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Mary Sefchek

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Phone: 2012458023

Birth Fee: $900

Birth Doula Experience: 2 years and 13 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International, April 2017
Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education

  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Twins
  • VBAC

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Client Testimonials for Mary Sefchek

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Priyam Jancosko

Before we hired Mary, I had met with two other doulas. They were wonderful but I just did not feel a connection with them. Within the first five minutes of meeting Mary, I knew I wanted her there for the birth of our second baby. Mary was more than just a birth doula. I had prodromal labor for two weeks before I had my son. My pubic bone kept moving out of alignment and it was extremely painful. Through those tough last weeks, Mary was always there checking in on me. She always listened with genuine compassion and offered practical advice. 

When the day finally came to give birth, she was by my side within forty-five minutes. I felt safe and comforted by her presence. She had me squat, moan, and walk through every contraction. This was just what I needed. She kept me focused on embracing each contraction and reminding me that it was getting me closer to meet my baby. I would not change anything about my birth and I don't think it would have been possible without Mary by my side. She offered unwavering support and comfort throughout my pregnancy and birth.

Posted 6/20/2019

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Molly Siliato

I cannot say enough good things about Mary and everything she did for us as our doula. I did not think I needed/wanted anyone other than my husband and midwife in the delivery room but I am so glad we listened to the advice of close mom friends. Looking back I cannot imagine this experience without her. This was our first baby and we had so many questions. Mary brought a calming energy and eased our anxieties. She is very knowledgable and was supportive of all of my decisions. My husband and I checked into the hospital to be induced as I was 12 days late and not dialating. In my head I thought "induction=C-section," and that was not what I wanted. But, as soon as Mary entered our hospital room the energy shifted. I no longer felt like I was in a cold hospital room with my dreams of vaginal birth crushed. Even my husband has told everyone who asks about our birth experience, "Everything changed when Mary arrived." It really did. She was the support I never knew I needed. While many others in the room became frustrated with the lack of progress and ecouraged a c-section, Mary stayed in tune with me and my wants/needs. She stuck by my side through about 20 hours of labor (5 of them pushing). Together we delivered our beautiful baby boy and I can never thank her enough. I had the vaginal birth that I wanted and I truly owe it to Mary. Her support did not stop there. I had difficulty breastfeeding and informed Mary when she checked in on me post- pardum. Once again, Mary brought her calming energy and invaluable knowledge to ease my stress and concerns. I recommend her services to any and every mom-to-be. Thank you, Mary! 

Posted 5/24/2019

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Grace Manser

Choosing Mary to be a part of our son's birth was one of the best decisions we could have made and I feel she played a major part in our success with a natural VBAC birth. After experiencing the slippery slope of interventions with our first son's birth, starting with induction, intense labor, an epidural and ultimately resulting in a cesarean, it was so important to me to try with everything I had for a natural birth. I wanted an entirely opposite birth experience so badly. While most of the medical world was making me feel really terrified of the risks associated with a VBAC, Mary was so confident that it would work out that it helped me to regain the trust in my body that I had lost after my first birth experience. She greeted every bit of progress with contagious enthusiasm and positivity and when labor finally started she was right there with us, fully focused and prepared to contribute in any way she could to the best possible outcome for us. She was calm, reassuring and optimistic through every little complication we encountered. She was a vocal and enthusiastic coach during the pushing phase when I really needed it. Her intuition as a doula and as a mother are invaluable and the love and care that she shows her clients are so important in a time where so much can feel scary and uncertain. I couldn't imagine having gone through any of it without her in my corner. I'd recommend her to anybody in a heartbeat. 

Posted 5/7/2019

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Laura Ehrhardt

I strongly recommend Mary's doula services! I can honestly say that Mary is a HUGE reason that my natural twin birth went exactly as I had hoped and prayed and never expected it rocked actually go. With the odds against me, I told my midwives I planned to deliver my fraternal twin boys without any pain meds and with as little intervention as possible. Mary was in my corner from day one. She calmly and confidently walked my husband and I through what to expect, how to handle it, and the ways she and my husband could support me in all of the hardest moments. She never for a second doubted that I could get my labor moving when the midwives scheduled my impending induction. With her positivity and resounding support my water broke at the eleventh hour and she cried in joy, “I KNEW IT!” and leapt to meet us at the hospital. We endured a long labor where I needed to be encouraged over and over that the little bits of progress I was seeing were incredible, were going to amount to something big, and were manageable. She introduced new techniques any time I got tired or stagnant. She helped to counter the pain I experienced. Mary never felt judgmental, tired, annoyed, or any of the things I feared in asking another person to be present in the slow and fast moments of birth. When I felt foolish in the noises I was needing to make she made exactly the same noises and I felt camaraderie and relief. When I felt fear she gave me confidence and encouragement. When I felt frustrated she gave me space to feel that and understanding. We delivered two beautiful healthy baby boys that afternoon together and my husband and I still say that we would have never made it out of the room without a surgery if it weren’t for Mary. Her post partum encouragement and advice was also invaluable. Her pricing is inclusive and she’s worth so much more. I’m so thrilled to have been her first birth as a doula. 

Posted 3/5/2019

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Jenny Vickers

I highly recommend Mary as a doula! She's caring, supportive, knowledgeable, and experienced. She's so kind, and feels like a friend you have known forever, yet also very professional at the same time. At first, I couldn't imagine anyone in the room with me except my husband, doctor and nurse - but we decided to have a doula to provide additional support, and now I can't imagine NOT having her there. She had the most calming effect on me, helped with many useful techniques (breathing, massage, relaxation) to guide my husband and I through labor, as well as provided lots of good advice before, during and after pregnancy. I don't know if my husband and I could have done it without her. She's a one-of-a-kind person and now a friend. I have a new appreciation for doulas, especially Mary. There's a special bond that's created between the parents and doula - and I couldn't think of a better person to be in our room as we gave birth to our child, Magdalena. From our first few meetings, through labor, and beyond, Mary is simply the best!

Posted 1/8/2019

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