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Nathalie Grolleman CD(DONA) former (ICU/Cardiac care) nurse

Doula Nathalie


Phone: (202) 279-1089

Birth Fee: $950 to $1150

Postpartum Rate: $40 to $45

Fee Details: I am a certified birth doula and I have a nurse background! One of my goals is to give you the best possible birth experience. I can be the guide you need during this life-changing journey. I have a genuine interest in people, I support and encourage. What drives me as a doula is to give you the confidence and trust to rely on your own power during and after labor. You can do it! I'm not replacing your partner, I'm there to make it easier in many ways for both of you! I also work with a back up doula. As a Postpartum doula I will make sure you will have the best first week with your baby, like soothing, bonding, feeding, bathing and resting so that you can look back at a wonderful week and to feel strong and confidence enough to do it by yourself. The different fees depend on different packages. It's described on my website.

Birth Doula Experience: 2 years and 50 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience: 1 years and 18 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International, June 2017
Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 2 to 4 births and 0 to 3 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I worked as a nurse in the hospital at the labor and delivery department, the newborn department and the maternity department. I used to work as an ICU/CCU nurse.
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Only when a midwife is around

Other Relevant Certifications

  • CPR Certified - Red Cross

College Education

  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • Over 40
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Prematurity
  • Single parents
  • Twins
  • VBAC
  • Women and Families of Color

Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Aromatherapy
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am a volunteer of Community of Hope Birthcenter and a member of DONA International.

Languages spoken: English, Dutch, little French & German

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Bethesda, MD
Travel Range: 25 Miles

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Client Testimonials for Nathalie Grolleman CD(DONA) former (ICU/Cardiac care) nurse

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Nathalie is a fantastic doula!!!She accompanied me and my husband with patience, grace and humour for more than 20 hours of labour. She provided soothing massages, words, attentions. Her presence was reassuring .She helped my husband figure out a way for us to work together, give time for him to rest, support me better.  I am convinced my birthing experience would have been more medicated without her. She is careful, informed about the risk/benefit of many procedures. She does not push you towards one way or the other. She really paid attention and did her best to implement my preferences. Being French myself, I loved her gentle Dutch accent and very Cartesian approach. We consider her a friend, a friend of our son. 

Posted 5/15/2019

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Nathaie was an awesome doula. She helped answer all my questions before, during and after my delivery. Her experience really helped a lot and made me feel very comfortable.  She was able to explain everything going on during delivery. She helped prepare me for delivery and helped me when I got home as well. She was very responsive.  My husband and I are very appreciative. 

Posted 4/5/2019

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Nathalie helped our family immensely as our post partum doula.  My son (and I) had a rough first week- I was recovering from a C-section and he had to have his tongue tie clipped and was readmitted to the hospital for jaundice.  Nathalie brought calm and support to our home by helping us figure out his feeding cues, bathing tips, and seemingly simple lessons like how to put his sleeves in his outfits without a total meltdown.  She baked delicious lactation cookies and supported me in my breast feeding difficulties which ended in exclusive pumping and unlike the lactation consultants I saw at the hospital, she never pushed me or made me feel guilty for not trying harder with breast feeding.  Nathalie also helped me by showing me the ins and outs of babywearing by showing me how to use the wraps I already had and she showed me how to use a wrap that she had.  By showing me how to use the wraps, it raised my confidence and i was able to wear my son on my own.  Sometimes, our visits were as simple as my taking a much needed nap while Nathalie straightened up and helped with the laundry all while caring for my son.  I am so grateful for her expertise and support during what began as a difficult time but because of her support, I am now confident and comfortable with this new role of motherhood! 

Posted 2/20/2019

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Brittany Bayly

Nathalie was an absolute dream from the start - she easily convinced my skeptic husband to get on board with the idea of a doula at our first meeting. She has a calm and comforting demeanor combined with the medical knowledge of a nurse, a ton of birth experience and an obvious love of nurturing clients during the birth process.

I credit Nathalie for my perfect hospital birth- she encouraged me through obstacles and setbacks. Her warmth and calm created a welcoming and wonderful environment and my husband and I both felt so supported . Her presence alone gave me strength ro stand up for myself and what I wanted for my birth- but I also cant understate how nice it was to have her give voice to my desires and needs while I was in labor lalaland and had no voice. 

My only regret was not hiring Nathalie to be my post partum doula as well! I just hope she is available to be part of my next birth ( and postpartum) whenever that may be. 


Posted 2/14/2019

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Hiva Nesvaderani

Our beautiful baby boy Arya was born November 2019. of course with the great help and guidance from Nathalie. She is the kindest most loving human being. We had only met a couple times and I felt she was instantly part of our family. We found her bio on the web and was so attracted to the fact that she had been around the world and open to all the different cultures we just had to meet her. And of course instantly knew she was the one we were going to chose to help bring our baby into this world. She had guided us and given us all the tools we needed to have our dream natural birth. Unfortunately a natural birth was not In ur cards.  I ended up being 2 weeks late and had to be induced at 42 weeks. nathalie Called texted and followed up with us almost everyday leading to our induction day. Giving us hope along the way that he may come out on his own. the day of induction we knew it may be a while before the contractions kicked in.  but to our surprise she showed up waited in the lobby letting us know she was here close by in case we needed her guidance. as soon as she came in the room it was like a huge energy shift. She brought Her goody bag of tricks. She immediately helped us go through our birth plan.. Thank goodness for her because my husband and I were so excited we forgot about everything we wanted! Long story short 1 1/5days later at 10pm Via c-section He was born. Thank goodness Nathalie made us acknowledge that portion of our birth plan. We got to see him come out through the drape and get some skin in skin before he was whisked away. Nathalie was one of the first faces I saw when I got out of the surgery room. She told me I did great baby was good and gave me big hug! Everything worked out exactly the way it was meant to.  And we were fortunate enough to have a true angel with us along the way!! She still follows up and postpartum gave us so many tips and tricks to help make the first few months comfortable. Thank you Nathalie!!

Posted 1/23/2019

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A Assadi

I am so glad i hired a doula, and even more glad I chose To work with Nathalie. Nathalie was so resourceful as well as having an ICU background which made me even more confident in her skills and knowledge. I had went into labor 2 weeks early and at 2am, when i called her to let her know i was at the hospital in labor, she was there within an hour and by my side during labor for 18 hours. When i was admitted into the hospital, the nurses were ok but maybe since it was the nightshift, their energy wasn't the greatest and i felt very uncomfortable. Then Nathalie arrives with oil diffuser, heat pads and the whole energy  changed in the room where she asked the nurses for things I would not have known or given the option of by the nurses. Nathalie helped guide me through 4hrs of contractions before i asked for the epidural to help get the baby lower. Ultimately, Nathalie made my birth experience 100 times better and as this was my first baby, a more pleasant experience. I also used Nathalie for postpartum care which again  i am glad i did. She showed me all baby basics and had great advice and recommendations for handling a newborn. I am very thankful to have met her and to have worked with her. I highly recommend her and for my next birthing experience, i will definitely plan to use her again. 

Posted 1/4/2019

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Aline Maluhy

Be away from your home and your family can be challenging for new moms. Specially in United States, where everything is fast and practical and you can miss the opportunity to be ready physical and emotionally for this important moment of your life.

Hiring Nathalie was the best thing for me and my husband. She guaranteed great memories for us and gave us all the support which the hospital, doctor or either nurses couldn’t give us.

Her work is exclusive for you and your baby well being, and nonetheless, also a support for the new dad.

She helped before the labor, teaching us what to do when the contractions started, during the labor with the best positions for each step of the labor, reducing my pain, guidance for breathing and focus, massage, first breastfeeding and after labor, with baby and mom’s needs.

Nathalie is a sensitive and warm human being, experienced, respectfully and a great listener!

Thank you for being part of this precious moment of our lives. We will never forget you!

Posted 12/15/2018

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Bianca Crousillat

I am grateful for having met Nathalie and having her onboard as a part of my birth team. I felt rather overwhelmed during my pregnancy – at 32 weeks I had to relocate to the DC area where I did not have a community nor midwife or doctor – and Nathalie proved to be a great asset by providing me with emotional support in the weeks leading up to the birth. She was also helpful by providing information of new mom groups, breastfeeding centers, etc. in the area.

Nathalie is personable, empathetic, patient and down to earth. In the midst of the uncertainties facing a soon-to-be new mom, I felt that Nathalie was genuinely interested in my story and was keen to support me in any way possible. She was timely and proactive, always taking the initiative to reach out to me, ask how I was doing, and plan to meet regularly for a coffee or a chat.

Perhaps what I appreciated most about Nathalie is that it was clear from the beginning that she would be a true advocate for my rights and decisions throughout the birthing process. She showed no judgement in regard to my ideal birth plan and had a genuine interest in guaranteeing that the experience would be a positive one in which I would feel informed and empowered.

Having a background as a nurse in the Netherlands, Nathalie is knowledgeable and well-versed in the environment and language used in a hospital setting. Once at the hospital I appreciated her calm & fact-based approach as new information was presented to us. At the end of the day, my birth ended up being the complete opposite of what I had envisioned, and though it was not my ideal plan, I have the certainty of knowing that I made informed decisions and that they were my own.

Nathalie genuinely cares about the rights of mothers-to-be. She is a true advocate and I would highly recommend her. What’s more, her energy seems to be interminable – she’s superhuman!

Posted 12/7/2018

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Anastasia Sissamis

Nathalie is a rockstar! I had done my research and after meeting her, quickly found myself eager to have her help in the delivery room. Boy did my intuition lead me well! During labor, Nathalie helped me lift myself up in painful moments, patiently chatted with me when I needed help making decisions, and guided and cheered me on like no other when it came to pushing. It’s been 5 weeks since delivery, and I’m still thankful for her every day. Especially because she has stayed in touch with me during this ever-changing postpartum period. God bless Nathalie! She is truly amazing!

Posted 12/5/2018

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Julie Waineo

Having Nathalie with us during the birth of our son was fantastic. To say our birth did not go to plan would be an extreme understatement. 

Nathalie was a calming presence throughout the entire ordeal, carefully and calmly laying out all our options and offering an opinion only when asked for it. She stayed with me when my husband had to go home to take the dog to the kennel and pick up things we had left at home in our haste to get to the hospital. Her experience as an ICU nurse really helped us put medical decisions into perspective and her almost immediate rapport she developed with the nursing staff was so reassuring. It was obvious to the nurses that she knew what she was talking about and exactly how far she could press them for information without being pushy.

Nathalie was totally on board with all of my personal decisions about my birth experience and my body and baby. With the help of my husband we worked out a birth plan, and even on though our birth experience ended up looking nothing like our plan, Nathalie rolled with the punches and not only adapted herself, but helped us to adapt as well. Nathalie never expressed any personal opinions about what I wanted for my birth and never once did I feel ashamed or judged for how I wanted my birth experience to go, nor for how it turned out.

Most importantly I now have a healthy, thriving son and am healing well from the birth. We are home now and all doing great. Nathalie has been a huge resource for helpful products, articles, and websites for everything from bottle sanitizers to breastfeeding evidence-based research. She is also a wealth of knowledge on breastfeeding tips, postpartum care, and baby "hacks" such as the best way to relieve gas and hiccups. 

Having Nathalie by our side during simultaneously the best day and the most frightening day of our lives was a comfort and one of the best decisions we could have made. My new family of three thanks her dearly.

Posted 11/12/2018

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Alexis Hurter

Nathalie has been amazing to work with. She’s gone above and beyond in providing care and allaying my anxiety. She met with me and was always available via text or phone.  Even though we ended up having a scheduled c section, I am so glad to have had Nathalie every step of the way.  She provided advice in the hospital in regards to breast-feeding and newborn care. I also used Nathalie‘s services for postpartum care. She was amazing in taking care of my baby and I totally trusted her.  I highly recommend her!!

Posted 11/7/2018

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Brittney C.

I couldn't be more happy to write this review. Hiring Nathalie was probably the single best thing I could have done to help prepare for my labor and delivery experience. I didn't even consider hiring a doula until about week 36-37 of pregnancy. One day I just started freaking out about a 7+ pound baby coming out of my vagina.Then I started googling reputable doulas in the area. I found the serivces of Nathalie and immediately scheduled a consultation. I had very little time to make a decision about whether to use a doula or not. I had very little expecations and no idea about the cost.However, after meeting Nathalie, we hit it off right away. I knew she was someone I needed by my side at the hospital. She said some key words that reassured me that this was the right decision. She explained a birth plan and how to develop one. She also showed us illustrations of different positions to use while laboring at home as well as at the hospital. After the initial consultation, we made the decision to hire Nathalie. We could tell she had more to offer and would be a great asset to us first time parents. I also loved that she is a registered nurse. Invaluable knowledge and experience!

I was able to text her at any time with questions about what I was going through and experiencing before labor. Once the contractions started, Nathalie LITERALLY met us at the hospital at the exact same time we arrived. That was very comforting. She was able to anticipate my needs before I EVEN KNEW what I needed or wanted. She was not only my advocate at the hospital to execute my birth plan, she also helped my partner participate and feel involved. We were both scared but Nathalie was a vital coach from beginning to end. When it came time to push, she was the only person I focused in on with all the family and medical professionals in the room. I could keep going on but I'm limited to 2000 words. IN short, you won't regret making Nathalie apart of your birth team. 

Posted 10/13/2018

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Jen Leach

I'm so very thankful we decided to go with a doula, and specifically, with Nathalie. Our first visit with Nathalie, which for us was to decide if we were going to use a doula in the first place - was such a great experience. She explained how her services work and answered all of our questions (and we had a lot). Basically, as soon as she left we decided we wanted her to be part of our birth experience. From that point on Nathelie would check in every few days to see how we were doing, if we had any questions -- specifically, did I have any questions, and usually sent along little articles to read. When my water broke (we were already at the hospital), I called Nathalie in a panic, because the contractions were getting strong, and she said she was coming right over. She was a godsend from that point on. During the labor she supported me through every contraction with breathing and keeping me focused. I feel like without Nathalie, the labor might have lasted significantly longer, but, with her guidance - of when to change position, or add the 'peanut' yoga ball, it went pretty well. Nathalie also took pictures after the birth that were something we would never have had without her. Both my wife and myself would highly recommend Nathalie as your doula. 

Posted 10/1/2018

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Liesje Klomp

After giving birth to my third child, I was very fortunate to be able to count on our post-partum doula Nathalie Grolleman.

Nathalie came into our family with the interest of my baby girl and me first, but if we were taken care off she was keen to either help with our family household or entertain my other two children.

Nathalie made sure I drank enough water, ate enough fruits and got sleep when I needed it (sometimes when I at first thought I did not). She took care of my daughter whilst I was sleeping or when I was taking a shower. She gave me advise on breast feeding, swaddling etc. Nathalie also tried to involve my baby girls sibblings if possible. For example, she gave a sponge bath to my baby girl with my other daughter. They both enjoyed this experience a lot.

In short, having Nathalie as a post-partum doula made me enjoy my first week as a mother of three to the fullest. Moreover, I was able to recover quickly. I can highly recommend Nathalie Grolleman to other mothers (to be).

Posted 9/3/2018

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Stephanie Inwald

We found Nathalie through By Your Side Birh Services. She was the doula on call at the time of my labor starting and we couldn’t be more pleased with having her as our doula. Our first meeting was when we were already at the hospital and, despite not having met prior to being at the hospital, we felt instantly comfortable with her.  From the very beginning, she provided us with a sense of calm and was sensitive to both my husband’s and my needs and emotions througout the experience.  She was so easy to talk to and she has a warmth about her that made us feel at ease.  She offered suggestions for various techniques for pain control (e.g. counter pressure, positions, breathing strategies, etc.) and was very helpful and supportive in the decisions we had to make.  She was with us for +24 hours during labor and was by my side the whole time.  Just after the birth, she taught me how to get a good latch to breastfeed for the very first time.  Since the birth, she has checked in with us and has been very responsive to text messages and phone calls and we had a very helpful postpartum visit soon after our daughter‘s birth.  She has sent useful articles and videos and continues to be available for questions.

Nathalie is a very loving doula and it is clear how passionate she is about what she does.  We feel very happy and lucky that she was part of our labor and birth experience. Thank you! Steph and Ben

Posted 8/26/2018

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Sara R

Nathalie was a life-saver for me during my first two weeks post-partum. She is so kind and professional and was a great help in terms of both physical and emotional support. Nathalie helped me a lot with breastfeeding during the first few days home, and was also a great help with my 4year old when I was with the baby or getting some rest. She prepared wonderful, healthy food, helped with laundry, tidying up and knew exactly which things to ask me about and which things to just do and find on her own, which was extremely helpful since as a new mom you don’t really have time to show someone where everything is in your cabinets etc. Also, because she has a nursing background I felt especially comfortable leaving my baby with her while I rested. Nathalie was also helpful to me before I had my son, as he was almost a week late and had been in breach position up until just before my due date. She was able to provide me information and resources and would check up on me regularly. I highly recommend Nathalie’s post-partum doula services - she is kind, compassionate, capable, experienced and a calming presence. Thanks Nathalie! 

Posted 7/9/2018

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lydia chung

I hired Nathalie as a birth doula for my second pregnancy and she was amazing. She was readily available throughout my pregnancy in answering questions and concerns via text, emails, and phone. She joined me for my birth in the hospital and stayed after to ensure that I was fully comfortable to bond with my baby and it also allowed my husband to go home to care for our other child. Nathalie's maternal and medical experience helped me during the first weeks postpartum with advice and support. She also served as a great resource in helping me get over the initial hurdles of breastfeeding. "It takes a village..." and I certainly feel that my experience with Nathalie and her guidance has made my pregnancy and recovery a memorable one.

Posted 6/27/2018

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Wendi Moy Akin

Nathalie was a true asset to myself and my husband throughout our pregnancy and labor/delivery experience. From the moment we met her, we knew we’d be in good hands given her amazing ability to provide both comfort and informed medical information. Her strong but calming presence was especially helpful during the delivery process, which took place over the course of a few days and unexpectedly ended up requiring me to have a C-section. From breathing and positioning, to massage and foot rubs, to simply standing vigil so my husband and I could get a few moments of needed rest, Nathalie always seemed to know what role to play and when to play it. She has that unique - and hard to find - ability to be an informed adviser, strong-but-never-pushy advocate and wonderful listener. She let my husband and I lead, as we wanted, but knew exactly when to step in and support. And, her guidance was not limited to the hospital. From the initial home consultation, to the post-partum visit, we could not have imagined going through this experience without her.

Posted 6/17/2018

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Isabel Tecu

We had a wonderful experience with Nathalie. Our birth went very smoothly but it was still very reassuring to have her there. She is very personable, warm, and calm. I especially appreciated that she involved my husband a lot, and that she was very open to our ideas and suggestions. She was also very helpful in thinking through the medical decisions. She also took a lot of time for us before and after and was a great resource for our questions. I highly recommend her!

Posted 6/11/2018

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Catie Beard

My husband and I loved working with Nathalie. Her experience as a doula and as a Labor and Delivery (L&D) nurse in the Netherlands first attracted us to reach out to Nathalie. We had a great initial conversation about our desire for an unmedicated birth and Nathalie's philosophy in helping us to achieve our birth goals, whatever they may be. Once we signed on with Nathalie, she was wonderful in checking in on mom and baby prior to delivery as well as after delivery. She even went above and beyond to speak with a lactation consultant friend of hers to provide additional postpartum support due to mom's low milk supply. During the delivery, Nathalie provided mom with wonderful physical and emotional support and gave excellent guidance to dad on how he could help and support (we are first time parents). She asked the right questions to help ease contractions and made sure the nurses were aware of our birth plan early on in the process. Her positive support and guidance for both mom and dad was a huge factor in achieving an unmedicated birth.  

After the birth, both the doctor and the L&D nurse commented to myself and my husband on Nathalie's excellent work as a doula. They were very impressed with her support, knowledge, techniques, and advocacy. We cannot thank Nathalie enough for helping bring our daughter into the world and highly recommend her to any inquiring parents!

Posted 5/14/2018

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Noor Hendrix

When I was about 5 months pregnant, I met Nathalie and she explained to me the work Doulas do. Initially, my husband and I only opted into the postpartum care, however after meeting with Nathalie a few times, we realized that having a Doula present for the birth itself would also be of great value. Nathalie had lots of information for us and she coached us through breathing techniques and laboring positions. After meeting with her, we felt like we were ready for the birth!

Of course, things didn't go as expected :) I had hoped to give birth naturally but things progressed very slowly in the beginning and I eventually had to be induced. Up until that point Nathalie was extremely helpful in dealing with the contractions, showing me how to breathe and massaging my back. She also involved my husband in the process, so it was a great team effort. Later on she was a great mental support in the decision to get an epidural and she gave me lots of reassurance and confidence. It turned out to be a great decision, as I was getting exhausted and instead now was able to take a nap. After my nap I was fully dilated and ready to push! Our little girl came out less than 2 hours later. Nathalie made me feel calm and confident in all decisions made and is a great listener. I really look back at the birth as a beautiful and empowering experience!

She then came to our house for postpartum care for 5 days. I just remember coming home from the hospital initially and feeling so overwhelmed and not knowing what to do with my baby! Nathalie's help around the house and with the baby was incredibly helpful. It was such a stress relief knowing that all I needed to worry about was feeding my girl and getting my rest. Every morning I would discuss with her how the night went and she gave lots of tips on how to handle the next night. In all, I quickly felt much less stressed and overwhelmed and was able to start enjoying new mom life much faster!


Posted 2/20/2018

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