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Loanna Antinori

Norwood, NJ Service range 25 miles


Birth Fee

$1250 to $1350

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Black Doula

Birth Fee

$1250 to $1350

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Birth Doula Experience

4 years and 21 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

2 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International, November 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Childbirth education services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Spanish

Fee Details

Fee includes 2 prenatal visits, continuous support throughout your labor and delivery and one post-partum visit. My doula support revolves around building a strong foundation with my clients. As a doula I provide information, resources and I advocate for women, families and their partners during and after the labor and birthing process. Providing continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth will help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible. Please feel free to visit my website for more information:

Norwood, NJ Service range 25 miles

Client Testimonials for Loanna Antinori

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Ashley Hudanish


Loanna was referred to us by our midwife Kristen Mallon, who said Loanna was the perfect match for our personalities and "birth plan". 

We hoped to have zero to low medical intervention during delivery and Loanna was very supportive of any plans we decided on and provided us with multiple resources to answer any questions we might have going into labor and delivery. She provided prenatal and postpartum home visits in addition to attending the entire delivery. In the prenatal visits we went over the birth plan and at home laboring techniques. 

During delivery Loanna made the room as comfortable for us as she could, keeping lighting low, using a calming scented diffuser and music, she guided me through my breaths and kept me focused through each contraction. She helped my husband to feel useful and included and he was so grateful! Because of her constant guidance through my contractions and being able to occasionally stay off the monitors so I could use exercise ball and walk around the room I was able to progress from 4cm to 7cm dilated before I requested an epidural. Even with the epidural I kept the doses to a minimum so I could still keep progressing. 

I was told by my OB and the nurses that I was making exceptional progress and was so relaxed for a first time mom. The breathing pattern while I pushed made it possible to get my son out in 45 minutes even with his shoulder dystocia being a minor complication. I credit this to Loanna's calming and supportive presence. I don't think I would have had such an amazing birth experience if she had not been there. 

It's evident in everything she does throughout the birth experience that this isn't just a job for her but a passion. I will be getting in touch with her for my next pregnancy as well! 


Rob Moschetta


Everything I hoped for and more! I don't know where to begin describing my wife and I experience with Loanna,so let's start with that. From our first communication to set up a time to meet and "interview" to the post-partum visit, her calm attitude and quick responsiveness made us feel at ease and we knew we selected the right doula for supporting my wife (and me!)

During the final months of my wife's pregnancy she was there to support and encourage her as well as guide me in the ways I could be there for her and things I could help with. 

From the moment contractions began Loanna was in contact with us to provide information about what may be happening and gave reassuring words. When it was time to make the trip to the hospital as contractions became more frequent she was ready to meet us even though it was the middle of the night. 

During labor Loanna helped to create the calm environment that allowed my wife to labor in a way she had hoped to progress and be supported. She was there to help keep her in her breath while also providing support to me in being a member of the team. Whether it was encouring us to stand together and sway or giving my wife a massage to keep her relaxed. 

All of theses things and so many others I can't even express, speak to Loanna's amazing experience, knowledge and caring spirit. 

Loanna is not just a doula you hire to help. She is a guide, a teacher, an inspiration and a friend. 



This was my second child and as soon as I spoke to Loanna, I knew I wanted her to be my doula. It turns out I needed a planned c-section and she was with me thorugh the whole process. She helped me and my partner prepare physically and mentally for the operation. She provided links to websites and podcasts. She provided tools like various scents, massage positions, affirmations, etc. One the day of my surgery, she arrived first thing in the morning and did not leave until we were settled in a room after recovery. She helped me get a handle on breast feeding that day and also during her visit after. Talking to her was like talking to an old friend and she even brought dinner for us during her visit the week after I had my daughter.

I am so thankful I found a calm, positive, and kind doula to help me get through a difficult birth experience. I would recommend Loanna to anyone!

A Ambrosio


My personal journey has always been about seeking those with real knowledge and experience. When we found out I was pregnant the first two things I did was find the right doctor and the right doula. There is no doubt that this journey will take you to unknown places and, that is the very reason why a doula is such a huge asset. We choose Loanna because it doesn’t matter what kind of journey you desire to take on this path through pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and beyond. Additionally, I choose Loanna because she has real experience, incredible knowledge, honesty, but most importantly she is there for YOU and your partner. She was hired by you, not the doctor or hospital, which makes her your support system and advocate. 

For me it was helpful that she checked in with me and if I had a question or needed direction she guided me. Closer to my due date she helped prepare us for childbirth and ironically answered questions we never knew we would have. When I went into labor she was there for every minute and helped me move through every stage with reassuring words and encouraging me that I am where I need to be. And, finally, when he was born she helped us navigate breast feeding and beyond. Looking back on the experience I would change nothing and recommend Loanna to anyone!

A final thought would be, don’t dismiss the idea of a doula. Seriously don’t! You do not know what kind of support and help you and your partner might need any point of this journey. 




We hired Loanna as our doula in my 30th week of pregnancy. She came over to our place for the prenatal visits and explained her role and how we could make it a pleasurable experience. She is extremely knowledgeable and shared some tips with us for managing labor pain. She took the time to know me and understand my preferences to be able to help me. I’m so glad she did that. She read my body language so well and helped me navigate the entire labor and delivery experience at the hospital. My OB initially suggested to give me petocin. But since I had told Loanna that I wanted to have a 100% natural delivery she made it a point that they don’t give me any medication unless it was medically necessary. She sounded so convincing that even the nurses agreed to it without any hesitation. Since everything was progressing so well naturally by itself she kept a close watch on me and made sure I keep breathing through my contractions. She even gave me a massage to soothe me. When it was time to push she guided me so well, even better than the OB. As a result I had a 100% natural birth without any medical intervention. Thanks to this wonderful lady. She was so good at it that even my OB ended up asking for her business card. This was my first pregnancy and I want to thank Loanna from the bottom of my heart for making it the most amazing experience ever. She is not just my doula but also a friend and a mentor. I would definitely recommend her to all the women out there who want to have a pleasurable birth experience and on your own terms. Hats off to this lady!


Daniele Hager


Loanna was recommended to us by a dear friend of mine. Both my husband and I were a little hesitant about getting a doula since we didn't really know what to expect with the pregnancy and preparing for birth. 

We agreed to hire a doula after I got pretty bad anxiety during the third trimester of my pregnancy. I felt scared and unsure of what was to come so we reached out to Loanna. We clicked instantly. Her demeanor and personality were soothing and comforting. Her own experience with several births made me feel more comfortable with her experience not only as a doula but as a woman and mother.

She offered 2 prenatal visits, attendance at labor and 1 postnatal visit in addition to becoming my "new best friend" which meant being available for any questions or concerns I may have. She is available at any time of the night with some of my questions like how to dress a baby at night! 

During labor she was there from the time I got scheduled to be induced until the moment I got transfered to the OR for an emergency c-section. We honestly could not have done this without her. My labor was long (about 20 hours). Loanna was present in every single aspect. She somehow knew what I needed at different times; whether it was a massage, sleep, words of encouragment, broth, among other things. For my husband, Loanna provided incredible support and guided him through the whole process. Towards the end of the labor as we prepared for a c-section, she helped him adjust his mindset and prepare for the surgery. Loanna stayed focused and kept us focused, despite how tired and frustrated we became. 

We welcomed a baby boy after a very long process. Loanna has stayed in contact with us and she has truly become our "new best friend". 




Let me start by saying that Loanna is an awesome doula! From day 1, she never left my side. Her knowledge,  advice, encouragement and dedication reassured me that  I was had the strength and power to give birth naturally.  Loanna always instilled in my memory to meditate and disregard any fears or worries regarding giving birth. Trust me, I was terrified but I can actually say my birth experience was obviously painful but Amazing.

She provided birthing books for me to read and was there at any time of the day if I needed assistance. Loanna’s professionalism, nurturing, and coaching she set up an essential oil mister, massaged my back and legs with coconut to provide relief and to relax me. During labor, when I was side tracked she always brought me back to center ground by reminding me to do the breathing techniques she taught me, which was a Tremendous help!

I really don’t know how my labor would of turned out if Loanna wasn’t be my side during my entire pregnancy, labor, delivery and after. Honestly, I probably would of taken the epidural if I didn’t have her by my side. Loanna definitely helped my husband and I achieve our ideal labor and delivery. Every mother needs a exceptional loving doula and Loanna is the best!!!



Ninan Tan


It has been a week since the birth of my son. He was my first, and I unhesitatingly decided to aim for a natural vaginal birth with minimal medical intervention. I repeat every day, and to everyone, that I couldn't have done it without my doula. Loanna was the most essential factor in the smooth and, above all else, positive birthing experience I had. The calm in her voice acted as a reassuring tether that rooted me to the ground every time I thought I would've lost control. Her knowledge of the process instilled such confidence in me that I just naturally let her guide me from the moment I entered the birthing room until well after I was holding my newborn child in my arms for the first time. There's just something about Loanna, an energy if you will, that I cannot put into words. She immediately became family. Someone you want to pour your heart out to. I would recommend Loanna to anyone who is planning to have a memorable birth without resorting to a cascade of medical interventions. Now, I just hope she will be available when the time for baby number two comes!

Jewlbop Music


So thoughtful and in tune. Ready to do what ever it takes to support me. She was graceful and a pillar of strength for me and my partner. Loanna surpassed my expectations of what a doulas role is. Everyone that walked in my room while I was laboring commented on what an amazing doula I had, even those who have had doulas in the past were shocked at how dedicated Loanna was to doing what was called for at any given moment. Loanna was a last minute call for us and I'm so grateful that we made the decision to hire her, she was one of the greatest gifts I could ask for. -Julie & Family 

Joe Spiegel


I really didn't understand the value in a doula until after my wife's and my experience with Loanna. Looking back, it's really hard to imagine going through the labor process without the calm and assuring voice of hers. We were comforted right from the start, learning how prepared she wanted to be, asking us lots of questions and getting to know us to the core. She was also amazingly informative about the birthing process, being a mom herself and speaking from her own experiences. We learned so much from her about pre-labor, labor, newborn care, the list goes on..Once it came it to the day of the labor, Loanna's true value shined bright for over 16 hours straight. My wife was so incredibly strong that day, but I felt Loanna's voice tapping into another level of her strength that I'm not even sure she knew she had. As the father, there's a feeling of pride that makes you want to assert yourself as the main support person. You want to be there for your wife and help her tap into that strength to get through the process, especially if she's trying for a natural birth. But having Loanna on your team, as your wife's doula, leading with experience and comforting with empathy and clear really the best support you can provide for your wife. Loanna is highly recommended. 

Massiel Cuello


Loanna was amazing!I am so thankful to God that she was able to achieve my ideal birth and delivery.From the moment my mom and I met Loanna we loved her. She made me feel at ease with the whole childbirth experience.I told her that I wanted a natural birth, with no medication and she affirmed that what ever I wanted we could achieve. She is very resourceful and extremely knowledgeable.She helped us formulate our birth plan and to feel as prepared as we could.She was responsive, even in the middle of the night when my water broke and I started to get contractions.Throughout the whole process I was able to count on her.She came over to my house, she helped with my breathing through the contractions and then we headed to the hospital where she was with me the whole time.She was an excellent support for us and extremely valuable.Loanna also demonstrated to be super professional and patient when advocating for me in the hospital.There was a nurse who was rude and wanted to add stress to my life.She told us, why we didn’t go to a natural birth clinic instead, when we told her I didn’t want to get the IV.However Loanna maintained calm through it all, which was extremely helpful for me.I labored for 29 hours and throughout those hours Loanna encouraged me to sit on an excise ball, helped me rock from side to side.She gave me massages; she helped me get in the shower.Even when I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore she gave me positive reassurance and reminded me that I was doing great, and how strong I am. I honesty wouldn’t change a thing about my birth story thanks to Loanna. I don’t know how I would have done it without her relaxation techniques and support. She helped with some issues I was having with breastfeeding and assured me that it would get better. I’m so glad my family was blessed with Loanna. I cannot say thank you enough to Loanna for being such a great support through my pregnancy.

Lyka Abeya


Loanna was a key player in my birth team.  I had incredible support for a drug free birth  from my husband, mother and midwife but the role that Loanna played during my labor goes unmatched. She encouraged me through EVERY breath and helped maintain a calm and positive energy in the room throughout the entire labor. Our midwife who has worked with many doulas in the past was equally impressed with her. Even in the weeks after the birth she has continued to lend her support and  ensure we have what we need to care for our little one. We were unsure whether to even use a doula for our birth but i’m so thankful we did, and even more grateful that we found Loanna. 

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