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Karlye Ambrozic

Denver Holistic Doula, LLC

Littleton, CO Service range 30 miles



Birth Fee

$700 to $1000

Postpartum Rate


Availability Remarks: I serve up to 3 clients per month so I can fully support each family. I work closely with 2-3 Backup Doulas whom I select upon meeting for your unique needs.

Birth Fee

$700 to $1000

Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

2 years

Postpartum Doula Experience

3 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International, January 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: Postpartum assistance can be needed as early as a few days after birth, up to months after your babies arrival. No matter when the help is needed, I am here for you to help you be the best mother you can be. 1 Postpartum visit included in Birth Package.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
Attended by licensed Midwife

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Birth art therapy services
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • End of life doula services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Mother roasting
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Reiki
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Therapeutic bodywork
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am a Certified Labor Doula, Postpartum Doula, and Placenta Specialist. I also perform Reiki Therapy and host ceremonies such as Mother Blessings and Red Tent Gatherings. My journey into the Birth work started with my Bachelors of Science from Metropolitan State University of Denver. There I studied Integrative Health care and Health Care Management. My educational blend of Eastern and Western medicine allows a more comprehensive understanding when healing the body, mind and spirit. I completed my Doula certification through DONA International, and I serve all families regardless of race, religion, sexual preference or identification. My goal is to guide families through education, empowerment, and self reflection and become witness to their growth into parenthood. I have lived in Colorado for over 20 years and am passionate about improving maternal health outcomes. I'm also a Doula through the Children's Hospital Immunodeficiency Program (CHIP).

Fee Details

Throughout your pregnancy, labor and Postpartum I am there as your personal Doula to help you create a more satisfying transition into Motherhood & Parenthood. My role is to support you with comfort measures, reassurance, and advocate for your pre-determined birth preferences. Research shows that with the assistance of a Doula, interventions decrease, birth satisfaction increases, and an the baby's health APGAR ratings increase as well. I believe in creating a peaceful and serine space for you to welcome your newborn into this world either at a Hospital, Birthing Center, or Home. Various Packages, with my post popular including 2 Prenatals & 1 Postpartum visits with unlimited labor support. Reiki & Mother Blessing services also available. Let’s discuss your unique birthing needs with a phone call & meet and greet to discuss how I can best assist you and your new arrival!

Littleton, CO Service range 30 miles

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Client Testimonials for Karlye Ambrozic

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Jake and Jess


My wife and I were beyond grateful to have Karyle's support in pregnancy and birth. She was a great listener, responsive to our needs, and made us feel confident and supported throughout. My wife had a difficult labor and Karlye went above and beyond in tending to her. Karlye was also a great advocate / guide for us in the hospital throughout labor and delivery. She helped us to understand all of our options, and supported us in our decisions. She was not pushy at all and made sure we felt confident in our choices.

Another benefit to having Karyle is that she has a great network of educational resources, healthcare professionals, and is a wealth of knowledge herself on all things pregnancy, labor, and delivery related.

 We wholely recommend Karyle!

Sonja R


Karlye supported my husband and me during the birth of our son in March.  I actually wasn't sure I was a good candidate for having a doula because I was already on a highly, highly medical path and was already having a rough pregnancy.

Karlye was reassuring in the face of my negativity, and she talked through all the possible interventions we might face (and we ended up facing a lot of them).  She supported us when we pushed back against some of the medical recommendations, so I got to feel a bit more in control of the experience.  She also took some really sweet pictures of us through the process, and she helped my husband and mom stay firmly in the main supporting roles.  She kept a steady, calm demeanor and was encouraging without being over-the-top or intrusive.  

If you're planning a drug-free birth, spontaneous labor, or a beautiful home birth, I'm sure Karlye would be great.  My needs were a little different; after months of feeling like I was on the brink of failure and wouldn't be able to meet the challenges of childbirth, Karlye helped me see myself as a strong and worthy mom, and I'm proud of my birth story. 

We're so grateful that we connected with Karlye and that she was there with us through the whole journey.

Anna Drexler-Dreis


We hired Karlye while we were pregnant with our first child. While I was set up for a birth center birth, complications from placenta previa totally changed by course and I ended up having to be in the hospital and have a c-section. Karlye was incredible throughout the entire and ever-changing process. She came to our house (1.5 horus one way from where she lived) for our prenatal visit and visited us after our baby boy was born. She checked in with me frequently and went above and beyond with resources and guidance. I had a lot of feelings to work through after the delivery of our baby as it was so different from what I wanted. She REALLY helped me see my birth for what it was -- a miracle -- and helped me realize how incredibly strong and resilient I was throughout the entire process. Without Karlye I would still have birth trauma. I highly recommend hiring Karlye as your doula if you want an attentive, compassionate, and well educated doula.

Daniel Feldman


We had the pleasure of working with Karlye as our doula during the pregnancy and delivery of our baby. Her professionalism, knowledge, empathy, level of care, and commitment are truly outstanding. Her presence assisted us greatly in becoming informed and relaxed as first-time parents. Karlye is a fantastic listener and has a keen ability to share her considerable knowledge and experience in a way that is perfectly supportive and not overwhelming. As a new father, I felt relieved by her guidance and in knowing she would be there during delivery. Karlye fit in seamlessly with our whole experience and continually surprised me with her generosity and warmth; it's evident how deeply she cares about her profession and her clients. We were very fortunate to have partnered with Karlye and I'm confident you will feel the same—she is a true gem!



I had my placenta encapsulated with Karlye and i must say it was magical. I normally wouldn’t do something this “crunchy” but my wife suffered from postpartum depression 18 months ago when our son was born and it scared me enough to start looking for some options on how to keep myself healthy and happy. I’ve been taking my pills for 2 weeks now as recommended, my milk supply is WAY up and I refer to them as my happy pills. They’ve helped so far with energy, sweats, MILK, my mood and high spirits. Karlye made the process extremely easy and affordable. They picked up my placenta in the hospital and dropped the pills off to me while still in the hospital. They sent me updates and have checked on my well-being after we got home. I highly recommend that anyone having a baby invests in yourself and encapsulate your placenta but if you want to make sure the process is seamless you should 100% use Karlye.

Fre H.


Oh how amazing it was to have Karlye guide us through our journey to get here!!! As a first time mom, I had no clue about birth and the countless options. All was confusing until I met Karlye. Meeting with her ahead of time prepared us for what to expect. By the time I was due, I knew exactly how I wanted things to go. When it was time to give birth, she came to the hospital in the middle of the night and was by my side for more than 24 hours of labor. Karlye, with her calming presence, made what was completely overwhelming seem manageable.

I'm so thankful she was there for us during that crazy and intense but amazing experience! I cannot recommend Karlye highly enough.

Niki C.


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Karlye. From the very beginning she was patient and really listed to me. She took the time to listen to what went wrong with my first birth and what I wanted for my second birth. She was instrumental to my success in having a VBAC when my OB's told me it couldn't be done. Karlye took the time to get to know my husband and also supported him during my delivery. She made sure all of the midwives and nurses knew my birth plan and helped execute it for me while I was going through the strongest contractions of my life. From making sure I was hydrated, breathing slow and deep to talking me through and processing what was happening with my birth, she was fantastic! I could not have imagined my birth story without her. As my husband said, if we have a third child, we're definitely going to hire Karlye again. 

Christy Lees


Karlye was instrumental in creating a positive birth experience for me and my husband as we welcomed our first born. She helped us prepare mentally, emotionally and practically for what to expect and how to create the calm experience we desired. She remained a grounding presence prior to, during and after the birth and helped us feel incredibly supported. I would highly recommend working with Karlye.

Christina Crisman


Karlye was my doula for my natural birthing experience. I am not sure that I had any expectations as this was my first time delivering a baby but she managed to exceed any feelings, thoughts, hopes, and fears that I had. She not only supported me through the most difficult thing that I've ever done in my entire life, but she supported my family in getting me through what was a long 50+ hour labor full of ups, downs, some very intense contractions, no pain medication and emotions. I couldn't imagine going through this without her by my side. She was my rock, my therapist, my cheerleader, and my friend. I am so lucky to have met this incredible women and I don't know that I have admired anyone as much as I do her. Thank you Karlye from the bottom of my heart you are amazing and I am so happy to have had you as a part of my story and continued community!

Elle Wegner


I am a type A personality. I did all the research, I mentally prepared for an unmedicated birth, and I thought I did not need a doula. However, at 32 weeks I began to have my doubts - this was my first birth, will I be strong enough? Will my husband and I remember everything we learned? 
Now began a race against the clock to find a doula. Karlye came recommend to us by another doula, and from our first phone call I knew we were in good hands. Her science based philosophy, empathy and calm demeanor played a huge role in making our birth experience everything we hoped for.  

Both Karlye and her back up doula, Adrianna  attended my birth. I cannot thank them enough. They were there in all the critical moments. They asked the providers questions. They knew exactly what I needed when my contractions got intense. They provided guidance to my husband on how he could support me best. They held my legs when I pushed. All the while reassuring me that I was strong and I was doing a great job birthing my daughter. Having Karlye as our doula was one of THE BEST choices we made. 

No matter what kind of birth you are planning for, Karlye is a great addition to your support team. 



After being transferred in early labor from my birthing center to a hospital to have an emergency c-section with my first child, I wanted a different experience for my second. It was my dream to have a natural vbac in a calm setting where I could leave feeling empowered as a woman. It was this vision that led me to hiring a doula and eventually finding Karlye! She was and will forever be a blessing to my family. From our very first phone call I could feel her calm and assertive energy. Throughout my pregnancy, she sent me guided meditations, articles, and exercises all based off conversations and concerns I had shared with her which helped enforce the feelings that she genuinely cared about me and wanted to do everything in her power to ensure I had my dream labor and birth. She checked in with me throughout my pregnancy and was there for me the night I went into labor. Throughout the 21+ hours I labored at uchealth center for midwifery, she was with me through every contraction and emotion I felt. She helped calm me through massage, pressure points, aromatherapy, music, and more. She helped energize me through feeding me, offering sips of beverages, encouraging me with her words, breathing with me, and more. I was able to break down the barriers and fears I had built from my rather traumatic first birth and have the dream birth I had always wanted with my second, largely thanks to Karlye. My husband and I couldn't be happier with our decision to hire Karlye and would highly reccomend her as a labor doula. When I think back to laboring and birthing my second, I am filled with a sense of peace, love, and empowerment, which is exactly what I wanted.



I was referred to Karlye through another doula who was unavailable, and I'm so glad she pointed me to Karlye.  Karlye is quick to repsond to emails and phone calls, goes out of her way to research and offer advice on all pregnancy and newborn questions, and is overall a very professional young woman.  She met with my husband and I before the birth and explained the whole labor process and gave me exercises to do in preparation.  She worked with me on a birth plan.  I want3ed to give birth in a hospital because of my prior experience in losing a pregnancy in second trimester, and Karlye helped me adjust my birth plan to have a natural birth in a hospital setting.  She was also the emotional support I needed prior to and during labor and kept me calm.  Karlye is not judgemental about your birth choices and I would recommend her to anyone, regardless of the type of birth they want.  Ultimately I had the birth expeirence I wanted and avoided any hospital interventions.  Karlye was also upportive of my husband during the labor and instructed both of us through the use of a rebozo, breathing, etc.  I highly recommend Karlye. She was a wonderful doula and is a caring person all around.



I first met Karlye when given an assignment from my university to interview someone in the health field. I found Karlye interesting because she worked in the holistic health field at the time. Upon meeting her, she was extremely personable and easy to talk to. I was able to see that she was passionate in her work. She mentioned that she was on the path of becoming a doula. After educating myself on what a doula does, it intrigued me, and I thought to myself, “one day I’d like to have a doula to support me when I get pregnant.” And then, I became pregnant and I decided to reach out and see if she remembered me. We were able to connect over the phone and talk about my situation and my early pregnancy and catch up. Karlye worked with me on a fee that was workable for my husband and I. We agreed on three prenatal visits and a post part visit. Karlye came to each prenatal appointment with useful information on pregnancy and birth. She also gave us resources such as her drop box and books to read. She listened to my birth preferences and used that information to craft our sessions on what information was most valuable to me.I would recommend Karlye to anyone who is looking for a support person during their birth experience. She is passionate about this work and has so much knowledge about pregnancy, birth, and post partum care. She is extremely sweet, communicative, and willing to honor you and whatever your preferences may be. She always arrived on time never made us feel rushed during the appointments. I found it so helpful to have a doula with my first pregnancy because there are so many questions that I wanted to be answered. She also made my husband feel at ease since he had never experienced birth. I am so grateful that she took photos of the birth. I will always be reminded on how empowering it is to give birth. I plan to keep in touch with Karlye and I am honored to have been one of her clients.


Jessica Cade Fisher


Karlye has been a patient, supportive, and knowledgeable presence in our home since she began working with us and our newborn son. He was diagnosed with colic and acid reflux at 1 month old and she remains calm in the face of some difficult behaviors as he experiences major discomfort. Our family is extremely grateful for the bond she's formed with our son and as a mother to a 'colicky' baby it has been life-saving to get out of the house and spend some time taking care of myself, as well as connecting with our daughter and even having alone time with my husband. I highly recommend Karlye as a Postpartum Doula!

Caitlyn Roth


We are so happy we chose Karlye to attend our birth this September. We wanted someone who was familiar and encouraging of a non-medicated birth, and Karlye was just that. We talked extensively in our pre-natal visits about coping mechanisms and what she had to offer. We had a birthing center birth, and so many of our wishes as far as delayed cord clamping, skin-to-skin, etc were already part of their model. But should we have chosen a hospital setting, I feel confident that Karlye would have protected us immensely and made our wishes well known so we could concentrate on our baby and the birthing experience. 

Karlye was there for every need and worked seamlessly with my husband and our midwives. She took photos of our sons birth that we will treasure for a lifetime. If you are looking for someone who is passionate about mothers and babies, gentle and sensitive to your needs and kind beyond words- Karlye is a wonderful doula to consider!

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