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Lindsay Bryan, CD(DONA)

Graceful Beginnings Birth and More

West Columbia, SC Service range 100 miles

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 150 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula
  • Doula To Be - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • Doula To Be, March 2019
  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, August 2022

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I am not able to attend unassisted births. If you need assistance finding a midwife please reach out.

Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Photography - Birth
  • Photography - Maternity
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

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Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I facilitate a free breastfeeding support group that has both peer to peer as well as professional support available.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Doula services include 2 prenatal and 1 postpartum visit. Prenatal appointments provide us an opportunity to get to know one another, go over your Birth Plan and answer any questions you may have. As your doula, I'm available to you via text or phone as needed and happy to point you to evidence based information to help you make informed decisions. Additional services available include childbirth classes, lactation assistance, functional assessment of ties and oral tethers, placenta encapsulation, birth photography, maternity and breastfeeding photography.

Service Area

West Columbia, SC Service range 100 miles

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Client Testimonials for Lindsay Bryan, CD(DONA)

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emily cavey


Lindsay was an attentive and respectful doula throughout my birth journey. Her professionalism and informative approach were invaluable, providing guidance from prenatal to postpartum. Even though she lived in Columbia and I lived in Charleston, her excellent communication and timeliness ensured a smooth and empowered experience. Lindsay also provided lactation guidance postpartum that was integral to our successful breastfeeding journey. She even provided placental encapsulation and the overall process was seemless. Lindsay is extremely knowledgable in so many areas of prenatal, birth, and postpartum care. I highly recommend Lindsay to anyone seeking a dedicated and knowledgeable doula.



Lindsay was very helpful as I prepared for the birth of my third baby. My first two labors were natural, but I didn't feel like I dealt with the labor pain very well, Lindsay recommended a few books that were just what I needed. Once I went into labor, it wasn't long before the baby was born so Lindsay wasn't able to be present until right before I started to push. But she was a much-needed reprieve for my husband once she did arrive and helped me get through the last stage. After the baby was born, we noticed almost immediately that he had a tongue tie and Lindsay was incredibly knowledgeable about what the next steps were to deal with the tie. She even set up an appointment for us with a pediatric dentist and was also present at the appointment. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and caring doula! 

Amber Holt


Lindsay went above and beyond tending to the many needs of our birth experience. We are grateful for her honesty, dedication, knowledge and competent skillset. We highly recommend her if you’re looking for a Doula. Thank you Lindsay for all you did for us, and our baby!



From our first meeting, we hit it off and she made me feel at ease with some of my crunchier preferences this time around, which was my third birth. She never tried to sway me with anything, but had references and research at the ready for me as I was leaning towards a natural birth. She was understanding of my concerns for interventions around the birth because of my labor history. She helped me with a plan on optimal delivery based on my vbac history. She guided me towards chiropractic care this time, which really helped my baby drop! Her insight into different ways to progress labor was very helpful. When it came time for my actual birth & labor, labor intensified a bit more quickly than we anticipated and I do wish she had come to parkridge a little bit quicker (my poor husband), but it was surprising how fast things progressed and it would have been nice for her to be there when things were so intense. This was my third baby and Lindsay came as I was about to push (no meds!). I do feel like she went above and beyond thereafter with supporting me through pp preclampsia trauma and a tongue tie procedure for our sweet girl. She was able to sit with me at the hospital, grab things like a sitz bath herbs & a tincture for our frenectomy. Despite so much difficulty surrounding my birth/pp, I did not have ppd or anxiety and I believe the placenta encapsulation was able to contribute to my overall mental state. I appreciate that Lindsay understood those benefits! I still feel like I could ask her anything, or just grab coffee again because I would consider Lindsay as someone I'd like as a mama friend who gets so much of what we have going on with our kids! She's very passionate about what she does in caring for mamas/newborns, and understanding an integrative approach! She's very down to earth and nonjudgmental and she was open about her faith, prayed for me, and was very sincere-- all of which I loved! 



I had the pleasure of Lindsay attending my first homebirth. She was everything we needed. She arrived quickly when she was called, she was very attentive, encouraging, hands on when needed and respected watching from a distance while still encouraging and coaching when I needed to be in my headspace and didn't want to be touched. She is very knowledgeable in lactation support, checking for any potential ties/ latching issues, and helped recommend best positions to help baby latch comfortably. She was such a joy to have at my birth!

Abigail Drummond


Lindsay was a very knowledgeable Dula. It was great being able to process my first birth with her (in which I did not have a Dula). She was a very helpful person to ask questions during pregnancy too. Once I was in labor I wasn't able to use Lindsay as much as I had hoped because baby came so quick! The time Lindsay was with me in labor was very helpful. She was able to take over what my husband was doing so he could use the bathroom. I'm very thankful I hired her even though I wasnt able to use her for long in labor I would hire her again. 

Rachel B


After listening to other’s stories and as a first time mother to be induced with midwives, my husband and I sought the support of a doula. We were looking for someone in our corner to help prepare us for and guide us through what could be a very long and difficult induction. In the end, Lindsay failed to meet those basic expectations, and we had to ask her to leave our birth after only a few hours of her being present. 

Lindsay was disorganized and stretched thin in our prenatal meetings. The childbirth class she offered was primarily a Q&A session in which the last 45 minutes were spent with Lindsay giving an anti-vaccine lecture. When she arrived at our birth, Lindsay was on her phone with another client. She then had to run back to her car for something before she ever checked in on me. She was very hands-off and said little to nothing the entire time. We finally asked her to leave when I noticed she was in the corner reading a book after I received an epidural. 

Before hiring Lindsay to support your birth, you should know that she will site inaccurate, unscientific information about  vaccines, she will provide information encouraging against circumcision and vitamin K shots, and she may also arrive late and unprepared to your birth.

Rachel Larson


I feel so lucky to have worked with Lindsay Bryan as my doula. I didn't really know much about what a doula does during birth, this being my first, but several friends encouraged me to find a good one. After a few initial visits which helped me craft my birth plan, Lindsay provided guidance and recommendations for help with "natural induction" strategies at home after my pregnancy went past my "due date". Once medical induction was deemed necessary, she again provided guidance on how to advocate for myself, and arrived at the hospital promptly when I went into active labor. From here, she really worked her magic. I was having pretty regular contractions that were building strongly even with a small amount of pitocin, and she helped me move into a sequence of various positions that would help my body structurally and in other ways move into a more ready place for birth. It was hard work! The positions were not easy, but I trusted that they were helping me stay focused and use the intense energy to expand my cervix and pelvic bones. After several hours of her and my partner helping me through these positions, reading birth affirmations to me which I had brought, reminding me to relax and breath, keeping me sane, and helping to keep me from pushing before it was time, I was able to feel the full sensory experience of my daughter's entrance into this world, "ring of fire" and slippery baby body and all. She stayed after to make sure things were settling and even took my placenta home for me to get from her later since I couldn't keep it at the hospital for my recovery. She knows her stuff and stays solid and grounded throughout. I am forever grateful for her amazing work which enabled me to have such a special experience. 

Casey Guerra-Mercurio


To assure mom and baby have a safe and healthy delivery, most people hire a midwife or doctor. To assure mom is respected, seen as an individual, and empowered, most people need a doula. A doula like Lindsay. I was lucky enough to be connected with her last minute and I truly couldn’t have dreamed up a better person to assist with my ridiculous anxiety and roller coaster of a pregnancy towards the end. When my birth plan took a hard left turn, Lindsay was a huge help in assisting me to navigate what would be the safest plan for my birth going forward, physically and mentally. She was extremely thorough and never left any stone unturned, taking her time to explain benefits and risks neutrally. She is VERY well versed in her practice. I was able to navigate my own birth plan when paired with her reassurance and encouragement. She has a reference or contact for every single medical need you’d consider which was extremely helpful being new to the area. She’s professional yet super personable, I felt comfortable with her instantly. What blew me away was her confidence. When you’re having a baby the last thing you need to be doing is arguing with medical staff and trying to make informed decisions. Lindsay did not let anything fly by and was my voice when I felt I had nothing more to give. Shes the absolute textbook definition of advocate. If you’re looking for the BEST doula in the Columbia area I honestly couldn’t recommend anyone else and have it be in good faith. I will never run out of good things to say… I am so, so grateful to have had Lindsay as my doula.



Lindsay helped me to prepare for a natural birth for baby five. I previously had both natural and epidural delivery experiences but had never felt in charge of the process the way I had in my delivery assisted by her and her colleague. She is very knowledgeable in her field and I would recommend her to anyone. She helped me feel empowered in the process of bringing my daughter into the world on my own terms. After delivery my child had some feeding issues due to a lip tongue tie that with her help was identified. She even accompanied me to the dental appointment to have it corrected and assisted with the first feeding. My only regret is not having used a doula in my previous pregnancies. 



Thankful for Lindsay. She motivated me to stick to my birthing plan and I had a great birth experience this time around! If I do have another baby, I’ll be working with her again.

Jessica Stone


If your looking for a doula I recommend Lindsay! She was my doula for my second birth back in March of this year. Her support during pregnancy and after pregnancy was superb! I also took one of her birthing classes that I also found to be exceptionally insightful and informative! She kept in contact with me during labor and was there within minutes of me being ready for her. She supported me during active labor and continued to push me in a positive respective manner during active labor. She has kept in contact and any follow up questions that I've had unrelated to the birth or related, she has always been there to assist and answer in a timely manner! I really appreciate her and all the things she helped me learn through this pregnancy and after. 
Choose Lindsay! You won't regret it! She will be an asset to your birthing experience! ??

Haley Griggs


I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Lindsay as my doula. It was my first pregnancy and although I wanted an unmedicated birth, I was afraid of the unknown. She was extremely encouraging and helped equip me with the knowledge needed to set me up for success. She was with me every step of the way offering support mentally, physically, and emotionally. She advocated for me and my birth plan in the hospital and helped me keep a clear head when making decisions under stress. She helped me get through labor and achieve the birth story I had hoped and prayed for. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and was an excellent resource during my prenatal and postpartum periods. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a doula. 

Lindsey C


After experiencing a difficult and traumatic first birth, I knew I wanted a different experience with my second baby and delivery. After doing some research and meeting Lindsay, I felt a connection and knew she would be a good match and advocate for me throughout pregnancy. She was readily available and very informative in helping develop the best plan for myself as my due date neared. Going through a natural, unmedicated birth for the first time, she was able to coach me through the process and keep me calm and focused on my end goals. My second birth ended up being everything I could have hoped for and I do believe part of that is because Lindsay was on my team. I am incredibly grateful to have crossed paths and would recommend her to anyone looking for birth support.

Lindsey D.


I moved to SC when I was 8 months pregnant and knew almost no one. The woman who sold my house to me recommended Lindsay as a doula. After our first phone call, I was sold. She was familiar with a gene mutation that I have and how it could affect the baby. She was able to help me pick a hospital based on how I wanted my birth experience to me. We signed up for her birth class too and loved it. She was easy to reach to answer any questions or concerns from the minute she agreed to work with me. When it came time for labor, it was so nice having her in the room. I felt so much more confident having someone I trusted, who was knowledgeable in birthing and babies, and knew how I wanted my birthing experience to be. She was also able to evaluate my baby for oral ties to help our breastfeeding journey. I would recommend her to anyone who was looking for a doula. Working with her was a wonderful experience. 

Hannah Thickens


I loved my experience with Lindsay, she really grasped and understood what I wanted out of my birth. I had a VBAC (fully unmedicated) and Lindsay coached me through the process. She gave great advice throughout pregnancy and was so helpful during my labor process. I would highly recommend her services. 



Our experience with Lindsay has been absolutely amazing! From the first meeting, we had such peace about working with her. She is not only a wealth of knowledge, but truly considers the needs of each client. As a first time mom, birth wasn't scary, but was unknown. She brought so much to the table on the actual day, helping in so many ways. Afterwards, she's been just as helpful and supportive, giving advice and expertise when appropriate and offering guidance of who to speak to when not in her realm. She's quick to respond to messages and always helpful! 

Randi Heron


Lindsay was an amazing asset to our birth team and I am so thankful we booked her services! As a first time mom who was unsure about a hospital birth, but not quite confident enough to do a home birth, Lindsay helped me figure out the elements of each that I was looking for to have the perfect birth for me. She is so knowledgeable about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, so having access to her throughout my pregnancy was wonderful! When I went into what I did not realize at the time was active labor, she was there for my husband and I to help decipher what was happening and made sure we got to the hospital on time. Labor can be scary when you’ve never gone through it before, so texting with Lindsay about everything I was experiencing and having her say it was normal was so comforting! She met us at the hospital around 9:30pm and stuck with us through an unmedicated labor until I gave birth at 2:50am. She continued to check in on us for several days and continued to answer all our questions! She is truly someone you want on your team to help guide you and fight for you amid the chaos that is often found in a hospital birth. Highly recommend booking her!

Liz Waller


I am so thankful to have had Lindsay with me for the birth of my baby!  She really supported me during labor and I don't think I would have continued with my birthing plan if it weren't for her presence there.  She was there when I needed her and it was easy to trust her to help me make decisions during labor.  She encouraged me to keep going and helped make the birthing process as comfortable as possible.  She also had a great relationship with the staff at the hospital which enstilled confidence in me as I knew everyone was working well together.  I appreciated our postnatal visit and the assistance she offered with breastfeeding.  I would definitely recommend Lindsay!   



Lindsay was a life saver during not only labor, where she helped me achieve an epidural-free birth as a FTM, but postpartum as well. I ended up being induced at 42 weeks and Lindsay arrived quickly when we texted her that it was time. Her pain management techniques were so helpful and I 100% believe I would not have accomplished my goal without her. She was so in tune with me and what I needed the entire time. My husband had also gotten to know her through our prenatal meetings, and he was appreciative to have a familiar face in the L&D room. It put us at ease knowing we had someone in our corner to advocate for us, especially someone as knowledgeable as Lindsay.

I texted Lindsay with questions a few times throughout my pregnancy and she was always quick to respond with research or call right away. This carried over into postpartum when our daughter had oral ties and issues latching. She gave us so much information regarding oral ties and was the only person to effectively get our daughter to latch after her revision, using the bait-and-switch method with a bottle.

I don't have many holistic/crunchy/natural birth minded people in my friend group, so I am grateful that we found Lindsay and that she has been such a great resource for us. Whenever we decide to have more babies, Lindsay will be my first call! 

Kate Welsh


Lindsey was exactly the kind of support I needed during labor! She has a wealth of knowledge, both in western medicine and holistic practices, with a passion to help mamas achieve the birth of their dreams. The perfect balance between affirmative coaching and assertive in speaking truth and advocating for the best option. I had a healthy, unmedicated & natural, hospital VBAC delivery and although it was my body that labored, it is because of Lindsey's support that I felt capable of achieving this type of delivery. Even during the surges of active labor, I felt assured that I could & would accomplish this VBAC because I had a birth team that believed in my body's ability to birth without intervention. I wish every laboring mother could experience the affirmative presence of a doula like Lindsey! 



Lindsay was an amazing birth coach! I had an unmedicated, low intervention birth in a local hospital this May, and I’m so glad we had Lindsay by our side. She helped me follow my birth plan to have the most natural birth possible. Lindsay was so attentive, positive, and knowledgeable during labor (and it was 3 days of labor). She was such an encouragement to me to keep going when my mind and body were tired, and a voice of reason in a time when we needed someone to help consider our options. I don’t know if I would have made it through an unmedicated birth without her. She came prepared with tools like birthing balls to encourage contractions, tips on managing pain, and experience to share from her years of assisting births. For the two meetings leading up to birth, Lindsay met my husband and I in our home and was prepared with questions and items to discuss, and included him in the session. I would highly recommend Lindsay as a doula.  She was worth the investment and I felt well supported throughout our pregnancy, birth, and after. 

Elizabeth Burnett


Lindsay was an awesome doula from day 1! She met my husband and me at the house and talked with us for nearly 2 hours when I first met her. He had never heard of a doula before and she was really good about explaining her training and her role in the birth. Thoughout my pregnancy she was always quick to respond and a reassuring voice. I took Lindsay's birth class and really appreciated what I learned there and how she explained what her role would be during the birth. She also encapsulated my placenta for me. Lindsay got to my house so fast for my birth and it was wonderful to have another familiar face there. All together I had a super great experience! 

Pam Ponds


Lindsay assisted my midwife in the homebirth of our 4th child. I have had a doula/midwife assistant at all of my births and can not overstate how necessary they are to the flow of labor. Everything just goes so smoothly with that extra set of experienced hands. She came in during early labor and checked on the supplies, talked to my husband and me, and recorded notes as the midwife checked mine and baby's vitals. Labored stalled for a day, but when active labor started again at 1am, Lindsay arrived quickly and fully prepared. Talked with both me and my husband again and was just able to give us the extra care I needed (comforting presence, suggested changing positions, perinatal oil, etc) without taking his place as my primary support person. We are so thankful for her, we love a simple birth and Lindsay was present exactly when she needed to be and quickly filled in any gap/need that appeared. 

Lindsay S


Going into my second homebirth, we wanted our young son (5) to be able to be present. Hiring a doula so she could care for me while my husband tended to our son was important to us. My midwife recommended Lindsay Millwood and I liked hearing Lindsay's own birth stories and how she would advocate for me. Lindsay was professional but also very relatable. When my labor started and birth was imminent, Lindsay not only helped to take care of me in a positive and nonjudgmental way, but she also stepped up to help take care of my son (playing card games, throwing the football, etc.). That helped my husband check in on me and be present for me, and also helped my son have a positive view of birth. After the birth, Lindsay provided great guidance on lactation that helped with our youngest son's early dehydration. I'm not looking to have another birth, but if I did, I'd want Lindsay in my corner again, and I recommend anyone looking to hire a doula to consider her. 

Adam Fisher


My wife almost died. I knew the natural birth wouldn't end well if we continued, but Lindsay, who spent most of her time texting, pressed us to continue. Trying to be the supportive husband, I acquiesced. It was the worst decision of my life. Lindsay was condescending to the nurses from the start, and after my wife went into shock, starting seizing, and was saved by the incredible hospital staff, she offered no apology for her action (or inaction), and accepted no responsibility.

8 months later, the memory continually haunts me of having nearly lost my whole family at once. I would recommend to all husbands that if you and your wife decide to get a doula, you continue searching for a more experienced one who will notice warning signs earlier and side with trained medical staff to ensure that she and the baby are kept safe. At the end of the day, you know your wife more than anyone else in the world, including doulas. Trust. Your. Gut.

Serena Salmans


Lindsay is amazing! I labored all through the night and Lindsay not once seemed impatient or unhappy to be there.  She was so attentive to my every need and never walked away from me without making sure she had done everything she could to make me as comfortable as possible. She truly went over and beyond my every expectation! 

Emily Jones


Lindsay is an amazing support to have during labor & delivery. I'm so glad we had our for our first child birth experience. An emergency/unplanned induction went smoothly with Lindsay's support and I was still able to have the unmedicated birth I wanted. I highly recommend working with Lindsay! I'm so grateful for her support and help before, during and after our birth!

April Rhodes


I moved to the Columbia area from out of state newly pregnant & w/no friends or extended family to help me. This was my second pregnancy. I questioned if I needed a doula since my husband would be there & he would help me like he did last time having retained what to do from the last doula. 
Without question I am so glad that I pulled the trigger to find a doula. I interviewed 2 doulas. With Lindsay, things just clicked. She is professional but personable. She is nothing but thorough making sure she understands what you want for your birth experience. While I envisioned her coming to my home to labor, things went much faster and different for my second. By the time I called her at 4am I was already in active labor and needed to get to the hospital where she met up with me. My labor was fast and she knew what questions to ask me and when to pick up the phone to call the medical staff back into the room to recheck me. A combination of arriving during shift change and short staff left the room void of medical personnel as contractions quickly progressed in a way that I believe my husband left alone with me would have been out of his league but Lindsay knew exactly what I needed & made it happen. I highly recommend Lindsay. You won't be disappointed with the experience and knowledge she has. 

Tiffany Cartino


Lindsay's sweet personality and professionalism is definitely what made me chose her as my doula. I really am thankful I chose her, too! Lindsay took adequate time during my pregnancy to get to know me and learn my birthing style and wishes. She challenged me to intentionally think out my birth plan well in advance. I was working through a really rough previous birth and I wanted to make sure to do things a bit differently this time. Lindsay encouraged me in the areas she and I felt needed help on. Lindsay even collaborated with my midwife from time to time which I felt was a bonus to my mental health. During my long birth, I was encouraged, empowered, and supported in all the ways I needed to be. Lindsay respected my labor and birth wishes and provided the support that a doula should. Her counter pressure was spot on during contractions. Her words of affirmation were especially lovely during transition. Lindsay had so much more birth, lactation, and natural medicine knowledge than I knew she did! That was also a pleasant surprise that helped us immensely during labor. Again, she was very professional and respectful which is what I really needed this time around. I am so thankful I met and chose Lindsay as my doula for our last birth! Highly recommend! 

Jennifer Jennison


Lindsay was our doula for our TOLAC. We had planned to have a VBAC and she was super helpful in preparing for it. She gave us alot of great information. At the hospital during labor she helped keep my mind at ease when it was so hard to focus on anything but the pain. After laboring for a long time with no progress, we ultimately decided to do a repeat c-section. She was there with my husband after they took me back to the OR before he was able to join me, and she came the following day to check in on us. Even though our birth didn't turned out the way we planned, we wouldn't have been able to do what we did without Lindsey. She is an amazing doula!

David jennison


At first I was sceptical about hiring a doula but my wife really wanted someone there for support so I agreed and I think hiring Lindsey was one of the best decisions we've made during our pregnancy. Lindsey was so helpful in all my wife needs and wants. She is a very caring and educated person. During our delivery she was there the whole time with all her knowledge and wisdom and comforting words.she knew exactly what to say and do to help my wife through the process. Even though we ended up having a C-section  she was back at the hospital the very next day to check on my wife which made us feel great. I sincerely don't know what I would have done if she wasn't there with I'm so grateful for her. She just made the whole process that much easier


David jennison


At first I was sceptical about hiring a doula but my wife really wanted someone there for support so I agreed and I think hiring Lindsey was one of the best decisions we've made during our pregnancy. Lindsey was so helpful in all my wife needs and wants. She is a very caring and educated person. During our delivery she was there the whole time with all her knowledge and wisdom and comforting words.she knew exactly what to say and do to help my wife through the process. Even though we ended up having a C-section  she was back at the hospital the very next day to check on my wife which made us feel great. I sincerely don't know what I would have done if she wasn't there with I'm so grateful for her. She just made the whole process that much easier


Erin Van Malsen


Working with Lindsay was such a pleasure! 

We recently had our fourth child, in a new state, and decided to try working with a doula to have a natural birth in the hospital (we've never had a doula!). We really wanted a doula to help us navigate the medical system in SC while having support with someone like-minded. We found Lindsay, she was quick to respond and called me the next day. She’s enthusiastic and has such a passion for helping women. 

Lindsay was easily available through email, phone call, or texting, which I appreciate! We were in the process of switching my OBGYN/hospital when I went into labor at 36 weeks and ended up going to the original hospital, a little over an hour away from Lindsay. I had told Lindsay that one doctor I spoke to at a previous OB appointment said that doulas were not allowed (part of the reason I wanted to switch!), but that early morning after I decided to go in, she went above and beyond—she called the hospital and asked if she could attend alongside my husband and I. She messaged me back with the great news that she was able to!  So, we had Lindsay IN PERSON at our birth (she drove that hour to be there!)! She was so encouraging and helpful in suggesting different positions to try. Ultimately, her muscles came in super handy for hip squeezes during every contraction! :)  

All in all, we would HIGHLY recommend Lindsay if you are looking for a doula who is energetic, enthusiastic, can help make informed decisions, has a network of like minded people, and is knowledgeable in all things birth related! This was the BEST birth experience we've ever had, my husband agrees. It's amazing how the body heals so well after a natural birth! If we ever have another one—I’d hire Lindsay all over again! In the meantime, I’ll recommend her to everyone I know who are having babies. :) Thanks Lindsay for helping us have a great birth experience!

Tina Davis


Lindsay is amazing. My son was born Jan 2020 and I just knew something wasn’t right with his latch. I consulted the pediatrician and she swore it was reflux, even though he wasn’t spitting up. I told her that wasn’t an issue. We then started seeing a chiropractor who helped alleviate some of his shoulder and neck tension so that we were able to go anywhere in the car. COVID-19 came in to play and all Dr. and dentist offices were closed. So trying to get an appointment for an evaluation at a dentist office was out of the question. What’s the dentist offices started opening we went and saw Dr Dover and she agreed that there was a tongue and lip tie. He had a posterior tongue tie which is harder to see with the naked eye. I again went back to the pediatrician to get a referral so insurance would cover the procedure. You finally got it taken care of three weeks ago and met with Lindsay the date of the revision. Lindsey checked his latch and gave me some tips and helped me with the stretches and suites. It has now been three weeks and he is a completely different baby! I have Lindsay to thank for also getting us into Inspire speech and feeding. I’m so thankful for her.



I am so grateful to have found Lindsay. When we first decided to have a doula for our second birth I thought it would just be a person to help me stick to my birth plan and make educated decisions. Lindsay did that and so much more. She has always been there to answer my many questions, give emotional support and she even listened to a few rants when my family wasn't alway supportive of my decisions. Towards the end of my pregnancy we switched to a homebirth and she helped me find a midwife and make adjustments to my birth plan. She was great during my birth. She knew when I needed her but also when to give me and my husband space. She used guided relaxation when I started to get a little panicked and that really helped me get refocused. If it wasn't for Lindsay I wouldn't of had the amazing birth experience I did. I also love she offers postpartum lactation support and tie evaluations. Thank you for everything, Lindsay. 

Jayme S


We are so happy that we chose Lindsay as our doula. She was so supportive throughout the entire journey from pregnancy to postpartum. We can't speak highly enough about her approach to keeping her clients informed and aware of their options. She also helped ease mine and my husband's mind of the many pregnancy fears and concerns that expectant parents go through. She was a huge blessing and we would pick her over and over again.

Michele Hashash


I just had my second child January 2020. I did not have a duola with my first 8 years ago so I wasnt sure what to expect. Here was my experience. I found her information on one of the duola sites and messaged her to inquire about services. She promptly emailed me back to ser up a time to talk on the phone. We spoke on the phone a couple of times. She was very easy to talk to and answered all my questions. We met for the first time in person and again she was very personable and I felt very comfortable talking with her. She again answered all my questions and if she didn't know she quickly was able to research it from evidence based sources. She made sure I knew all my options and fully respected my decisions. During my labor she was very comforting, helping to soothe me during each contractions and kept me focus. Her being by my side helped not only me but my husband as well. I am very happy that I chose to use a duola with this pregnancy and would highly recommend Lindsay. 

Ariel Fitzgerald


Lindsay and I have been friends for almost 11 years. She moved away about 3 years ago, and we have remained good friends! When we found out I was pregnant, Lindsay asked me if she could be my doula. I've never had one in the past, it really didn't know what to expect. I, of course said yes! It was one of the best decisions. She was always there for any questions or concerns I had during my pregnancy and always had comforting advice! She made a 3 1/2 hour drive to make it to birth and I couldn't be more thankful! By the time i arrived at the hospital, I was 8cm. And in EXCRUCIATING pain. I suffer from severe anxiety and depression. At this point I was telling her and the nurses I just can't do this. Lindsay kept reassuring me that I could and I'm doing great! She truly helped calm me and couched me through the breathing while massaging my legs as the shakes had set in! She respected all my wishes and never left my side! She was a true angel in my delivery room and i wouldn't have had it any other way! I am beyond grateful and thankful for everything she has done for me! We absolutely love Lindsay!! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all that you are and have done for me and my family!



I'm incredibly thankful that we made the decision to have Lindsay as our post-partum doula. She is extremely supportive, incredibly knowledgeable, selfless, and present. She made us feel both at ease and confident, even though our baby was our 4th child. I am certain we would not have had nearly as wonderful of an experience without Lindsay's help and guidance post-partum. I was unable to breastfeed my other 3 children and she was always quick to answer a text or phone call when I needed help. I'm glad we chose to use Lindsay's professional services, but I'm even more grateful that I have a friend for life!


Ashley Conover


Lindsay came into our lives at the perfect time during my pregnancy, and I could not have picked a better doula. She was a great fit for me, being very calm and easy going. She was full of encouragement and support when I needed it most. I also loved how knowledgeable she was about prenatal health, labor, and breastfeeding. My labor and delivery were very short, but I was amazed at how she was inspired to do and say just the right things at the right time.

I recommend Lindsay to almost everyone I meet who is pregnant and would definitely use her again, if we have any more children.

Abby Rosenthal


When I found out I was pregnant I was scared, nervous, excited soon -to-be single Mother. My sister recommended getting a doula and told me about Lindsay.  

I met with Lindsay and I felt comfortable. She was able to help me understand , listened to my wishes, and was just overall there for me! Even with a text if I had a question! 

I went to Lindsay’s breathing and relaxation class only once and it helped me soo much during my delivery for every contraction, discomfort I was in. 

I had to be induced three weeks early due to preeclampsia. Day I found out I had preeclampsia, Admitted on September 17 ,2018 and had my son on September 19,2018 with no epidural. Lindsay stayed for awhile after I delivered and let me say my family and I are so grateful she was! I had complications a little while after I delivered. She demanded the nurses to see what was wrong, they got the midwife in and doctor to see what was wrong. Without Lindsay me and my sister and dad fear the worst would have happened to me. 

I am so grateful to you, Lindsay!! 

I highly recommend Lindsay as your doula!!

Abby & Liam (my precious almost 1 year old) 


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