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Amy Daher-Waller


Terrece was fantastic and I am so grateful that she was able to be part of our pregnancy journey. We decided to use a doula because we wanted to be able to hire our own birth professional to advocate and support us. We chose Terrece because she was clearly very knowledgable and thorough. My favorite part of having her as our doula was working on our birth plan. She was able to explain all of our options, we made plans for the birth we wanted, and plans for what our preferences would be if our birth didn't go as plan. I loved having back-up plans and we ended up needing those plans when we transferred from our birth center to the hospital. Our birth plan didn't go the way we ideally wanted but we were still able to have alternative preferences honored because we had made informed decisions with her help.

One of the things that was very imporant to us was that my husband be my primary birth partner. We needed a doula who was able to support him and understood when to step in. Terrece was very understanding and respectful of that. We had a long labor and she was a calming and supportive presence through the hours. She supported us both as we needed it, helping with suggestions and hands on assistance.

Terrece was also very flexible with our pre and post natal meetings. She was always able to answer my questions during my pregnancy. If she didn't know something she was able to reach out to her network and have clear answers for me very quickly. 

I cannot recommend her enough. 

Keerthi Pamulaparthy


I got to know of Terrece through Health Foundations doula internship program. Since it is my first pregnancy, and knowing what to expect during labor, I decided to have a doula to support me and my family, during labor. 

Terrece and I met a couple of times to learn about what to expect during labor and how she can support, and we went through a whole range of scenarios, and she helped me have a birth plan. She was also on call for me a week before my due date, and also checked in with me as I approached my due date.

When I was in labor, I kept communicating with Terrece on how to manage pain. She arrived at the birth center when I was there, and she suggested various positions for me to manage labor. Terrece also found a back up doula, who arrived when Terrece had to leave for her work. As my labor lasted really long, Terrece came back after work to be with me and help out. I ended up with complications after birth and Terrece joined my family and the mid wife at the hospital, where I was transferred in an emergency situation.

Terrence visited me at my 2 week postpartum visit to see how I was doing, and offered to help out with looking after the baby. Terrence is a very warm and friendly person, and she was an absolute support to me during my labor and delivery.

Chani Anderson


Terrece was wonderful, helpful and was great to help keep things calm throughout my labor. She gave helpful positions and techniques for when I had contractions. She stayed throughout my whole labor, which was about 26 1/2 hours and never left my room. She was great with trying to help me avoid getting an epidural but in the end I opted for one as the contractions were too much for me. During the pushing, she was there helping me with my positioning and kept cool and calm with each push motivating me. Terrece is an amazing and calm doula. I'm very happy and grateful that she was my doula for my first baby. 

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