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Sharon Cassidy


We had a wonderful and amazing birth experience with Lori. My husband and I are extremely happy that we had Lori by our side during the birth of our second son.  I had a traumatic csection with our first son in 2014, and with the help of Lori I was able to have a successful VBAC on 6/7/17.  She was so knowlegeable, and caring. She came to our house and helped me labor and then stayed the entire time until we had our baby at the hospital! I honestly don't know what we would have done without her.  She helped me face my fears, and also helped in the healing process from our first delivery. She helped turn our birth experience into one of the most beautiful experiences my husband and I have ever went through together. We will be forever grateful. 

Sharon Savukinas

Kara Medow


When I was in labor with our first son, the original Doula we'd hired was out of town and Lori was her backup. Lori drove quickly through a thunderstorm from her home into Philadelphia and showed up faster than we expected to meet us at the hospital.

We were immediately impressed and surprised with how easily Lori transitioned into the situation having never met me or my husband, and how quickly she was able to pick up on my cues to give me exactly what I needed during a very short, intense and unmedicated labor. We had such a fantastic experience with Lori that we hired her again for the birth of our second son, and had a second amazing birth experience.

In both births she was able to support both myself and my husband, and helped to navigate the medical staff and potential decisions presented to us during labor. Her demeanor was incredibly soothing and helped both of us to maintain our calm during both labors. And her post-partum support in hospital and during home visits was fantastic. I have only amazing and positive things to say about Lori and both of our birth experiences!

Jon Larsen


We decided to have a doula towards the end of my wife’s pregnancy and were incredibly lucky to find Lori. We were impressed immediately by her experience as a doula and by her thorough knowledge of what we could expect at our delivery. Being first time parents, we jumped at the chance to benefit from her services. Not only did Lori quickly and competently prepare us for delivery, by coaching and strengthening our team, but she also made us aware of our rights and helped us to prepare our birth preferences for a low intervention hospital birth. Lori was extremely accommodating and easy to communicate with, reassuring my wife and me as we neared the birth of our beautiful daughter.

Upon my wife’s water breaking just after midnight on New Year’s Day, Lori went above and beyond to advise us through early labor and when the time was right, joined us at the hospital to bolster and calm us as labor intensified. She navigated a sometimes confusing and uneven service experience at the hospital and tenaciously supported us when we were met with institutional resistance to our preferences. Lori made our birth experience everything we wanted and more, staying with us through 10 hours of labor, until we were comfortably holding our baby in our arms. I cannot imagine our daughter’s birth without Lori.

Rose White


Lori was an incredible support for us during our pregnancy, birth, and since the birth of our son. When we had questions, we were able to contact her and felt like there was no "dumb" question. She was enthusiastic and non-judgemental as we talked about what to expect in birth and what our hopes were for our birth plan. Our birth, of course, didn't go as planned, and Lori was helpful in keeping us focused and optimistic, and we ultimately were able to have a drug free birth, as we'd hoped, in large part due to Lori's support and encouragement.

Benjamin Johnson


My wife and I scheduled an introductory meeting with Lori after searching among many Doulas in the area. Lori's years of experience and approach that emphasizes empowering and supporting mothers and couples stood out to us.  And after my wife gave birth to our son, utilizing all the skills that Lori taught us, we could not be more thankful that we went with her.

Even though pregnancy, labor, and taking care of a newborn are surprising and sometimes chaotic processes, Lori really helped us to feel more in control, aware of what was going on, and capable of achieving our preferences.  She was extremely tactful at the hospital, helping to make sure we received the birthing support and interventions we wanted, avoiding those we did not.  She offered ongoing support, so that as questions came up, we had someone to talk to who had been through or witnessed the process more than a hundred times before.

Prior to our first meeting with Lori, we were not sure if we needed a Doula.  Hospitals give birth to thousands of babies every year.  Certainly, we could just show up and the doctors would make everything happen.  But, honestly, we feel like hiring Lori was the best parenting decision we've made yet.  It's allowed my wife and me to feel more confident and ralaxed every step of the way.  We feel like that calmness has passed onto our son.  And working as a team to give birth to our first baby has brought my wife and me closer together.  Lori's help was worth every penny and a lot more.

If you can get a spot in her schedule, really, you won't regret it.  Otherwise, I'd trust Lori's judment to recommend another Doula in the area.  She is very well tapped in to the medical, doula, lactation consultant communities in the greater Philadelphia area.


amanda diesel


We met with a number of potential Doulas knowing we wanted someone with the right blend of knowledge, experience and humanity. Lori was that for us from the beginning. During our interview, our preparation meetings and our birth she was able to provide us with a seemingly endless amount of information, perspectives, shared experiences and compassion. Because this was our first child we had no idea what we were in for. Lori's kind, knowledge-driven and calm way was crucial in our managing what turned out to be a 30 hour labor. There were a lot of twists and turns along the way but a constant was Lori's support, her knowledge sharing, her pro-active massaging and comforting during hard times and her staying with us to help make sure we felt OK about walking into the brave new world of breast feeding after the birth. Aside from having a tremendous amount of respect for Lori and her role as a doula, I feel lucky to have crossed paths with this amazing individual and I hope to maintain a friendship as she shared something that was a life changing experience. Not only did she share in it but she played a critical role in shaping what turned out to be a great and empowering experience.

Rachel Clark


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Lori! She was my doula for my second child, which was a successful VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarian). My first child was a long labor that ended in a c-section. I knew after that difficult experience I wanted a doula to help me achieve a VBAC with my second child.

Lori helped me throughout my pregnancy with nutrition and exercise suggestions, emotional support, and any health concerns. She would always respond in a timely manner to emails and phone calls. When I decided to switch my OB-GYN practice Lori helped me find references for VBAC supportive doctors. Lori helped prepare and empower me to ask my OB-GYN questions about my birth plan and medical interventions.

Going into labor I felt very confident and it was such an amazing experience to have my husband on one side of me and Lori on the other. I felt protected and encouraged by both of them. This was especially helpful for me because there were different doctors, residents, nurses, all coming and going and my husband and Lori helped keep me focused on my body and my baby. Lori had the experience to suggest different positions for labor and how to push. Those suggestions helped me get my baby out without needing to go into an operating room.

Having a successful VBAC was the most incredible and empowering experience of my life! I am profoundly grateful for Lori, her calm demeanor, encouragement, expertise, and support throughout my pregnancy.

Beverly Buella


Expecting my first child, I had so many questions and fears about the birthing process.  At first I was unsure whether having a doula was necessary, given that I was planning an all natural birth at the Birth Center.  "What's the reason for another support person? I have a midwife and my husband- that's all I need, right?"  After talking to a few other doulas and learning how her role would play in my child's birth- it was certainly the best decision that we made.  Her values seemed to fit with mine and I was certainly able to connect with her.  She is very warm and caring from the moment you meet her.  Specifically with regards to our birth, Lori guided us through protocols that she was aware of through her experience of the births she attended at the Birth Center, so that we would be prepared to make informed decisions when our baby was ready to be welcomed into the world.  She was on call when we needed her to be, took her time with us at our appointment.  When pressed with making tough decisions, Lori presented us with all of our options based on her knowledge and experience and was extremely supportive in whatever decision my husband and I needed to make- not pressuring us to do what she thought would be best. 

I could not say enough great things about Lori and am so grateful that she was present at the birth of our daughter, Giselle.  I am blessed and extremely thankful that I can say I had the best birth I could have imagined.  Thank you!

Arwen Vermeulen


 Lori is a wonderful doula!  She helped me considerably during my labor and birth of my first child.  I went into labor on Christmas eve and she came to my house late that night and spent the night and almost all of Christmas day with me for my baby's birth.  She gave me suggestions on ways to cope with the contractions and pains I was experiencing.  If I didn't feel something was working, she offered me other ideas of things to try.  My husband remarked that my behavior and how I was dealing with contractions was like night and day compared to before and after she arrived to help me.  She made sure I stayed hydrated by offering me sips of water or recharge drink in between my contractions.  She has a very soothing manner that helped keep me calm during labor.  It was great to have someone with me who had experienced childbirth before and knew what I was going through.  I cannot recommend her enough!  If I ever have another child, I hope to have her as my doula again!

Susan Connelly


Lori is amazing! I kept her updated through email and phone calls with all of my progress. She always answered my questions and was right there with exactly what I needed everytime. She gave me not only encouragement and reassurance but resources and information. I never felt like she was too busy for me, even if she was. Her attitude was always pleasant and calming and made me feel like I had her full attention.

My original plan was to have a waterbirth at a birth center that Lori recommended. We were on the fence between hospital and home birth and Lori helped us to find the perfect compromise. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with mild preclampsia at the end of the pregnancy and had to have my baby in the hospital. I spent four days trying every natural method of induction there is but I was stuck at 3cm. Lori was so supportive the entire time and when I had to be given pitocin she was at my side helping me with every decision. Her advice was invaluable and her very presence in the room brought my blood pressure down and made me feel empowered. The pitocin made it a very hard labor and I literally would not have made it through without her. Because of Lori I was able to have a vaginal birth without an epidural in a hospital setting. I firmly believe that if Lori had not been there the midwife would have talked me into a cesarean section.

I thank God for Lori Daley everyday and I consider her to be part of my family. My daughter and I owe so much to her and she will always have a special place in my heart. If I am blessed with more children Lori will be there for those births too. I could never imagine going through pregnancy or birth without her.

The sound of her voice and her beautiful face will help you to feel strong and give you the courage to stick to your goals and have the birth that you want to have.

Jessica Hickey


From the moment we met Lori we knew she'd be a good fit for us.  This was our third (and last) birth and while we prefer giving birth in the hospital, we prefer lower interventions and always tried to go pain med free (but had never been successful in meeting that goal). Aside from our pre-natal visits, Lori kept in touch with us via email throughout the pregnancy and was always available to us. We chatted on the phone several times as well as a variety of issues with our hospital and care providers arose. We ended up switching hospitals and care providers 6 weeks before our birth and Lori was instrumental in talking through this decision and helping us to identify the core issues for us. When I went into labor we communicated throughout the day and she was very responsive to our needs.  I cannot say enough good things about Lori's attentiveness during my labor. She helped with pain management, encouraged me, worked with me to stay home as long as possible before going to the hospital, and assisted my husband in assisting me most effectively. When we arrived to the hospital, Lori continued to encourage me and worked in wonderful tandem with my midwife and the hospital nurses. I can honestly say that without  the support Lori provided, I would not have met my goal of a med free birth. After giving birth, Lori stayed for a long time holding my hand and helping me through some of the afterbirth pains. I cannot imagine having gone through this birth without her and highly recommend her.

Joey Anna Young


I don't think there are enough positive words in the written language to describe how happy I am that I found Delco Doula birth services. As a first-time mother, and self-professed control freak, I had hundreds of doubts, expectations and concerns about my pregnancy.  I originally planned to have a hospital birth with pain medication management. I thought that was how "everybody" did it. Thanks to Lori's extensive knowledge and her dedication to sharing all her many resources, I was able to uncover the many advantages to a natural birth. Through working with her, not only was I reassured that natural birth was the better decision for my baby and I, but I actually ended up looking FORWARD to giving birth despite deciding on a no-pain-medication option. Throughout my pregnancy, she emailed me every week, kept in contact on the latest news and articles she found, and was always a wealth of information.

When it came time for my birth experience, it was nothing short of amazing. Lori was instrumental in keeping me focused on all the right things. Her positive encouragement mixed with a little bit of tough love was the perfect blend to help me get through what ended up being a short but unexpectedly intense labor. She helped me feel empowered and in control, despite the vulnerability a laboring woman often experiences, even fears. She became family to us, so much so we had her cut our daughter's cord.

I would recommend Delco Doula birth services to every woman I know and to any woman who wishes to have the tools, encouragement and care that we deserve as we go through the most important time in our lives. If I am blessed enough to have a second child, I will absolutely call on Lori again to help me through.

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