuss my preferences and desires, not only birth-related but also relating to my pregnancy and overall well-being. She had a family event come up toward the end of my pregnancy which required travel out of the country and she ensured that there was a back up doula in place in the event that I went in to labor early and she was unable to attend. Thankfully that wasnt the case and I ended up having BOTH doulas there to support me on my son's birthday! I cannot even begin to imagine how the birth would have gone had I not had them both there by my side.

I had planned on a water birth with a midwife at a birth center and there was a last-minute change of plans as the on-call midwife was an hour away and we ended up heading to the hospital instead. Jenny arrived promptly within 15-20 minutes to a location we hadn't even planned on, and worked in tandem with the second doula, taking turns supporting me when needed, my husband when needed, and helping watch my other two children in the middle of the night! 

My son was born not breathing at 4:30am and was rushed to the NICU. Jenny and Lisa, (the second doula) both stayed with me until the sun came upand were so compassionate and understadning. Jenny helped me get through my contractions and helped provide an ambient atmosphere while in labor. So many things went wrong that I didn't plan for and were against my birth plan wishes, but she helped me manage every little change as it arose and allowed me to advocate for myself while also being my sounding board and advisor. 

I highly recommend Jenny to anyone considering doula services. Her intuitive nature and calm disposition make her well-prepared to be on any birth team!! 

Lauren Watel


Jenny attended and served as my doula for the birth of my second child. Prior to birth Jenny (also my next door neighbor) and I had several conversations and email communication about my birth wishes, how my first birth went, and any anxieties I had. She was great about listening, and sharing how she felt during the birth of her own children. Jenny also sent articles with resources to help me prepare for the type of birth I envisioned.

Throughout the laboring process Jenny provided tips and suggestions of different positions to try and tools to use in order to help me along. She has a very gentle disposition and is not at all pushy when providing guidance or advice. I also didn’t feel that she was ever invading my or my husband’s space, and was very respectful during any examinations. She was an incredible support to my husband, providing someone to talk to, and help guide on how to comfort me. She also stepped in when he needed breaks and I would have a contraction. Jenny was a cheerleader as well as a protector of my birth wishes and helped me achieve the pain-med free birth I desired. I whole heartedly recommend her to anyone who wants gentle guidance and support during this process.

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