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Jae Carey

Brooklyn, NY Serves families in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens MTA subway accessibility required


Birth Fee

$0 to $2500

Birth Fee

$0 to $2500

Birth Doula Experience

4 years and 72 births attended

Doula Training

  • Ancient Song Doula Services, October 2016
  • DONA International, June 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Experience at both public and private hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Brooklyn Birthing Center; Birthing Center of New York

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Experience with homebirth Midwives includes: Tania Zirulnik, Tanya Wills, Robina Khalid, Cara Muhlhahn, and Miriam Schwarzschild

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • End of life doula services
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Reflexology
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Ancient Song Doula Services: Reproductive Health and Wellness Educator (NYC Health and Hospitals Department of Correctional Health - Rikers Island) and volunteer bereavement doula; NYC Doula Collective: Mediation and Access Committees; Buddhist Peace Fellowship SOMA award winner; and CHiPS women's shelter volunteer.

Languages Spoken

  • French

Fee Details

Full-spectrum doula with rates dependent on services and tailored to situation. Virtual, tiered, and hourly offerings currently available during COVID-19 period. Also trained in various meditation, breathing, and comforting touch techniques specifically for laboring and the perinatal period. If we are a good fit, I make a special effort to work with those in non-conventional and challenging circumstances. Please reach out if you would like to discuss individualized services, fees, and options.

Brooklyn, NY Serves families in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens MTA subway accessibility required

Client Testimonials for Jae Carey

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My birth experience with my IVF baby would not have been possible without Jae! I'm a busy working mom who realized that even if I went to a birthing class there was no way I'd remember anything I'd learn about how to birth a baby. Jae met with me in the months leading up to my birth and was there to provide kindness and thoughtful advice navigating multiple changes - I had a placenta previa so at first we prepared for a caesarean, then the condition cleared so we prepared for vaginal birth, then I had to get induced!! Luckily Jae was still available when I was induced - and she came right as I got my epidural and thank goodness she did because I cried like a big baby.

Through a long 31 hour labor Jae held my hands, taught me how to breathe, positioned me, caught my vomit, provided scents to calm me down, listened to all my ranting and crying, played soothing music, and helped me stay nourished and strong. She took detailed notes every time nurses and doctors came around.

After developing a fever, Jae helped me make the decision to continue pushing instead of going for a caesarean. She taught me how to feel for the contraction (because I was still under epidural) and held my hands until my beautiful baby boy arrived in the world. Jae was also very commanding when she needed to be especially with my husband who also needed clear instructions on what to do himself. Jae helped with latching and breastfeeding after delivery.

All in I keep telling all my friends that Jae is worth more than her weight in gold and that my health, life, and that of my baby's, were all in her hands. I cannot recommend her enough. 

Lisa R.


From the moment we met Jae, we knew her calm and present energy was the exact presence we were looking for to welcome our baby into the world. She is a true nurturer, a deep and sweet soul, who gave us the confidence and encouragement we needed during our very long 48 hour home birth. I had extrememly intense back labor where she was pressing into my back to ease the preassure for hours. She never gave up on us and was a true voice of reason during moments of doubt. If you are looking for a doula who is not affraid to get her hands dirty, who will be there through the highs and low's, and are looking for a loving sweet presence to accompany you on the journey through birthing, Jae is the one! We love you Jae! You are forever in our hearts! xoxo

Tiana Markova-Gold


Jae was wonderful! The experience, skill, warmth and calm she brought to our experience was so valuable. We had a home birth, attended by an incredible midwife, whom Jae had never met before, and the two were able to work together very smoothly, each filling a different role. There was a moment during the labor when it became very possible we would have to transfer to a hospital and through this Jae remained a steady, supportive presence. Despite 18 long, hard hours of active labor (6 hours pushing!!!) I never once felt afraid or unable to continue and ultimately gave birth to my daughter on a yoga mat on the floor in our bedroom, exactly where we needed to be. Jae was present for me through the whole process, always there with some water to sip, rubbing my back, offering support to my partner. She provided very helpful suggestions and resources for breastfeeding, which made a big difference for us in those first days after Sejal was born. The fact that she also works as a doula with loss was important for me as I had lost a baby 5 years earlier at 22 weeks and had a lot of fear which I did not want to manifest in this pregnancy or labor. Jae is a skilled doula with incredible peaceful energy. She came with a lot of suggestions, but didn’t push anything on us. I always felt like she was listening to us and was able to find the balance between offering suggestions and honoring our needs. She was there to provide support and guidance and help us feel comfortable and empowered and that is exactly what she did. Our beautiful baby girl is now a thriving 4 1/2 month old. She has had no health issues, has been able to be exclusively breast fed (which has been a wonderful experience for me), sleeps through the night (has since she was born) and is an incredibly smart, strong, curious, loving and happy little person. I have no doubt that her well-being was deeply influenced by the healthy, natural way she came into the world, of which Jae was an integral part.



We delivered our baby No. 2 with Jae’s help and she did an outstanding job as a doula. She asked in details about my last birth and answered all my questions about birth before delivery and was calm, clear-headed and professional during the delivery. My contraction started at 1AM and escalated to every 2 minutes after 20 minutes. We called Jae and she made to UES from her Brooklyn home in half an hour in the middle of the night. She was drenched in sweat but we were so happy to see her as my labor was progressing quite fast. I was exhausted by the pain at 9 centimeters; and since it was my second delivery, I knew my stamina couldn’t last much long without a break, so I asked for an epidural. But even after getting the epidural, I was still shaking uncontrolably due to my exhaustion, looking miserable. Both my husband and I wasn’t sure how this would end at that moment. Jae calmed us two during this stressful time with her soothing words and manner. When my lower body was numb completely by the epidural and I couldn’t push, Jae asked me in front of the nurses if I would like to turn off the epidural? And I replied yes. So the nurses didn’t get offended and turned off the epi cooperatively. Soon after that I could feel my lower body a bit more and pushed my baby out. Both my husband and I couldn’t think during such stressful time and wouldn’t have thought of this good idea but really glad Jae suggested it in such a calm and unobtrusive manner. In addition, I think her rate was very reasonable. I would highly recommend her.

Ashley Moulton


We love Jae! We found her through Birthday Presence's doula match program, and hired her as first-time parents anxious about the whole birth process in general and wanting to avoid as many interventions as possible and deliver at the Birth Center at New York Presbyterian (LoMa).

Jae has such a calming and comforting presence while also being down to earth. In our prenatal visits, she helped both me and my husband feel 100% completely prepared for the birth beforehand (even though things didn't go according to plan, we went into the birth with complete peace of mind). We ended up having premature water breaking, stalled labor, and had to go into the hospital for an induction, with 44 hours of labor total. Jae was instrumental in helping us through the second day of labor at the hospital when we were both running on fumes, and helping us feel less desperate about the slow progression of labor. The comfort measures she provided as labor intensified and I had breakthrough epidural pain were vital to take my mind off of what I was feeling. She was also so awesome during the actual pushing, offering encouragement and support (and water!), which my husband was incapable of due to the emotions of the moment. And the stress-relieving pineapples gave me something to focus on while pushing!

My husband and I really are so grateful that Jae was there! I am not sure how we would have gotten through a 44 hour labor without her. When people ask me if they should hire a doula I say 100% because she saved both me and my husband. I mean I'm sure our daughter would have been born one way or another, but it's hard to imagine me not giving up without Jae there.

We love you Jae! We'll hire you again in a second if we ever have another kiddo in NYC. 



My partner and I loved working with Jae. My birth did not go as planned--I had wanted an unmedicated vaginal birth, and ended up with an induction and a c-section--yet, I still found that Jae's presence throughout the experience was invaluable. As first-time parents, we felt so much more secure going into an unpredictable scenario with the support of someone we knew was calm, knowledgable, and ready to advocate for me whenever possible.

Some of the seemingly small things that Jae did made such a difference to how I felt during my labor. For example, she brought a colorful drape to cover the harsh light in the hospital room. She also brought small speakers and played some really nice, chill music during my early labor. She would check in with me each time a medical intervention was brought up, and encouraged me to push back if I wasn't comfortable with something. 

After working with Jae, I'm convinced that every birthing woman should have a doula, and I'm so glad I chose her to share my experience!

Carlos Forsythe


Jae was exactly what we were looking for in a doula. She is calm and confident, but also very friendly.  She came to our home before the birth to educate us on the birth, and also practise laboring in our home.  During the birth she was relaxed and very comforting for my wife.  In the weeks and months after the birth, she kept checking in on us, and even visited to see how we were doing.

We wanted a doula to help my wife give birth without an epidural and she helped make that possible. I would definitely recommend her!

Jessi Hempel


Jae and Alden were gifts to our family. Last fall my wife and I discovered one of our twin sons would be stillborn. We were tasked with finding a way to greet our living son and say goodbye to our deceased son at the same time. Somehow, we needed to find a way to make room for both the joy and the grief.

In both, Jae and Alden were our companions and our guides. They both spent time with us before the birth to talk through our expectations, help us prepare for the physical and emotional experience, and help plan the logistics.

There were a host of steps involved in preparing for the stillbirth--deciding on burial vs. cremation, figuring out how we wanted to honor our son Aster, and involving family--and they guided us through beforehand so we could focus only on our children on the day of the birth. To be honest, I don’t know how we would have managed without them. They thought of everything so that we didn’t have to.

Jae worked with us for the birth. Alden served as her backup. When Jae walked into our hospital room on the day of our delivery, I watched my wife breath more deeply and gain the confidence she needed to bring our babies into the world.

She coached my wife through the delivery of our son Jude, who came first, and she helped us to feel confident connecting to him. When Aster arrived, she was a steady presence, able to sit with our mix of emotions without fear. Jae also introduced us to Amy Cunningham, the compassionate funeral director who helped arrange for Aster’s cremation, worked with the hospital so that our son would never need to be placed in the morgue, and led a small ceremony for us and our families in our hospital room.

I do not wish our particular experience on anyone, but should you find yourself in a moment of crisis--one that you expect, or one that you cannot predict--you will find no women stronger and more steady than Jae and Alden to come through it alongside you.

Alyson O'Connell


I don’t know what we would have done without Jae! I had planned for a low-intervention birth at a birth center, and of course it all flew out the window when I had to be tranferrred to labor and delivery right after being admitted. Throughout my labor, Jae was a caring, calming presence to myself and my partner - she seemed to know just what I needed in the moment before I even knew I needed it. In the heat of the moment, she made sure I understood everything that was going on and she and my midwife made a great team. I would 100% recommend Jae. My partner and I were lucky to have gotten to experience the birth of our first child with her. 

Noriko Brubeck


Jae’s steady presence was like an anchor during the ups and downs of my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. My partner and I appreciated how thoughtful she was, offering her guidance and lots of resources whenever we had questions as first time parents planning a home birth. Active labor came on stronger and faster than I expected, and Jae arrived exactly when I needed her calming voice and touch to ground me. While I was lost in the contractions, my husband was busy setting things up and filling the birth pool, so having Jae there to support both of us and call my midwife when it was time was essential. Thanks to her care alongside the rest of my team, I was able to have a beautiful birth at home. I’ll remember the moments and days after as the peak experience of my life.

Jennifer Schupp


My fiance and I had the good fortune of finding Jae Carey through DoulaMatch when I was approximately 4 months pregnant with my first child (a now nearly 6-week-old girl). I read through a LOT of descriptions on DoulaMatch and elsewhere and Jae's profile was one that really stuck out to me. Both my fiance and I can be high strung when under stress (and what had the potential of being more stressful than a first time pregnancy and labor and delivery?), and I liked that Jae had experience with yoga and meditation. Her overall  profile made me think that she would be laid back and hopefully provide a calming presence during an exciting and possibly volatile experience. After talking to Jae a bit on the phone, we agreed to meet in person. She was the first and only doula we met in person (although we'd talked to a few others), and after walking out of that meeting, both my fiance and I immediately agreed we didn't need to meet with anyone else. Jae in person was what I had hoped for: calm, kind, compassionate, and helpful. Throughout my pregnancy, we kept in touch with Jae, and she provided both support and resources. On the day my water broke and throughout a somewhat tumultuous labor & delivery (where 90% of my birth plan went out the window), she was a great comfort and support to both my fiance and me. We can't imagine having gone through it without her. Both my fiance and I care about Jae and consider her a close friend/family. If you want a doula who has a peaceful demeanor, and is calm yet present and engaged, among other things, Jae is who you're looking for. We are SO GRATEFUL we found her. 

Sarah Bouley


I came out of the hospital with my new daughter, Maëva, happy, healthy and proud. My mother, my father, Maëva's father and I were all lucky enough to be present at her birth and we all left the hospital cheering for Jae Carey, our amazing doula. She was beside me, supporting and guiding me through birth responding to my needs both through body language and verbal communication. She set a tone in the delivery room for us all to follow placing the challenging experience of child birth in an environment conducive to peace. All we had to do was focus on the second we were in until the arrival of Maëva. To have someone familiar and knowledgeable about these enduring moments by your side will help you succeed in whatever plan you may have in child birth. I plan to have Jae Carey by my side the next time I have a child. I believe she helped me find my own courage to have the natural birth I was planning for and would highly recommend her to anyone having a baby.

Lauren DiBonifazio


Jae was hands down the absolute BEST Doula I could have ever imagined! I was hesitant at first to even hire a Doula but I am so so thankful I did!! I found Jae right before I gave birth and knew she was going to be a great addition to my experience because of her background and her overall calming demeanor.

I had an idea of how I wanted my birth experience to go but, unfortunately, there were some unexpected circumstances that came up. My labor lasted 52 hours from when my water broke! Jae helped talk me through different choices in trying to keep as close to my birth plan as possible. Her knowledge was incredibly insightful and she helped me make well thought out decisions even in the middle of my labor!! Jae has this beautiful calming energy to her that will keep you centered and focused. She also helped me with my breathing (I studied hypno-birthing), as well as my pain management through massage and other techniques she uses. Jae understands how important it is for your spouse to feel helpful and included. She gave my husband and I time to discuss decisions and created a space for us to truly enjoy the birth of our first child.

Overall, Jae gave me one of the most wonderful gifts throughout this whole birthing experience and that was the gift of empowerment. As a first time Mom, labor can put you in a very vulnerable state of mind. She empowered me to make educated decisions on my own and not influenced or pressured in any way. Because of her support I was able to still have a beautiful birth story. I will always look back on this memorable moment of my life fondly even after 52 hours! I could not have done it without her! I will definitely have Jae with me for the birth of my second child. I believe this is her true calling in life and I'm so grateful to her. 

Kelly Lisy


Our experience with Jae was fantastic. She has a calming energy that enabled me to relax as much as possible through the contractions of labor and through pushing. I’m convinced that this is what enabled me to progress to 10 cm within 24 hours (which was important, since my water had already broken before admittance to the hospital). My husband also felt very supported by Jae - she made him feel included and helped guide him in how to be there for me, even when he was fatigued. She went above and beyond for us - showing up to the hospital hours before most doulas would have, and staying longer than was contracted for. We absolutely loved her and would recommend her to anyone. Thank you for making our labor experience a positive one, Jae.

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