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Jenna Schroeder, CLD

Loveland, OH Service range 40 miles

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

7 years and 65 births attended

Doula Training

  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA), January 2016

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Prenatal & postpartum fitness services
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Trained in Trauma Competent Care, Trained through Tried and True parenting practices, Mother of 4

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • French Creole

Fee Details

This fee includes 1 prenatal appointment, support during labor and birth, and 1 postpartum visit *remote support option during covid19

Loveland, OH Service range 40 miles

Client Testimonials for Jenna Schroeder, CLD

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Sasha Kazovsky


Jenna was our amazing doula for the birth of our second child in August 2021. Jenna brought something really special to the birth experience, and 8 months later we are still thinking about her!

She really managed to connect with me and my husband, and it felt so natural to have her in the birth with us. We didn't know if we wanted a doula and we are so glad we did!! Jenna knew that we wanted a vaginal unmedicated birth, and she kept us positive and focused, not letting me give up, for which I am so grateful. She taught me some body positioning that really helped labor to progress and make it less painful. Her presense and touch were very comforting to me - and I know that she was joking with my husband and lifting his spirits too.

During pregnancy and the actual labor Jenna empowered me to not blindly accept anything the Doctors wanted to offer or wanted me to do - this turned out to play an important role for me being able to birth exactuly how it felt most natural  and with minimal intervention throughout.

She stayed with us longer than she was obliged to, and throughout the whole experience she did above and beyond for us. I am now looking back at my pretty long and painful unmedicated birth with a big smile, and Jenna was a big part of that amazing experience. (and she made amazing pictures!!!!!!)




We had our baby boy in July of 2020 and Jenna was the reassurance we needed for delivering a baby in the midst of a pandemic. With this being my first child and dealing with the uncertainty of delivering in a pandemic, I felt I need a coach to guide me through my birth for emotional and mental support. I'm so glad that we did! I ended up going with a natural birth and I don't think I would have been able to do it without Jenna's support. She was amazing! A friend recommended her to me, and I'm so glad that we connected and that she was available for my due date.

I couldn't sing her praises more, but below are a few reasons that made her invaluable.

1.) Educational - I didn't know what type of birth I wanted, and Jenna provided me with numerous recourses to educate myself and figure out my tentative birth plan. I never felt pressure from her to do one thing or another, just 100% support.

2.) Physical Support - I had terrible back labor for 100% of my labor and Jenna was there for every contraction doing counterpressure’s and back massage. She got a workout as well!

3.) Emotional Support - Jenna was there through every step of the way. If ever I had a question, she made herself available through Facetime, text or phone call. She frequently checked up on me to see how I was doing (before & after birth) and showed she truly cared and was invested in making my experience a positive one. She even offered to go on walks with me, talk at any time, etc.

4.) Calming Presence - Jenna was a great partner in my labor, alongside my husband. She was a calming and reassuring presence and worked great with him. She was reassuring to him when he needed it and empowered and guided him to be there for me throughout my labor.

Samantha Lampe


Jenna was an amazing doula and I highly recommend her! She was there for me every step along the way during pregnancy answering any questions I had throughout. She was extremely compassionate and responsive and made me feel very comfortable from the moment we met. I cannot imagine going through this pregnancy or birth experience without her to answer my questions and calm my nerves when things were scary and unpredictable. My birth didn't go exactly to plan but having Jenna with me and my husband made it much more manageable and I don’t think I could have done it without her.  She made what would have been a terrifying situation seem more calm and achievable and I felt a lot better about the decisions I had to make when we had to deviate from the plan. She came to our house when I called so I could labor at home as long as possible, then stayed with me at the hospital for the whole birthing process, close to 24 hours! She really cared about making sure I had the best birth possible despite things not going as smooth as I had hoped. She worked great as a team with my husband, helping him coach and support me throughout the whole process. I couldn't recommend Jenna more for anyone looking for a doula and wanting to have a natural birth and definitely plan to hire her again for our next child.

Collin Guernsey


Jenna was an amazing addition to our birth team. When we decided to birth at home I knew that a doula would be key to our success. I also knew that I’m not amazing with my words during a birth. So a doula was certainly needed. Right from the start, hiring Jenna was a good experience. She was easy to communicate with, organized a few get together’s and joined us during our final birth walkthrough. 

During the actual labor I was starting to get increasingly tired, and also I was balancing keeping our two year old asleep and my wife as comfortable as possible. We called Jenna in around 1am because my wife’s labor pains were starting to get harder to get through and she came quickly! She helped my wife re-adjust many times, allowed me and my mother in law and daughter to get a little sleep and all around was a fantastic comfort to all of us. We felt like a friend was in the house. She had fantastic suggestions all the way through and greatly helped with every part of the labor process. We can’t thank her enough!

Staci Heiden


I cannot say enough good about Jenna. She has such a gentle demeanor, but was the solid rock that helped my daughter through her VBAC home birth. She spent hours comforting and repositioning my daughter as needed and never seemed to tire. I am so thankful that Jenna was a central part of welcoming my amazing grandson into the world! I am forever grateful for her dedication to my making sure my daughter had the most beautiful natural birth that she had dreamed of having. 

Staci Heiden


I cannot say enough good about Jenna. She has such a gentle demeanor, but was the solid rock that helped my daughter through her VBAC home birth. She spent hours comforting and repositioning my daughter as needed and never seemed to tire. I am so thankful that Jenna was a central part of welcoming my amazing grandson into the world! I am forever grateful for her dedication to my making sure my daughter had the most beautiful natural birth that she had dreamed of having. 

Molly Guernsey


We hired Jenna for our homebirth VBAC and knew we picked the right doula from the moment we met. Jenna is very attentive, compassionate, and encouraging. She checked in on me throughout my pregnancy and she came immediately when I told her I needed her help during my labor. Jenna helped me achieve my VBAC by supporting both me and my husband throughout my pregnancy, labor, and delivery. We would absolutely hire her again for our next pregnancy and we highly recommend her!

Madeline Griffith


As a first time mom with anxiety, I was very nervous about giving birth, especially since I was attempting to do so without an epidural. From the first time my husband and I met Jenna, we instantly felt comfortable and supported. She made it clear that no matter what our decision was about an epidural she was there to be our advocate. She explained what happens to the body during birth, and what is best for newborns so that we could make informed decisions, then provided us with the resources we needed to prepare. When the day came, she got to the hospital as quickly as possible (in the middle of the night), and stayed through the entire 13 hours I was in the delivery room. I absolutely cannot imagine this day without her! She communicated our birth plan to nurses, and worked with the doctors to make sure our needs were met. Since I didn't get an epidural, she went out of her way to make me as comfortable as possible: showing me different positions to lay in, sit in, setting up a diffuser, getting me water and ice, etc. She also directed my husband on the best ways to help me during contractions. This was SO incredibly helpful as we had no idea what things to try! She always knew when to switch it up, and what would help most (getting in the tub, rubbing my back, swaying, sitting on the ball). She also knew which positions would aid labor the most, and was very encouraging and calming even when it was at its most painful. After our baby girl was born, Jenna stayed to make sure I was able to breastfeed, and that my husband and I were settling in. It was an incredibly bonding experience to spend that much time with someone (in a very intimate situtation) and were so blessed to have her with us! We still see her to catch up every few months, and love that she gets to see our little girl grow up. I would recommend her to everyone if I could, and she will be our doula for our second child due this August!

Kaitlin Morrison


Jenna was awesome! She thought of things my husband and I didn't. She was really helpful with questions about labor and birth beforehand. During my labor and delivery, she was so wonderful, helping my husband and me the whole time, had my husband take a bathroom break, and made my drug-free birth better than it would have been. She helped me to try different labor positions, reminded me to use the bathroom every hour or two, helped with counter pressure on my back during contractions, offered ice chips when I hadnt thought of that, but it was great. She was calm and positive (but not so overly positive that it would be annoying!) She visited about a week after my daughter was born, and helped with a few breastfeeding questions. She was lovely, and if we have another baby, we would both love to have her back.

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