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Tiffany Larsen

Mountain View Doulas

Seattle, WA Service range 50 miles No ferries


Birth Fee

$1200 to $2500

Birth Fee

$1200 to $2500

Birth Doula Experience

13 years and 1000 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, September 2010

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 2 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I will be with you while you labor at home (for a few, or many hours), and help you prepare to leave for the hospital. Once at the hospital, I will work great with hospital staff to provide you with the best experience possible. I have a lot of experience working with our local hospitals and have built many great relationships with hospital staffing. We are there to work together for you!I serve all 11 Snohomish County and King County Hospitals.Providence, Evergreen, Northwest, UW, Swedish Ballard, Swedish Edmonds, Swedish First Hill, Swedish Issaquah, Group Health, Overlake, Valley Medical Center.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I serve all Snohomish County and King County Birth Centers. I will be with you while you labor at home, and help you prepare to leave for the birth center. Once at the birth center I will continue to provide the same emotional and physical support as I did at your home. I have built great relationships with many of the midwives in the puget sound area!

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I attend home births, and do have experience with HBAC.While at your home, I will meet you needs whatever they may be. I will help you and your birth team navigate through your labor and tend to you emotionally and physically.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth pool rental
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Monitrice services
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Former board member of MAWS (Midwives of Washington State) Former board Member of PALS (our local certifying organization) Volunteer doula for Open Arms Perinatal Services I have worked on-call for Midwife Seattle (Cindie Brown, CNM), Moonrise Health and Birth (Dr. Brandy Ross, ND,LM), and Mill Creek OBGYN as an office administrator. I was a volunteer Childbirth Educator at the Pregnancy Resource Center in Everett Washington. I have lead Newborn PEPS Group Leader (Program for Early Support).

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Three different packages offered, which include photography (if camera is provided). Includes (depending on package): 1-2 prenatals, labor support, 1-2 postpartum appointments, breastfeeding support, on call from the time of hire, back up doula if I am sick.

Service Area

Seattle, WA Service range 50 miles No ferries

Client Testimonials for Tiffany Larsen

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I loved having Tiffany with me for two of my home births. She literally walked me through every minute of them. Told me what I was feeling when I couldn't describe it in words. She knew what was happening based on the sounds I was making. She was always calm and professional, but loving and caring as well. I never once thought something was wrong or bad because she was right there the whole time explaining it all to me! Hands down wouldn't want anyone else! 32 hours and 6 hour labors!



With 13 years of experience, working with over 1000 clients as both a doula and a midwife, I have experienced very few dissatisfied clients. The testimonial posted below reflects a time of poor communication between two doulas (my self and then partner), and the clients husband who took over communication. Both doulas communicated with the client from the start of their induction and offered to come several times. The clients never attempted to call either doula, and stopped communication. After the communication stopped for 3 hours, my partner went to the hospital to check in on the client in person, her access was denied. 

Both doulas continued reaching out by both email and text message the day following. Postpartum support was offered with no communication. 

I retained an attorney to go over the contract the clients signed, and communicated to the clients that they had forfeited their contract in a handful of ways. After some communication back and forth, I agreed on a partail refund, although there should not have been one. As stated in the testimonial, shortly after the birth my family experienced a house fire and lost everything... a month later I broke my leg and could not work for 3 months. The end of 2021devasted my family financially. Jen is 100% right that no refund was sent, due to my oversight. 

After receiving this testimonal, I immediatley emailed and send a text to Jen with a full apology and asked to remedy the situation. I have not recevied any communication back. 

I do want to restate, BOTH doulas offered several times to join these clients in labor. After I received this testimonial I went in and reviewed all communication to make sure that was the truth. This experience taught us to reach out by phone and request to speak to the laboring person to make sure communication does not cause confusion for either the doula or client, and to document all communication. 



Tiffany and her backup doula never arrived and never provided an explanation as to why. I wrote her from the NICU to express concerns, only to have her write a callous letter back two days after I gave birth.

The cost of their fee was $1400. They kept the entire fee, though the extent of their service had been a couple casual emails, a single zoom meeting, and a tentative reservation of time.

They assured me that this would never happen (that both doulas would not go missing). But it did.

I was in labor for 12 hours. My husband attempted to get her to come throughout that time over the phone throughout this entire time. Tiffany did help help my husband contact her backup doula, Suzzie.

Once the baby came, Tiffany suddenly arrived (at 1AM the next day). I didn't need her to come after the work was supposed to be done. She had already missed the boat in such a huge way. 

Because both doulas never arrived, I was alone in the hospital room through the entire labor.
I missed out on having a family member or friend there to comfort me and help me because they took up the single spot I had because of COVID restrictions. I was alone. 

Tiffany's house burned down shortly after this event. I told Tiffany I would allow for an extra year for her to repay me a partial payment, considering her family's circumstances. I passed along her fundraising to my social networks to help her.

But Tiffany did not step up once again. It's been a year and a half, and now I feel it would be wrong to leave my review out and have other people accept her services without this experience in mind. 

Frankly, I feel stolen from and lied to. We were going to engage in legal actions before her house burned down but we gave them some mercy. Now I see they did not deserve this grace.  

Others should weigh this when they make a decision of whether to engage Moutain View Doulas.



Our experience with Tiffany was very positive! I was expecting my first baby and I was looking for some support so I could have minimum medical interventions during my delivery. Tiffany's presence contributed towards the kind of birth I had hoped for. She suggested to not get induced even when I was past my due date. She shared the statistical data with me to make me feel comfortable about my situation when I was nervous. Her experience was so valuable in guiding me at every step. I would highly recommend her.

Jessica V.


My experience with Tiffany was great - she provided exactly the support I wanted from a doula. I hired her just a few weeks before my due date, so I didn't have much time to talk through the pregnancy, but she was helpful in the communications we had.

It took a while to convince her when I was really in labor, which is understandable since she's probably seen more than a few false labors, but once she arrived at my house I felt totally supported.

Since my partner was with my older child, she drove me to the hospital and was my only support person there. She's very open and made me feel safe to relax. She had advice about positions and ways to help lean into the power of contractions during every stage of the labor. I had back labor, so her help with massage and counter pressure made it much easier to manage. She also knew when to coach and when to stand by quietly and let me stay in my meditations.

I am especially glad to have had her for the last stages, when the contractions were at the peak, and then during the pushing which took every last bit of energy. Her advice to make it more efficient and words of encouragement got me happily to the end with a baby in my arms.

I'll definitely call her again if I have any more babies!



We felt that Tiffany provided confident, clear, reassuring information throughout the pregnancy. We felt reassured whenever we met with her during the pregnancy. She was a little hard to get in touch with because she maintains two busy practices (midwifery and doula) and she has a large family herself. She also provides fewer prenatal and postpartum visits than some doulas, but her services are a little bit cheaper. 

I can't speak to her labor support skills because my labor ended up being very fast and she arrived about 15 minutes before the birth. She had been in contact with my partner that morning and it really seemed like I was still in early labor. 

I waited a long time to write this review because I have been thinking about how to register this concern/complaint. Immediately after the delivery, we noticed that my baby had a visible tongue tie. Before she had tried to latch, Tiffany handed me a nipple shield and said I should use it. I am now a lactation consultant so I can speak to this action from a clinical position. First, acting within her role as a doula, she should not have done this, especially since the midwives were right there. Second, nipple shields are medical interventions with clinical consequences for babies. Babies often don't get colostrom through a nipple shield. If a nipple shield is needed, assessment and management must be done to ensure that the baby is getting enough to eat. My baby did not get this and ended up needing an admission for jaundice and hypoglycemia. I also ended up using a nipple shield for 6 week. 

A lot of people have to use nipple shields and a lot of babies need to be admitted for jaundice. Either of these things may have happened to us anyway. But as a doula, this action was outside of her scope. She should not have done this under her midwife license either unless she had a plan to ensure that the baby had a supplemental way of getting colostrom. 

Jessi Clifton


Working with Tiffany was the game changer for our pregnancy and birth.

This was our first pregnancy after trying for 5 years, so to say we did all the research and want the very best is an understatement. She allowed us to unapologetically ask all of the questions, promptly responded and gave her honest opinion with feedback and suggestions that fit our philosophy that we discussed during our first meeting and really made us feel heard and supportive.

When I went into labor she went ABOVE and BEYOND. It was an 82 hour labor - yes, 82 hours. And if she wasn't physically by my side, she made sure we were ok with her getting a break to go home to sleep but stayed in constant contact providing support over the phone.

I really couldn't have had a more positive experience for our family and will definitely be hiring her again, no questions asked. 

Brittney Pfeifer


Before meeting Tiffany, I had serious anxiety about how I was going to birth my baby. I had a last-minute C-section with my first child, and the thought of recovering from another C-section with a toddler at home, was terrifying. I was leaning towards a VBAC against my OB/GYN's recommendation, and was then filled with fear and the risks of a VBAC.  After meeting with Tiffany, my husband and I were no longer fearful of a VBAC.  Tiffany was so confident, informative and knowledgeable, that we left our meeting with her confident too.  Throughout my pregnancy, I emailed her with several questions and she would always respond within a matter of minutes.  When the big day arrived, we were in communication all day and she was there when we needed her.  When it was time to push, she was the best coach, helping me with different positions, reminding me to breath and how to push properly.  I had a successful VBAC and couldn't be more thankful for all of Tiffany's help!  Hiring her was the best decision we made. 



We used Tiffany as our doula for an attempted VBAC with our second child. While we ended up with another emergency c-section, Tiffany was an asset to our experience. Leading up to the birth she responded very quickly to all emails and we checked in after every doctor's appointment. During labor, Tiffany was quick to respond to texts and provided round-the-clock support. She met us at the hospital when requested late into the night and stayed with us the whole night in the hospital until our daughter was born the following afternoon. She was a great resource, was very knowledgeable, and offered gentle support and guidance in helping us make the best decisions for our delivery. She went into the OR with us and photographed the birth, was an advocate in helping me breastfeed while still in the OR, and stayed with us after the birth until we felt stable and ready to say goodbye. Tiffany also offered insightful and helpful post-partum support in processing a second c-section. I would highly recommend Tiffany as a doula, especially for VBAC support.

Amanda J


We hired Tiffany for the birth of our 2nd child and are really happy that we did.  Our first birth ended up as an emergency C Section and was something that we wanted to avoid this time.  Tiffany is fantastic and very knowledgeable and open to your needs. Tiffany is not pushy and is a wealth of knowledge. What I really appreciated is that Tiffany works as a team so if a birth over laps you are not sent someone you’ve never met. 

Tiffany and Andrea met with us 2x before the big day, Tiffany met with us at the hospital the night we went into labor and made the journey much more relaxing since everything went really fast (5 hour labor.) Tiffany also took birth pics of the labor for us which we love!  Afterwords we we’re able to do a 1:1 post pardom meeting and once again Tiffany was answering questions and informing us on things we had not known or refreshing things that we had forgotten as new born parents.  Tiffany is a wonderful midwife and this made my high risk pregnancy much more comfortable then the previous pregnancy where we hadn’t hired a midwife.  Highly recommend Tiffany. 

Shelly New Mom


We liked Tiffany's style and personality - and was impressed and comforted by the fact that she had so much experience with all types of births. As first-time parents, my partner and I decided relatively late that we wanted to get a birth doula, and by some magic, we were referred to Tiffany and she had a window of availability to take us.  I aspired to a natural birth, although not sure what that would entailed to execute, I really liked Tiffany's openness and knowledge of all the options and tools that we would need to navigate to meet our baby.  We were going to a hospital setting, and appreciated her knowledge of what to expect and how we could use her to prepare (as much as that is possible).

We relied on her in the weeks leading up to the birth for advice on how to have conversations with my OB, what to ask for to allow for more time (to avoid getting induced) and be as ready (and rested) as possible for birth.  I honestly found this really helpful to have a trusted third party that knew my goals, and could help me have this conversation with my medical team.  With so many choices to make and little time to understand the impact / options, having a doula is invaluable. 

At 10 days late, my birth experience wound up being VERY fast once it actually started, Tiffany very quickly arrived in time (late at night) to help me through labor at the hospital, and was there to help both me and my partner know what to do, and ultimately have the experience that we did.  It is still a bit of a blur, but her techniques and presence was invaluable.  She also gave us great advice afterwards around caring for our baby at home, which new parents need!

I have and would recommend her to friends that are looking for a doula, and will use her services again. 

Olivia Boggs


My husband and I were expecting our first baby in January and had no idea what to expect. After attending birth classes, we quickly realized how valuable having a doula would be to achieve my goal of a natural birth and relieve some of the pressure for my husband. We did a search and after meeting with 2 other doulas, we decided to go with Tiffany based on her experience as a doula as well as her own personal experience of having children of her own. She proved to be invaluable during our labor.  She gave me all the right cues to help me feel as comfortable as possible during labor as well as coach my husband through everything.  After birth she stayed and helped me with nursing.  About 3-4 days later Tiffany came by for my postpartum appointment and again, I found her help invaluable as I was having latch issues and had no idea.  I also had no idea what pumping was all about and she coached me through that too.  When/if we decide to have a second baby, I’ll definitely recruit Tiffany for help again. 



Tiffany is an amazing doula! I strongly recommend her. Being a first time mom and striving for an unmedicated labor I wanted to get a doula. Tiffany always messaged me back quickly when I had any questions. She also provided me with resources prior and after birth. During my labor Tiffany's birthing techniques really helped me progress smoothly.  She was extremely helpful as my contractions grew stronger and more challenging to manage. My husband and I are really thankful we had such a knowledgeable and experienced doula. If we have another baby we'll definitely book Tiffany as our doula again.

Marina Shabazz


I knew Tiffany was the doula for me when we first met with her back in August. I had a list of questions to ask and I didn't even have to ask them.She told us about herself and her work and answered all of my questions without me asking them. She was so knowledgable, personable and experienced from the very beginning. When it came time for her to join my birth she came when my husband said it was time and joined us in the hospital. She knew my birth plan from our prenatal visit and knew I wanted an unmedicated birthing experience. When she arrived, she immediatley gave suggestions for changing of positions and getting me more comfortable. She always had encourgaing words even when I was asking for meds. She pushed me and encouraged me to keep going and let me know that I could do it. She was not only there to supoprt myself, but also my husband. She helped guide him on how to help me and encouraged him as well. She helpe us achieve the unmedicated birth we wanted.Looking back,I am thankful she was there to support us and bring our bundle of joy into the world. She will always be a part of our birth story that we will never forget and plan to have her present for future births. I would recommend her to anyone looking to hire a doula.

Brooke Phagan


Tiffany was amazing. She exceeded all expectations. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate. You can tell she loves what she does. I loved that Tiffany is also a midwife. As an RN I wanted someone with a holistic approach but also was knowledgeable about medicine. She is open to provide whatever birth you want as long as it’s safe. She doesn’t push her own beliefs on you. I would recommend Tiffany to anyone with great confidence!

Emily Faria Larsen


Tiffany Wilson is awesome. My husband and I agree that we could not imagine our daughter's birth without Tiffany's support. We planned an unmedicated, out-of-hospital birth at a nearby birth center and also attended Hypno-Birthing classes in Seattle. Our prenatal consult meetings with Tiffany were helpful, as we were able to share with Tiffany our birth plan and our thoughts and feelings about the upcoming birth. Tiffany was both gracious and knowledgable in incorporating Hypno-birthing strategies into her coaching. I loved how warm, nurturing, and down-to-earth Tiffany is. She is super knowledgable about pregnancy, birth, and newborns - the technical side and the emotional side. When I thought I was going into labor, I called Tiffany and she came to my house so that I could labor at home as long as possible before heading to the birth center. Having her at our home was SO helpful - she helped me get into more comfortable positions in the tub and knew when it was time to head to the birth center. As first time parents, my husband and I would not have known when to go. At the birth center, Tiffany stayed close to me while I labored in the tub and backed off when appropriate to allow my midwives to do their thing. Tiffany was an important source of comfort and support for my husband, who felt overwhelmed. Two days afterward, Tiffany came to my home for a follow-up post-partum visit. She helped with breast feeding and general care. This visit was helpful because I do not have family in the state. I also received placenta encapsulation services from Tiffany- I'm so glad I did it because the post-partum experience has been quite seamless and emotionally consistent for me so far.

I highly recommend Tiffany Wilson to any expectant mother and her birth partner, regardless of your birth plan and vision for a birth experience. Doulas are totally under-rated and under-appreciated, and Tiffany's services are high quality and caring.

Suzzie V


Tiffany was incredible and made my hbac possible. I felt she listened and understood my needs right from the beginning. She never tried to push me to do things a certain was, but waz full of guidance and wisdom. During labor she knew exactly the right words to say to keep me in the right headspace and she was really supportive as she took me through the miles circuit to try to flip my posterior baby. Birthing my baby was one od the best experiences of my life. I could not have done it without the incredible team that supported me.

Annie Kirk


Tiffany worked with us for the births of both of our daughters and we could not have had a better experience. She made my husband and I feel as comfortable and confident as we could going into the arrival of our first child. We took a childbirth class, but didn't feel like that alone prepared us and we wanted additional support as we had no idea what to expect. Our "birth plan" was to end with a healthy mom and baby, and I was open to whatever labor threw at me as long as I was informed about my choices along the way.  I'm so glad Tiffany was there for us! My labor progressed very quickly (not like the books or class prepped us for) and then took multiple hours of pushing. Tiffany was a calming presence and a great advocate and resource for us. I have no doubt that had she not been there, that our birth experience would have been very different (likely a lot more interventions) and really stressful for me and my husband. When I found out I was pregnant with our second child, I asked my husband if he thought we should reach out to Tiffany for doula support and his response was an enthusiastic YES. I was already about to email her and was glad we were on the same page ;). He really appreciated her ability to help him support me during labor. She was also so wonderful in answering our random questions as first-time parents after we were home! Tiffany was again there for us for an even faster labor with our second, and we were so grateful to have her support. We probably wouldn't have made it to the hospital, if it wasn't for her doing a home check and telling us it was time to get on the road!

I was open to an unmedicated birth, and that's what I had for both daughters, but I really appreciated that Tiffany didn't push us any certain way for my birth experience. She clearly wanted to support me and my husband however we needed. We're pretty sure our family is complete, but if baby #3 occurs, there's no question that we'll reach out to Tiffany.

Caroline Killmer


Tiffany was a tremendous source of support and reassurance during my pregnancy, providing all kinds of insight into what labor and delivery would actually be like, and helping us better understand our options on things like medication, cord clamping, etc. I don't think I ever had a question for which she didn't have a clear and insightful answer.

When I had to be induced a little early, she called to make sure we were calm and prepared and knew what to expect, then later visited us in the hospital even though my labor was going nowhere. When that induction failed and I was sent home, she continued to be a reassuring voice until induction #2. She joined us at the hospital after my water broke, and while the doctors and nurses were all wonderful, Tiffany was essential in helping us really understand each choice we needed to make and in coaching us through the birth of our daughter.

I cannot overstate how much it helped us to have Tiffany be a part of our birth, and I would recommend her to any expecting mothers.

Katie Dixon


Our birth experience with Tiffany was exeptional.  As I entered this pregnancy journey, I came from a place of uncertainty, feeling fearful and feelings of anxiousness.  This stemmed from my first birth experience that was far from enjoyable that resulted in an emergency c-section.  It was a tramatic expeirence.  Tiffany supported me throughtout my journey and was available to answer any questions that I had, concerns that arose, she is a strong advocate and empowered me to make informed decisions regarding my prenatal care and birth experience.  Throughout labor, Tiffany was a constant, calming, active support.  Without TIffany, I'm not sure I would have had a successful VBAC.  With her guidance and skill, I was able to make informed decisions throughout labor, that I believe resulted in a very successful VBAC.  My partner, he too valued Tiffany's presence during labor.  Tiffany offered him support as well and he felt comfortable and involved throughout the entire labor.  Tiffany is an amazing doula and if we choose to have more children, I will use her again and would recommend her to any pregnant couple.

Meghan de Andrade


After researching a couple of doulas, I came upon Tiffany via a friend recommendation. I wanted someone who shared similar views as mine - for lack of a better term, I didn’t want a hippie mentality who only believes in non-medicated births. Tiffany was flexible (and appreciated our flexibility) with the idea that we would do what I was comfortable with and not be tied down to a birth plan. She was a wealth of information and always avail to us with questions or concerns. Her background as a midwife was also helpful, as she is familiar with the medical side of things.

Her support during pushing was invaluable. I came out of the birth experience feeling privileged to have experienced a warm, loving environment.

She also took AMAZING photos of the birth which we will cherish forever.

We will recommend Tiffany to future prego friends!

Tina Hendrix


Tiffany Wilson was a major part of my birth team. At 43 years old, I dreamed of having a VBA3C and her undying support helped me acheive that dream!

She was so supportive and caring and knowledgeable throughout my pregancy and the birth process! She was by my side every moment from the time I checked into the hospital to after the birth, making sure all of my needs and wishes were honored.

Because of Tiffany, I was able to focus on my birth, as she advocated my wishes to the Dr. and hospital staff.  I truly believe that if I didn't have Tiffany on my birth team, I would have ended up with another C-section birth, and I did not want that.

Tiffany seemed to have a steady flow of positive energy that emitted from her to me when I needed it. I was in pre-labor for a week, during the nights, and she was there for me, visiting me and by phone to support me through this confusing and extended process. When active labor began, she was right there, very quickly, even though the hospital was far away.

When I was in transition, she helped me through the intense moments by knowing what to say and do to keep me as comfortable as possible. She knew I wanted a natural unmedicated birth and she quietly advocated for my wishes so that no one would even mention drugs or other things that I did not want.

She made my birth experience as pain free and smooth as possible, and she worked well with the labor and delivery staff. When my baby was born, she made sure I got my wishes of skin to skin with baby without any interruptions. I was in a state of bliss and falling in love with my baby in my arms before she finally left to go get some well needed rest.

Tiffany's knowledge, quiet strength, and compassion was just what I needed to achieve my dream birth.  I highly recommend Tiffany Wilson, and if I should be blessed with another pregnancy, I will definitely seek her assistance again! She is amazing!

Amy Hoffman


My husband and I loved working with Tiffany. From our very first meeting, she was approachable and easy going and made us feel confident with her wide breadth of knowledge. She has attended many births in a variety of settings and this was very important to us in chosing a doula. Having experience with everything from home to hospital births, medicated or unmedicated, she can approach each individual birth without agenda or bias, there to help you have whatever kind of birth you chose in the best way possible. We elected to have an unmedicated hospital birth, and Tiffany pointed us in the direction of additional resources beyond our birth classes so that we could be as educated as possible. She also helped us form our list of birth intentions thoughtfully. When it came time for our little one to be born, she was an invaluable member of our team. Not only was she a calming and supportive presence in the room. but it turns out that she taught my husband the one coping technique that I relied on the most! The best part was that she helped him to help me.

Thank you, Tiffany, for helping us have the empowering and intimate birth experience that we had hoped for!

Eduardo Escardo-Raffo


April and I are very happy we chose Tiffany. From the time she arrived at home during early labor she was a calming, reassuring presence. Her expertise helped us go to the hospital at the right time and be admitted by triage right away. As labor progressed, she helped us make confident decisions between various available options and she was a great advocate for those decisions--more cool-headed than we could have been in the moment--so we could do what was best for our family.

Tiffany took great photos throughout the process, including the moment of ecstasy when April first held our baby.

Her post-natal visit at our house was incredibly helpful, giving us practical advice to deal with all the various painful and exhausting realities of having a newborn child. We would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.

Erika Wright


Tiffany has a passion, a calling and a profound gift for birth work.  She was essential to the successful VBAC birth of my son in March.  This was our second successful VBAC with Tiffany.  Her experience as a doula and as a midwife gives her a depth and breadth of knowledge that is reassuring and incredibly helpful during pregnancy and birth.  It was so reassuring to have someone like her to support me prior to birth.  She is steadfast, calm and positive but also honest, and does not shy away from having tough conversations with you.  I needed this, as a I once again had almost 6 weeks of painful prodromal labor with this pregnancy.  She was there for me in exactly the way I needed.  Answering text messages at all hours, coming to the hospital for at least one false alarm, reassuring me and validating my feelings when I needed it, and, finally, giving me space when that was what I needed.  The day of my induction she came early.  She knew I was nervous and needed her there.  Again, she gave me exactly what I needed when I needed it - comfort when I was scared, encouragement when I was losing hope, space when I needed it.  She answered my questions and made sure the nurses and my midwife included me in their conversations and honored my wishes.  She was my advocate every step of the way.  My most profound memory was during a moment of total fear.  I was sobbing and terrified, and Tiffany got eye to eye with me and just looked into my eyes.  She radiated strength when I had none, and I felt calm and at peace.  I was able to shift my focus and deliver my very large baby quickly, beautifully and safely.  I felt empowered, and even though things didn't all go as I had planned, I had the absolute best birth because I had Tiffany by my side.  She believed in me and my body's ability to give birth, and will always be a special part of our family!

Jessica A. Jones


We are so pleased with our birth experience and Tiffany’s role in helping us achieve our somewhat hazy goal of an unmedicated birth. Meeting her for the prenatal appointment, we felt instantly at ease with her non-judgmental approach since we were uncertain which path we would purse until labor started. (Although we found her through community referrals, it turns out she is also very well known and respected in our midwives’ office and at the hospital where we delivered, which says a lot.) Our labor was somewhat unusual for a first time birth in that we did not have early labor so we arrived at the hospital already in the very active stages, andTiffany was there shortly after we arrived and did not leave until well after our son’s birth 12 or 13 hours later. She provided invaluable support during the labor and delivery for both me and my husband, always encouraging of where I was at and suggesting multiple options to keep things moving. Her training as a midwife was paramount to the process going as smoothly as it did and I can’t say enough how happy we are with the decision to have her there. Although hiring a doula is not an inexpensive venture, I can think of no better way to spend the money in preparation for the arrival of my little one.

Hilary Albert


Of all of the choices we made throughout my pregnancy, having Tiffany be our doula was the very best.  We wavered about having a doula because I knew I wanted an epidural and we weren't sure whether we needed the extra support and whether a doula would be supportive of our choices.  However a bad experience in L&D at 27 weeks + and knowing my OB would likely be on vacation during my birth left me anxious.  We met with Tiffany and I immediately felt better.  She was incredibly empathetic and made clear that her priority was supporting our choices.  We figured that even if I had an uneventful birth, the peace of mind alone was worth it.

Well, my labor ended up being more eventful than I had anticipated.   The doctor I had the bad experience with was on call, we had a nurse who didn't regulary work at our hospital, and my heart rate was quite high.  However, I knew everything would be okay when Tiffany arrived.  She and my husband were amazing helping me through the first part of my labor, advocated for me to labor in the tub, and helping me decide when to get the epidural.

Later, I ended up needing extra testing and I couldn't always follow what the doctor and nurse were discussing.  Tiffany always took the time to explain what was happening and why.  After delivery, my heart rate got even higher and there was a flurry of people.  Tiffany stayed to make sure I was okay and her calm presence reassured me.

Given the circumstances, my birth could have easily been a bad experience, but thanks in large part to Tiffany, it wasn't.  Her emotional support was pivotal.  Women always remember how they felt during birth and I felt supported, safe, and cared for thanks to Tiffany.

We can't thank her enough for making the most important day of our lives such a positive experience.

Kerry Billingham


Tiffany was great! Very knowledgble, personable, professional, and reliable. She was great with prenatal attention, during labor, and the postpardum follow up. We had a great experience with her and would be happy to recommend her to any expecting moms.

Anna Holden


Being that this was my first pregnancy, I knew I wanted a doula to help me and my husband through a home birth. We interviewed Jen and Tiffany and I instantly knew that they were the right people for the job. I felt right at home and heard with both of them and knew they'd be perfect for helping us during birth. I had a very long labor that started at home. Tiffany was there as soon as I needed her to be. Throughout the next 24 hours, she was there with me, encouraging me, making suggestions and telling me what to expect to come next. She was like a lighthouse. When my labor stalled, she encouraged me to to get things moving by making good suggestions to bring about more intense contractions. I felt safe with her.

Ultimately, after 48 hours of labor with very little progress and an inability to keep food down, we transferred to the hospital. I was heartbroken that we couldn't finish the birth at home, but wanted a rest and a break from the pain. Tiffany was so helpful in that transition to the hospital. While my midwife prepared the transfer, Tiffany spoke to me about what to expect. She was very familiar with Northwest Hospital and made it sound like such a safe haven - and it was. Once I was there I had an epidural and told to sleep for several hours. Tiffany went back to our house to get a few hours of much needed rest herself.

Later the next day, it was finally time to push. Tiffany was so encouraging, holding a mirror, taking pictures and coaching me on pushing. Her energy helped me push my little boy out in just two hours. I was thrilled! It was a rocky birth, as my waters had broken early and there was meconium in the waters. They had to take him away and suction his nose and mouth. Tiffany kept talking to me, letting me know what they were doing and how he was doing. It was exactly what I needed to stay calm and wait for him. He turned out perfectly!

I would definitely recommend hiring Tiffany and Jen!

Tim Mullen


Tiffany was a fantastic doula to my wife and I.  Although we started working with her last minute, she made sure to provide excellent service at all times.  We were really blessed to have her at our side during the pregnancy.  She responded to our text messages at 3AM, when my wife started to have strong contractions, and compassionately guided us through until the delivery in the afternoon.  She was at our side the whole way, and has such a depth of knowledge and experience to offer.  We highly recommend her!

Christina Owen


The birth of my first child was challenging and despite having a doula, I felt that she wasn't as supportive as I would have hoped. So after becoming pregnant with my second, I knew I wanted an experienced doula who could provide support and suggestions in any circumstance. A friend recommended Tiffany and little did I know that I would end up with two amazing doulas! Jen and Tiffany were both exactly what I was looking for... experienced, compassionate, present, genuine, and absolutley delightful to talk with. I never really felt nervous about the upcoming birth because in my mind, I had a dream team of support. When I went past my due date and was feeling discouraged, Jen called me to talk through my feelings and offer her encouragement. She was so compassionate and helped me stay positive. Then when my water broke 4 days later, Tiffany was very responsive and quickly met us at the hospital when things ramped up quickly. Throughout my labor, Tiffany was right there with me, a comforting voice in my ear, guiding me through each contraction and each stage. She was like having a GPS of my labor, telling me what to look for next, what to expect, and where to turn. She had one helpful suggestion after another... at one point in between difficult transition contractions, Tiffany suggested that I try to feel my baby's head. I reached down, skeptical that I would feel anything, but I did! I felt her head and with it, my confidence soared! A few contractions later, I felt her move down even further and it was time to push! Tiffany was again a calm voice in my ear, helping me to direct my energy in to pushing. 20 minutes later, my daughter was born! I honestly feel like I had the perfect birth... it was exactly what I wanted and Tiffany was a big part of helping me acheive that. Tiffany and Jen make a fantastic team and are truly gifted at what they do!

Jessica Todd Long


Tiffany was exactly what we needed.  She was very available leading up to the birth and after for every question we had.  The birth ended up being quite complicated and I had two failed inductions and ultimately a c-section. Tiffany helped advocate to get me the information I needed from the doctors. She was supportive throughout and we were so grateful she was able to attend the c-section.  She took wonderful photos which really showed how special that day was for us. The surgeons who performed the section praised Tiffany for her supportiveness and professionalism on several occasions.

Also, after the birth I had some trouble with breastfeeding and Tiffany came over that same day to help me out.

Mantica Gardner


From the moment that my husband and I met Tiffany, we knew she was the one we wanted there with us to welcome our baby into the world. Tiffany always listened to understand us. She has this way about her that is difficult to put into words. It is very clear that this is her calling and she was meant to do it. Not only is she calm and collected but her humor is refreshing. When my labor began, Tiffany kept in close contact. She even knew exactly when to come be with me, without my even having to ask. I remember Tiffany looking me in the eyes several times and giving me the reassurance and confidence needed to keep going while I labored. She was the calm to my storm. When baby girl decided she wanted to make a swift arrival at our home - which was totally unplanned, Tiffany helped us make the best choices for our family. She guided and navigated us through the overwhelming and unknown. I will be forever grateful for Tiffany, and we are beyond happy that we had her there. If/when there is ever another addition to our family, Tiffany is the one I will call without a doubt.

Shannon Youmans


My husband and I met with Tiffany and Jen after getting a recommendation for Tiffany from a friend.  Even our first "get-to-know-you" meeting was helpful as Tiffany and Jen offered suggestions and answers to questions that we had.  Tiffany and Jen offered a lot of support and suggestions for coping with an induction, which came as a surprise late in pregnancy.  When the induction process began, Jen was on call and offered lots of support via text and phone, as I was still in early labor.  She was diligent about checking in with us.  My latent labor continued for a couple days, so that by the time I went into active labor, Tiffany was the doula on call. Their communication and being able to reach both of them was seamless.  During labor, Tiffany was supportive and encouraging as my labor and pushing progressed fairly quickly.  I was most impressed with Tiffany and Jen's genuine concern for us as a family, especially in the post-partum period. We had a visit with Tiffany about 4 days after the baby was born and Jen called a week later to check-in on us as well.  We felt very supported throughout the entire process, and I would whole heartedly recommend Puget Sound Doulas!

C & D Johnson


When we were about 20 weeks pregnant, we interviewed 4 different local doulas for support in delivering our March 2016 baby. I had the classic list of questions to ask all of them... I hoped that in meeting each person, I would 'just know' which was the best fit for myself and my husband. After talking with each of the 4 women, Tiffany stood out as the most professional, down to earth, friendly and experienced - by far. We wanted a doula to help me deliver without medication, and we also wanted placenta encapsulation as well. We also knew that a doula would be supporting my husband during the birth as well. He tends to get squirmish around blood, and would likely be very anxious on the day I went into labor. Tiffany assured us that she would be there to help navigate the unpredictability of labor and be able to support my husband, so that he could then support me. On the day of my son's birth, I awoke to contractions at 4am - we contacted Tiffany around 6am, after the contractions continued to get stronger and closer together. She came to see us at home at 8:30am. After about a half an hour of observing me, I clearly had transitioned from early to active labor. She followed us downtown to Swedish First Hill. Over the next few hours, my water broke, and I progressed quickly to 8-9cm and stayed there for most of the afternoon and into the evening. This was extremely hard work - Tiffany (along with my husband and mother) provided me with a calm, peaceful atmosphere to cope with the pain. Our labor and delivery nurse hung back and allowed the 3 of them to fully assist in my laboring naturally. After staying at 9.5 for several hours - the nurse suggested fentanyl and pitocin. I was starting to get very tired and discouraged. We discussed the pros/cons of those medications, decided to decline the narcotics, and try the pitocin. (Continued below)

C & D Johnson


(continued above) After 17 hours of pain medication free labor, our son was born! Tiffany stayed with us for a couple hours to ensure the baby and I were doing well. She came to visit us at home a few days later. She also brought with her my placenta capsules. We are 3 weeks postpartum, and I'm feeling great. Baby is happy and healthy. Recovery has been very smooth, breastfeeding is going really well, and I have lots of energy... despite waking up every 2-3hrs during the night to nurse. Through each interaction with Tiffany, we feel like we were completely taken under her wing. She was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, compassionate, responsive, and we feel like we've gained a friend. There is no doubt in my mind that if/when we have our second child, Tiffany will be with us for the birth. Tiffany, thank you so much for supporting the birth of our son, and for empowering me to have the strength to give birth the way I had always envisioned.

Lara Baldwin


I could never have anticipated the transformative impact of Tiffany’s presence at our birth. We had met only once before I went into labor, but her gentle, respectful, knowledgable expertise was just what I needed at my most vulnerable time. She worked with my husband and mother during the labor perfectly, and somehow knew exactly what I needed at exactly the time I need it: more support, more space to myself, verbal encouragement, or just a hand on my shoulder. She thought of tiny details throughout the whole process to make it as comfortable as possible, and was an absolute pro at gauging my physical and emotional state. It seems a strange thing to mention, but I found a huge comfort in looking at her pretty eyelashes when I needed something to focus on, and I’ll always remember that she even smelled lovely when I would lean into her! My family and I are forever grateful to Tiffany for her expert, nurturing, perfect support. I am positive that my birth experience would have been less without her being a part of it.

Amanda True


This was my second time having Tiffany as my doula, and I absolutely love her! My first birth was in a hospital and Tiffany was essential, a calming presence in the midst of chaos. When I found out I was pregnant again, I told Tiffany before I even told my own mother. It was so important to me to have Tiffany be part of my pregnancy and birth once again. She went far out of her way (as we had moved) to attend my second birth, this time at home. Once again, Tiffany was an essential part of my birth team. When it was time for me to push, I was in too much pain to even think, and my midwife was focused on my vitals and the baby. Tiffany was the calming voice in my ear, assuring me I could do it and coaching me to use the pain to bring my baby. Once I had a grasp on that, he came quickly! I know that both of my births would have been so much harder without Tiffany, and I am so very grateful for her dedication to her clients. I would never hesitate to recommend her, and if I were to give birth again I would want her there. She also encapsulated my placenta for me, and it has been a game changer for my post partum hormones and also for my milk supply. I really wish I would have done it the first time around too! Thank you, Tiffany, for everything you do!! Love, Amanda (and my two beautiful baby boys)

Carley MacRae


My husband and I chose to hire a doula to help both of us during the labor and delivery of our son.  We would both hire her again.  My husband frequently gets lightheaded in medical situations and having Tiffany there helped him to be involved yet also care for his needs during my 36 hour labor.  It also allowed me to focus on giving birth without having to worry about my husband.  I really appreciated Tiffany's vast knowledge of labor and delivery - ways to cope naturally and dealing with an epidural.  She was also a very calming presence when things did not go as planned.

Claire Richards


First of all, I would just like to say that I'm very much in awe of Tiffany as a person. She is doing so many things: doula, midwifery student, mom (of 6!), labor tub business owner, jewelry maker, among I'm sure other things. You wouldn't know it or feel that, however, except that her experience has made her a very wise doula that goes beyond simply physical and emotional support during labor.

My pregnancy was long, I was going into post dates. Tiffany understood the difficulty of that and suggested that my husband and I take some time for a date night and appreciate that time. After our son came, she suggested that we still make time for our relationship and time together, even though we might be taking shifts at night to care for our newborn baby. It was things like this that Tiffany said that demonstrate a deep understanding of not only the process of labor, but the transition in identity that a baby brings, and the challenge that can hold.

I didn't need a lot of physical support during my labor. But when we called her over, I was at my wits end. I said "I don't know what to do with this pain!" I don't entirely remember what she did, I know that she drew my attention to how I was holding tension in my hips. After she arrived, I was able to get into a flow. I don't like it when people touch me and I'm in pain, but she was present. When not helping me identify ways to move in labor, and move labor along, she also provided presence and encouragement, by identifying the things I was doing well. It was a long labor and she applauded the progress I made. She brought to my attention that things were going well, such as noticing the way I relaxed my body between contractions, giving me the confidence to labor, as a first time mom, at home.

Tiffany also supported my husband and remembered that he gets woozy with blood, and made sure that he had some calories before the baby arrived. She also took amazing photos. We are so grateful to her!

Lorena Leber


It had not been my intent to share a review quite yet, but when I saw that Tiffany was needing help in presenting a case as to why she should receive assistance to continue with her fast-track plan to complete midwifery school, I wanted to share my experience in the hopes that the right ears would hear. I had a very difficult birth experience. Difficult, for me, in that I do not have anything else to compare it to as this was my first time going through labor and the delivery of my son. Without going into too much detail, I simply would like to share that if it were not for Tiffany it's possible that not only would I have had an even more difficult experience, but that my baby might have continued to be suffering in distress (or worse). It was Tiffany who pointed out, in the sea of medical personnel around me after an emergency transfer to the hospital, that my baby's heart rate had been consistently elevated. It was Tiffany who advocated for me when my husband was unnecessarily held up at check-in, having to explain why he needed access to the labor and delivery floor, when we were separated in the process of getting to the hospital. It was Tiffany who offered me a kind smile of reassurance and a nod of support when I was faced (without my husband by my side) with the decision to proceed with a cesarean. It was Tiffany who told me it was ok, and that my body had not failed, and it was right in that moment to do what was done. For other mothers who need the warm embrace of someone who genuinely cares, who need assistance when they otherwise feel alone and lost, who need that extra level of empowerment, nurturing and attention when they are otherwise in pain and unsure of themselves, please consider awarding this scholarship to Tiffany so that she can carry on the important work that she was built to do.

Sasha Baxter


Tiffany was a fantastic support person during my home birth.  She encouraged me when I needed it, helped keep me hydrated and as fed as she could, though I was very uninterested in food.  She took fabulous pictures of the labor and birth, as well as helped my husband set up a video of the event.  I really appreciated the follow up home appointment after the birth - she helped us with breastfeeding and explained what to expect with a newborn.  I'm so glad to have had her on my labor/birth team, and I highly recommend her as a doula.

Emily Delahunty


In the past 2 weeks since I’ve given birth I’ve been riding the waves of feeling safe, vulnerable, fortunate, and downright amazed at how nature came together for us in miraculous ways on the day of my birth. A large part of this is because of our wonderful relationship and experience with Tiffany at our birth. Ironically, Tiffany was the backup doula for the doula that we had hired, so I didn’t meet Tiffany until I was moaning during back to back contractions on my living room floor. At first, my husband and I were disappointed and nervous about having someone we had never met before support us during the birth, but from the minute we met her, we both felt comfortable and confident. She was immediately confident in my ability to have a home birth, which set the tone right away. She helped us to have the natural home birth we were hoping for. My labor was just over four hours, and Tiffany helped me to feel safe and confident in my abilities the entire time. She stood back and let me process the experience when I needed that, but was always there and ready to support and guide me when I needed it. She set up the birth tub as soon as she got to our house- without her the birth tub company wouldn’t have had time to set it up. She encapsulated my placenta- I hadn’t hired anyone for this yet since I thought I had another couple weeks of pregnancy. And perhaps most remarkably, she was the only one present at the actual birth other than my husband and I- our midwife missed the birth because of how quickly it progressed. She handled this calmly and confidently- exactly what we needed. We feel so grateful to how my labor, birth, and postpartum experiences have unfolded, and feel so much gratitude to Tiffany for her role in all of it.

Kate Lindsay Scher


Tiffany is the perfect addition to any birth experience. My husband is squeamish and faints easily, so when we found out we were pregnant with twins, we started researching support options to help both of us. Tiffany helped me immensely while waiting for labor and was with me at the perfect time as labor started. I expected my labor to move quickly, and when it didn't, Tiffany helped me focus and stay positive. When things turned complicated, Tiffany helped me continue advocating for my birth plan. She explained what was happening, helped us weigh our options, and reassured us afterwards. With her help, I was able to have the birth I wanted. She also took great care of my husband so he was able to support me (without sacrificing his health or sanity) through the process. And she followed up with us after with amazing advice to support my recovery. She's an incredible resource that my family recommends whole-heartedly.

Jordanne Nevin


Tiffany is AMAZING! She is the perfect balance of knowledge, resources, sensitivity, and genuine care.

I hired Tiffany when I was about 20 weeks pregnant with my first child. Her expertise came in handy immediately, as I was considering changing my care. I met with a group of midwives that she suggested and was instantly convinced that I would change my care provider.

Tiffany was available to me, for all of my silly question, before the birth. She was beyond helpful during birth, to both me and my husband. She honored everything that I expressed wanting in my birth experience (even when I changed my mind near the end of labor), and helped my husband find useful tasks during the process. Furthermore, she went above and beyond after the birth. I had complications with my milk supply. Tiffany helped me get donor milk, attended lactation appointments with me, put me in touch with specialist, and was essentially available 24 hours a day when I was worried about the well-being of my new baby.

I cannot express how essential Tiffany was to our wonderful birth story. As a first time mom, I had a ton of questions and was worried about the uncertainties of not knowing what to expect during labor and delivery. Tiffany was much more than a valuable resource, she was truly supportive. Although I am not yet looking forward to going through child birth again, I am excited to work with Tiffany through my next pregnancy.

Karen Cheng


I worked with Tiffany to help me with my first time birth. I’m a new immigrant to the US and was already dealing with buying/ renovating a new house, so things were stressful. I really valued Tiffany’s guidance, valuable information and experience. During the final weeks leading up to my delivery during week 41, I would contact her with urgent questions and she was really fast to respond by phone and email. During week 41 I had late night contractions. Often I would contact Tiffany late at night like 3am or 4am in a panic and she would always calmly answer my questions. Most importantly I was glad that she was very reassuring to me by answering all my questions and offering suggestions and her calming personality. On the day of delivery I went to the hospital and was surprised/ dismayed to find that there were no available delivery rooms. I was put into an overflow room. Things were better once Tiffany showed up because even though the facilities were lacking, it was really good to have her there to help me through pain management. We had talked a lot about minimizing the use of pain management medication during delivery. I eventually ended up needing an epidural but I never felt pressure from Tiffany not to get one- she was very supportive of my needs and have my best interest at heart. I would highly recommend her service to new moms.

Janelle Duran


We had the pleasure of having Tiffany as our doula for our son (2 years ago) and now our daughter.  I had an unplanned c-section with our son, so I was hoping to have a VBAC with our daughter.  Tiffany was such a wonderful support through the whole process and, with her help, I was able to have the VBAC I was hoping for!  She has a calming presence about her.  The moment we met, over 2 years ago, I felt right at ease and confident in her knowledge.  I would highly recommend her to any of my friends or family.

Kristen Bethlenfalvay


Tiffany was great! She was super informative and helpful during the pre-birth counseling, and performed wonderfully during my birth. She supported my choices and helped me to persue the birth experience I wanted in a relaxed and firm manner. I was able to deliver drug-free during my VBAC which meant a lot to me.  I was so appreciative she was able to be there during my labor and delivery in the hospital, especially since she was still breast feeding her own baby and had to pump in the hospital! Tiffany recommended a great VBAC birth class for me that was awesome - I would totally recommend it to any other mom persuing a VBAC.  She also helped with post-birth counseling and ooh-ing and aah-ing over the new baby!

Ryan Watson


My wife and I were fortunate to have Tiffany by our side during our recent pregnancy (January 2015). Throughout the period before labor, Tiffany was incredibly helpful as we asked plenty of first-time parent questions. As my wife entered pre-labor, Tiffany was on the phone with us and came to our house at 2am to provide coaching through a very painful time of labor. She later met us at the hospital and was with us until a few hours after delivery. We faced a few minor complications during labor and could not have been happier to have Tiffany there to help us make informed choices (her guidance allowed us to make the right decision and have a beautiful vaginal birth). She was a steadying influence and never pressured us or the providers. Nonetheless, she was sure to give us both proactive and reactive insight along the way. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has a great bedside manner. We always felt really comfortable sharing our most intimate moments with her and viewed Tiffany as an indispensable guide and coach. I can't imagine giving birth without a doula and we found Tiffany to be the perfect choice.

Laura Swindlehurst


My husband and I found Tiffany to be incredibly valuable in getting our new family up and running smoothly, even though our baby arrived unexpectedly almost 3 weeks early, and many of the plans that we had carefully put together quickly flew out the window as my labor rapidly progressed.

Tiffany met us at the hospital in the middle of the night and came in ready to coach and support us from the moment she walked in. We were confident in Tiffany's knowledge of childbirth given the number of births she had attended as a doula as well as her personal experience as a mother of five, but I was surprised at how comforting it was to have  her with us in the hospital both during and after the labor given that in the previoius months leading up to the birth, I had only met Tiffany once in-person and communicated with her mainly via email. Tiffany has a presence about her that really puts others at ease, and her demeanor combined with her skills and experience make her a perfect choice for anyone looking for a doula.

Because our baby was early, we did not have a postpartum doula lined up yet, and Tiffany was also an enourmous help by offering to come to our home and even spend a night at our house during our baby's first few days at home. She didn't have to provide these additional services to us, but I have the feeling that she was willing to because she really cares about the families that she serves, and she is passionate about the work she does.

Overall, we were extremely happy with our experience with Tiffany - and would recommend her to anyone who feels that they would benefit from extra support during their pregnancy, childbirth, and early days as a parent.

erin pickart


This being our first pregnancy, this was also our first experience with a Doula. My wife and I knew we wanted to educate ourselves as much as possible prior to having our son, and in hindsight, Tiffany ended up being far more informative than we had ever imagined. With her extensive knowledge of the child birth process paired with her gentle demeanor, she truly embodies what a Doula stands for to us.

Even after our birth story was written, and not exactly how we guessed, Tiffany remained so supportive of the decisions we ended up making during our sons entrance to this world. Also, when I experienced trouble nursing our son, she was there (at all hours of the evening) to help in any way she could. We know that Tiffany is the reason our son is a breast fed baby today :)

These are just a few of the reasons our family benefitted from Tiffany's presence in our family's growth. I have no doubt she will have the same impact on many families to come.

Beth Stuebing Adams


Tiffany for president!!!

Seriously, I don't know what we would have done without her.  She went so above and beyond what we expected from a doula, I don't know where to start.  I had a 30 hour labor (16 in the hospital) that ended in an emergency C section since my baby's heartrate was dangerously low.  She was with us the whole time in the hospital, hauling on my back with every contraction since I had back labor too.  She came into the OR with us and took immediate pictures for me to see, cleaned up my vomit from the medications, etc.  And then I found out she was pregnant in her 1st trimester!  What!?!?!  She is a machine.

I then had a pretty rough transition to motherhood.  My baby couldn't breast feed for a variety of reasons, and my milk suppy was not enough and he was dropping weight.  So Tiffany worked her doula magic and found me a source of free donor milk so I didn't have to give him formula.  I really think she has wings and a halo!

We also went to a hypnobirthing class that she had linked on her website that we found extremely helpful.  She is just very well connected, responds immediately to any question or need, has the stamina of a marine, and is a super cool person to hang out with too!  It probably helped that we found out we both walked down the aisle at our weddings to the very same song. =)  Ben Harper - Forever.

We are forever indebted to you, Tiffany!

Much love,

Ben and Beth Adams, and baby Elias

Amanda True


First: I could not have done it without Tiffany. I desperately wanted a natural labor and delivery, and though I was committed, I was unprepared for just how much pain there is during that process. Tiffany was there the whole time - encouraging me, helping me breathe, telling me she knew it hurt but it was going to be okay, helping me change positions to find anything that was comfortable. She was an advocate for me with the medical professionals, and helped me have my ideal birth with no medication at all. I would recommend Tiffany to any mother to be, especially if you want a natural experience. I am so, so glad we hired Tiffany. It was money well spent, and she's more than worth it.

Melissa Ries


When we began our doula search, we reached out to a few different doulas and Tiffany was definitely the most prompt and professional in her response. When we met with her, we were even more impressed! Of course she was there to meet us right on time, and when we made the appointment she was very flexible with our schedule. During the meeting she was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in answering our preliminary questions. She made me and my boyfriend feel so comfortable and at ease. We were both nervous as this was our first baby, and to be honest, he was a big surprise! :) Based on her warmth, professionalism and experience, we knew right away that she was the doula for us! I really wanted to find a doula that would make my boyfriend feel comfortable since I knew he was worried about seeing me in pain, and someone who also knew a lot about natural childbirth who could keep me calm. Tiffany made us both feel relaxed in her presence, and also impressed us with her vast knowledge and experience. During my pregnancy I reached out to her several times with questions I had, she was always prompt and thorough in response. We had a scare with one ultra sound and I was able to talk with her about it, she shared her experiences with other moms who had similar situations and really helped to give me peace of mind. She was a very valuable resource throughout the pregnancy. (Continued below)

Melissa Ries


(Continuted from above) Now, when it came to my birth experience, things definitely did not go as planned. Of course we always knew that our little boy would have a plan of his own. :) During labor it was truly a relief to have Tiffany there. We had some scary moments, but she helped both my boyfriend and I stay calm. She also talked to us throughout the labor process, even when things were intense, and I honestly think it would have been ten times more frightening if she wasn't there. I know that for dads the labor process can be daunting, Tiffany supported both of us and helped give my partner the pointers he needed to help me get through the pain for several hours. My labor ended in an emergency c-section, in which I asked the doctors for Tiffany to be in the room with us and they allowed. She kept me calm while I was on the operating table, and helped my boyfriend stay calm as well. She also coached him through what to do to help me, at a time where I'm afraid he might have been lost in the midst of the stress from seeing me in surgery. Our baby boy came out screaming and beautiful. A little miracle. :) After we left the hospital she came to visit us at home. This is where I felt she went above and beyond. Having had to have a c-section, and with the normal hormone craziness of just having a baby, I was a bit of a mess. Tiffany talked to us about the process of our son's birth and made me feel so much better about what I was going through. She didn't discount my feelings, and also told me some things to help me cope which really helped. Overall, I have to say that I am forever grateful to have had Tiffany with us on our baby's birth day. I would gladly recommend her to any new mom, and we would hire her again. :)

Janelle Duran


We had Tiffany as our doula for the delivery of our first child that I had originally hoped to experience without any medication or interventions.  As often happens, things didn't go as planned and my med-free labor turned into requesting an epidural, which eventually turned into a c-section.  Tiffany was a great support for my husband and I through all of it.  She had me trying different techniques to help deal with contractions, she supported me in my decision for an epidural, and was there in the operating room for my c-section.  She also took some amazing photos throughout labor and the first pictures of our son.  I would highly recommend Tiffany to anyone.  Both my husband and I are so incredibly grateful to have her support through this experience!

Ellen Larson


 I found Tiffany on Doula Match and interviewed her simply based on a hunch that my husband and I would like her – happily, I was right! Having never given birth before, I wanted to have a doula in the delivery room with me as an additional support person besides my husband – someone who had lots of experience with labor and birth and knew how to work with the hospital staff. My husband was slightly skeptical, after hearing some doula horror stories from friends and acquaintances. Thankfully, we were both extremely happy to have Tiffany with us at the hospital. Not only was she a very calm and supportive presence for me, suggesting different positions during labor and encouraging me throughout, but her knowledge of the hospital and familiarity with the whole process meant my husband was free to stay with me while she grabbed towels, popsicles, water, etc., and communicated with the nurses. Her presence meant a less stressful experience for my husband, and in turn a less stressful experience for me. She was never pushy or preachy, and even my doctor told us later how much she liked her.
Tiffany also had great advice and resources both before and after the birth, and was always available for questions and requests. After learning about the TENS unit in our birth class, my husband asked her about using one and she rented a unit for us at no extra charge. She also provided sample birth plans and gave suggestions and feedback after reviewing mine. Her experience and personality made for a greatly enhanced birth experience for me and my family – we agreed that she was worth every penny!

Brenda Ferguson


I am so glad I had Tiffany with me. This was my first baby and I wanted a natural birth.  During the labor pains, I wanted to give in, but she helped me to get through it without medication, which I am grateful for.  Also the doctor didn't want me to get in the tub with the baby monitoring stuff, but she convinced the doctor to let me get in.  :)  And being in the tub sped up my labor greatly!  She also helped my husband by giving him breaks, and suggesting things for him to do to help me.  I highly recommend her.  She was a very calm, reassuring presence, which was so needed during the most difficult experience of my life.

Tiffany Guenther


was originally drawn to Tiffany through her website’s design and format. I enjoyed reading her birth stories and about her children, it gave me a personal connection to her before even meeting her. At our meet and greet, she met my husband and I at our home. This was unique to any other birth related provider and was a relief to us since I did not enjoy car rides during my pregnancy. My husband and I liked her right away. I was looking for someone who had a tough edge, yet appeared empathic and compassionate, while my husband was looking for someone who could back him up or step in if he got queasy. Tiffany met both our needs. During my labor, Tiffany was prompt to respond to every text message and phone call. When my labor progressed much more quickly than anticipated, Tiffany came to our house immediately. With her guidance and encouragement, my husband and I began our commute to the birth center, while she communicated with our midwife. I was in labor at the birth center for almost 4 hours before baby made her debut. During that time Tiffany kept in contact with my family so my husband could focus on me When it came time to push, Tiffany was put in a very awkward situation in order to keep me comfortable. Although I’m sure Tiffany would have preferred not to have her arm stuck between my back and my husband’s groin area, I never noticed. She was completely devoted to making sure I felt supported and comfortable during transition and gently encouraged my husband and I when it was time to really push. Overall, I would recommend Tiffany to anyone who is pregnant. She is available at all times, once hired, and her compassion indicates that she truly loves being a doula. Thank you, Tiffany, for being our doula!

Mali Munch


It’s taken me a long time to write this, because I feel like I can’t properly articulate how amazing Tiffany is. As a doula for 12+ years myself, I had much professional admiration for tiffany as a doula and since having her at my birth I have much personal love and respect for her as well.

I had prodromal labour for almost 3 weeks before I actually gave birth and Tiffany helped keep me sane throughout it. When real labour started I was already out of it and exhausted, furthermore I had sprained ligaments and horrific back labour on top of the normal contractions, so I don’t have much memory of my labour.

What I do remember is Tiffany. I remember locking eyes with her many times and that was the only thing that kept me from spinning out of control. I remember her stroking my head and every time I didn’t want to do something and would say “I can’t do that” she would tell me “You said that before and you did everything else you couldn’t do.” She sat behind me and held me up while I was pushing (My mom says “your doula was white-knuckled on the edge of the bed to support you!”)

Long story short, even though I’m a doula with years of experience and over 200 births, I couldn’t have handled my own without Tiffany! My husband and I will be forever grateful.

~Mali Munch Hawthorne

Christine R. Hatcher


My husband and I decided to work with a Doula for the birth of our first baby. We had not planned on family attending the birth, and we wanted someone who could support my husband as well as me during labor. We were quite positive everything we have read about and learned in child birthing classes would evaporate when the time came. When we first met with Tiffany, I was immediately impressed with her calm and composure. Tiffany is an amazing person, and so very centered, which helped tremendously with my laboring and childbirth experience. I had fairly open expectations in my birth plan, but really ended up with few options in the end. Tiffany’s own range of childbirth experience, whether personal or professional was an invaluable source for me to draw comfort from during my labor. She suggested different positions that helped me along. Her words of encouragement gave me extra confidence that the pain was good and normal, not a reason to have fear. She was able to talk me through the contractions, coaching me on how best my body should respond, which not only helped, but provided a focus for me. When the time came for decisions to be made, Tiffany was able to explain and help me rationalize the reality of my situation, which is no easy task during intense contractions. In the end, I had to have an unplanned C-section. Fortunately, Tiffany was allowed in the OR, and was able to take some great photos of the process of bringing our baby boy into this world. The nurses on duty were very complimentary of Tiffany. The next day, as my OB visited me, she asked how I found Tiffany, because Tiffany was the most impressive Doula she had ever observed. My OB commented that she noticed and appreciated Tiffany’s professionalism and demeanor, but was most impressed with Tiffany’s level of knowledge. I would recommend Tiffany to anyone in search of a Doula as she was a valuable part of our child birthing experience.

Matt Sutcliffe


Tiffany did a phenomenal job as our doula - she met with us twice before the birth to answer our questions and provide information which was very helpful.  When the big day finally came, she was a great asset to have in the birthing suite and her calm demeanor was much appreciated.  Tiffany got along well with all of the birthing center nurses and doctors (receiving praise from them, in fact, for her professional manner and obvious experience) - she was a very good balance as someone who had the proper experience but didn't work at the birthing center.  Because of this, she seemed able to see and interperet things from a more open perspective and offer suggestions accordingly.

Our birth did not go as planned (due to circumstances outside our control) but it all worked out in the end, and Tiffany's knowledge and level-headnesses were a huge asset and really helped us get through everything in a positive and beneficial way.

We would most definitely recommend Tifanny to anyone looking for a doula!

Jennifer Stocks


My husband and I highly recommend Tiffany as a doula! Tiffany was recommended to us by our childbirth class instructor, and we were both very impressed with how friendly and professional she was. We concluded the interview feeling she really knew her stuff and was anticipating all the questions we would have. My husband was also reassured that she would not "take over" his role by my side at birth, but would assist us and be for us how much or how little we wanted. And she would take pictures--a definite plus for us! When it came down to the actual birth, my husband and I were even more glad than before that we had hired her. When labor finally did start, Tiffany was the perfect birthing companion to my husband, helping to coach him in comforting techniques during my hours of laboring. When complications began to arise in my labor, Tiffany helped to explain in ways that my tired mind could understand what the doctors and nurses were talking about and considering. My husband and I are convinced that without Tiffany present to walk us through our labor process, my feelings concerning the birth of our daughter would most likely be filled with sadness at the loss of our "ideal" birth story. And we ended up with some pretty awesome pictures.Tiffany has continued to be of support even after the birth. She has checked up on us to see how we were doing and when I mentioned to her some troubles with our daughter breastfeeding and becoming dehydrated, she was immediately ready with several recommendations for in-home lactation consultants. As first time parents with not a lot of resources or experience under our belts, it was super comforting to know that we had someone trustworthy and knowledgeable to turn to with our concerns. Again, Tiffany has been amazingly helpful throughout our journey to parenthood. We would hire her again in a heartbeat...and probably will in a few years for baby #2!

Darcy Duncan


My relationship with the father fizzled and I found myself going through this birth process alone. I did a lot of research online and in books however I realized I really needed a support person looking out for me before going into labor and in the delivery room. Tiffany came to me as a reference from another friend doula who lived and worked out of state. Tiffany is very personable and I like that she has a sizable mixed family. She was really open to my unique situation and very supportive of my wishes. I never could have fathomed the support a doula provides without having gone through this process with Tiffany. In fact the birth father ended up being in the delivery room with me along with my twin sister and I still can't imagine going thru this process without a doula. She advocated for me with the other midwives and answered questions I wasn't able to even ask. She explained the process every step of the way and was extremely informative and level headed. Originally I didn't want my delivery recorded in any way however Tiffany asked if I minded if she took some pictures. I assumed these were for her website and not for me so I consented. After the process was finished she sent me the collection of pictures and I was amazed at how appreciative I was for having them afterwards! The whole process was a bit of a blur including who was helping me when and seeing the documented proof helped me to piece events together and also helped me experience everything again. Not only is she a great doula but she's a really good photographer. The pictures were artistic and professional and I am so grateful to have them. I would definitely use Tiffany again and my sister agreed and said she would hire Tiffany for her birth!

Erika Wright


I had a negative experience with the hospital birth of my first child five years ago, which ended in an unncessary c-section.  I had an instant connection with Tiffany.  We decided to hire her because of her extensive knowledge and her experience with VBACs, home birth and hospital birth. I had planned on having a home birth, but a week before my due date began having painful prodromal labor which lasted for two weeks. Tiffany came to my house multiple times to check on me.  She kept in constant communication with me, and offered advice on how to deal with the pain.  After two weeks of prodromal labor, my water broke, but I still did not go into active labor.  My midwife advised me to go to transfer to the hospital for my birth. I was scared, and heartbroken that the dream I had for this birth was not going to happen.  Tiffany was amazing during this time. I did not want to give up on a completely natural birth, but Tiffany saw the clock was ticking and kept me focused on my ultimate goal, which was a vaginal birth.  She laid out my options for me, translating the doctor speak into a language that my husband and I understood.  She also helped me let go of the dream I had for the birth, and let go of the fear I had due to my previous birth.  Once I did that, and decided to have an epidural and a little pitocin, my labor progressed fairly quickly. Tiffany did not leave our side once, and kept both my husband and I calm and focused on our goal.  When I was having difficulty finding the strength to push, Tiffany was right by my side encouraging me, and I was able to give birth to my 9lb 11.5oz little boy vaginally.  It was not the birth I had dreamed of, but it was just as empowering, exhilarating and joyful as I had dreamed.  Without Tiffany's help, I do not think I would have had such an amazing birth in the hospital. 

Becky Barton


We wanted to hire a doula in order to give us some peace of mind and a primary point of contact in the face of an overwhelming amount of information and opinions about childbirth. Although we felt like we were doing our part in reading books and taking a birth class, we were worried that when it came time for labor, it would be difficult to remember all the coping techniques or to be able to make informed decisions in case labor was complicated. We were hoping to have a natural childbirth if possible but were lacking in confidence to do this on our own in a hospital setting. Our first impression of Tiffany was that she was very knowledgeable and respectful of our wishes. It also became quickly apparent that she was always easily accessible and responded to our questions very promptly. When labor started, Tiffany was in close touch by phone until it was time for her to join us. We had a relatively fast birth which really raised our anxiety but Tiffany was a very calming presence and an effective coach especially during the most difficult times. She was also a great advocate for comfort measures that the hospital staff did not readily offer. She maintained a great balance of standing back to allow us a sense of control but intervening as needed or as requested in a soothing and straightforward manner. We were able to have a natural childbirth and felt really positive about the overall experience. Tiffany was also great about taking pictures along the way and giving us some much needed support with breastfeeding.

Sora Battey


I'm terrible at writing these, so please excuse my brevity.

I gave birth to our first child in February at Swedish First Hill after thirty hours of labour that Tiffany stuck with us through.

Tiffany was instrumental in helping my husband and I stay sane and cope with what would have otherwise been not just a difficult process, but a traumatic one. With her help, knowledge, and encouragement, we were both able to feel comfortable with the process and the choices we had to make to deal with a difficult labour.

In the end, we have a healthy baby, a healthy mama, and no regrets -- what more could I ask for? :)

Rachel Ostrander


I gave birth to my third child last Thursday morning, March 22. This was my first out of hospital birth, and my first with a doula. Tiffany was spectacular. As a third time mom, and trained doula myself, she knew when my knowledge level was a help and when it was a hinderance. In the weeks leading up to my labor, Tiffany was so helpful in keeping me grounded and focused on letting my baby come when she was ready, helping me find peace with the process multiple times when my emotions and physical discomfort overwhelmed me.

During my labor, Tiffany was exactly what I needed from her. She made my husband comfortable and joined us in the laughing and joking when we first arrived at the birth center. She could see the subtle changes in my labor and respond to them as I needed her to. She let my husband take the lead in supporting me, and helped him when he needed it, either by providing additional hands or subtle direction on how to help me.

The end of my labor went very quickly, as I progressed from 5.5 cm dilation to the birth of my daughter in less than an hour. This of course made for a VERY intense hour, and one of my most clear memories of it was one of the few times I had lost control, and was doubting myself. It was really the last contraction before I pushed my baby out, and I have a photo of me staring at her with fear and uncertainty in my face. There was none in hers. In her face, was only confidence in me and my body, faith that I would be able to make it through these last few minutes and bring my daughter into the world. She had enough faith for both of us.

Carrie Alexander


After a birth experience with our first child that really wasn't all we had hoped for, we decided to hire a doula for our second birth. We knew right away she was the person for us-calm, reassuring, knowledgeable and flexible. My hope was to have an unmedicated birth, but given my intense back labor the first time, I knew I was going to need some strong support in place, and Tiffany was just that! During our labor, she supported my husband as he applied pressure to my hips to counter the back labor. She made sure I stayed hydrated, suggested position changes (most of which I turned down, standing and leaning over the bed seemed to work best for me). She never insisted that I do what she recommended, she always allowed me to make the decisions about what felt best. Her verbal encouragement and cool washcloths to my neck were a lifesaver during my intense 4 hour labor. When it came time to push, I started in a position where I wasn't making much progress, so Tiffany suggested that I move to my side. I REALLY didn't want to, but I'm glad that I listened to her because as soon as I moved, baby Delilah decided to arrive much more quickly! There really is something to be said about having a support person there who has a large "bag of tricks" and is able to recognize what the physical signs are telling you about how the labor is progressing. I don't hesitate at all in recommending Tiffany!

Joy McCullough-Carranza


The doula I had lined up for my home VBAC was at another birth when I called. Thankfully I was too far into heavy labor to freak out about that. When Tiffany arrived, she jumped in like we'd known each other forever, even though we'd never met. My husband was busy with our older daughter and our midwives weren't there yet. I was having an extremely intense labor, and I cannot imagine how I would have possibly gotten through it without Tiffany's support. Even after our midwives arrived, Tiffany was the one who got me through. My labor was so intense, I don't think she got two minutes to rest the whole time she was there. I am extremely grateful Tiffany was a part of my birth experience and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. 

Jessica Bendixen


I am not happy with the service I received from Tiffany Shone. We hired her for a VBAC with 2 pre-visits and my birth. The first pre-visit she canceled only after I called her when she didn’t show! She said she wasn’t feeling well and wouldn’t be able to make it. Which I can understand but it would have been nice to have some notice. Anyway, we re-scheduled for the next day and after finding child care for our son a second time she canceled again. I would have appreciated an apology or some consideration of my time but got none. The second pre-visit we had a babysitter set up, but she had to re-schedule because her kids had a half day at school, again, no apology.

However, my greatest concern is we hired her to be on call for a VBAC birth up to the 42nd week. She never expressed to us that my doctor might not let me go past 41 weeks due to a chance of uterine rupture. I asked her for a token discount because we had a C-Sec at 41 weeks and she told me there are no discounts. I feel that I was uninformed and didn’t get the service I paid for. So needless to say, I wouldn’t recommend Tiffany Shone.


Kevin Goodier


My wife and I interviewed several doulas to assist with our birth center birth, but easily selected Tiffany. Her personality clicked with us, and her wealth of experience and services offered were invaluable. We wanted someone committed to helping us through labor, and wanted someone with a strong enough personality to not let my wife give up or "lose it". Tiffany definitely delivered.

Her pre- and post-partum visits were helpful for getting to know each other and for assistance with a new baby. She really came through on the day of labor, however... all 18 hours of it, of which Tiffany spent over 14 hours with us. She worked incredibly hard supporting not just my wife but also me. She adapted to my wife's changing conditions and mood and remained calm and strong throughout the whole day. 

Tiffany provided exactly what we wanted from a doula. We're incredibly grateful and fortunate to have had her there for the birth of our son. I'd recommend her without reservation.

Deb Baliko


Tiffany was an encouragement, support and strong tower during our labor and delivery. From the moment my water broke – at eight o’clock in the evening – she was available throughout the night giving advice, instruction, and peace of mind as my body was beginning the labor process. Because of her vast knowledge and experience she was able to instruct us on labor positions that would work with my body rather than against it. As a teacher and encourager for my husband, she would coach him on how to best assist me through each stage of labor.

Upon my request, she arrived at our home in the early morning hours. Her presence brought my husband and me peace of mind because she reassured us each new sensation was normal. We arrived at the birth center around 8am, at which point I was well into active labor.

In the early afternoon, the labor took a difficult turn. My cervix swelled during the pushing stage and the baby was unable to progress down the birth canal. I had to spend the next 3 hours lying on a bed trying to relax and keep my body from pushing when everything in me wanted to push. Tiffany strength, consistency, and patience got me through the most painful hours of labor. Her eyes never left mine. Even though there is no break in the contractions, she kept me calm, present, alert and breathing.

When my son arrived at 7:40pm, there was sheer relief and celebration. Because of Tiffany’s support, strength, encouragement and determination we were able to walk through one of the most difficult and life giving experiences as a family. We will never forget your loving care! And, the pictures she took of the birth– we will cherish for a lifetime!!! Thank you!

Belinda Hooper


My husband and I met Tiffany through our childbirth class she was teaching up in Everett. Tiffany was so full of knowledge and answered all of our questions we had without any hesitation and didn’t treat us like we were new parents who didn’t know anything. Even after the childbirth classes were over we were still able to communicate with Tiffany and get all of our questions answered. When my water broke and I wasn’t having any contractions and was afraid that if I called my doctor they were going to tell me to come in and put me on petosin which is the exact opposite of what I wanted to do. I called Tiffany for advice on what I should do and she gave me some ideas of how I could get my contractions going without going to the hospital. When I had run out of energy and patience Tiffany was there to help me even though I wasn’t a client. When our little man decided he was ready to start his journey to the outside world Tiffany was there by my side helping my husband coach me through labor and taking pictures of the most wonderful event of my life. I don’t think I would have been able to have such an easy delivery if it wasn’t for Tiffany and I know I wouldn’t have the pictures from that day if she wasn’t there. Thank you Tiffany for all of your support and for taking time out of your schedule to share that special day with our little family!

Holly Emler


We chose Tiffany as our doula because of her confidence, kindness and peace that we could sense when we met her. Also, Tiffany attended our friends’ birth, and they loved her. We were not disappointed! My labor & delivery was not the unmedicated, birth-center birth we had planned on having. Instead, I had prodromal & back labor, so I decided to go to the hospital and have an epidural. Tiffany gave me the information and support that I needed to make a compassionate decision for myself. My labor started on a Tuesday afternoon and our baby was born on Thursday evening. Tiffany was with us all along our route to having our baby—from our home to the birth center to our midwives’ office to the hospital. She was there. Her presence was never overpowering, but gave my husband and me a sense of security in a situation that might have otherwise felt frightening. Even though my birth story wasn’t what I had planned or dreamed about, there are two important elements to my story that stand out and make it beautiful to me: 1) An incredible team who was with me from start to finish (my husband, Tiffany, and my midwife), and 2) Those first, precious, bonding moments when my baby boy was on my chest. I have a photo of this that makes me cry or smile every time I see it. The focus is on my baby lying on my chest as I look at him, and Tiffany is in the background next to me, smiling as she watches us. I wish that every woman could have this kind of a birth story, in which she is lovingly cared for as she brings a new life into the world. Birthing a child is a sacred experience, and I am thankful to have had Tiffany as a part of mine.

Robbi and Roger Garman


My husband and I met Tiffany in my 36Th week of my third pregnancy, she was referred to us by my midwife. Usually I have a hard time talking to people but Tiffany was so easy to talk to she made me feel very comfortable. When she walked in my bedroom during my labor at home I immediately felt at ease just knowing she was there she is very kind, gentle and soft spoken. For me the struggle with this birth was that I was trying for a home birth after 2 c-sections, she gave me the courage and strength to believe in myself just with her presents and kind words. Thanks for being there Tiffany, thanks for everything. My husband and I will never forget you and the rest of the team of great people that where at our house that beautiful morning.

Darcy Sera


Tiffany was the first doula we interviewed, and eventually hired after meeting several others, who all seemed great too. We enjoyed working with Tiffany. She was open to hearing about my birthplan and offering suggestions; I had a VBAC with an epidural after several hours of active labor. She was always supportive of my decision to use an epidural, as I am sure she is supportive of those who want to go without. TIffany is easy to be around, relaxed, and comforting, without being overbearing. She was a great resource to us as we were deciding when to go to the hospital, and met us there when we arrived. She stayed until after the baby was born and made sure we had food on the way! Fortunately, everything went as planned for my son's birth, but I can imagine if it hadn't, having TIffany there would have been an even greater comfort. She was always available by phone for questions pre and postpartum, and will help you get the answers you need. I highly recommend her! 

Emily Cherkin


Because of the traumatic experience and PP recovery we had had with our son's birth, we wanted to find a doula who could help navigate the psychological fears we had going into this next birth. I knew the minute we met Tiffany that she was who I wanted at this birth. Her comfortable, easy-going, relaxed approach immediately put me at ease, and I was impressed by her professionalism, organization, and on-top-of-it-ness. And most significantly, it was Tiffany's obvious love for being a doula that made me know she would be in it with us the whole way. Prenatally, Tiffany encouraged me to focus on what was really important going into this next birth experience: a second chance, a do-over. As the contractions intensified, I started to doubt my ability to "do this". I was leaning over the bed, holding my breath, fearful, sick, and worried. Tiffany was calm, cool, and collected. Kneeling beside me, speaking sotto voce, Tiffany suggested I try to labor in the tub to relax. I was resistant, but Tiffany convinced me to try, and suddenly I was able to sink into the contractions. The day couldn't have gone more differently-- or more ideally-- from our first birth experience, and having Tiffany's support before Sylvie was born and at the actual birth itself was a big part of "different in the right way". I was on a "birth high" for the next few days, and in the days since, as realities settle in and breast-feeding gets established, I also realize how much I miss Tiffany-- that she was a huge part of this intense experience and that I can't replay a scene from the day in my head without picturing her calm, peaceful presence. She was the part of this re-do, do-over, second chance that was a key difference from the first birth: she was the angel on our shoulders, guiding our hopes, and redirecting our fears. She was the newest member of our support team, and we couldn't have done it without her. For that, we are forever grateful.



We hired Tiffany for our second pregnancy and birth experience, and as a Dad, I'm really glad we did. Tiffany did a great job of helping us to feel relaxed and connected and positive, even though we had a very difficult first birth. The decision to hire Tiffany was easy. She made it clear from the beginning that her focus was on the finish line, a happy and healthy birth, and not dogma. She also emphasized the role of the Dad , and a belief that her job is to help the Dad help the Mom. Now that the birth is finished and all are happy and healthy, i've thought about some of the most important things Tiffany did to make our birth successful: * Behind the scenes advocacy. We didn't even realize until after the birth that Tiffany had been working with the nurses at our hospital to allow us to do things our way, to get services faster and to get answers. Tiffany is knowledgeable enough to know what to ask for and tactful enough to ask without causing a distraction. * Prenatal support. Tiffany did a great job helping my wife to get her head into a positive space, visualize success and generally get ready for the birth. * Calming wisdom. At a couple of points in the process we got tense and nervous. Tiffany recognized when our mood was shifting and did some great, and often very subtle things to help us chill out and stay positive. That meant a lot. * Helping the helper. Without even realizing it, Tiffany definitely helped me be a better birth partner. She did a great job of pointing me to the things I could do, helping me make decisions and making sure I had the food/sleep/water/oxygen I needed to stay in the game. *One last point: my wife is very Type A. She knows how she wants things to go and will do a lot to make sure that vision actually happens. Tiffany was a great match for her, mostly because she knew how to flex so that my wife could feel listened to, but turn her attention to what really mattered. That turned out to be really important.

Elizabeth Rampson


Our experience having Tiffany be a part of our first child's birth was amazing. With both of our families on the east coast, we were looking for someone who could ease our first-baby fears about labor, delivery, bringing baby home, etc. Tiffany was the answer to those questions and more! At our pre-labor appointment she came armed with info about birthplans and really helped us narrow our focus to what we wanted from the labor/birth experience. She recommended the birth classes we ended up attending and was a resource well beyond the labor and delivery portion of our experience. 

Calm, cool and armed with experience, I am certain that it was working with Tiffany that enabled me to delivery my baby without any interventions. We delivered at Evergreen Hospital and the midwife raved after our delivery about much she enjoyed working with Tiffany-she assured us that we had found a very special person in Tiffany-something that we whole-heartedly agreed with. After coming home from the hospital, Tiffany made herself available based on our schedule for our post-partum appointment and it was with her help that we gave our son his first bath while she gave pointers and took photos for us.

I can't say enough good things about Tiffany and her presence at our son's birth. We feel so blessed to have worked with her and I certainly have her on speed dial when we're ready for baby #2. 

Laura R.


We met Tiffany late in our third trimester and she left an immediate and lasting impression on us. We were drawn to her because she was warm, considerate, down-to-earth, and extremely knowledgeable about the birthing process. We also greatly appreciated how open minded she was to our particular circumstances. She seemed very willing to work with all the medical staff that would be involved with my care. She completely respected our desires and wishes for how we wanted our birth to go. She had no agenda of her own that she was trying to push. During labor she intuitively know when we needed her at my side and she also knew when to step back and provide us with some privacy. Tiffany was encouraging throughout the whole birth and she was very in tune with my needs and desires. I never felt pressure from her to labor a certain way. She was also extremely professional in her dealings with all the nurses and doctors and they definitely were impressed with her knowledge and skills. Tiffany, by far, exceeded my notions of what and who a doula should be. She is incredibly passionate about what she does, which seems like a lost art in today’s society. However, her passion is what makes all the difference in separating the good doulas from the exceptional. I would most highly recommend her as a doula and birthing partner for any type of labor and delivery – a home birth, a birth center birth, a hospital birth, an induction, a medicated birth or an unmedicated birth. She has all the excellent qualities a doula should have – she is nurturing and knowledgeable and she makes you feel safe, empowered and cared for. I know anyone would be overly pleased to have her presence and services available to them.

Heidi George


I cannot even thank Tiffany enough for just being there for me when I needed her. Being that I had planned on a natural childbirth,I felt such peace of mind when I found Tiffany.I was scared the more thought I gave it & even had second thoughts about going through with the natural birth. She knew  I could & encouraged me that I could do it! She really listened to my needs & I greatly appreciate that. I would love to have Tiffany as my doula the next time we plan on our next baby.Thanks Tiffany for the massage too! :))

Brandon High


My wife and I don't have any family in the area, so we needed someone to help us prepare for our first child. Being a pretty typical guy, I just went along for the ride and left it up to my wife to find someone that she was comfortable with. She wanted someone who wasn't going to push an agenda or philosophy and would work with us to develop a plan.

Tiffany was a perfect match for both of us. When we first met her she listened to what we wanted, and gave us the information we needed. She helped both of us during labor and birth - I can't imagine how it would have been without her there. After coming home, she helped us find breastfeeding support.

I can't recommend her highly enough - She made a great experience even better!

Amber High


 I feel like I got really lucky to have Tiffany as my doula. I appreciated that she didn't have her own agenda as to whether my birth was going to be medicated, unmedicated, at a hospital, or at home. She let me have the experience that I wanted and supported me tremendously. During labor she seemed to instinctively know the right thing to say at the right time and it really helped me to focus and not panic. After James was born she was an invaluable wealth of knowledge and resources. I had a lot of trouble breastfeeding at first and she hooked me up with a milk donor and called up a breastpump company and I had a pump that day. She also is readily available for any questions that I have had either by phone, email, or Facebook. I can't say enough great things about her.



 Tiffany Shone helped make my goal of a VBAC a wonderful reality.  I felt comfortable with her from the first moment I met her and knew that she was the doula for me.  I was able to get help with my questions and resources with everything I needed.  This labor was completely different than with my previous experience (much faster and more intense) yet I felt comfortable and supported.  When my progression stalled we discussed my goals and options and I knew she would support me and my decisions.  Medicated or unmedicated I felt no judgement.  Her reminders and instructions were helpful and best of all...they worked.  My husband felt that Tiffany helped him without taking over his role.  I would use Tiffany again in the future and have already recommended her to friends.  She is great.


Anna White


I knew that I wanted a doula long before I even became pregnant.  I envisioned my doula advocating for me as the patient, guiding and assisting me during labor, and helping my husband feel useful and involved during the birth.  Tiffany was the first and only doula we interviewed. It was apparent during our initial interview with Tiffany that she was not only very passionate about her work, but that she was professional, approachable, committed, and had a significant amount of knowledge and experience as both a doula and a mother.

From the beginning, we were so impressed with Tiffany's level of commitment to us and to her work. Once my labor began, she was with us from beginning to end. She arrived at the hospital and was immediately able to connect with us and the medical staff in a very personal and professional way.  She provided me and my husband with direction when needed (i.e what positions to try, when a bath may be helpful, breathing techniques, etc), helping us to work as a team during the entire birthing process.

Tiffany lead me through labor and delivery with nothing but motivation, encouragement, and support. She helped me to make some very difficult decisions during labor. It was wonderful to have someone, not a part of the medical staff, that could provide me with honest, non-judgemental advice. I truly believe that it was this open and honest communication that  helped me to make decisions and feel empowered during my birth. Twenty-four hours later, and with Tiffany and my husband by my side, I had the most perfect, peaceful and beautiful birth. I thank Tiffany for all of her prenatal and postnatal love and support. I would recommend Tiffany to anyone and everyone. Our experience with Tiffany convinced me even more that having a doula is an essential part of the birthing process. 

Emily Granberg


I met with Tiffany very early in my pregnancy and instantly felt a connection with her. She is so warm and loving that I knew she was the person I wanted to help me during my labor and birth. I wanted to have a natural un-medicated birth, but was not so sure I would be able to cope! I wanted a doula that I felt would be strong, loving, nurturing, sincere and confident so I could let go and trust her wisdom. Tiffany is all of that and more. Her support helped me feel confident in myself and that I was going to be ok, no matter what. My husband loved the fact that we had her expertise at hand, so he could just focus on me and not have to remember everything from birth class! He was free to be my loving partner, and not my labor coach.
Tiffany also inspired me to look outside the hospital box and to explore the free standing birth center world. It was the best choice I could have made. We had an absolutely beautiful water birth that would not have been possible anywhere else.
Tiffany's postpartum visit was terrific. For a first time mom, there are so many worries that come up and her baby knowledge is invaluable. I know that if I have any questions or concerns that Tiffany is there for me.




Tiffany and my son were the only two “perfect” parts of my birth “wishlist.” My birth experience was far from smooth due to clashes between Western medical practices and more holistic prenatal and labor practices. My labor lasted 72 hours – with little sleep for my husband, Tiffany or myself. Tiffany was available through the whole span.My OB wanted to schedule an induction. We did not want an induction. Tiffany supported us by coming to our home for a extra meeting and discussed with us various natural labor inducers and strategized ways for avoiding a medically induced labor. Tiffany answered every little concern I had as my labor progressed.Each time we spoke with her, her voice was always very kind and gentle, and this brought us great comfort.Tiffany came to our home as I moved into active labor. She coached me through contractions while guiding my husband through readying the car for our trip to the hospital. At the hospital, with my labor progress stalled and at one point regressing, there was a lot of confusion and conflicts (between me, my OB, my husband, and the OB surgeon). Tiffany expertly and gracefully navigated the sensitive waters to gather all the important information and provided as much support as possible to me. She made sure I was never alone and asked clarifying questions to ensure mine and our baby’s best interest was protected.While I did end up with an emergency c-section (not a decision that any of us were given time to discuss or make), Tiffany supported my husband and me until the very end. After my return home from the hospital, Tiffany checked in within 24 hours. She laid in bed with me and comforted me as I grieved for the birth that wasn’t. More importantly, she taught me how to care for my son .Tiffany continues to support our whole family emotionally even three weeks after our son’s birth. I’m so grateful for her services, research, advice and now – most importantly – friendship.

Robin Flannery


I don't even know where to start when writing this testimonial.  I guess the most important message that I want to get across is to say that my husband and I got the birth experience we wanted because of Tiffany.  There are so many parts of my labor and delivery that could have gone differently if Tiffany were not a part of our experience.  Tiffany helped us to make the right decisions FOR US throughout the entire process.  Whenever we had questions about what we should do at a particular fork in the road, Tiffany helped us navigate through the pros and cons of each option.  During the most difficult parts of my labor, Tiffany was right there coaching me through what I needed to do.  My husband wouldn't have known what to do at those times.  Together, Tiffany and my husband had exactly the expertise and love that I needed to deliver our baby without medication or interventions.  We would hire Tiffany again in a heartbeat and encourage others to consider using her as a doula as well.  You will not regret the decision to do so.  In addition, we've enjoyed our post-partem visits with Tiffany as well.  She helped us give our baby her first bath and has provided us with countless bits of information that have been extremely helpful for us as new parents.  Thanks to Tiffany for everything!

James Flannery


As a first time father hiring a Doula was the best thing I could have done for me and my wife.  We took the prerequisite birthing classes read a bunch of books...  but the services Tiffany provided are what really helped us get thru and more importantly get what we wanted out of the birth process/experience.  Tiffany has the most calming and reassuring demeanor.  Her presence alone makes everything feel alright.  My wife's water broke at 3am and we didn't go to the Hospital until 7pm.  Throughout that time my wife talked with Tiffany on a routine basis.  Every time my wife got off the phone with her she was reassured and a little less stressed.  It meant alot to be able to speak with someone who had "done this before".  I could remind my wife of what we learned in classes, read... but there is something to be said about EXPERIENCE.  Once we got to the hospital things progressed very quickly.  We arrived at triage at 7:30 pm and the baby was born at 9:00pm.  During that 1.5 hours Tiffany was able to literally finish my wife's sentences.  She new exactly what was happening, why it was happening and what we could do to comfort my wife.  I thought I would be scared during the delivery process but watching Tiffany interact with my wife helped calm and reassure me.  A Doula is not just for the mother.  In different ways I found her just as valuable as my wife did.  It is very tough to watch your wife suffer through labor and have literally no idea what she is feeling or how painful it is.  Tiffany helped me cope with that just as much as she helped my wife deliver our beautiful baby girl with no intervention. 

Ashley Sheridan


From the first day I met Tiffany, I was so impressed with her vast knowledge about pregnancy/chidbirth.  She ALWAYS made herself available to me, night and day, and never made me feel as though any question I had was unimportant.  My labor started at around 4am and we were off to the hospital by 10.  Tiffany had another client who went into labor that morning, so she wasn't able to come be with me right away. She sent her back-up Doula, Kate (who was equally as amazing and helped me immensley through the first 26 hours of med-free labor) until she could come be with us. Tiffany periodically checked on us and checked in with Kate even though she wasn't there with us.  When she arrived to take over for Kate I had just got my epidural and was much less stressed than earlier.  Throughout the next 17 hours, Tiffany was a breath of fresh air and so encouraging.  Looking back, I don't know how I would have coped without her calm demeanor, willingness to ask the doctors questions and be my voice when I was too exhausted/in pain to speak up for myself, and simply be at my side when I needed her.  When it came time to push, she suggested different positions/props that I could use and if there was a dip in the baby's heart rate or something else we needed to attend to right away she was right there, also letting my partner know what he could do to help.  When I felt as though I couldn't do it anymore and the medicine had worn off, her encouraging words gave me the extra strength I needed to push.  As my beautiful baby boy made his way into the world, Tiffany was a heaven-sent presence in the delivery room.  I am forever grateful to have met her and have a great love and respect for her.  I would definitely like to have her at my next birth and feel confident that anyone who gets the chance to meet her and/or have her as their Doula will be equally as impressed.

jeremy and ada harris


I called Tiffany in a panic, It was a week before my due date and things had completely fallen apart with my other doula. I was anxious, thinking I would not be able to have one, and my mom is out of state. I explained the situation she agreed to meet with me right away. We met at my house, and fell right in sync. She was so knowledgable and kind. She listened to my concerns, asked me really probing questions to get my mind going and I signed the contract before she left. I felt so relieved!

It was a GOOD thing, 3 days later I went into labor! A day before my due date! I sent her a text at 3 in the morning and she was here by 4. What an incredible help. She has a very calming effect. We labored at home for a long time before going to the birth center, and she gave great direction to my husband. She communicated with my midwife and my mom, and handled everything for me, I was free to just labor. While at the house she helped me find that most comfortable position to labor in, when we moved to the tub she made cold compresses and put on music. While at the birth center she made sure I knew what was going on, and that everything I needed was done.  I really appreciated how professional she was, I knew no matter what happened or what I asked of her she would get it done. I birthed in hands and knees position and when my son came out his cord was really short, so I couldn't turn around to see him. Tiffany immediately grabbbed the camera and took a picture of him and showed it to me so I could see him. That was such great thinking on her part because everything was happening really fast, and I was immoble.

Afterwards she dropped by to make sure how I was, she answered my questions and gave me some REALLY great resources. She also made us a disc with all the photos she took during labor.

I HIGHLY reccomend Tiffany and hope she can be my doula many times in the future.

Sarah Valdes


 Tiffany Shone was the greatest doula we could have asked for.  She is professional, knowledgable, respectful, self-aware, experienced, sensitive, nurturing--a true earth mother, the kind of woman you want advocating for you when you're too pained to speak, educating you when you don't know which questions to ask, pulling for you when you're out of strength.

I had planned a birth center birth, however, at 39 weeks we discovered I'd developed an umbilical hernia.  Needless to say, this completely changed the game for us and I instead had an induced hospital birth--quite the opposite of what we had planned! Tiffany had experience with this situation when even my midwives didn't.  She listened attentively when I explained what was happening and what the new course of action was to be.  She followed up with me regularly from the time we discovered the hernia until I actually checked in for the induction, right there with me every step of the way, arriving at the hospital within minutes of my settling into my room. She asked the doctors and nurses questions about the induction procedure that I wouldn't have known to ask, and in every way made me feel like I had Mama Bear on my side, making sure nothing was done without my full awareness of the options, risks and expectations. During hard labor she assisted me through my contractions, applying counter-pressure to my back, aiding my partner in understanding the things he could do to help me cope, and offering suggestions on things I could try to ease the labor process. 

She has been great post-partum as well, always available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns I've had regarding my recovery process, diapering, breastfeeding, whatever!  No matter how trivial or inane my questions may be, she always takes the time to answer them thoroughly, leaving me reassured and educated with every conversation.  

You could not find a better doula :-))



Tiffany helped me from within an hour of my water rupture to an emergency cesarean 31 hours later.  After 9 hours of labor I opted for a "walking" epidural and she never made me feel like I was giving up but instead altered her own approach.  With this epidural I could still labor in any position and feel the contractions; I just couldn't leave the bed and needed help when changing positions.  Tiffany helped and encouraged me through contractions, gave me suggestions for positioning and had the most wonderful hot rice bag that felt amazing!  She helped my husband be strong while he had to watch me move through the contractions.  She guided my sister and friend in ways that they could help by pushing on my hips and low back, it was a huge help.  After about 26hrs we found that the epidural had pulled out and was not working...  Tiffany was there to help me stay sane and foccused.  I made it to 9.5cm dialated before I was sent to cesarean but I don't regret a single moment of labor.  I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to experience it and my little girl is amazing no matter what exit was used.  I don't think I would go through a labor without a doula, without Tiffany! 

Barbara Kollar


Tiffany Shone a Must Have for Parents!

To put it plainly, having a Doula changed my life - as well as that of my daughter's, even before she arrived. Not exaggerating there. The experience of having a Doula changed my pregnancy, my birth experience, my perspective on advocating for my own medical care and that of my family, and as a mother.

OK, why do I think Doula's are the end-all-be-all? Tiffany showed compassion, patience and knowledge that helped me, my husband and our soon to be newborn daughter.  I am so grateful for the positive birthing experience she afforded our family.  With 32-hours of labor, she was supportive every step of the way leading up to our labor and delivery and then ever present and available 24-hours once we returned home.  We couldn't have been more blessed than we were with Tiffany.

Doulas ROCK for Dads. My husband was grateful to have another suport person to coach both of us in our first time experience as parents, to have someone to remind him to take care of himself and to afford him the opportunity for me to be with a support person when he stepped away to use the restroom, update our family or grab a quick bite to eat (remember, 32-hours of labor - a Dad has to eat!).  

Tiffany is so easy to get to know, trust and feel at great ease with.  She visited us in our home, met us for coffee and contacted us via e-mail and phone frequently.  She was always willing to accompany us to medical appointments too.  She has an easy nature which made it easy to share such a personal journey as birthing.

Having worked with Tiffany, I wouldn't want to deliver without her - she was such an integral part of our positive birthing experience.  Simply put, we love and adore her for what she provided us.

Grateful Parents,

Barbara and Josh

Tiffany Perkins


Tiffany was incredible! She truly did epitomize the definition of a birth coach. From the first moment I called her to tell her my water broke, she remained calm and gave me instructions for starting my labor journey. When she made it over to participate in my active labor, she came prepared with a bag full of doula tricks, as well as many ideas for helping labor to progress smoothly and to help me cope with the labor. Even more impressive is that she kept my husband engaged during the times I wanted him to participate, and took over the active role as my main birth partner when I knew that I needed someone who could understand what I was going through. At the end of my experience, I consider Tiffany a friend for life, and I am so thankful that she was part of my birth experience!

Marina Khala


When i first met Tiffany Shone, i had no doubt that i wanted her to be my doula,  She was so kind, warm and loving, My experiance with her was truely  AMAZING. 

Turned out that i could not have the "perfect" birth that i had planned for, due to some medical complications that i started having after the first 12 hours of labor, but Tiffany made every situation so much better, she had words of comfort, words that gave me strength and helped me stay focused, and helped me with each obsticle i had to overcome within myself.

I was 37 weeks pregnant when i met TIffany, my midwife had told me about her and what a great doula she was, that she heard a lot of good feedback about Tiffany from previous patients, She was right.  Tiffany called and checked in with me almost daily, she always showed interest in what i was going though, what my concerns are that day, how i feel, made sure she knew what i wanted during labor/birth and how i wanted to be cared for during those time. She came to my home to just "talk" to me, and get to know me and my family, She made time to come to a few of my doctors apts (per my request) and never seemed to busy to give me her attention.

My Labor was a total of over 30hr and she was there with me every min, never had to leave, never seemed tired, always alert and ready to assist me, that meant so much to me and my husband. we dont know what we would have done without her. she truely was so caring and just wonderful.

Tiffany Took photos of our sons first seconds of birth, my first kiss to my little angel and so many first special moments with our new son, I could not put a price to those photos that she took, i could never say enough thank you's to her, it made me and my husbands birth experiance worth every moment, not matter how hard it really was, we only have happy captured moments and we have Tiffany to thank for that.




Taylor Holmes


Wow!  Tiffany was just the person that we needed during that very intimate, very real moment in our lives.  She supported us and made herself available to us for any questions/concerns we had from the moment we met her (around 34 weeks) and even postpartum.  Tiffany has many resources in her toolbox and will make sure that you get the support that you need.  We did not even know what a doula was before we were pregnant, but we are now convinced that we need her there if we have another child.

Thank you Tiffany!  We were blessed to have you!

Taylor & Derek

Colleen Anderson


I loved working with Tiffany-I contacted her at 35 weeks pregnant.  She called me and provided me with comfort right away, she had lots of resources for possible birthing options as I was not happy with my current doctor. After talking with her I decided to have my birth at Puget Sound Birth Center-she came with me to tour the facility.  Tiffany has a very calming personality, she set my husband and I at ease right away. After meeting her I swear we both slept better that night as we knew we were in good hands.
     Tiffany is just a book of information- she is so knowledgeable and if she doesn't have the answer she will find it for you in a timely manner. She was very easy to get a hold of, she kept in contact with me via phone, facebook and text several times a day just to check in or send me links for advice. With in just two weeks of knowing her we established a very good relationship and I felt as if I knew her longer.  
     Unfortunately, Tiffany wasn't able to attend my birth as I was three weeks early. She was up front with us about her plans, we knew that she would be out of town. Before she left town she introduced me to her back up doula, Kate just in case anything were to happen while she was away. Kate was a wonderful stand-in and after the birth they both came to my postpartum visit. 
     After my birth on day three, my son came down with Jaundice, Tiffany and Kate were able to recognize the signs and told me to seek medical help right away. I don't know what we would have done without my doula angels.  Tiffany offered to come to the hospital for support and checked in with me daily.
     Tiffany is a warm and genuinely sweet nurturing person, I feel that she is incredibly passionate about her job and she has an amazing personality that would work with most anyone.
I will never forget her

Joy McCullough-Carranza


 My labor came on fast and hard, and I was already well into active labor when I called the doula I had expected to use. Unfortunately, she was at another birth and said she would send a back-up. I was too far into labor to care, although normally this would have been pretty upsetting. I wasn’t even sure I wanted a doula because I didn’t want someone who was essentially a stranger to be a part of my private homebirth (which was also a VBAC).

When Tiffany walked in, I was already in very intense labor and she immediately jumped in. She was the only one supporting me for a while, as my husband was busy with our four year old and the midwives had not yet arrived. She was amazing. Incredibly gentle, but firm in her suggestions. I don’t know how she survived all my hollering directly into her ears. My labor was an extremely intense eight hours (starting at 1 am) with no breaks between contractions. She was on-call the entire time and did not get a moment’s rest. I could not have done it without her and would absolutely recommend her to anyone. She is very gifted at supporting a birthing woman, meeting them exactly where they are and helping them have the birth experience they were meant to have. I am so glad she was a part of my home VBAC.

Faith Lykken


Tiffany is a very motivated and organized doula!  She has a great personality that I think would mesh well with anyone.  She has wonderful resouces to provide and is constantly updating information and sending tips as she comes accross them.  I'm really looking forward to this birth because I know she will be there to keep me from losing control and to help my husband through our first labor.   

Tessa Klein


TIffany is prompt at returning phone calls and emails.  She is knowledgeable and direct, yet personable and kind.  Being both assertive and gentle, I can imagine her having the guts to tell hospital nurses to 'back-off', while making me feel comfortable.  During our orientation, she spent close to two hours disclosing important information in a way that didn't feel overwhelming.  I barely noticed that she nursed, changed a diaper, and kept her 5 mo. old baby entertained and happy during the whole thing.  I like the way she interacts with her child.  I feel confident in choosing her as my doula, knowing she sets a good example.  She has personal experience to share as well. 

Also, my sister used her postpartum for breastfeeding information, etc. and was  very happy with her. 

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