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Semper Femina

Chicago, IL Service range 30 miles None


Birth Fee

$1200 to $1400

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $40

Availability Remarks: Call today to inquire about our availability, hear more about our premium labor support packages and share how we can help support your family as you birth and parent kindly and calmly.

Birth Fee

$1200 to $1400

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $40

Birth Doula Experience

2 years and 28 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

2 years and 59 families served

Doula Training

  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA), January 2018

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 0 to 4 births and 0 to 4 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: Hello! I would personally like to congratulate and thank you for considering adding a doula to your support team. Semper Femina, which is Latin for Ever a Woman, is a one stop shop for birth and postpartum support. Samantha is the founder of Semper Femina and, along with her evidence based team of doulas, she offers bilingual (English & Spanish) full spectrum doula support, organic postpartum meal delivery and in home car seat safety checks. If you choose to say yes to postpartum support with Semper Femina, we will focus on cooking custom, nutritionally dense meals so you can feel your best as you focus on recovering physically and emotionally, bonding with your newborn and navigating a new normal as your identity shifts from woman to mother (or from mother of one to two beautiful children). Samantha will just as happily cook and clean for you as she will listen to the daily challenges you face, teach you early feeding cues and troubleshoot breastfeeding concerns so you can confidently and intuitively meet all your baby's needs. Our motto is, "At the end of the day, parents who feel nurtured in the postpartum period become better nurturers." Semper Femina proudly serves the LGBT, undocumented immigrant communities. We pledge to work solely in homes free of violence and hateful language. Wokshops and Training Attended: •Postpartum Doula Training with Birth Arts International •Birth Doula Training with CAPPA • Doula Business Development Workshop with Lifespan Doulas •Bereavement Doula Training with the Institute of Birth, Breath and Death •Belly Binding Training with Birth, Before and After • Breastfeeding Counselor Training with HealthConnect One • Maternal Child Health Specialist Training with MMCI • Abortion Companion Training with Chicago Women's Health Center • Birth Assistant Training with BABES • Child Passenger Safety Technician Training with SafeKids

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have attended births at West Suburban Medical Center, UIC, U of C, Swedish Covenant Hospital, Northshore Evanston Hospital, Presence Saint Joseph Hospital, Prentice Women's Hospital and Elmhurst Hospital.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
With the exception of unassisted home births.

Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Child passenger safety technician services
  • Miscarriage support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Chicago Volunteer Doulas

Languages Spoken

  • Spanish

Fee Details

Classic Labor Support Package, $1,200: Before your little one arrives, Samantha will meet in your home for two comprehensive prenatal visits. She will custom tailor the content to maximize your confidence and preparedness. She can discuss normal newborn behavior, equip you with pain relieving techniques and model birth positions. She will also highlight common interventions your midwife/doctor may offer you. When you go into active labor, Samantha will be happy to meet you at your home or birthing place for support. She will stay until you give birth and up to two hours after to assist with your baby's first feed and order their proud parents a celebratory pizza! Once your baby is here, Samantha will offer one in home postpartum visit to listen to your birth story, provide resources for new parents and offer insight into how to thrive, not just survive the first forty days.

Chicago, IL Service range 30 miles None

Client Testimonials for Sam Kellogg

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Travis Merle


Sam Kellogg was fabulous. I don't even know where to begin.

There is something to be said about a calming presence in a home with two exhuasted, stressed parents. This defines Sam.  

In our case, we were new parents to twins when Sam came to us. Despite the number of things she said she could do, our ask was pretty simple : Take care of our babies like they're your own, while dad works and mom catches up on sleep. 
We never had to doubt her for a second. She was gentle, sweet and always seemed to know exactly what they needed whenever they might get fussy. She shared this knowledge with us. Constantly. And we're better parents because of it. 

She also worked with us during a pandemic, mind you, and never once forgot to wash her hands and take off her shoes to minimize risk.

Oh, and she brought my wife a donut every Friday :)

We would recommend Sam; any future family will be lucky to have her!



Cecelia H


Sam's presence in our home brought lightness, calm & comfort!! Her support was so valuable & nurturing in our first weeks with baby.

Doug and Katie


We hired Sam as a sibling doula for our 7-year-old daughter during the birth of our second child.  Prior to the delivery, Sam came for a playdate with our daughter.  Although our daughter is usually very shy around new people, Sam quickly established a bond with her, and by the end of the visit, our daughter could not wait for my wife to go into labor, so she could see Sam again.  A few weeks later, when my wife went into labor, Sam was very responsive and got to our house quickly.  Our daughter could not attend the birth due to COVID-19 restrictions.  However, we were very comfortable leaving her in Sam's care, and my daughter was thrilled to have a whole day to play with Sam.  While we were at the hospital, Sam and our daughter played board games, read books, and just had a good time.  My daughter was disappointed when Sam had to leave.  We would highly recommend Sam to any family looking for a sibling doula.

Julie Sandy


My husband and I were lucky to have Sam as our doula for the birth of our daughter. Giving birth during a pandemic comes with many stresses, but Sam remained level headed and calm through my pregnancy and labor. During labor, she created a calm environment (in the hospital room) by setting up flameless candles and dousing wash cloths with essential oils. When it came to pushing, she was right by my side, holding my leg, helping me breathe and relax in between pushes, giving me water and cheering me on. Not only was she a big help to me but to my husband. She reminded my husband to rest, drink water and guided him in comforting techniques to support me during the contractions. After 4 hours of pushing, I had to move on to a c section. As they moved us to the operating room, Sam helped by gathering our things. We could of not done this without Sam's help. She will be forever part of my birth story. 

Christine R


Sam provided doula support when my son was 4 weeks old. As a first time mom, I was overtired, overwhelmed, and struggling with helping my baby get restful sleep during the day.  Sam is patient and knowledgeable in infant care and postpartum support. She has a wonderfully calming presence and immediately comforted me. She prepared me food, and ensured I was taking care of myself so that I could take care of my son. When my son was having a particularly restless day, she soothed him, and he napped in her arms for 3 hours. Knowing that he was in good hands, I was able to relax and even catch up on some sleep myself! Sam was only with us for a short time as my husband started his parental leave, but the skills I learned from her helped me regain my confidence and continues to help me be a better mom. I would whole heartedly recommend her to any family!

J. Wu


Sam really completed our wonderful support system through the pre- and post- labor periods. She's calm, knowledgable, and understanding, and walked us through a week-long prodromal labor, always checking in and available. I really relied on her steadiness and knowledge during those frustrating early days. I had a long labor and ended having to make medical choices while going through quite severe contractions. Sam really helped me feel that I was in control and making the right choice; she was there for my partner too, and allowed us to take the lead through the labor until we needed help. She was a huge support while I was pushing, and she took some amazing photos that we otherwise would never had gotten. Even after a complicated birth with many unexpected twists and turns, having Sam meant that I was feel empowered in my choices. I would definitely recommend choosing her to be part of your birth team!

Jennifer Summers


Cheers to postpartum support! Sam was an asset to my postpartum journey, especially to a new mom. She is always thinking one step ahead of me. When I'm breastfeeding, she will bring me water, snack, phone, etc to set me up for success. Sam is proactive in ensuring mom is being taken care of - she has made me breakfast, rock my baby to sleep while I eat/catch up on life, tummy time, go on walks with me (which can be a bit stressful the first few times to leave the house), etc. She also offers meal service (home cooked meals ready for you to heat and eat) and also made many delicious treats and eats with me in my home. I strongly recommend Sam to all new moms who want a helping hand (or a good nap)! 

Emily Close


Sam has been fantastic to work with as a postpartum doula. She has such a calm and warm demeanor which put me and my husband at ease. She is a wealth of knowledge regarding infant and maternal info but really encouraged me to trust my instincts as well. 



We hired Sam as our Doula for our first baby because we wanted someone who would make us feel supported, empowered and act as our advocate during labor and delivery. Sam was all of these things and more! She educated us during my pregnancy and answered all of my questions to help me feel prepared and confident to have a natural childbirth. I was able to approach my labor relaxed and with no fear knowing we had Sam’s guidance and support that aligned with our goals. Sam also provided amazing postpartum support and helped me keep perspective as I got to know my baby and heal. We highly recommend Sam for your pregnancy and labor journey!

Adrea Huffman


I loved my experience with Sam as my Doula. I was referred to her at 35 weeks pregnant, and from my initial prenatal visit with her I felt instantly at ease and that I was in good hands. Sam is experienced and knowledgable, and also extremely kind and caring. All throughout the end of my pregnancy she checked in with me, offered to go to my appt's with me, and had a lot of helpful info on how to naturally induce. 

As this was my second pregnancy, and I was attmepting a vbac, I was fairly nervous going into labor. I met  Sam at the hospital and all throughout my labor she was a calming presence, and so so helpful in managing my pain levels. I need help self regulating, and Sam tuned into that and helped me as each contraction hit. Even simple things life breathing with me, tapping out a pattern on the bed to distract me when a contraction came, and applying counter pressure were some of the things that made my labor much more manageable.

Though my labor did end in a c- section due to my son being in distress, I would not trade having Sam at my birth. I don't regret the disicion to have a doula at all, and even in the OR she was able to be with me when my husband when to the nursery to be with our son. 

I was so happy and pleased with Sam as my doula and would definitely hire her again if i'm blessed with another baby.



I was randomly paired up with Sam when she joined the Doulas program I was with towards the end of my pregnancy. At first, I was a little uncomfortable in being assigned a doula that I haven't been introduced to or built a relationship with, but seeing how I didn't have a connection with the ones I started out with in any way, it turned out to be such a blessing because I had come to really like Sam a lot. It was pretty strange how 'meant to be' the situation was actually. It turned out she spoke fluent Spanish which helped out a lot during the labor process. My mom is Dominican and it made her a lot more comfortable being able to speak her native tongue comfortably with someone else other than me. Sam could also communicate better to my mom what was going on while I was incapacitated. It made me feel good knowing that she was also taken care of, one of my major concerns going into my delivery. Sam was very thoughtful, she helped me advocate for myself during my delivery while also helping me not feel so scared. I didn't know what a doula was before becoming pregnant so I didn't know what their duties entailed, but I'm soo glad I got one. I'm so grateful for her, even before labor she helped connect me with a pediatrician who has been huge in helping me navigate my new life and also invited me to a new mom's tea party at her home showing that she still maintains a relationship with her clients post-delivery. I will never forget the details of the day I gave birth to my first daughter because Sam helped make it so much more pleasant and comfortable. The coolest and weirdest part of it all is that my daughter was born on Sam's birthday further bonding me more to my experience with her. She will always hold a special place in my heart and anyone to end up with her as their doula is one lucky girl. 



Sam was our sibling doula for our 4 year old when we were giving birth to our second baby. She arrived on time in the wee hours of the morning (we had a 5am induction!) and made sure our son was comfortable when he woke up and discovered we weren't there as we'd already left for the hospital. It was very helpful that she came over a few weeks before the birth to have a playdate with him so that he was able to get to know her a bit.

We would strongly recommend Sam as a sibling doula.



Sam helped our family with postpartum needs. Her calming, bright personality, coupled with her considerable expertise, provided for much needed comfort and reassurance as we transitioned into parenthood. Thank you Sam!

Sarah Marsh


Sam was great with my newborn son. She had a magical ability to get him to sleep and would visit us during the afternoons while my husband and I enjoyed some time out of the house.  I would highly recommend her.  Thank you Sam!

Sereen Dwyer


Sam was so caring and attentive to my daugthers needs. She was so kind and loving which is extremely important! Sam was also on top of important things such as my daughters medications, gas issues, and general upset stomach. She would always update me on how Yasmeen did during the night and any information I would need to know. I highly recommend Sam!

Jeavon and Bridget


Summary of the birth — our baby arrived early at 35 weeks. Our primary doula was with another client so Sam was called in as backup. After laboring for several hours, we decided it was time and sent the call for Sam. Sam arrived within minutes, around midnight, and stayed with us for the next 20 hours, supporting us the whole time.

As soon as she arrived, Sam dimmed the lights, laid out candles, and used her essential oils to help calm Bridget who was experiencing painful contractions. It was immediately clear Sam knew what she was doing – helping Bridget with breathing techniques and positional changes to manage the contractions. This went on for several hours, and after resting with an epidural, it was time to push.

Sam was at Bridget's side the entire four-and-a-half hours of pushing. Baby boy was born a healthy 6lb 4oz. Sam ordered us some food and left us to rest. Sam came to see us a few days later and kept in touch, offering help with breastfeeding and providing helpful resources.

As the primary support person, I was grateful to have someone else there to provide support and reassurance. Sam was helpful and assertive without being overbearing. She helped us communicate our birth plan to the nurses and midwives while we were in the midst of things. She was a constant throughout the experience – and her presence brought a sense of calm and strength.

An added bonus was that Sam was willing to take some pictures throughout the birth – pictures we'll keep forever.

If you're wondering whether to use a doula – go for it – and use Sam if you can :)

Caitlin Mateffy


Sam helped our family during the postpartum period with our third baby. From the moment we met, she exuded a very calm, serene and capable presence. Sam primarily helped with our little one, to allow me (Mom) some time and also helped with laundry (everything was beautifully folded and put away!), meals/treats, emotional support, etc. She was very flexible with her schedule, which was very appreciated as we navigated those early days and was all around absolutely lovely to work with. We felt very lucky to have her loving support during our family’s transition.

Elizabeth Pesce


Samantha has provided postpartum doula support watching first my toddler a few days a week and now night support for my newborn son. Samantha has a beautiful, calm, and trustworthy energy. My toddler happily did bedtime with her the first evening she met her (unprecedented!) because she instantly felt comfortable with Samantha. I always feel that Samantha respects our routine and preferences. She is proactive about asking if there are tasks outside of childcare that she can assist with such as cooking or laundry. This is super helpful to me because I often forget to ask for her help in those areas. Samantha is also an excellent communicator. She shares detailed overview of her time with my toddler and infant. Once my toddler took spill on a walk (as toddlers often do) and even though my daughter was perfectly fine, Samantha let me know that it happened. That type of transparency is very important to me, even if it’s something minor. Samantha has been so sweet and kind with our daughter, and a pleasure to work with that we were thrilled to have her look after our newborn son. She has always been affectionate and sweet to our beloved dog, which is a very big plus.



Samantha was great to have around! She helped me meal prep, laundry, and even perfected folding my son's clothes- so much so that I don't want to take then out of the drawers! She was great to talk to and I enjoyed my time with her.



Samantha helped me try to ease it baby into taking a bottle. After rejecting a bottle for months, I needed a little help and support to try to convince my son to taking a bottle. Samantha did an amazing job of providing support. Her calm, collected personality along with the proactive, jump-in and help with anything attitude was a perfect match for us. I would highly recommend Samantha for any support your family needs. 



Sam worked with me as a post-partum doula many months after my child was born. Her support brought a lot of relief during a very overwhelming period for me. She even offered specific spiritual guidance and was open to any needs I had. It was my first time working with someone in this way and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to do so.

Sarah Fiala


I hired Sam as a postpartum doula from when my daughter was 4-12 weeks. I truly feel like Sam saved my sanity. She is extremely kind, nurturing and patient. This is everything you want in a doula. I immediately felt comfortable with Sam and trusted her to care for my daughter which set my mind at ease and allowed me to tend to other tasks or just take a worry-free nap. From talking about life with a newborn, watching daytime talk shows, tending to light household work and of course helping to care for my daughter, Sam was always a calming and comforting presence. She was extremely helpful with laundry (a master at folding) dishes, and meal prep. I highly recommend Sam as a postpartum doula. She will bring a warm and loving presence into your life and will make you feel like everything is going to be okay. 



Sam supported us after the birth of our third son. I was pretty overwhelmed and it was nice to have someone here to help take the edge off. I’ll never forget how she so lovingly read a book to my older sons so I could take a minute to have a little calm and quiet with the baby and recharge. 



I planned for a natural hypnobirth. For months, Samantha helped my husband and I model birth exercises, map birth plans, and grow into parenthood together. I ended up with a 36 hour, adrenaline-fueled hospital delivery, complete with an epidural. As a first time mom and notorious control freak, I was out of my element. Sam floated in with aromatherapy know how, essential oils, kind words. She spoke for me when I was in so much pain I could hardly whisper, saw to it that I got a cold compress to push with, kept my anxious husband company, held my legs as I pushed, and even remembered to snap a photo of our new bundle of joy! Sam is equally quick with a massage, a cool compress, words of wisdom, and a timely joke. My husband and I joke all the time about where the birth might've ended up without her, but truthfully she saved my life. This woman is a joiner of worlds, the one you want on your side as you voyage into parenthood, into the liminal space that is childbirth. When you are faced with enduring more pain than you thought possible and coming out the other side, lean on Samantha. I have never met a soul so divinely inspired.

Lisa Janes


Samantha has a warm, peaceful presence, she has a natural confidence with babies and mamas and we had a wonderful experience with her as a post partum doula. She came during a week when I was experiencing some post partum anxiety and she talked me through it and snuggled my baby so that I could relax and take care of myself for a couple of hours. Sam has continued to reach out with supportive ideas for self care and to help me connect with other mamas and babies. She took excellent care of me and my baby and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for post partum care. Thank you, Sam!

Julie & Baby Flynn


We were so fortunate to have Samantha as one of our postpartum doulas! She was  extremely kind, caring, and resourceful for both baby and mother. She was also great with our older children who enjoyed interacting with her too. Postpartum is a difficult time, but Samantha made it easier with her soothing nature and thoughtfulness.  She also goes the extra mile by regularly checking up on us and continuing to be a resource. I would highly recommend working with her!



Sam helped support me while my husband was traveling on business. My son was about 2.5 months old and I needed her help with him overnight.

Sam was great with my baby, able to soothe him back to sleep and also give him a bottle which wasn't easy since he wasn't used to it. This greatly helped me get more sleep at night so I could function during the day, taking my older son to school while I watched the baby.

Sam was also flexible when her schedule allowed it, enabling me to leave the baby with her while I took my other son to school. Her presence was calming and she definitely was very helpful to me. I would recommend Sam!

Jessica Blanco


Sam has a very calming presence. I remember her walking into my room as I was lying in bed trying to breathe through a strong contraction. She sat in the corner while I worked my way through it and I immediately felt such a strong sense of calm come over me. Before the next contraction began, she laid behind me, and as I began to lose focus of my breathing, she  began to guide me. When I expressed fear and doubt that I could make it through stronger contractions, she reminded me to take it one contraction at a time. In the hospital, when it became obvious that my labor was not progressing as we had hoped and I would not be able to have the unmedicated labor I had dreamed of, Sam helped me process the experience in a way that allowed me to accept my body’s plan. Sam stayed with me for 24 hours and during that time she supported me emotionally, physically and spiritually. I cannot praise her enough for her caring, loving and calming attitude. She never made me feel judged even as my birth plan changed nor did she push me in a particular direction. I would recommend her to any woman interested in feeling loved, cared and supported during her labor. She is wonderful! 

Debra Steele Marque


Words cannot adequately express how grateful we were to have Samantha by our side during the birth of our daughter Marlowe. Prior to the birth, we met with Sam a number of times to really get to know each other which I found extremely helpful as we prepared for this life-changing event. She asked us questions to help her understand our needs and it gave us the opportunity to really get to know Sam's style.

During my (very eventful) 36+ hour labor, Sam was AMAZING. She went above and beyond and was there for us every step of the way! Her calming energy and support were key in helping me and my husband through what was the most emotionally and physically demanding day of our lives. When we ran into various roadblocks, her guidance and positive attitude helped to assure us that everything was going to be ok. I really can't emphasize enough how important it was for us to have her there. 

In addition to being our birth doula, Sam has also cared for us postpartum. She is so trustworthy and -- not surprisingly -- has a calming way with the babies that she has helped bring into the world! Her knowledge around breastfeeding and soothing our baby helped me with all the questions I had as a new mom. 

Sam's passion for all things related to women, birth, children, families, etc. is evident when you meet her. Her excitement around lifelong learning is obvious by all of the workshops and trainings that she regularly attends. There is no mistaking how dedicated she is to the families she supports and cares for. I would highly recommend her to any family looking to include a doula as part of their birth plan/journey.


Caroline Linder


Sam did night doula work with our family from the first week we were home from the hospital until our baby was about 3 months. I had some post partum anxiety with my first and I knew nighttime was going to be the hardest time to decompress and get the sleep I needed to handle the days. Needless to say, she was wonderful and I miss seeing her face in the evening! Sam is an extremly warm and caring spirit. I felt at ease knowing she was caring for our baby and it seriously helped me sleep just feeling that energy. From the beginning she wanted to know how I wanted things to work and was completely open to following my wishes. She pace fed our baby to try to help maintain our breast/bottle balance and she was always working to bridge wakeups and help establish good sleep habits. It shows bc baby girl started sleeping mostly through the night around 8 weeks and continues to be able to put herself back to sleep really well. Sam has a really special balance of knowing the nitty gritty but feeling like an old friend. I can't recommend her highly enough! 

Rita Feikema


Samantha helped our family as a postpartum doula after the birth of our second daughter. We couldn't have been more delighted by Samantha - she was a calming and efficient presence in our home. She was intuitive about meeting my needs (water, snacks, help of all descriptions) and about meeting the needs of our children (diaper changes, cuddles, cheerful and respectful interaction). She ran errands, did laundry, changed the sheets, made food, held the baby, helped set up activities for my older daughter - in short, all the little things that keep a household running while the mama is recovering from a c-section! And what's more, Samantha made everything she touched more beautiful and pleasant: laundry folded beautifully, fruit cut beautifully, flowers arranged beautifully, baby annoucements addressed in beautiful handwriting - she has a real gift for beautiful and intuitive doula-ing! 

Sophia Peters


Sam was great to our family at a critical time, right after we came back from the hospital!! She was our postpartum nighttime doula for several nights a week. She was always timely, offered helpful tips on breastfeeding and infant development, and is clearly very passionate about infants and her work as a doula. She brings a very nice, calming influence to our household and our baby girl, Lucia, liked her very much. She organized a tea for all her clients, to enable me to meet other moms. Finally, she kept a diligent log of all the feeding and diapers all evening every time so that we could be on the same page. She’s great, highly recommend!!!

Rebecca Greenwood


We were generpushy gifted doula services from my in laws for our second baby. Sam spent the first few months of the chaotic newborn stage helping us through the nights. It’s hard for me to let go of being a mom and letting someone else help but Sam made it a lot easier for me to make it through my days. Im breastfeeding so she brought my son to me when he woke and was hungry and then took him back after so I could rest. In the early morning hours she would give him some of my pumped milk so I could get a good stretch of sleep. If he was fussy she would bounce, rock, soothe him. In the morning she would bring me coffee and my son. She’d straighten up and tell me how the night went. If he was up a lot and crying she’d let me know in a way that didn’t make me feel bad/guilty. We were second time parents so experienced but Sam seemed pretty knowledgeable for anyone going through this the first time. She had a warm calming demeanor that helped me feel confident leaving my newborn with her and getting the rest I need to be a good mom the rest of the time.


Jill Giglio


Samantha is as beautiful, caring and amazing with our infant twins as she is a person. Truly a delight to have in our home and an honor to know; the world needs more Samantha’s in it. Intelligent, giving, selfless, caring, nuturing, trustworthy, and on and on. It’s been our good fortune and blessing to have met her. 

Feben Wolde


I am thankful that I signed up with 312 Doulas for my VBAC this year. I had Samantha as my doula and she was a blessing to have. My labor was intermittent and started on Sunday night. I felt that I was ready to go to the hospital to get checked on Tuesday night. During all this time, I kept in touch with Samantha and she reassured me and made me feel safe laboring at home. She asked me key questions that gave some indication that my labor was progressing. When I arrived at the hospital at 11pm on Tuesday, Samantha was available to meet me at the hospital at that time. It was amazing to know that I was already dilated 8cm and 100% effaced when I got to the hospital. My midwife stated how this was one benefit of laboring at home. I was very happy to have made it this far before arriving to the hospital. 

At the hospital, Samantha stayed with us all night until I finally delivered at around 9am. During my continued labor at the hospital, there were questions of weather to artificially break my water. I questioned if this was the right procedure for me at the time and I was able to ask Samantha about her experience with her clients. She was able to give me helpful information and gave me confidence in making the right decision. Furthermore, she helped me to change positions frequently and using the labor ball. She was familiar with the hospital and staff, which also gave me peace of mind that I was in good hands. 

I am very thankful for my successful VBAC experience without any pain medications! Along with my family, Samantha helped me manage my labor pains with techniques such as use of counter pressure with every contraction and slow deep breathing. My husband said how his arms were almost falling off from doing so many counter pressure moves and he was thankful that Samantha was also there to help. I would recommend Samantha to anyone doing a VBAC or any type of labor. She was very helpful and her calm presence was very reassuring.

Jessica Kalimili


I am so thankful for Samantha's presence during my labor and delivery. Her support during labor helped me achieve the VBAC that I so desperate desired!  She is a calming presence and is knowledgeable about natural labor and pain relieving techniques. My husband also felt supported by her and she helped him to be more actively involved in the whole process. We are so glad we decided to hire her as our doula!

Helen McGettrick


Samantha was super helpful and sweet! 

Maria Olga Ramirez


Más que una doula un ángel bajado del cielo, la cual sin duda la había enviado Dios, el día que la conocí sentí un alivio con sus palabras a mi incertidumbre de todo lo que vendría en mi parto, cuando el día especial de mi parto llego, y que ella llego al hospital en medio de mi dolor sentí la confianza que su presencia irradiaba, ella me hacía sentir en todo momento que todo iba a estar bien, La Paz de sus palabras y la confianza en su mirada era lo que yo necesitaba, convirtió esos momentos tan dolorosos en los momentos más especiales e inolvidables de toda mi vida, fueron tantas horas de apoyo y cuidado de ella hacía mi que pareciera que el cansancio en ella no existía. Samantha muchas gracias porque en los momentos que sentía morir tu mano estaba ahí y lograste en medio del dolor y el miedo fueran vencidos para que pudiera nacer el milagro más impresionante de esta vida mi hijo Kevin, mi esposo, mi hijo y yo te estamos eternamente agradecidos y ni con todo el oro del mundo podríamos pagar lo que hiciste por nosotros.

Grant Harmon


Samantha was our first doula experience and it overall with very positive.  We had Samantha for5 hours a day for about 2.5 weeks.  She was very flexible with working hours, happy to follow our lead, and was a cheerful presence when we exhausted.  Definitely helped us maintain sanity in the household as she did some light cleaning and soothed the baby which allowed my wife some sleep.  She's a good listener, very supportive and isn't pushy about her thoughts on how you should raise your child.  She also made sure my wife had someone to talk to about her emotional state.  We would be happy to hire Samantha again and would recommend her to friends and family.

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