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Karrie Nesbit, CLEC, HCHD

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Zionsville, IN Service range 20 miles

(949) 423-9764

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Certifications

  • Hypnobabies - Certified Hypno-Doula

Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 160 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, August 2009

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

DASC(Doulas of Southern California) Member South Coast Midwifery Doula Woodwinds Hospital Volunteer Doula Childbirth Collective Memeber

Fee Details

I offer a sliding scale for mothers under 21 years old and if mother's partner is deployed with the military.

Zionsville, IN Service range 20 miles

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As the husband and father I feel like I benefited from Karrie's calm demeanor and attention to detail as much or maybe more than my wife did. We had a fast labor so there really wasn't any time to prepare or relax with Karrie at home prior to going to hospital. Once at the hospital, Karrie quickly took charge of making sure we got to the right floor, were in the right room, etc. She knew her way around and everyone at Hoag which helped all around.

More than anything, Karrie helped me realize that, even though we were not having the baby at the birthing center as planned, we still had choices and can communicate what we want and do not want with the doctor and hospital staff. Karrie helped me have the confidence that I needed to tell them when something was ok or not ok and to be in charge of our care -- vs being idle bystanders and doing whatever we're told by some new random hospital staff person we've never met before and regretting the experience later. I felt empowered during a stressful situation which is what I needed in order to support my wife who was really doing all the work.

Karrie kept us all calm and in control of our birth and for that we are so thankful and wouldn't even consider doing it again without her. Highly recommend her.

Sara Ana


I am so happy I made the decision to hire Karrie as my doula for the home birth of my son a couple weeks ago. My labor was very long, and I honestly don’t know what I would have done (to my husband, haha!) if Karrie hadn’t been there with us to support us. Going through labor, especially for the first time, can be overwhelming and scary at times, and you never know what challenges will come your way. Karrie was there to reassure my husband and I that everything was going well and normally when we weren’t sure, she was so helpful with suggesting different positions and using different techniques to help ease the discomfort. She was by our side for a long time and for that we are so grateful. I highly recommend Karrie as a doula!

melissa pape


Karrie is absolutely amazing. Having a natural Hypnobabies birth was important to me and with the support and encouragement of Karrie, I had just that!

She's knowledgeable, professional, prepared, calm, confident and a true team player.

Throughout my pregnancy she provided knowledge, by answering any and all questions I had, and resources, by offering books and websites with data backing information. This allowed me to discover all my options and create the best birthing plan for my family and I. When it came to my birthing time Karrie was prepared and attentive. I delivered in a hospital so there were many "cooks in the kitchen" but Karrie offered professionalism in every sense of the word. She remained calm and supportive to not only myself, but to my partner, my mother, the midwife, and all the labor and delivery nurses. She was there to coach me through my scripts when my partner needed a break, and she was there to keep everyone (myself included) focused and on task and she did it with ease and peace.

It's been 3 months now since my birthing time and Karrie continues to help support me through breastfeeding and the journey of motherhood. Karrie is an amazing and empowering lady. Baby O and I are so happy to have you in our lives! xo

Jennifer Dolan


If you are looking for a doula, Karrie is amazing. She was truly instrumental in me achieving a VBAC, and provided an incredible level of support throughout a tough pregnancy. I'm embarrassed to think about how many times I texted or emailed her a question, and she always provided me with wonderful resources in the form of books, websites (I love to research), and referrals. My labor was much quicker and more intense than I had expected, and she was a constant source of reassuring calm. The best examples of how she works is as follows: 1) I spent hours working and researching my birth plan, and then proceeding to not pack it in my hospital bag. Right before my son was born, the nurse started asking what newborn procedures I wanted to have performed/declined. I started to panic because I couldn't remember what I had decided. Karrie calmly pulls out a copy of my birth plan she had packed and reminded me of my choices. 2) Karrie keeps you informed of possible scenarios that are coming up in your labor, without sugar coating or focusing on scary scenarios, in a super reassuring manner. Which could sound inconsequential, but when you are in labor for the first time, it is nice to know what is ahead. She did a hundred other things that made my birth the best it could possibly be, and I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone.

Laura Russell


My husband, a Marine, was deployed to Afghanistan at the beginning of my pregnancy and there was a good chance he wouldn't be able to be home before my due date. I had never heard of a Doula before this pregnancy (read about doulas in the Hypnobirthing book) but am SO glad that I ended up with such a wonderful one. I found Karrie through Operation Special Delivery (which is an organization that provides doulas for military wives whose husbands are deployed during their pregnancy) and within minutes into the interview knew I wanted her.
Even after hiring her, I still was uncertain how beneficial a doula would be during the labor and birth, having never had a baby before. But I don't know what I would've done without her! The morning my son was born, I called her, unsure as to whether I was in labor or not, and she helped me figure out what was going on and gave me some suggestions as to what to do (go back to sleep!). A couple hours later, she was at my apartment and helped me relax and remain calm throughout contractions (I honestly didn't realize how tense I was during them until she instructed me to relax!). She walked my dogs for me and even handled all the necessary phone calls once I was past the point of coherency.
At the hospital, it seemed she was doing a thousand things at once - taking notes, giving me instructions, trying to video call my husband, taking photos, and talking to the hospital staff. After the birth of our little boy, she helped me with breastfeeding and figuring out how to wear the Moby Wrap.
I am so incredibly grateful that I had Karrie during this process. Even had my husband been here for the birth, I still would've wanted a doula because it was invaluable to have someone that knew what to expect during labor and birth.
If you are looking for a doula, Karrie is the one to go with! She was wonderful - and is still checking up on me weeks after the birth. :)
Thank you Karrie!

Dania Bank


Having a Doula during our birthing time was the best decision we could have made, and having Karrie as ours was even better. As first time parents we didn't know what to expect and Karrie was there for us at every step along the way. She was there to answer questions, clear any concerns and kept us calm the entire time. She had great suggestions and techniques to help facilitate the birthing process and was a great moral and physical support. We took the hypnobabies course and used it during our pregnancy of which Karrie was very knowledgable and supporting. She was also great in helping us work with the hospital staff and procedures, and was an advocate of our birth preferences.

Our beautiful daughter Elisse came to the world as a healthy and happy baby at 11:59 pm on 10/28/2013 and we were so grateful of having Karrie there to share this experience with us.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Karrie!
With love,
Dania, Bernardo and Elisse.

Christine Byrd


Hiring Karrie as our doula for the birth of our second child was the best decision we made. Our first delivery (without a doula) brought unexpected complications that left us scared and confused, and ended in an emergency C-section. I knew that the second time around, I wanted someone “in my court” throughout the process to support and guide us as we tried for a VBAC. Karrie spent time with us beforehand discussing our options, sharing information, and learning what our specific hopes and fears were for the birth. She brought a wealth of knowledge and an easy-going, straight-forward approach. She helped us access and effectively leverage many resources – a birth teacher, books, videos, our OB, the hospital – to prepare for the birth experience we wanted. And during labor and delivery, she was with us at every step, making me and my husband feel secure and confident, and helping us advocate for what we wanted at the hospital. Ultimately, we had exactly the kind of birth we wished for. Her suggstions for positions during labor helped move the baby down and make labor more efficient, and her calm confidence helped us labor at home longer and avoid unnecessary medical interventions. We had a wonderful birthing experience, and we know we couldn’t have done it without Karrie’s expertise and help. She stayed with us for hours after the birth helping us deal with a feeding issue, and continued to provide support in the days and weeks after the birth. We think Karrie’s worth her weight in gold, and we couldn’t imagine having had our amazing birth experience without her.

Jim Hefner


My husband and I had planned on interviewing a number of doulas until our first meeting with Karrie. Immediately, we knew she was the perfect match for us. She was warm but direct, funny and knowledgeable, and her easy-going nature brought calm and confidence to us as first-timers. Our birth was long and difficult--62 hours from membrane rupture to birth with a posterior baby-- and I can honestly say that I'm not sure I could have endured it without Karrie's guidance and support. She was with me at every step, giving me honest information and feedback and inspiring me to believe that I could be successful. For nearly 36 hours, Karrie did not leave my side; when I chose to transfer from the birth center to the hospital, Karrie supported me and continued to guide me toward my goal with confidence and optimism despite how exhausted we all were. She managed my unbalanced family members and my worried husband with grace and compassion and somehow continued to find little moments of humor in the midst of it all. Despite all the odds stacked against us, I was able to have a normal vaginal delivery of my little girl, and I truly believe Karrie had a lot to do with that happy and successful outcome. After our delivery, she stayed in contact, checking in often, offering invaluable breastfeeding advice and endlessly reminding us that it would get easier and that we would actually get more than 2 hours sleep in a row...someday. She is small but mighty in body, mind and spirit, and we feel blessed to have had her as part of our birth story.

Danielle Kimzey


If you are looking for a Doula, (and you should be!) look no further because Karrie is the most amazing Doula you could ever have!! She was my Doula at the birth of our daughter in December and I can’t imagine having done it without her. Since this was my first time to give birth, I didn’t know what to expect and if having a Doula was necessary until we met Karrie and immediately I knew that having a Doula would be one of the most important components to the kind of birth that I wanted, one in which I felt confident, sure, and peaceful throughout the process, but most importantly, that Doula had to be Karrie. She is such a peaceful, knowledgeable, and compassionate presence. You feel like you can do anything when she is there beside you. Karrie recently moved to Southern California from the Midwest and I think there is an entire new lake in Minnesota filled with tears shed by the women who won’t be able to have Karrie as their Doula anymore. Karrie takes the most amazing care of you and makes sure you are fully prepared for the birthing process mentally and physically, walking you through it from a few weeks before hand to a few weeks after the birth. The minute I called her to tell her I was in labor, she was able to reign in all the million thoughts I was having and help me focus on the task at hand. I immediately felt calm, confident and capable and she helped my husband help me in the most amazing ways that we couldn’t have thought of ourselves. So, basically I attribute the fact that I had a great labor experience to Karrie’s presence and how she helped me and my husband. I literally don’t know what I would have done without her and would highly highly highly recommend her to anyone who is about to give birth. Karrie was so amazing that if I ever move from Southern California I’ll have to find a way to fly Karrie out for my next pregnancy. I can’t imagine going through labor without her! And neither should you!

Alicia Pilon


My husband and I knew Karrie was the one for us the first time we all met. She jumped in to help out at an event we attended to learn more about doulas. Her willingness to assist and fun-loving attitude appealed to us right away. We interviewed a few other doulas after that to ensure diligence, but there really was no need... when you jive with someone, you just know. And the comfort Karrie brought to us was something we immediately knew we wanted as part of the birth experience of our first child. Karrie was a fabulous resource for us during pregnancy... allowing me to bounce ideas off of her, lending us resources, meeting to discuss our expectations, providing information regarding our options, etc. When the big day finally came, she was there for us, supporting my husband as my birth partner, making us feel safe and empowered as we brought our baby girl into this world. Our experience was amazing, in large part due to Karrie and the confidence she allowed us to have the birth we desired. I whole-heartedly recommend Karrie Nesbit as a birth doula to moms interested in having their best possible birth experience! Our daughter will someday know who was present as she was born: mommy, daddy, and their angel Karrie!

Jana Velo


It has been wonderful to work with Karrie as a doula. From our first meeting, I felt a connection with her, and really appreciated her straightforward style of communication. She is very organized and offers resources to expectant couples such as book loans, helpful websites, and information about events and classes to help prepare for childbirth.

My homebirth was a rather quick one, and I appreciated Karrie's calm, caring presence in addition to my husband's support. Her suggestions really got through to me when I was having the most intense contractions. When I interviewed Karrie, she'd mentioned that she can be very direct when she thinks a laboring mother needs it, and I thought this kind of coaching would suit me. It turned out not to be necessary, because she worked so well with me and my husband. Karrie was also a powerhouse with hip squeezes- much more effective than my 6 foot husband!

When my contractions were intensifying, Karrie told me to "Relax and let your body do what it's supposed to do". It seems unthinkable that you could relax during contractions, but these were the magic words that got to me. Once she told me this, I relaxed considerably and tried to let the contractions do their thing, rather than fighting them. Not too long after that, our little girl was born!

Immediately after the birth and at our follow-up meeting, Karrie helped me quite a bit with breastfeeding techniques and advice, and kept in touch to answer any questions I had. I would definitely work with Karrie again, if the opportunity arises!

Sarah Clymer


My husband and I learned about doula services at our childbirth preparation course.  We contacted Karrie just a few weeks before the due date. In spite of the limited time, Karrie did everything she could to prepare my husband and me for the birth. She gave us informational books and videos and even attended one of my prenatal appointments to meet our doctor and discuss our birth plan. Karrie helped me to stay positive when the baby was overdue by meeting me for coffee and recommending activities such as exercise, prenatal massage and "belly mapping" art to show the baby’s position.

Karrie is very knowledgeable about labor management and natural pain coping strategies. During labor, Karrie was with us at the hospital the entire time and helped us to follow our birth plan: a natural birth with minimal medical interventions. When my water broke before contractions began, Karrie gave suggestions that helped to speed up my labor naturally, such as walking around outside the hospital and getting into the "hands and knees" position. With her help and my husband's support, I went into active labor without the use of pitocin. Later, when our nurse determined that the baby was "sunnyside up," Karrie suggested labor positions to turn him around. After 4-5 contractions in the positions that she suggested, the baby rotated and, soon after, I began pushing and delivered a healthy baby boy.

Karrie brought things to make me more comfortable, such as an iPod dock and essential oils. Karrie also kept our parents (in the waiting room) informed so that my husband never had to leave my side. After the birth, Karrie visited us at home to make sure that we were all doing well. You can tell that Karrie is passionate about what she does because of her caring attitude and attention to detail. We had a great birth experience, in large part because of Karrie's assistance.

Maya Bhat


Karrie helped my husband Thomas and me with the birth of our first son in August 2011.  We were so glad to have had her as our doula!  She met with us twice before our birth, each time bringing us really helpful books and DVDs to borrow on childbirth, childcare, birth partnering, breastfeeding, and infant care.  She was very organized, going through a checklist of things to discuss to make sure we were prepared and had thought of various things to help with.  She proactively emailed me with things going on and when she was going to be away.  Karrie came to our house before and after the birth for our meetings, which was super convenient for us.    The day of our birth, we called Karrie when we thought we were in labor.  She gave us good guidance and came to our house when we knew we were ready for her help.  I immediately had an easier time working with my contractions when she got there and started giving me instructions.  She guided me to positions that would help my labor progress, and told us when we really needed to go to the hospital.  She continued to help suggesting positions, and gently made suggestions/questions to our midwife during the birth process.  She held my hand when I needed stiches after the delivery.  Karrie went our of her way to get advice from other doulas and midwives on healing from bad tears, and brought me some of the suggested supplies.  Overall, Karrie was terrific and having a doula was so wonderful.  She really helped Thomas be a better birth partner and be more involved in the process.  It was great for both of us.  I highly recommend having a doula for any type of birth - and even more so if you want to have a natural childbirth!   I did and I can see it easily becoming overwhelming if you don't have the right guidance.  We would certainly ask Karrie to be our doula again - thank you Karrie! 

Mark & Maria Brooks


When first considering a doula we were apprehensive of finding someone to share such an intimate experience, and also someone that would be prepared to understand our needs, respect our wishes but also stretch and inform our knowledge to make better decisions.

Karrie Nesbit exceeded our expectations on every front, from the pre-natal discussions, through the delivery and even post partum.

Karrie gave fact based information, experience based advice, lent us material to educate and inform on our own time and most importantly listened and helped develop our birth and contingency plan.

During the birth everything went differently to our base plan, our preparation helped us make good choices and achieve our goal. Karrie was nothing less than a superhero during the most traumatic and life changing experiences for both of us. With a clear head she found the balance between strength, empathy and direction, at all times supportive, focused and giving of herself, her energy and her talent.

We cannot recommend Karrie highly enough.

Maria & Mark

Emily and Mike Sicard


My husband (30) & I (29) had our first baby in February 2011. The basic details of our experience include:
Labor = 37 hrs
Birth location = Hospital
Interventions = ITN (Intrathecal Narcotic): This was the only medicinal intervention we used, around hour 35. Its a shot & doesn't require interventions like catheters, IVs, etc. We were pleased it was all we ended up using because we wanted an all natural birth.
Doula = Yes!
Our doula was Karrie Nesbit & we couldn't have done it without her! Primary ways Karrie helped us: laboring (mental preparation, changing positions, counter-pressure, positive reinforcement), working with hospital staff/care, providing resources/info during pregnancy & after, ensuring our needs/desires were clearly outlined & made a priority; being an extra set of (knowledgeable) hands & support. She was friendly, relatable & interested in what we wanted & how we hoped things would go. She had our best interest at heart & helped us make choices true to our optimal experience. Karrie is knowledgeable & continues to educate herself & we really appreciated her contributions. Without Karrie, we wouldn’t have had the experience we did - We wouldn’t have known all the alternatives we were in favor of or opposed to or how to provide direction best for what we wanted; we wouldn’t have labored as successfully as we did; and we would have had interventions that we wouldn’t have wanted.
Its nice to have someone there you can trust has the best interests for your wife & baby & whose advice you can trust makes all the difference. When I met Karrie I knew she would be part of our experience. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to have her involved in future births. Karrie is thoughtful, knowledgeable, reliable, and most of all - the doula we'll use again.

Allyson Hart


Karrie is an amazing doula.  She provided a strong calming presence from her meetings before labor through the labor itself.  The fact that she loves her job shows in everything she does and she probably has higher expectations of herself than her clients do.  If you are looking for a knowledgeable doula who will help you from beginning to end but is also very down to earth with a sense of humor, she is perfect!  We wouldn't have had the experience we had without her.

rebecca nichols


Our experience with Karrie as our Doula was amazing! She was there through our whole birthing experience, very supportive, getting me to move around during labor, making sure I stayed hydrated, getting the nurse as needed, and helping my husband help me through it. She even stayed around for a few hours after our daughter was born to make sure that our new baby girl was latched on for nursing and that we didn't need anything else before she left. She also has been available since for any questions I might have.

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