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Emily Workman

Maternal Mind Doula Services

Website: http://www.maternalminddoula.com

Phone: 7209340697

Birth Fee: $600 to $800

Fee Details: 1-2 prenatal visit on-call 37-42wks in-person support throughout active labor and birth 1 postpartum visit

Birth Doula Experience: 1 years and 30 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, January 2018
Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 2 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education

  • MA/MS

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Childbirth Education Services
  • Miscarriage Support (Before, During or After)
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental

Languages spoken: English

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Alexandria, VA
Travel Range: 60 Miles

Client Testimonials for Emily Workman

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When I made the decision to try to have a natural birth, my husband and I both agreed it was probably in our best interest to hire a doula. My husband is the best in so many ways, but anything blood-and-guts-related is not in his wheelhouse of strengths. Knowing there was a very real possibility that he was going to pass out in the labor room, I started my search for a second support person. I went into my doula search with only two criteria, suggested to me from a friend who also had a natural birth assisted by a doula: a) that our personailities clicked, and b) that I was 100% ok with this person seeing me butt naked. I interviewed 3 doulas before I found Emily, and as soon as I FaceTimed with her, I immediately checked off criterion A, and after about 3 minutes to chatting was able to check off criterion B. 

Little did I know JUST how essential Emily was going to be in the birth of our son, both physically and mentally. She stayed with me for the entire 9 hours of pitocin-enhanced active labor, helping me change positions (when I was actually willing to move off my yoga ball), squeezing my back through each contraction, wiping my brow (and probably some tears), coaching me through visualization techniques to take the edge off the pain, and giving me tough love when, after almost 3 hours of pushing with what felt like no progress, I wanted to give up. 

Emily is a kind, strong, empathetic, funny, down-to-earth, intuitive woman who has found her calling as a doula. I tell everyone I know who is pregnant to hire her, and I could not have had the birth experience I did without her by my side. 

Posted 4/30/2019

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Well, I'm typing this as my little one is napping upstairs. My husband and I are so grateful to Emily for her help welcoming him into this world! Emily was remarkably present and available all throughout my pregnancy via texts, emails and in-person visits. My son was breech the entire time, and Emily made a special house call to coach me through some exercises to try and get him to flip. Emily also helped us prepare emotionally and practically for a c-section and when we eventually needed one, we were calm and ready. She is a whiz with family (especially with difficult grandmas-to-be who maybe could use their own doula!). Emily saved us with her post-natal visit, too: we had received odd guidance from our in-hospital lactation consultants to exclusively pump from the start. Emily went out and got me a nipple shield which enabled us to breastfeed immediately. It was a small act that meant so much to me in that first week. I highly recommend Emily for your own pregnancy and delivery journey. 

Posted 3/11/2019

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This is long overdue. Emily helped me with my first pregnancy and delivery this past fall. I knew from the beginning I needed someone other than my husband and my mother in the room. Someone who had experience, and wasn’t emotionally attached to me...yet someone who had sympathy and would be able to support me in the right way. That is exactly what Emily did for me. My delivery definitely didn’t go as planned and I was told I’d have to have a c-section due to my baby flipping during labor. I couldn’t have asked for better support. Not only for me, but also for my family members. She is kind and gives the right type of positive support. This is highly important when you are in an environment where you are dealing with several different types of health care providers. I’d highly recommend her, especially if it’s your first time having a little one! Thank you Emily! My little one thanks you as well-he wouldn’t have had such a calm mama if it wasn’t for you! 

Posted 3/6/2019

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It would be difficult to overstate how glad we were to have Emily as our doula. My wife mentioned hiring a doula, and I was initially skeptical. I was unsure of what a doula did, and I thought it would be just someone else in the delivery room getting in the way. I could not have been more wrong. The delivery room is messy, loud, and exhausting, and having someone there to help navigate the process is priceless. Emily helped me support my wife so that I could be more active in the delivery. She encouraged my wife when the contractions were especially bad, and she reassured me that everything was normal. The hospital staff would pop in and out, but having someone who was able to focus on just us was really nice. The support Emily gave us leading up to the birth was such a great asset. Emily has a wealth of knowledge and was there for us to answer questions and provide a sounding board when we had uncertainty. It was a level of attention that I didn't expect I would need, but I was so very glad to have. Emily has my thanks and recommendation.

Posted 3/5/2019

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Christina Lay

Emily saved my entire labor experience of 24 hours - she was super helpful, encouraging, calming, and supportive, and I can't imagine what my labor would have been like without her. She takes charge, is calm and knows what she is doing, and she was helpful even in the few weeks leading up to delivery. My baby was transverse, and she referred me to an acupuncturist who got the baby to turn head-down, and recommended exercises to do to at home to help get the baby in the right position.

My labor was the opposite of what I thought it would be like - my water broke 2.5 weeks early in the middle of the night and I went to the hospital with no contractions, and wasn't dilated. I was on pitocin for almost 24 hours, and once the contractions started, it was really painful. Emily was in the hospital with us for 12 hours and she was immensely helpful knowing what to ask the nurses for, she was reassuring and encouraging, and helped me get into different positions to try to get the baby to drop more and help the labor along. I could imagine some doulas being overly encouraging to the point of sounding like an annoying cheerleader, but Emily was nothing of that sort. 

After the baby had been delivered and whisked away for measurements, I was left to deliver the placenta. Since my husband was with my son and the doctors, Emily stayed by my side and it was so nice to have someone there to reassure me. She even took great photos of the 3 of us right after delivery. Even at 2:30 am, she went to grab a sandwich for me since I hadn't eaten for 24 hours and stayed for an hour or so to make sure everything was okay and we were all doing well.

She's reasonably priced and she was worth every penny. I had interviewed a handful of doulas and I found Emily's demeanor and personality was a great fit with ours. I've recommended her to a lot of other people and would happily hire her again if we have another baby!

Posted 2/4/2019

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Rachael Groseclose Blodgett

Emily was such an important part of our birth experience! I'm a bit of a worrier and I figured I could benefit from the support of a doula. I knew immediately after meeting Emily that she would be the right fit...she's funny and friendly but also realistic and down to earth.

During our prenatal visit, Emily made both my husband and I feel much more at ease about the labor experience and gave us lots of exercises and things to try to get ready. She continued to check in leading up to my due date and was immediately available when I found out I would need to be induced early.

I'm not sure how I would have made it through those pre-epidural hours/contractions without Emily. She was a constant support throughout the entire delivery both physically (applying counterpressure) and mentally (explaining what could happen and that it was all normal). It really helped ease my anxiety as things progressed. She even called my favorite deli after I gave birth to order me the sub I had been waiting to eat for 9 months! And she remembered and brought sandwiches to us during her postnatal visit!

Emily is passionate about what she does and our birth experience wouldn't have been as positive as it was without her. I couldn't recommend her more highly!

Posted 1/29/2019

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Sarah LaRosa

Emily is a phenomenal doula! I was diagnosed with preeclampsia two weeks before my due date. She was incredibly knowledgeable and supportive as my husband and I navigated a lengthy and somewhat complicated induction needed to ensure a healthy delivery for me and my baby. We had so many questions and concerns and she was able to provide all the information and reassurance needed to put us at ease. During labor she helped me find productive positions, massaged my back to alleviate pain, and was ultimately the calm uplifting presence I needed to get me through the delivery. Emily has my highest recommendation- any expecting mother would be lucky to have her support before, during and after their baby arrives!

Posted 1/26/2019

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It is hard to express how wonderful Emily was as our doula! She was incredibly supportive, knowledgeable, kind, and thoughtful. Before our due date, Emily gave us lots of helpful advice on how to prepare for labor, suggested birth classes when we struggled to find one that worked with our restrictive schedules, and was great about periodically checking in as our due date approached to see how we were doing. During labor, Emily took care of all the big and small details of the day so that my husband and I wouldn’t have to worry about them and be as relaxed as possible. In fact, there were so many things that Emily did that we didn’t even realize what a huge difference they made until afterwards! For example, she knew how to position the hospital bed and all the support devices to make me as comfortable as possible - I would have had no idea to try some of the birthing positions that ended up being exactly what I needed. I am sure that Emily was a big part of why I was able to have a drug-free birth (although she was supportive of me getting an epidural if that’s what I had wanted to do). She also did things like setting up warm LED lights all over the room instead of using the harsh hospital lights, helping with massage to alleviate pain, and bringing us breakfast after our son was born. These are such small details, but made such a big difference! Since the birth, Emily has kept in touch, making sure that things are going well and providing resources for things we’ve struggled with. We feel so lucky that we had Emily as our doula and that we now consider her a friend!

Posted 11/2/2018

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Emily Walker

I highly recommend Emily! She was a crucial part of the incredible birth team that helped me have a successful VBAC. She’s caring, practical, down to earth, and responsive which is exactly what we wanted and needed. She was a wealth of helpful advice while I was pregnant, during our prenatal visit and especially when I was in labor and immediately after delivery. She coached my husband on the best ways to support me during labor and helped get my baby latched quickly to get us started on a great breastfeeding relationship - two things that were super important to us. Emily went above and beyond what we would have ever expected of a doula, including driving us to the hospital, taking incredible pictures for us immediately after the birth, and going out to pick up food for my husband who hadn’t eaten in over 12 hours.

I wish I’d known to hire a doula with my first baby. I’m so glad we did for the second, and that it was Emily!

Posted 10/5/2018

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Kristin Reagan

We are so thankful that we got to work with Emily! She is professional, personable, she is a mom herself which I love, and she was the perfect fit for us and our situation. Emily made the most of her time with us, even though I decided to hire a doula just a couple weeks before my due date. With my first baby, the most challenging part about my labor was the physical experience of labor itself. However, with my second, the biggest challenge of my labor was mentally getting through the five days I went past my due date and managing the possibility of an induction. I had one scheduled for day 6, and wanted to avoid it if I could. Emily offered a reassuring, supportive presence as I took steps to induce labor naturally. She worked with me to make sure the baby was positioned well, gave me practial steps to take, and checked in on me with encouraging text messages. Her support helped me to mentally get to the place where I felt empowered to take responsibility / ownership of my own childbirth experience, regardless of the scheduled induction. By the evening of day 5, I knew my baby would arrive soon, and I got to the hospital with just an hour to spare! Emily was there with excellent support through that hour and immediately after the birth. I am beyond thankful for her - even though my labor was short, her input and presence were critical for my own preparation in the last weeks leading up to birth, and I can't recommend her more highly!

Posted 10/4/2018

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Michal Bilick

Emily is AMAZING. She is a great listener, encouraging, empathetic, and very knowledgable. She quickly became my biggest source of support leading up to my birth, during labor, and post-partum. (In fact, I was working with a different doula, but after meeting her for a few minutes, i knew that I wanted to work with her- so glad I made the switch).

She was readily available anytime I needed to talk during the days leading up to the birth. While I was laboring at home, she was on the phone guiding me through the pain and giving me a lot of encouragement. Somehow she quickly became the closest person to me during my whole birth experience. 

As labor slowed down in the hospital, and the doctor was pushing interventions, she was my advocate without judging any of my decisions. She walked me through all of my options, held my hand, and did not leave my side/the room the entire day. Her ability to make you feel like you are the only thing that matters is truly special and genuine. 

It's been five weeks since I had my baby girl and she is still available by phone or text for emotional and practical support. Emily is a truly special person and talented doula!

Posted 8/21/2018

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Jessica Bradshaw

We initially weren’t even sure if we wanted a doula, but I am very glad we hired Emily Workman. As a first time mom, it was very helpful pre-delivery to have someone to go to with questions who is not only knowledgeable as a doula, but also a mom herself. Emily was always very responsive. She provided us with a lot of helpful information to prepare at our prenatal visit. When I delivered my son, Emily was a consistent source of support and reassurance. Her experience made me feel comfortable whenever options were proposed. She also helped make my delivery easier through little things like putting counter pressure on my back and pulling my hair back with a hair tie. She stayed after the delivery to help with breast feeding. At the postpartum visit she provided helpful information on breastfeeding and pumping. She’s stayed available after the delivery for questions which is great and even provided suggestions for meeting other first time moms! I would highly recommend Emily Workman as a doula.

Posted 8/6/2018

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Ashley Levato

Emily was an amazing addition to our birth team and we would not have had as positive of an experience without her. She was a constant source of support and encouragement during 51+ hours of labor, 3 hours of pushing, and then a c-section. In leading up to my labor, Emily was a reassuring voice for me and my husband to discuss worries and fears. She provided reassurance and information that helped us feel prepared and comfortable with what we would be going through. A week before my due date, there were concerns and an induction was scheduled. As this changed the birth plan I was hoping for, Emily was there to help us reframe our expectations and be prepared for the decisions ahead. She was there every step of the way checking in on us and really helped be that calming voice in all the change. During the 51+ hours of labor, Emily was a tremendous help; constantly helping me try new positions, encouraging me to keep going, and providing support to me and my husband. We highly recommend Emily to be a part of the birth team.

Husband’s note: When my wife and I decided to hire a doula for the birth of our first child, we searched through a laundry list of doula’s in our area, but Emily immediately jumped to the top of our short list as she also had to pursue IVF. We contacted a few doulas including Emily and set a meeting. She and my wife immediately fell into pleasant conversation like old friends. Emily’s presence was warm and certain. Leading up to the birth she helped us develop our birth plan, however the OB said an induction was needed. This was a major change as we had wanted to labor at home; Emily helped us focus on what was important to us moving forward. The 51 hours my wife was in labor were incredibly trying. Having Emily by our side to help change positions, provide encouragement, and just be an island of support and calm during the process was a god-send. She never faltered and helped guide us through the exhaustive birth.

Posted 7/16/2018

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Michelle Atkin

Emily is wonderful! We started considering a doula around 37 weeks when the possibility of a VBAC was becoming real. We hadn’t attended any birth classes in over two years and liked the idea of a knowledgeable coach by our sides. Emily is the only doula we contacted because we felt so comfortable with her right away. She accommodated our schedule with a 9pm meeting and made a special trip over to inflate our stability ball. 

After we passed 41 weeks and scheduled a c-section, I was disappointed, but Emily stuck with us and met us at the hospital. After hyperventilating through my first c-section, I was hopeful Emily’s distraction techniques could make a difference. Even though she couldn’t escort us into the OR, her pep talk made all the difference! I was able to make it through the birth without panicking and therefore didn’t need any relaxation drugs which means I remember everything and was so happy and excited to meet my son, unlike the haze of meeting my first child. 

Emily waited patiently for us to return and made sure we were settled in and my husband had a sandwich. 

Emily’s thoughtfulness is evident throughout her exchanges and she even rescheduled our follow up after I slept through the first one. 

Thank you for everything!

Posted 6/20/2018

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Danielle Rowan

FANTASTIC. My pregnant friends are sick of me going on about how they should hire Emily. She is truly extraordinary. As background, I hired Emily at the last minute - about 2 weeks before I actually went into labor. I was hesitant to use a doula in general. I did not think I was a "doula person" and did not want some pushing their agenda onto my birth, but on a recommendation from a birth class, decided to chat with her and give it a shot. I am SO GLAD I did. I cannot imagine what my birth would have been like without her. First, she knows her stuff and gives excellent advice - she coached me through 22 hours of labor on a busy night in the hospital when a visit from the hospital staff was a somewhat rare occurrence. But, what makes her truly exceptional, is her warm, calm, positive, and down-to-earth personality. With a healthy dose of humor, she guided me through the birth and key decisions before and after birth like a good, but knowledgable, friend. She is truly there to help you make decisions and not there to judge or impose her opinions about pregnancy, birth, or parenting a newborn. I would also be remiss if I did not include what a huge help she was to my husband - texting before she arrived, assuring him discreetly that I was fine when he was worried, and giving him breaks to eat/assure the rest of my family I was fine. THE BEST.

Posted 6/19/2018

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Brenda Secora

Emily was my doula for the birth of my second daughter in April 2018. I absolutely adore Emily and now count her as a friend. She was available at the last minute when I went into labor 15 days early and my labor was erratic so I wasn't sure if it was real (spoiler: it was very real). She was amazing emotional support via text as I was laboring and taking care of my toddler, and later when I had a moment of self doubt and confidence breakdown about going thru another unmedicated vaginal delivery. She reassured me that I was strong and gave me suggestions of self care practices to do right then to help me manage the pain and emotions. Even though I too am a trained doula, in the moment I wasn't thinking clearly with all the emotions, pain, and chaos around me, so it was so great to have her supporting me and offering ideas up.  It helped a ton, and then when she arrived it helped immensely to have her apply counter pressure and use other physical comfort measures. I especially loved the head massage and aromatherapy while the nurses made me wait for the doctor before pushing. Emily helped me advocate for myself as well after birth. I kept complaining to the nurses about the pulse oximeter on my finger and Emily asked if I would like it on my toe if that was an option. Why didn't any of the nurses think of that themselves?? I was so grateful that Emily is so educated about birth and hospitals and offered an alternative. It seems like a small thing but it helped my comfort immensely. Emily stayed for awhile after birth and assisted with baby's first latch and just to generally make sure I was comfortable. Her postpartum visit was lovely. I enjoy her company and even postpartum she's helped give me suggestions via text about newborn care that I had forgotten or didn't think of because I'm new to managing 2 kids at once. My husband says she was amazing at helping where she could but not getting in the way of family. Highly recommend Emily all around! 

Posted 6/8/2018

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