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Angela Pape

Brookline, MA Service range 25 miles


Birth Fee

$500 to $1000

Birth Fee

$500 to $1000

Birth Doula Experience

3 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International, November 2016

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I serve both private clients and I am a co-founder of Accompany Doula Care serving women on MassHealth. Accompany Doula Care is working with ACO's in MA to provide doulas to women on MassHealth that match their cultural, linguistic, racial and religious background, while paying doulas a living wage. We are making strides towards the goal of integrating doulas into healthcare systems in MA. I deeply believe that every woman deserves a respectful, loving and empowering birth experience!

Fee Details

Angela is DONA trained and deeply believes that all women should be respected, loved and supported in their birth experience. Birth is a deeply unique experience and each woman should be empowered to make her own decisions throughout the birth. Angela deeply values helping the birth be a bonding experience for a couple. Fees are on a sliding scale depending on ability to pay. I would love to hear from you!

Brookline, MA Service range 25 miles

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Mina Kaye


I was nervous and extremely terrified of the idea of childbirth so I knew I needed another female figure with the knowledge and expertise to guide me through the process. Angela was the maternal figure that I really needed, but at the same time without the family drama attached. She made me realize the power and strength I never knew I had. She recommended some readings prior to birth which really helped me cope with my fear of childbirth and educated me with what to expect as well as the logistics of the whole process. She made sure that all nurses and doctor were aware of what I wanted on my birth plan and I am very pleased to say that all my requests were met. During the times when I was having contractions and was too weak or too afraid to speak up, Angela reminded me and the birth team of how I wanted things to go. Initially I was convinced that I wanted an epidural at the earliest possible point in labor, but with Angela’s calm presence, encouragement and support, I was able to make it to 8-9cm before I got the epidural and I managed to rest before pushing. Angela even helped set up a calming atmosphere with little tea lights. It helped me conserved the energy I needed for the pushing stage. Additionally, she taught my husband relaxation exercises and pressure points to help me during contractions. With Angela there, she gave him confidence that he was doing the right things to help. At the same time, she never made him feel like he wasn’t needed. She allowed my husband to comfort me, while she dealt with the doctors/downstairs business. When our baby had to be checked in the nursery directly after birth, it gave my husband great comfort to know that I was taken care of while he went with the baby. Even though I would say I had a relatively easy birth, I’m sure glad I had Angela there. And even though I’ve been through it all myself, If we decide to have another child, I’ll be giving Angela a call for sure. 

Aziza Rakhmonova


I had my second daughter on January 30th, 2018. I needed someone other than my husband to be there for me during labor and delivery, whom I can rely on, who knows about birth and supports natural labor and delivery. Angela was a great support to me. She is very calm, pleasant in communication and we immediately had "chemistry", which was very important to me.
My first birth was long, painful and traumatic. This time I had fear and anxiety. Angela helped me to cope with my fears.She guided me through each contraction, her uplifting and supporting words were very encouraging to me. She helped me to relax, which in turn speeded things up. She reminded me to breathe during contractions, she held my hand, massaged my back.
She also supported my husband and encouraged him to be there for me. My husband had anxiety about birth and was afraid to pass out if he sees blood. He held my hand during pushing stage and even cut the cord.
Throughout the pain I remember Angela’s voice saying “You can do it!”
I associated labor with a lot of pain, fearing the upcoming event. This time I know that it can be a holiday, in many ways thanks to this wonderful woman! Thank you Angela!

Irena KT


I am SOOO infinitely grateful for Angela’s compassionate and knowledgeable support throughout my birthing process, and can absolutely not say enough great things about her!!! As a 1st time expectant mother at nearly 39, I was particularly anxious, afraid of the unknows and/or potential complications, and wanted to take no chances, having heard of horror stories from even the best of hospitals. Angela is has a naturally down-to-earth, easy to connect with woman with a deeply calming presence. She helped me to stay at greater peace and more calm & grounded with her healing, soothing touch, and gentle, soft demeanor. I would have been lost without her!!! From helping to shift my attention when the hospital staff were fumbling and having trouble starting the IV, to helping find the anaesthesia personnel (when they were God-know-where and taking foverever to show up while I was already having very strong pains), Angela supported and advocated for me every step of the way. She helped to support me physically when the time came to push, and helped me to have a sense of dignity throughout that intense and emotionally-charged process. I really feel that with Angela, I really had an angel by my side, and was blessed with the kind of help I can’t imagine anyone else having provided. I am truly indebted for all she has given to us, and firmly believe that anyone who enlists Angela’s support will truly be in the best hands!!

Kelly Becerra


Now this was my first pregnancy and I was honestly a bit nervous about the whole delivery. When I was referred to Angela, I figured she would make the whole experience a bit easier for me since I had no clue what to expect. It makes my heart happy knowing that she will come to you as soon as possible to be by your side and help you delivery this baby. My own mother moved out of the house when I was pregnant so I didn't have that motherly figure to keep me calm. But the whole time with Angela has been so great that I honestly don't know how I could've gone through all my contractions without her guiding me through them. She even guided my boyfriend to help me get through my contractions! She is there to help you if you let her. She even stood up for me when the midwife was telling me I should just go home when I have been 4 cm dilated for a while. Good thing we stayed cause baby Mia was born the next morning! It gets me emotional because I am so thankful for her helping me through this vaginal delivery without an epidural. I would definitely recommend her to any new moms out there! Thank you so much Angela! 3 month old Mia says thank you!

Katarzyna Cieslinska


I would like to say a few things about her support: this woman is my guardian angel. She literally saved my vbac. Following a traumatic first birth, I had huge anxiety regarding labor and delivery for my second child and was scared that I would have a c-section again. As soon as I met with Angela for the prenatal visit she gave me piece of mind, by explaining how vaginal birth works and encouraging me that I CAN DO THIS.

The day that I went into labor, when my contractions began to get intense, I didn’t know if this was the “real thing”. I spoke Angela and she came right away to my home to support me. By the time she came, the pain was killing me. Right away she found a way to ease the pain, through pressure on my lower back. With her encouragement we decided to go to the hospital. 40 minutes after we arrived at the hospital I gave birth to my little vbac princess. Without Angela, I would have been lost! She guided me through each painful contraction and gave me incredible support.

If I get pregnant again, she will be the first person I will talk to about my next baby’s delivery.

I highly recommend her as a doula. She is a friend for life!!!.


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