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Somerville, MA Service range 30 miles


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Certifications

  • BEST - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

2 years

Doula Training

  • BEST Doula Training, February 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I do not attend planned unassisted home births.

College Education




Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I hold a PhD in Sociology from the University of Florida, where I specialized in the intersections of gender/sexuality, medicine, and families and completed a dissertation on the transition to first-time parenthood for women partnered with women. I have also worked directly with those escaping intimate partner violence as a volunteer victim advocate at a shelter in Pennsylvania. Supporting families is the work of my heart!

Fee Details

This fee includes 2 in-home prenatal appointments, phone and email communication from pregnancy to parenthood, continuous support during labor and birth, and 1 in-home postpartum visit. The details can be customized to suit your needs, and flexible payment plans are available!

Somerville, MA Service range 30 miles

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Client Testimonials for Sierra Holland

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The days and weeks after giving birth can be challenging -- especially for first-time parents like us! Sierra was the warm, knowledgeable, supportive post-partum expert that we came to rely on in our early days and because she is an all-around phenomenal human, we have remained closely connected with her. We cannot say enough wonderful things about the support that Sierra provided -- everything from how to use a baby-carrier/wrap to establishing a bedtime routine. We are better parents because of the guidance Sierra imparted and co-constructed with us. I highly recommend Sierra for any aspect of the post-partum experience. 



I thought we needed a doula so that my husband wouldn’t be the only one supporting me in what I thought (and feared) would probably be really long labor for me, a first-time mom. On the big day, Sierra was only with us for about 3 hours total because labor moved quickly on its own and my husband was ready and able to assist me, but we would not have been prepared, equipped and empowered to have the birth experience we were hoping for without her support throughout the entire pregnancy

Sierra was first an expert consultant, who helped me understand what a doula is, what a doula does, and what to expect in pregnancy and delivery in our initial consultation 3 months into my pregnancy. Throughout the pregnancy, she served as a sounding board for our thoughts and questions; an educator on labor coping techniques for me and my partner; a facilitator of the discussions I needed to have with myself and the conversations we needed to have as a unit; and a concierge, connecting us to like-minded resources and people we needed throughout the journey. Though it is not always possible for a birthing person to stick with their “plan A,” I know that without Sierra, in those final weeks and days leading up to the birth of our daughter, we would have made choices out of fear that would have made ours out of reach.

Carrying a baby, birthing a child, and becoming a mother has required the most extreme pairing of vulnerability and strength. Sierra seamlessly engrafted herself into our unit and was able to ease me into the vulnerable places and bolster me in the places of strength all at once. She is passionate about birthing people and their families in a way that propels her to excellence in both knowledge and practice. I still am in awe that we got the birth story that we wanted and that all three of us are thriving on the other side. I am so grateful for our doula



Oh! And! She took beautiful pictures that we treasure. Would for sure want to hire Sierra for any future birth(s).



I wanted to have a fully unmedicated hospital birth for my first child, just as much as I hope to have unmedicated assisted home births for in the future, and with Sierra’s help, that’s exactly what happened. Power/respect to you if you love lots of affirmations, but I don’t; I was seeking physical support and a willingness to not gender my baby, and Sierra understood—she asks and actively listens with respect to what types of affirmations you want. Her rebozo work and hip squeezes helped me wait until I was 7cm to to go to the hospital, where she was always in place with more physical support, helpful positional suggestions and straws so I could stay hydrated hands-free. She rapidly gave me pros and cons of suggested procedures (eg breaking my water/artificial rupture of membranes) in a hospital setting. She was an informed and reassuring presence who helped my mom and partner remain able to talk to me and physiologically helpful in their support. Sierra supported me in my choice of an unmedicated third stage, which she gave me the language for, and which is probably the choice for which I received the most push-back from staff; with her help I was able to assert and enact this choice.

Sierra’s knowledge of other birth-related practitioners in the area was key. When I reached 40+ weeks my provider wanted to schedule an induction, which I was willing to do although not enthusiastic about. Sierra suggested an induction massage from a local practitioner. I went into spontaneous labor about 24 hours later, which could also have been a coincidence, or not.  

Prenatally, Sierra’s gentle introduction to various options and requirement that clients attend a childbirth class was an incredibly helpful nudge that my partner and I both needed to become more informed. I imagine that my experience of my birth would’ve been far less informed, positive, and joyous without Sierra as part of my birth team.



I am so, so grateful to have found Sierra. I always knew that I wanted a doula to support my birth, but had been discouraged by my doctor early in my pregnancy. However, as my due date drew nearer, my anxiety only increased, and I reached out to Sierra.

Even though I was already 35 weeks or so, Sierra was able to fit us into her schedule and meet with us right away. As soon as we met I was struck by her calming demeanor and knew that I wanted to have her by my side for birth. Sierra visited our house and talked us through our fears, hopes, and expectations for the birth process. She showed my husband some relaxing techniques that he was able to use to make my last few weeks of pregnancy more comfortable. Sierra is a great listener, and just by letting me unload my anxieties helped me immeasurably. When I went in to the hospital to be induced at 41 weeks, she texted me throughout the night until I was ready for her to come to the hospital. 

Sierra communicated wonderfully with everyone at the hospital, helping me understand my options, and advocating for me. I was so impressed with how she collaborated wuth the nurses, and even though I had an epidural, she was able to help me labor in a variety of different positions. When contractions started getting rough, Sierra used massage and other techniques to make me comfortable. Having her there also took a lot of pressure off my husband, who was able to rest so that he could be present and support me when I needed him the most.

I cannot imagine going through labor and birth without Sierra by my side, and my husband and I are so happy with the experience. I can't recommend Sierra highly enough.

Meagan S


Sierra was a wonderful support to both my husband and me during the birth of our first child. We decided to work with a doula only a few weeks out from my due date and Sierra was flexible and accommodating in arranging to meet with us quickly and discuss our plans. She listened to both mine and my husband's hopes and worries offering support but never imposing her own advice unless we asked for suggestions. She helped to ease both of our anxieties around the birth process. Just two days after meeting I went into labor and Sierra was available throughout the entire process with us. She met us at the hospital after my water broke prematurely and I had to be induced. While some aspects of the labor process did not go as we had "planned," Sierra's support throughout it all helped us both to cope and remain positive. Some of the concrete techniques/help that I found really helpful were back massage, supporting with managing labor/contractions with walking and using spinning babies and positioning techniques after I had an epidural and was not able to be more physically mobile. Apart from specific techniques Sierra is a calming presence and always seemed to know what was needed without having to be asked. My husband I would both work with Sierra again and definitely recommend her to anyone looking to work with a kind hearted and open minded doula. 



Sierra prepared us beautifully our birth experience. Her expertise in working with non-binary and trans clients was immediately evident; she uses non-gendered language with ease and in a way that doesn't feel forced. It felt like such a relief to have one person in the whirlwind of providers, lab techs, receptionists, nurses, teachers -- everyone we interacted with used "women" and "mothers" without thinking, and Sierra was like an island of easy comfort in talking about birth without estranging me. 

Sierra is an excellent listener, and brings her entire presence when she's hearing what you fear, hope, and imagine. My partner and I were coming into our second labor after a traumatic first labor, and Sierra was able to hear our fears with incredible compassion and thoughtfulness. She included my mom as a support person by meeting my mom's needs as well as ours. When we said that my mom was hoping for concrete ways that she could be helpful, Sierra came with a plan for teaching us comfort measures as a group, and took as much time as we needed to practice and feel comfortable.

Sierra was very interested in what would work for *me*, and made sure to know what kind of suggestions, direction, or space I would want. We talked a bunch about the book on mindfulness I was reading, and she worked to integrate my learning with what she knew and had to offer.

I found out several days after my labor that Sierra took the nurses aside who were working with me and my daughter to ask them to recommit to calling me by the correct pronoun. I love that this happened without my even being aware, taking any burden or embarrassment away for me. She's not afraid to talk to providers about her clients' desires and needs, and to be compassionate and generous in working with providers. 

I highly recommend Sierra for any birthing person and their support team! 



For my second birth, I was looking for a doula that could help me achieve a much desired VBAC.  Despite knowing that I wanted a VBAC, I was nervous about potential complications and any adversity I might encounter from my OB and hospital staff.  Sierra really helped give me the confidence to stand up for myself and my baby.  We worked together to discuss my ideal birth and explore all the options and put together a birth plan that made me feel supported and heard.  Leading up to my due date, Sierra was very responsive and frequently checked in with me to see how I was doing.  Even when I had 5 days of prodromal labor she was a great support person to have over text messaging.  The night my water broke was the biggest snow storm of the season and she made it to the hospital without any delay.  During my labor, she supported me and my husband in every way possible.  She made sure that whenever the OB or nurses suggested an intervention that we took time to discuss it before making a decision.  This helped me to feel in control and not under any pressure.  I ended up having the beautiful VBAC I wanted and couldn't have been happier with the birthing experience.  Sierra's guidance and support was a major contributor to my positive experience.  I highly recommend Sierra to anyone looking for a doula- she is highly knowledgable, supportive, and kind.

Andrew Ahmadi


Sierra was an absolute pleasure to work with. My wife and I found her to be caring, informative, funny and highly knowledgable about the birthing process. As new parents, all of the were qualities that were extremely important to us. Sierra met with us twice prior to my wife giving birth, explaining options and listening intently to all of our crazy questions - and giving her insight. Sierra offered hands on techniques and showed me how to provide care to my wife when she was experiencing labor pains. 

When the big day came, Sierra answered right away and followed up with us several times until we went to the hospital. Sierra met us at the hospital and was an invaluable doula to my wife and to me. She offered comforting words to both us, listened to us, and helped me mentally prepare to go into the operating room (my wife had an unexpected C-section). After birth Sierra continued to follow up on my wife and to see if there was anything she could continue to do for us. She visited us after Amanda gave birth and checked in our little boy.

Sierra was undoubtedly a major help to both Amanda and I. I found her to be such a caring doula who, above all else, wanted to ensure that my wife was well cared for and understood her options for birth. And for that I am deeply thankful. I also personally found her to have an easy way of communicating and a pleasure to speak with. For new parents, I could not recommend her highly enough!

-Andrew Ahmadi


Anne Sheldon


We loved working with Sierra! She was attentive, communicative, knowledgable and nonjudgmental. As a first time mom, I didn’t really know what I didn’t know and Sierra was there to gently help me figure out and then there again to support me on the day of (which in my case meant she had to come to us at 2am!). Would highly recommend Sierra!

Samantha Clark


The best decision my husband and I made related to my delivery was choosing Sierra as our doula. We met her at a "Meet the Doulas" event and liked her instantly. Over the course of several months, she helped my husband I learn coping techniques to deal with pain, define our birth plan, come up with affirmations, and plan for the hardest part to come - postpartum. I never felt judged or pushed, only listened to every time I was with her. During the labor itself, it was like Sierra was everywhere, but in the background at the same time. She let me and my husband take the lead, but supported us constantly. Because of this, I had the natural delivery I wanted and the strength to do it. When we have another child, I know who we’ll want by our side again!

Karlee Butler Kennedy


We made a wonderful decision when we decided to hire Sierra to be part of our birthing team. She helped us feel knowledgable, empowered, and supported throughout our birthing experience from preparation through post-partum. She helped us meet our goals while delivering our first child for a very successful delivery. It was successful not because it went exactly as we planned but because we felt prepared and informed to make decisions along the way that were right for us. Also, because of her experience and approach, we felt fully prepared for what we could expect along the way. A big bonus for us, her warm approach to supporting our family made the experience even more special than we could've expected. 

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