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Rebekah Schmidt, CD(DONA)

Seattle, WA Service range 5 miles

Birth Fee

$1200 to $1600

Birth Fee

$1200 to $1600

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

2 years and 85 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, June 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births

Special Services Offered

  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Open Arms Perinatal Services, Swedish Hospital Doula Services

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Spanish

Fee Details

Providing virtual support to clients birthing during COVID-19. Services include 2 prenatal visits, 1-2 postnatal visits, and 24/7 on-call support starting two weeks before your due date. I believe everyone who wants birth support should have it and am happy to consider sliding scale options or customizing my services to fit your needs.

Seattle, WA Service range 5 miles

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Client Testimonials for Rebekah Schmidt, CD(DONA)

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Jenny Nakata


Bekah’s calm & supportive care throughout pregnancy and childbirth was the perfect fit for our growing family. She’s compassionate, knowledgeable, and a passionate client advocate. For both my partner and I, the education, support, and encouragement she offered was invaluable. For us, childbirth was a complicated and stressful experience and I couldn’t imagine getting through it without Bekah’s calm and reassuring presence. Whether this is your first pregnancy or your fifth, I wholeheartedly recommend Bekah as your doula! 

Ariam Fesaha


I really wanted a doula and midwife for my pregnancy and deliveries. Due to being high risk I was unable to have a midwife. I looked into a doula but since insurance does not help cover cost I could not afford it. Baby number 3 and a hyperemesis graviderum diagnoses I was fortunate enough to have a doula. Rebekah was assigned to me through Open Arms, an amazing organization. Rebekah and I would meet during my weekly infusion sessions. She came baring gifts, resources and most importantly an open heart. With all the ups and downs of my pregnancy Rebekah was always by my side and made herself available to me. She is culturally conscious and an outstanding advocate. During delivery her words of encouragement were  comforting and motivating. She is an outstanding doula and I am grateful to have had her by my side. 

Kristina Curtis


My concern about working with a doula was that I might be uncomfortable with someone that I didn't know well being present while in such a physically and emotionally vulnerable state. As soon as we met Bekah we knew that she would be the support we needed for this life-changing experience. Bekah is very thoughtful, patient, and genuine, and took lots of time to answer our questions, and to also ask us questions to learn more about our needs and wishes. While laboring, she made sure that we were physically comfortable and had the emotional support we needed. I had also been concerned about PPD, but just knowing that Bekah was there and looking out for my well-being helped to ease the transition to parenthood. Bekah is someone who can make you feel comfortable and who you feel like you've known all your life, which is exactly what we were looking for in a person who shares the most special experience you can possibly ever have. 

Maureen Cambridge


I was lucky to get pregnant soon after my husband and I decided to try, but it didn't leave a lot of time to process the enormous amount of change that would occur physically, mentally and emotionally. As I moved through my pregnancy, I felt disconnected from all of the books, and articles that were sent my way, none of them reflected my idea of pregnancy, or motherhood. I decided that I needed a doula to be our partner through pregnancy and delivery - someone who would understand me on a fundamental level and help me have a birth that didn't have pressure to fit a certain narrative. When I reached out to Swedish Hospital's Doula service, they asked me to provide a few key words that would help determine a doula who would be the right fit. I don't remember what I said specifically but a non-negotioable would be that the doula needed to have a sense of humor. We only ended up ever meeting with Bekah -- she was the right person for the job. She's kind, curious, whipsmart, warm and had a fantastic sense of humor. Over the next few months before the birth of my son, she came over and got to know us as a family, what our preferences were, and what we envisioned the experience of birth to be. Most of what she shared that was directly related to birth I've forgotten now...what I do remember is how much our dogs loved her and how much we enjoyed spending time getting to know her. We ended up calling Bekah to come to the hospital the morning of August 2nd, I had been laboring the evening before and I thought labor would move quickly when we got to the hospital. IT DIDN'T (Ziggy showed up in the wee hours of August 3rd). Bekah was an amazing coach, translator of feelings, bouncer, water fetcher, and most of all friend. Bekah is amazingly intuitive, passionate and empathetic. She made the birth of my son a truly special and supportive experience. She's the best. 

Heather Walter


I cannot recommend Bekah enough. After the first meeting we knew that she would be the calm presence we needed in the delivery room, and we didn’t need to speak with anyone else. She was very attentive to what we needed and what we were concerned about and made sure to follow up with whatever issues we had discussed in our meetings. She adapted to our changing needs, including the change to caesarean section when it was found that our big baby refused to turn from the breech position.
She was very reassuring throughout the entire process, even down to little things like describing exactly where she would meet us the day of our C-section. During the C-section itself she followed my husband’s and my lead, while still continuing to be the calm presence that she is. After our little man was born he needed some extra time in the nursery and Bekah being there allowed my husband to attend to our son, while I was not left completely alone in our room.
Overall, she made everything easier and was a calming presence during a very tumultuous time. Her calming nature extended to post-partum as well with the post-partum visit, phone call, and texts. I know that we only touched on very little of her knowledge bank and were still amazed by everything she did for us.

Michael Draper


Bekah was a truly perfect match for us! My wife and I will tell anyone who will listen that we do not know how we could have done it without her. She was endlessly supportive, patient, helpful, knowledgable, and with us every step of the way (before, during, and after my wife's 60+ hour labor!).

As a non-birth-giving partner, I began to panic about my ability to be a helpful and supportive partner through such a daunting life event. We met with a few doulas but really clicked with Bekah, and immediately felt like we had another member on our team. She attended a Birthing From Within class with us, and also met with us separately over beers. She got along great with our dog.

The day my wife went into labor, it ended up being a very gradual process as her early labor carried on. Bekah was there texting support to us all day, offering to come by whenever we needed. During that time, she had an unexpected emergency birth with another client. She handled it very professionally and we felt cared for the whole way with a backup doula. Bekah was then able to come over and labor with us that whole night, before riding with us to the hospital early. We were not admitted that first morning; my wife was given morphine and we were sent home to get some rest. After we all rested, she came back and labored with us at home and the hospital for another night and day, helping my wife push out baby at 6pm on Day 3(!).

She always had new positions for us, and it seemed like she never slept (but was always fresh and ridiculously helpful!). I was able to manage some sleep, thanks to her.

We were met with several challenges we did not expect. Bekah was always there to provide with the information we needed to make an informed, thoughtful decision. She did not push us in any direction, she was just completely supportive. Bringing Bekah onto our team was the best decision we made in the whole process. She feels like a part of our family.

Karen Pareti


Shortly after my husband and I met Rebekah, we cancelled our other pending doula interviews.  Her calming, friendly and genuinely warm personality as well as her passion for the birthing process was immediately apparent.  We knew that she was someone that we would want to be a part of the most important day of our lives.  Rebekah immediately caught on to the dynamic between myself and my husband and just "got" us, which was a big factor in choosing her to be our doula.  During our meetings leading up to the birth of our son, we kept the gender a surprise and we loved how Rebekah shared our same excitement.  She was a strong listener, but also provided useful advice based on her prior experience and research.  Rebekah even sent text messages in between our meetings, checking in, offering helpful and meaningful words-- this went a very long way!  

My pregnancy ran late and I was scheduled to go in for induction.  Rebekah offered to come to help get us set up at the hospital, even though it would be hours until the process kicked off.  We declined but did call her as soon as things got real, which was well past midnight.  Rebekah came in calm and steady, and jumped right into her support role without hesitation-- while at the same time being respectful and giving us any space we needed.  Things progressed extremely quickly and there were some moments during my labor that became tense and scary, where quick decisions needed to be made.  It was wonderful having Rebekah in our court as another person to lean on and advocate for us.  She was a calming force, not only for me but especially for my husband-- who later sang her praises and was a skeptic about hiring a doula in the first place.  She even thanked us many times for allowing her to be a part of our amazing experience. Rebekah is highly recommended in our book and we are so thankful she was there!

Claire Campbell


Bekah is truly a natural at this. From the moment we met her she was warm, supportive and knowledgeable. I had horrible back labor that progressed quicker than I expected for my first pregnancy. Because of Bekah I was able labor and give birth without the use of any medications. She made both my husband and me feel completely at ease through the whole process and we could not imagine how difficult it could have been without her. We recommend her without reservation and with the highest of praise. 

Ashley Hong


There is something so beautiful about watching someone flourish within their true calling. It seems to me that being a doula is exactly what Bekah was meant to do! Her kind and gentle spirit, her genuine care and enthusiasm, her knowledge, and her dependability made Bekah the perfect person to have by my side during the pregnancy and birth of our second son. I experienced a few complications as my pregnancy progressed, and Bekah was wonderful about checking in and offering me encouragment which lifted my spirits. In our prenatal session, we talked through all my hopes and fears in birth, leaving me feeling very supported and prepared. I also enjoyed seeing all the labor comfort tools she brings in her bag, knowing that she had many options we could try during labor. In the end, my labor was very quick. Bekah arrived promptly after my husband called her, and she supported me during the pushing stage and our first nursing session. It was such a pleasure to work with Bekah! She was a blessing throughout the whole experience. If we have another baby, I would absolutely hire her again. We so appreciate you, Bekah!

Harneet Kaur


Bekah is a wonderful doula and an amazing person. We feel blessed to have her as our doula. Her professionalism, positive spirit, care and passion are commendable. She was available immediately when needed. Since we are first time parents, she walked us through the process of labor and delivery in prenatal meetings. We had a long and hard labor for 40 hours. Bekah was by my side all the time. Her immense support pulled me through tough times during labor. If it wasn’t for her, we could never have a normal birth. With such complications during delivery, Bekah respected and advocated our choices, and also guided us in right decision making. Her care throughout the labor and delivery was amazing. She knew exactly what we need. After birth, she made sure that we are doing fine with our transition into parenthood.
We are indebted to her and highly recommend her! She is absolutely great at what she does!!

Leigh B


As we neared the due date for our first pregnancy, my husband and I were considering hiring a doula. As soon as we met Bekah, the decision became easy - there was no question that we wanted to have a doula guide us through our daughter's birth, and it was clear that Bekah was the perfect person for the job. Beyond being incredibly knowledgeable about all things pregnancy and childbirth, Bekah brings a calm, upbeat presence to her work that was very reassuring to us as nervous parents to-be! She helped us get prepared for the big day during two meetings, in which we talked about our hopes and anxieties, as well as our birth plan and strategies we could use to bring that plan into action. We really appreciated Bekah's openness to helping us achieve our plan - it was clear that she was there to support us in whatever decisions we made, rather than to suggest that there is a right or wrong way to give birth. When the day (or rather, early hours of the morning!) came that I went into labor, my husband let Bekah know, and she got back to us right away despite the early hour. Bekah was an unwavering source of support throughout the 12 hours that I spent in labor at the hospital - from offering words of encouragement at every contraction, to guiding my husband in techniques to massage my back, to always having a plastic bag on hand when I needed to throw up. There are many things you cannot control during childbirth, but having Bekah there to guide us made us feel calm, confident, and cared-for, and was the best decisions we made in preparing for our daughter's arrival. 


Ingrid Langston


It was such a joy to work with Bekah for the birth of our second son. Immediately, we appreciated her sense of warmth, humor, and close listening. She took care to follow up on all of the questions that we had, and checked in on me frequently to offer encouragement or advice. During labor, I couldn't have asked for a better support team than Bekah. She adapted intuitively as my labor progressed, providing emotional and physical support in equal measure. She was a great liaison with my midwife and the hospital nurses. My husband and I both felt completely at ease with Bekah taking part in one of the most intimate moments of our life and we are grateful that she was a part of the experience! 

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