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Corrie Fraser

Oh Baby! Doula Services

Edmonton, AB Service range 50 miles


Birth Fee

$750 to $1100

Birth Fee

$750 to $1100

Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 100 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, May 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
(for clients under the care of a Registered Midwife)

Special Services Offered

  • Childbirth education services
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Parenting consulting
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Member of the Doula Association of Edmonton (DAE) executive (since 2018) Volunteer Experience with Immigrant Families/ESL families

Fee Details

Basic Birth Package rates are available at a flat rate (discounts available to return clients). Packages can be fine-tuned to meet the needs and budgets of individual clients. Additional add-on services available; additional fees apply.

Service Area

Edmonton, AB Service range 50 miles

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Client Testimonials for Corrie Fraser

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Shyne & Kyle


We absolutely echo the previous testimonials about hiring a doula, specifically Corrie - there truly is a reason everyone is saying the same thing.

Initially, we looked into hiring Corrie to help with my pain management, but she did much more than that. She far surpassed any expectations that we had about having a doula leading up to, at, and as well as after the birth of our first child. She offered multiple perspectives to help you make an informed choice, whatever that may be for you specifically (which she will unconditionally support and advocate for). Corrie also provided us with much insight during the initial post-partum weeks to provide us with much needed assurance as first time parents. 

Corrie was an invaluable part of the experience of having our first child. She is professional and has a wealth of knowledge. Overall, Corrie is a great person. We wouldn't even consider having another child without Corrie being by our side. 



If you are thinking about hiring a Doula for your birth...stop thinking and DO IT! 

I had a few hesitations about hiring a Doula for my first birth, but Corrie came highly recommended from a friend, so I decided to meet with Corrie and was immediately drawn in with both her compassion and knowledge. For those who might have similar hesitation or questions about a Doula, I thought I would share my thoughts and experiences.

Do I really need a Doula?
The answer is YES. Like having a coach to help prepare and run beside you the first time running a marathon, having a Doula during labour is just going to make things easier for you. In the hospital- nurses are busy and your partner, although very well intentioned, may not have the expertise to know how best to help you. A Doula helps to advocate for you, they help guide you through the process (personally, I was amazed at how much a position change could change things) and they can help your partner be the best support they can be for you. The expertise and support that a Doula can provide is invaluable at a time when things might be at their hardest for you. 

How does a Doula fit with a hospital birth? 
I was initially worried about how a Doula would fit in a hospital birth. I had very early gestational diabetes with both my kids, so a home birth wasn’t an option for me. I was concerned that a Doula and the hospital staff might have differing approaches, causing tension. However, Corrie does an amazing job at balancing advocating for you and your wishes, while getting along with the nurses and working to make their job easier. . 

The birth of a child will be one of the hardest and yet, most amazing times of your life. I am so glad that Corrie was a part of it for both my children and I would highly recommend checking her out if you have an upcoming birth! 




Lindsay & Tito


If you are on the fence about hiring a doula, do it! And if you have the pleasure of having Corrie as your doula, you will be even happier with your decision. She brought so much knowledge to the experience of birth and made us feel informed abd supported every step of the way! 

Mark & Michelle


We have had the honor of having Corrie as our Doula for our home birthed babies in 2017 and 2019. Both of us could not imagine birthing without her. The support she provided leading up to deliver was so informative and helped ease my concerns about my 1st home birth. The techniques she taught us to get through labor were very useful. Corrie brings with her not only knowledge and expedience, but also a sense of calm to the room.  When I felt like I couldn't keep going, she was there holding my hand and encouraging me. We feel so bleesed that Corrie is forever a part of our children's birth stories. I highly recommend her as a wonderful Doula and in general as a amazing person! Xoxo

Kyla and Ryan


After the amazing support Corrie provided during my first pregnancy and birth of our son, we knew we would be asking Corrie to support us again with baby #2 - she was the first person we contacted after finding out I was pregnant! Sadly, my second pregnancy ended with a miscarriage and D&C. As soon as we told her, Corrie reached out with kindness and frequent check-ins. She - as always - went above and beyond for us during a difficult time.

A few months later, we were expecting again, and let Corrie know ASAP. Corrie helped us navigate pregnancy and what to expect at the hospital during Covid. She always put our comfort first, offering meetings over Zoom and making sure we had a solid "virtual plan" should she not be allowed into the hospital due to restrictions. She shared valuable tips and resources to help my husband feel confident if she wasn't allowed to be there, and was just a call or text away as my due date approached. I ended up being a week overdue and Corrie was always gently there, helping me face the emotions of being 40+ weeks pregnant, and understand what induction could look like.

Our hospital experience was incredibly positive, and I know that Corrie played a huge role in that. Her calming nature set the tone for the entire room; she knew exactly what to say and do to assist both myself and my husband, and worked so well with the hospital staff. I felt confident in following and advocating for my birth preferences, and know that confidence came from Corrie and her guidance.

Working with Corrie for a second time was just as wonderful as the first, and I would highly recommend her services!

Haley and Matt


Sometimes I feel like there are people in your life that you are meant to meet - people that enrich your experiences and make them so much more positive.  Corrie was one of those people for us.  We are so grateful for the support she provided us during pregnancy, labor, and after our baby was born.

Around 32 weeks pregnant, we found out that our baby was breech.  We were told by various health care providers that this automatically meant that we would be having a C-section. This was far from what we wanted.  Corrie supported us throughout this entire process and helped us investigate how we might go about doing a natural breech birth.  She also put us in touch with other health care providers who could help us with the process of trying to encourage the baby to flip (chiro, etc.).  Not once during this entire process did she make us feel pressured to proceed one way or the other.  She simply supported us, encouraged us, and helped us feel confident in every single one of our decisions.

At 37 weeks, I attempted an ECV to try and flip the baby.  It was not pleasant and did not work.  Corrie was there with us and helped us get through it, checking on me often, and providing words of encouragement.

She also helped my husband immensely throughout the entire process.  He was an amazing birth partner and I attribute that greatly to the prenatal sessions we had with Corrie and her presence during the birth.

With her and my husband's support, I managed to deliver my breech baby vaginally.  Her goal is to help you have the birth you want (as much as you can anyways).  She achieved that goal for us!



Corrie is absolutely phenomenal at what she does, & was made to be a Doula. My sister- in -law told me about her when we first got pregnant, & I'm so glad she found her and told us about her! 

Our first meeting with Corrie was warm, welcoming & made us feel at home. My husband & I both felt comfortable with her immediately, & felt that she fit what we were looking for. I knew I wouldn't mind the extra support during our pregnancy, but I was especially interested in how she could also support & encourage my husband and she did all of the above wonderfully! 

We did pre-natal, the labour & post-natal with Corrie, and she always left us feeling more knowledgable & empowered about our choices, what to expect & what we could do in any given situation.  She supported not only me, but my husband & midwife through my labour with immense calm & clarity. She made my husband & I both feel especially taken care of during the unknowns, ups & downs of the labouring process. Our midwife also mentioned that Corrie is one of the best Doula's she's worked with! 

All in all, we feel that there is no number value you could put on having someone like Corrie in your corner during pregnancy. Her support & love for what she does and who she does it for is beyond authentic, & can be felt anytime you're with her. Thank you so much Corrie! ?



We knew Corrie was the Doula for us from the moment we met her. We had interviewed other Doulas, but when we met Corrie- we felt like we were reconnecting with a long lost friend. 

Corrie is calm and professional and she approaches her role as a Doula with great conviction. For Corrie, being a Doula is not a job, it’s a calling. This was evident in how she approached things with great care and humility.

We welcomed our firstborn into the world during COVID-19 and to say that being pregnant during a global pandemic was stressful, is an understatement. When COVID-19 came onto the world stage, Corrie provided additional support and made herself even more available. Corrie ensured we were informed and empowered to make the best choices for our family during a very trying time. 

Due to hospital changes and closures, we opted for a home birth. Because we were at home, Corrie was able to support us in person which we are so thankful for! During labour, Corrie was constantly by my side, cheering me on, offering encouragement, and taking care of all the little things. She even brought treats! Corrie has a real serving and loving heart and she helped facilitate a peaceful environment. Her calm nature helped my husband immensely and my mind was at ease knowing that she was caring for him as well. 

We are so grateful Corrie was on this journey with us. Even my midwife expressed great admiration and gratitude for how Corrie supported us all!

Janae & Omar


Corrie was supposed to be our back-up doula, but ended up being my birthing doula and she was great!    My labour progressed a lot faster than anyone expected and even though I ended up delivering on the bathroom floor, Corrie was simultaneously able to keep a calm atmosphere while helping get all the various tasks done. The birth was no doubt a better experience because she was there. And after it was all done, she helped set up the bed and made me feel comfort and it was such a relief to feel taken care of. Corrie is competent and caring and having her be my doula turned out to be a really great experience for both me and my husband.


Keltie & Ben


I don't even know how I can adequately describe how thankful we are to have had Corrie assist with our pregnancy and birth. 

First, we were dealing with COVID and were transferred hospitals multiple times. Then, I had the added barrier of preexisting medical conditions which I knew would impact my ability to breastfeed, and a wonderful husband who has was unsure he would be able to get through a birth experience at all. We also had a scare mid-pregnancy after a poor image created concern that our baby would be incompatible with life - thankfully, this was not the case, but it was a terrifying experience.

Through all of these challenges, Corrie was there to provide emotional support for us and was able to keep us informed on policy changes related to COVID. Having Corrie taking care of those pieces meant I was able to try and focus on my pregnancy and relax.

Corrie also provided a means for me to access breastmilk for my baby, which I would otherwise never have figured out. She even arranged a meeting with a lactation specialist to talk about feeding and breast-health options. To say that Corrie went above and beyond for us is an understatement. 

When the time came for me to deliver, I progressed rapidly and was unable to receive an epidural before it was time to push - I truly do not know how I would have handled the unbelievable pain or fear I felt without Corrie at my side. She was an absolute rock for us.

While I was originally interested in a Doula as a support for my husband, the events that unfolded between having Corrie recommended to us and our son's arrival made me so grateful that I had her for my own sake. My pregnancy and birth were far from ideal, but because of Corrie, I am able to look back with gratitude and joy. I am certain that without her, I'd have a lot of fear and resentment over what my first-time-mom experience turned out to be, and I know that I am a better mom because of her support.

Carolyn and Dan


We were referred to Corrie by another couple who she had acted as a doula for. At first, my husband was skeptical about hiring a doula but once we met with Corrie we knew she was the perfect match for us.

We really enjoyed the prenatal meetings with Corrie where she helped to give us a picture of what to expect for the birth as my husband and I had no previous experience with the childbirth process. I had many questions for her, some embarassing to ask, but she answered each question thoughtfully. The information she provided us was invaluable, especially in terms of how my husband would be able to actively help me through the process.

At the birth of our daughter, Corrie was great at keeping me comfortable and helping me stay calm throughout the birth. She knew just the right things to say to keep my spirits up and provided me with comfort items that I didn't know I would need but helped tremendously. She also helped facilitate communication with my family when my husband was busy helping me through the birth. I recall one of the labour and delivery nurses praising Corrie, saying she was one of the best doula's she had ever worked with.

Since the birth, Corrie has been fantastic. She truly cares and checks in with us to see how our family is doing during this new phase of our life. We have hired her for postpartum care and she is great with our daughter and goes above and beyond. I don't know how I would have survived the first few weeks without Corrie's knowledge, encouragement and overnights at our home to give us a much needed full night sleep.

We highly recommend Corrie to anyone who is looking for a doula. She is professional, thoughtful, knowledgable, and truly caring. We consider her an aunty to our daughter now!




Latasha Hazlett


My husband and I are SO happy we decided to have Corrie help us through the birth of our daughter!! She is everything you could ask for in a doula- professional, kind, calm, and extremely knowledgable. Her prenatal sessions were great and she typed up a very well-written birth plan that included everything we hoped for. She helped us through some hard moments during labour and we were both able to stay pretty relaxed. With her guidance we went to the hospital at just the right time and she also provided support after the birth, helping me relax during my stitches and helping baby and I learn how to get a good latch for breastfeeding. We highly recommend Corrie for anyone seeking a relaxed, positive birth experience!

From my husband:

When my wife first mentioned the option of hiring a doula I was a bit uncomfortable with the idea of having someone else in the room with us during birth, but after meeting Corrie and seeing how comfortable my wife was with her I could see that it was a good idea. Looking back now on the birth of our daughter, I don’t know how we would have done it without Corrie! She was as much a support for me as she was for my wife, getting me snacks and showing me how I could be helpful. I am so thankful for everything she did for us before, during, and after our baby was born.

Carla Prado


We have no words to describe the amazing doula Corrie is.
I strongly recommend her no matter what type of birth you expect to have. She is extremely knowledgable and was not only helpful to me but to the entire family, husband and grandparents included. She will also make the pre and post-partum education interesting to any husband! :)
Our birth plan changed a few times and Corrie was quick to prepare us to whatever was happening. When I went on medical leave due to concerns with the baby, she comforted me in a caring yet extremely professional manner.
I ended up having a C-section and I would certainly still recommend hiring a doula as she prepared us and was at the hospital the entire time also helping with whatever was needed.
Corrie goes above and beyond to make you at easy, never judging your wishes but helping you make informed decisions.
In addition to all that she wrote a beautiful birth story as a gift to the family. Such a special gift, it brought tears to our eyes. We as parents would not have been able to remember so many details and special moments as she did.
All in all we are very thankful to her and cannot think of anything she would have done differently to improve her service. She is loving, knowledgeable, understanding and extremely professional. Highly recommend her and will have her for any future babies we will have!

Jonathan Seib


Corrie served as our doula for the delivery of both of our sons. As a father, I am so grateful that we had her guidance, support, and encouragement along the way. Each pregnancy and subsequent delivery brought the realization of how much I didn’t know about the process, even when our second child was born. Corrie brought a sense of calm confidence that my wife would be successful and that I would actually be able to contribute to her success and comfort during the labour and delivery process.

Essentially, I think a lot of dad’s feel limited, useless, or on-the-sidelines during delivery. Corrie’s experience and knowledge allowed me to feel an important part of our children’s’ broths. Because of her direction, I was a better advocate for my wife and knew where things were at constantly. Corrie became part of our team which was focused on supporting my wife’s emotional and spiritual health while delivering our boys safely and in good health.

Amy Ball


Corrie was our doula for our first child and we are excited for her to be there with us at the birth of our second child in just over a month. Before we talked to Corrie we didn’t even know what a doula was, and it took some convincing for my husband to agree to hire her. After my daughter‘s birth my husband said, “how does anyone do this without a doula?” We didn’t know the true value of having her until it was time for labour and delivery. She coached me through moments of weakness and wanting to give up. She gave me strength and perseverance when I needed it most. She helped us make a birth plan and stick to it, reminding us of why we chose what we did. Corrie helped my husband to know what to do throughout the labour and delivery, and was able to give him a break to go and call family and take a walk to breathe and collect himself to better support me. After the birth she came to give me a copy of our birth story and helped me with my questions about caring for and nursing a new born. Corrie is one of the very best moms I know and I look up to her in so many ways. Her presence brings assurance and peace, not only in the delivery room, but in day to day life. As far as I’m concerned, she is the best there is and I would want her by my side for every birth I am ever blessed with. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Elvera Thomson


I can’t see say enough good things about Corrie and her doula services. She gave me information prior to delivery that were important that I didn’t know. When i went into labour, she was at the hosptifal shortly after I was admitted. She was and calm and told me how well I was doing. She helped my husband massage my back, took turns helpin Me while I laboured in the shower, bringing me ice and cold cloths. I had a friend that said their doula made her husband feel like he didn’t have a job and took away from their experience. Corrie wasn’t like that at all. My husband said Corrie was really good at helping him figure out what I needed and assisted him rather than taking over his “job.” I think Corrie is excellent at reading the room and figuring out what it is that each family wants or needs in the moment. Also, when the nurses were insisted that I lay flat on my back to labour while they had me strapped me to the monitors, she stood up for me and asked the doctor if it was necessary. That allowed me to stay mobile while I laboured. Corrie helped me stick to my birth plan which I’m so happy about! if I have another baby, I will definitely hire Corrie again and my husband 100% agrees.

Layla Holly


I knew we made the best decision in hiring a doula from the moment we had our first pre-natal class with Corrie, at our home. Her peaceful presence and abundant knowledge put my husband and I as first time parents at ease. Corrie was incredibly encouraging and willing to help me come to my own conclusion to all the questions I had. She never told us “what” to do but rather advised us of all the pros and cons, letting us make the final call. I apppreciated how patient Corrie was with me while in labor. With personal experience she was able to know what I wanted and when... I didn’t even have to say a word. (Which when you’re in so much pain, speaking seems to be impossible). In that moments it’s like she knew me better than my own husband did. I was and will continue to be so thankful for Corrie’s coaching!

Kyla Baxter


I cannot say enough how wonderful it was to have Corrie attend the birth of our son. From our initial meeting to post delivery, Corrie offered amazing support and expertise. Her prenatal sessions and assistance in creating our birth preferences increased our confidence about labour and helped us understand the various interventions available during birth.

Having Corrie there during labour made all the difference. She brought a calmness into the delivery room and guided myself and husband through different techniques and helped us follow our birth preferences when possible, and understand the options as some complications arose. I truly believe that had Corrie not been there, we would have required far more medical intervention.

Corrie goes above and beyond in her profession. The beautiful birth story and photos she took during labour are some of our most precious mementos. I would not hesitate to recommend Corrie to anyone seeking doula services, and should our family grow, we would love to have her support again.

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