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Helga Kaltenbrunner, CD(DONA)

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Thousand Oaks, CA Service range 50 miles

(805) 217-1127


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

12 years and 50 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
It is my goal to support you in having your birth plan honored, while keeping a respectful relationship with the hospital staff.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

DONA International member, DASC member

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • German

Fee Details

I want for every woman to be able to afford a doula. If you are not able to afford my fees, I am willing to trade or work out a payment plan.

Thousand Oaks, CA Service range 50 miles

Client Testimonials for Helga Kaltenbrunner, CD(DONA)

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Brittaney Nell


We had an excellent experience with Helga! She was very supportive and caring during our homebirth, having her with me during labor was such a relief. She also was a great help with our 4 year old daughter, who watched her little brother being born. I would highly recommend Helga as a doula!

Caitlin Severin


We hired a doula because we wanted to have a natural birth experience in a hospital setting. Helga helped us to do that. She visited us twice before the birth, and helped us to write a birth plan. She gave us insight into what to expect at the hospital, and what to look out for in terms of intervention. She also coached us on a wide variety of comfort strategies we could use while I was in labor. She gave me an amazing massage, and relieved the back pain I was having late in my pregnancy. She texted me through the night while I was in early labor, and was ready to come to our house as soon as I said the word. By the time we were ready for her, I was having contractions that were very close together. I had been able to manage the pain at home for that long largely thanks to the strategies she taught us. By the time we got to the hospital I was complete and ready to push. Helga brought cold compresses for my forehead as I was pushing, and said some very timely things that helped me to push through the pain of labor. I labored in some of the positions she taught us. She took beautiful pictures of the baby, my husband, and I throughout the labor and after. It was wonderful to have her there, and she helped my husband to know how to best help me during the worst pain. She really facilitated us having a more intimate labor experience together. A week after the birth, she came to our house and brought us the pictures she had taken. She checked in on our nursing and the baby's progress. She also took some newborn and family photos for us, which are beautiful. I would highly recommend her services to someone who is looking for ways to have a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery.

Katharina Becker


My husband and I feel very fortunate for having Helga as our doula. She prepared us for the labor process by giving us valuable information (besides hand-on relaxation techniques she gave us great reading and video material) and answering our questions. I chose natural birth and could not wish for more positive and joyful birth experience. Helga was a great couch to me and my husband and a great advocate regarding my rights as a patient and the right regarding the care of my baby. Helga’s experience and knowledge and her down-to-earth character had a very calming effect on me. She gave me the strength to believe in my abilities to give birth naturally. Besides that, she took photos during the labor and delivery and on her postpartum visit; the pictures turned out amazing! We could not be happier with Helga as our doula!

Katharina and Bruce

sara chamberlain


i met with many doulas in my third trimester.  all were very sweet and most seemed to know their stuff, but i didn't click with any of them the way i clicked with Helga.  she has a calm confidence about her...and she brings calm and confidence to your pregnancy.  i didn't want a cheerleader - someone who simply feeds you positive empty words when you are doing life's most intense "labor."  Helga is a master of taking cues and being there for you with as much or as little support as you need in each moment.  maybe it's the Austrian in her...she doesn't seem to get frazzled or excited, rather, she has a composed and tranquil nature that is wonderfully reassuring (and not annoying - which, admittedly, was another quality i was afraid of getting in a doula).

as a single parent, i needed a doula to be my primary birth partner.  Helga jumped right in and filled that role from our first prenatal visit.  in the labor room, she worked beautifully with my mom and aunt who were present.  (i can imagine she works great with husbands as she is very intuitive and accommodating.)  she also worked really well with my nurses and made sure i got what i needed at all times. during my labor, Helga worked tirelessly for 22 hours, ensuring my needs were constantly met.  she had great ideas for relaxation, positions and even amazing music that really worked for me.  oh! and she took photographs throughout (this is a rare and quite generous service). 

in sum, Helga's guidance is what kept me believing in the beauty and the magic that is childbirth. She's the real deal. 

p.s. did i mention the twinkle in her eye?  ;) 



Helga is not only a professional but also a warm, kind and caring person. I'm a single mother. I had to be induced labor two months ago. I went through 30 hours labor but ended up an emergency cesarean section. She was there all the time, and make sure I'm comfortable. After delivery my daughter, she came by to make sure I'm doing OK. She also a good photographers. She took my daughter's photos right after she was born. I love those photos very much, and I look at them all the time. She is a beautiful person, and I can trust her to do the job. I cannot imagine without her during the special and difficult time.

Christina Huff


I am very glad that I decided to have Helga attend the birth of my daughter. Helga was very helpful in the months leading up to my daughter's birth. She had a lot of informative materials such as books and videos and allowed me to borrow and read through them at my leisure. A few weeks before the big day, Helga came to my house and gave me a massage. It was amazing. She would check up on me often as the last days of my pregnancy dragged on. And on.

When the big day finally came, it turned out that it would be the beginning of a labor that would stretch out over the next two days. She stayed the whole time. She offered relaxing music, aromatherapy oils, massage, and plenty of pain-managing techniques. As a high-risk patient, I had to fight off a lot of interventions. Having Helga by my side to remind me of my choices was crucial to me getting the birth I wanted, or closer to it, at least. My daughter's birth could easily have ended in a c-section, but with Helga there, I managed to have a vaginal birth with no complications. She came back to visit me twice in the week after and was very concerned about my well-being. She also gave me very valuable breastfeeding advice.

Another reason I was glad to have Helga there was because of the several dozen pictures she took of the whole event. She compiled them all together in a book and wrote out a detailed account of my daughter's birth. It is a keepsake I will treasure forever.

I would highly recommend Helga as a doula to anyone wanting an enriched birth experience.


Christina Huff

Dorothe Holmes


Thanks to Helga the birth of my son was a memorable & enjoyable experience. I never thought I would think about it that way because I am afraid of pain. The birth of my first son 9 years ago was a scary experience. During pregnancy, Helga has always been there for me & my partner with good advice and practical tips. She gave me an amazing massage & taught my partner how to make me more comfortable.

I am so glad I had Helga by my side. We did a brief birth preparation class, but other than that, we didn't do much to prepare for dealing with the pain. We felt like we went into it prepared, educated & self confident because of her help & advice. When I arrived at the hospital my water was already broken, but I had no contractions. I was worried they would have to induce labor, but thanks to Helga, I insisted on waiting for the birth process to start naturally. With Helga's help, contractions started. She gave me confidence and made me feel comfortable enough to have the birth exactly how I wished.

Helga was at our side most of the time, but she also respected when we would ask for privacy. I will always remember the birth being an amazing, relaxed, & beautiful event. There was calming music, soft lighting, & I had everybody I wanted by my side. I felt totally safe & in control. The "icing on the cake" was the beautiful birth story book Helga gave us. It is great & we will treasure it forever. The book alone made it absolutely worth having Helga with us. She also took wonderful one of a kind pictures throughout the whole day.

At first I wasn't sure if I wanted a doula, after all, you are inviting a relative stranger to one of the most personal, emotional & sacred experiences of your life but it turns out, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.


janet pittman


I am the proud granmother of a beautiful grandson and delighted to tell you about my experience with Helga.

She was informative and calm when she came into the waiting room to inform us of the progression of labor and the delivery of the baby.

Helga and the mother and father to be, worked as a team in a comforting and warm enviroment. It was a wonderful birth. I would not hesitate to recommend Helga  as a doula to all my friends in need of her service.

Stacy Katterman


We were so happy we made the decision to have Helga be apart of this experience with us. Before our birth she made regular visits, bringing us materials to get prepared, showing us videos, she did prenatal massages and practiced different birthing positions with us, and I think most importantly she was there to help us with questions we had especially concerning how and what my husband would be doing to comfort and assist me. When we were in the hospital she was amazing. She brought things for me that I wouldn't have thought to bring, like calming music and a warming rice pack she made herself, she even let me borrow her birthing ball because I didn't have one :)  Knowing that I wanted my husband to be my main supporter she offered advice and answered questions. When my husband ran out of things to do Helga was always there to lend a suggestion and support, she helped with massage and filling in when my husband needed a break, she also talked with the nurses when we were "busy." I think what I love about Helga is her calm and assuring demeanor. I always felt like I was at the top of her priority list and that she was there for me no matter what decisions I made during labor. She made me feel empowered and encouraged me when I felt weak. She pushed me when I felt like I couldn't do no more and my husband wanted to give me whatever I wanted to comfort me, which was nice but I think it took an outsider, someone who cared for my well-being but could focus more on what I wanted over all and not get emotionally involved in my emotions (she had a good amount of empathy.) I can't say how much we are blessed to have had Helga apart of our birthing experience.  She gave us a lot of support after our birth, just checking in and lending a hand or an ear. She is a great doula, teacher and will forever be a friend to us. I have and would recommend her to any one.

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