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Summerfield, FL Service range 80 miles


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Birth Fee

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0 years and 16 births attended

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Type of practice: Solo practice

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Summerfield, FL Service range 80 miles

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Neena is a phenomenal doula. My husband and I were got in contact with her many months prior to my due date and when we were still living in California. We set up a meeting on facetime and when we first spoke I already felt a great connection with her. When we finally moved to Florida we were able to meet in person. My husband and I fell in love with her! Unfortunately we found out a few weeks later that she was moving to Georgia and we had to find a backup doula just in case. But Neena said she was going to do her best to be present at my labor.

The day finally came when the contractions started, we got in contact with Neena and our backup doula. Even though it was the middle of the night, Neena got in her car and started her long journey to the birth center in Florida. My labor was advacing really fast and my husband and the other doula were doing their best to help me through the contractions. I remember vividly being in the tub in excrutiating pain when Neena finally arrived. I was so happy to see her there. She immediately got to work. She got her essential oils and started rubbing my back and never left my side until my baby was born. I know I couldn't have done this without her. I got desperate multiple times, crying and saying "I can't do this anymore". And everytime Neena would look at me and say "But you're doing it Mama!" 

I am so thankful that she was able to make it in time. I am positive that if she wasn't by my side, my husband and I would've freaked out and I would have ended up being transferred to the hospital to get an epidural (something I was truly against it).

So thank you Neena, for helping me get through this and ultimately have the birth experience I have always dreamed of! You are an angel and I would never forget the experience that we shared with you


Rebecca Jozefik


Having Neena has my doula was the best decision  I have ever made. She is always there for you and very informative and extremely  caring and will always make it a point  to make sure she is available for you at any time of day and/or night. Neena is absolutely  amazing not only as a doula but also as a friend.  I reccomend  her to anyone who needs a doula. She made my birthing experience wonderful. 

Andrea Althoff


Neena is an amazing doula.  Her warm and nurturing way was exactly what I needed during the home birth of my second son.  During my pregnancy she was attentive and made sure to keep contact which helped to build a strong and comfortable bond.  For me, this was so helpful so that I could feel at ease with her presence during my labor and delivery.  She was calm and supportive during the most intense parts of my labor and would offer suggestions for things she saw I needed or that would help ease the pain. My son was born on Labor Day and even though Neena had traveled more than 10 hours returning from a family reunion, she got right back on the road and drove almost 2 hours to attend my birth. What dedication!! I highly recommend Neena and will recommend her to all my mama friends looking for a doula.

Jordan Sparks


Neena is an amazing doula and there is no way I would have been able to have the birth I wanted without her! I realized last minute that my sister would not be able to attend my birth as planned so I called Neena on short notice and we met while I was in labor. I instantly felt like we had been friends forever. She is extremely caring, kind, calming, and friendly. She was amazing at reading what I needed at each moment in a long, painful labor. She knew when I needed her to lighten the mood between contractions, when I needed encouragement or suggestions on new positions or comfort measures, and when it was time to get down to business!

She worked together as a team with my husband, my friend, and my midwife, who were all in the room. She tirelessly massaged my back through every contractions for about 15 hours straight, made sure I stayed hydrated and fed, cooled me down with cool rags and fans, and constantly encouraged me and made me feel like I was superwoman and could do the impossible. I was able to deliver my first baby in a birthing center with no medications or medical interventions because I had such an amazing doula. She welcomed my precious daughter into the world with prayer and worship music and made it an experience I will always cherish. She also stayed after the birth for several hours making sure I had food and drinks and helping me navigate breastfeeding for the first time and she followed up with us post partum to make sure everyone was doing well.

I cannot express how grateful I am for everything that Neena has done for us. I know I would not have made it without her kind support, encouragement, and hard work. I highly recommend working with her and hope that I have the privilege of having her at any and all of my future births!

Beryl Dudley Stephen


Neena was phenomenal to say the least. As my due date approaches with my second baby, I was filled with anxiety that came almost out of nowhere. I was very in tune with my body and my baby, yet still needed the reassurance, and Neena gave me just what I needed. As labor began and progressed quickly, Neena talked through what I was feeling and helped me ensure I had everything ready to head to the birth center.

Once I got to the birth center and the midwife said I was pretty much ready to push, Neena was right there offering beverages, helping maneuver the contractions until the birth tub was ready. As I entered the water, Neena gave me the continued reassurance I desperately needed to push through (literally and figuratively). Her encouraging words came right as needed. Once baby arrived, she remained attentive to me and what I needed (offering water, food, etc.) so that I could focus on my son. She was also amazing with my daughter and helping her acclimate to the new baby.

I couldn’t have gotten through this birth without her and would recommend her to any other mamas seeking support during their birth. Thank you Neena for everything! :)

June and Erik Erb


Neena was the doula for my best friend Jordan's first child who she delivered all natural at the Birth Place this past week. Right from the start I knew I just loved Neena. She was calm, quiet, professional and the most kind woman all around. Immediately upon arrival Neena put her expertise to use and was able to help Jordan relax and find relief during her painful contractions. Neena was so encouraging to Jordan and never left her side once. She listened to Jordan's needs and was always very helpful and reassuring. At one point during the birth I held Jordan's hand and prayed out loud over her and Neena also prayed along. It was a beautiful moment! 

Overall I cannot say enough wonderful things about Neena! I hope that with my next baby she can be my doula too. She was literally so wonderful and I know Jordan had an amazing birth because of the love and support she received from Neena's care.

Thanks for being amazing, Neena! 

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