Emily McGregor CD(DONA): Kitsap County Doula Photo

Emily McGregor CD(DONA): Kitsap County Doula

The Rosewater Doula, LLC

Silverdale, WA Service range 14 miles No ferries.



Birth Fee

$1100 to $1500

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $40

Birth Fee

$1100 to $1500

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $40

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula
  • Hypnobabies - Certified Hypno-Doula

Birth Doula Experience

4 years and 70 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

1 years and 6 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, June 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 1 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Non-smoking/vaping homes. I only will attend with a midwife in attendance

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Fee Details

Hey there! Thank you for checking out my doulamatch! For me, the most important element in hiring a doula is connection. Not sure I'm the right fit? No worries, let's meet for tea and chat! Check out my website for more information on my services.

Silverdale, WA Service range 14 miles No ferries.

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Client Testimonials for Emily McGregor CD(DONA): Kitsap County Doula

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Amy Wetterlind


Simply nothing compares to having a Doula. Emily was meant to be in the birth space. She brought nothing but peace and comfort. It’s almost unbelievable how completely in-tune she was to my needs. I honestly don’t know how I would have been able to have a natural birth without her. A huge part of my positive birth story was due to her incredible service to me and my partner. Our prenatal appointments were very informative. She gave me so much more information than I had received at all of my midwife appointments combined. Having this be my first pregnancy, everything was so overwhelming and it was hard to know what to ask during appointments and what to do. Emily often discussed the benefits and risks and always went through all of my options and thoroughly explained things. That was incredibly useful to me and opened up so much more conversation. I felt like I was able to make more informed decisions and have a deeper understanding. She truly taught me how to advocate for myself and that has stuck with me and been so useful even after birth. Our time together was extremely empowering and I felt very informed when I entered the birth space. Thank you, Emily!

Kris Atkins


I chose to have epidurals with my first two births, and they were wonderful experiences. But with my third child, I wanted to experience unmedicated childbirth and I knew I needed a doula. Emily was a life saver. I loved her thoughtful little touches--the hypnobirthing music, the fairy lights, and the essential oils--but she really shone as a strong, dependable force. I was at a 10 for two hours with no urge to push, even after breaking my water. We needed to get my baby out and the idea of pushing with no medication and no strong urge was terrifying. Emily helped me calm down so I could get on the bed, find my position, and push my baby out--and he slipped right out! I know it's because she was my emotional rock at that moment and knew what I needed to hear. Emily is strong, gentle, passionate, knowledgeable, and so full of love. You can't ask for a better person in your birthing space. Also, her hip squeezes are priceless.

Mera Gomez


Definitely choose Emily as your doula, she will be incredible support for your birth experience! This was my first baby and I wasn’t sure about getting a doula at first. After giving birth, I do not understand how women give birth without doulas! At the initial consultation, just minutes after meeting her, I knew that we needed her to help us bring our baby into the world. When she speaks about her work as a doula, she radiates confidence and joy at her ability to assist in such a sacred experience. After booking her services, all of the anxiety I had been experiencing regarding labor disappeared. I felt calm for the rest of my pregnancy knowing that my husband and I would have her support for the big day. Emily’s skills as a doula are incredible, so we are all very fortunate that she chooses to have reasonable prices. I really admire her devotion to remaining accessible for births, rather than charging astronomical prices like so many other doulas. We had such a beautiful birth experience, and it brings me such joy to remember that night. I feel very sure that it would not have been such a smooth birth without Emily’s help. The confidence that she brought to share with us in the birth space was so valuable to us. In hindsight, I wish that I had lined her up for postpartum doula services as well. I was so focused on the birth, that I did no research on the postpartum period and it was a real shocker. Having her sweet help during that transition would have been such a smart choice. She is really a special addition to the new baby welcoming committee!



Emily is the best! She was there checking in on me during my long stay in the hospital, taking care of all the details. As well as home visits before and after. She was so attentive to making my birth experience as positive as possible. And for as much as she helped me, I think she helped my husband more. Wonderfully caring and thoughtful. Would highly recommend!

Katerina Jones


Emily was absolutely fantastic- I knew she would be a great fit for my birthing plan the moment we met!  The planning visit was a big help in addressing some of my fears and concerns about having an out-of-hospital birth.  When it came time to have my son, she was available and checking in frequently until it was “go time” to head to the birthing center.  Emily really helped keep me calm and remember my hypnobirthing strategies and I know my husband appreciated her experience with support techniques.  Such a great experience and I can’t imagine having done it without her!

Brianna Sensale


I would first off like the thank Emily for everything. She truly was amazing! I couldn’t have asked for a better first pregnanc/labor experience. My husband and I met with a couple doulas and I instantly felt a connection with Emily. She was bright, cheerful and passionate about making this experience all about me, which was reassuring. She kept up with me throughout pregnancy and post partum. Before baby came, Emily came over to help prepare myself and my husband for what to expect and to understand my birthing goals. As we got closer and closer to my due date, I was getting nervous. Emily kept up with me and encouraged me and gave me pep talks. Fast forward to the day of, when Emily came to the hospital, I felt a sense of relief. I had been in labor for a few hours and the contractions were getting stronger by the second. Emily really helped me to keep to my plan as much as I could, for as long as I could and empowered my decisions. She was also very helpful and supportive for my husband. She kept everything calm and although my plan didn’t work out the wau I had hoped, Emily made sure that I knew how strong I was for going through all of this. Although Emily is moving, she will be the first person (other than my husband) that I cal and share the good news with and get her recommendatio for another doula.

Kira Figg


Emily was an invaluable part of my birth team for my second birth. She was able to quickly clear her schedule and tend to my needs. She offered emotional & physical support during my very intense fast birth. She brought with her a rebozo which was tied to the birth bar on the bed I could hold & hang on to. She also brought a hot pack that she used to massage my lower back with. Both made a huge difference in my ability to cope with contractions that were on top of one another. I really appreciated having Emily's support during my birth. 

Courtney Bedell


There are not enough words to express my deepest gratitude for Emily. When searching for a doula, I quickly noticed Emily’s humility and confidence in her profile and I was eager to interview her. Once in contact, her responses were prompt, accommodating, and friendly. When we met, it was evident that she was truly engaged in my questions, concerns, and comments. In addition, I appreciated her organization, professionalism, honesty, and level of preparation. I knew quickly that she was the doula for me and I decided not to interview anyone else!

My birth story was drastically different from what we planned, so I was unable to attend additional meetings with Emily that she offered prior to going into labor. However, once I texted her my circumstances, she was very helpful and quickly involved. Although I only met her once, she gained my trust very quickly. I never worried that our lack of interaction/meetings would negatively affect my expectations. Despite Hurricane Florence and unforeseen circumstances, Emily arrived to the hospital the day I was induced to talk me through my concerns/feelings and provide guidance. As labor continued to progress, Emily arrived quickly and exactly when I needed her. Emily came with tools and techniques to create a more “homey” feel to the hospital room and knew exactly how to reduce the pain through massage and additional methods. She was also incredibly helpful to my husband. 

When I arrived home from the hospital, Emily quickly scheduled a visit and her words of encouragement and support was exactly what I needed as a first time mom. She even came with BEAUTIFUL gifts that were so thoughtful! One of the gifts included a birth story letter with our daughter’s name in the center! It blew me away! Her ability to anticipate my needs was extraordinary and I could not imagine my birth story without her! I am forever grateful to her!

Lynette Kouris


Before being pregnant I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what a doula was, let alone the importance of having one in the birthing space. But it was beyond worth the research, because we are forever grateful to have found Emily. After interviewing a handful, I knew I was waiting or that moment to find a familiarity and sense of “I feel like I’ve known this person”. Emily, also known as the “Rosewater Doula”, had such a calm presence and strong sense of birthing knowledge, as well as an easy going mentality. Her Hypnodoula subtitle was an added bonus that complimented our Hypnobabies decision. We have gained not just a beautiful memory of our daughter's entrance with Emily’s support, but also a lifelong friend.

Lindsay Michels


Emily was everything that I needed and more!! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. From the very beginning I felt a connection to her and knew that she was going to be a game changer for my husband and I. We are first time parents and wanted someone there with us to help navigate a lot of uncharted territory. I just can't say enough good things about our choice to have Emily throughout our journey. She was always available and very responsive, it was very easy to schedule our visits with her and she was extremely accommodating. She always had answers to my questions and made me feel so confident as the time got closer. On the day of, she was very responsive to all of my texts and when I was ready to have her come to our house, she dropped everything and was there within an hour (that included a 30 min drive!). As soon as she got to our house I felt better. She knew exactly what to do to change my space to a laboring environment and even though my contractions were strong, I felt more calm and confident. During our transfer to the car, she made the decision to get in the car with us because I was in so much pain and the compression she was doing was so helpful. I really don't think I would've made it there without her!! Needless to say, she was incredible for the rest of my labor and did everything in her power to keep me calm and comfortable. Once our son had joined us, she stayed and made sure we had everything we needed. She even went back to our house to get us a bag that we forgot and brought us back dinner with her! Our post party visit was just as wonderful. It was so great to see her and thank her again and reminisce about that wonderful day. She brought us a sweet poster that she made herself with a summary of our birth story and wrote it to our son. It's really beautiful. I could go on and on about why Emily is the best choice out there!! I can't wait to do this all again with our next baby :)

LeKeshia Leach


Emily is a spiritual, humble, and loving lady that you don’t meet that often.  I met Emily when I was taking a tour of the hospital that I would be giving birth at. She sat next to me, smiled, and asked me how I was doing. That made me feel really good because I was alone and had no one there to support me. Then we just talked and then later she told me she was a Doula. At the end of the tour, she gave me her business card. I knew then it was something about her spirit that was so pure and welcoming. I felt like I had known her a long time. When I met her, I was 32 weeks.  We had planned to meet up 2 weeks later and talk about her services on 2/9/18 (Friday).  I texted her around 11a on 2/8/18 (Thurs.) to tell her that I was in labor and wouldn’t be able to meet her on 2/9/18.  She was so nice and understanding to go over her services with me over the phone while I was laying in the hospital bed.  My close friend came to the hospital to be with me until Emily got there.  Emily came that night with her things she would use to help me stay calm.  She had the room lit up with flameless candles, peppermint and lavender oils.  She had that room smelling so wonderful!  She had this one mean nurse that changed her attitude by walking into my room filled with calming scents.  Emily made sure I was comfortable, she listened to me vent and cry and she never judged me.  She group texted my family to let them know how I was doing and when to start coming over closer to me delivering.  When it was time to deliver, I had to pick 2 people to be in the room with me.  That was an easy choice. I chose Emily and my boyfriend. After my son was born, he had to stay in the NICU for 4 1/2 weeks.  Emily came to visit him twice. She is an awesome person and if I ever have another baby, I would choose her again!!!  Emily is truly a jewel and a gift to help women give birth!

Rebecca Lynn Prince


I hired Emily for my first birth this past June. I wanted a homebirth but had to be in the hospital so I need a doula to support me through this. Emily was amazing! She has so.many resources, is so knowledge about oils, relaxing techniques, lots of natural labor pains remedies, and so much more. More than than any of that though Emily is very sweet, loving, and caring, a very relaxing person to be around. Thank you so much Emily!!!

rachel johnson


i would recommend Emily in a heartbeat. She was exactly the resource my husband and I were looking for in our second birth. She was there as a sounding board in the months and days leading up to our birth, but especially on the day my daughter was born. Our hope was for a VBAC, which we achieved. I owe some of this success to Emily for instilling confidence in me and assuring me that the hospital and birth team I had assembled was on my side. During the birth, she was the calming voice that talked me down during contractions and provided relief via hips squeezes that got me through the toughest stages. She worked really well with the doctors and nurses. She’s a great doula and an excellent addition to any birth team!

Danielle Williams


When I reflect on the gift Emily gave our family during my birthing time, I become so overcome with gratitude that it brings tears to my eyes. I struggled to write this testimonial only because I don’t know how to cram the depth and breadth of just how blessed we were to have Emily as our doula into one mere testimonial. While words don’t do her justice, I will say she was an absolute angel, and I honestly don’t know how we could have done it without her. Out of all my A-type birth preparations... The 12 books, the 4 birthing classes, the constant streaming of birthing podcasts, the registry, the YouTube videos, the 10 weeks of intensive HypnoBabies homework… Nothing impacted my birth as positively and profoundly as Emily’s comforting presence. She is selfless, intuitive, tender, proactive, and humble in the way she cared for me and my husband through our abnormally long and intense labor. When my husband and I were holding our new beautiful daughter and reflecting on what had just happened, one of the first things my husband tearfully said to me was, “I really couldn’t have done it without Emily.” I wholeheartedly agree.

Annie Bolton


I was late to the game getting a Doula and I was worried I wouldn't be able to make it all work, I was so luck to have found Emily.  She immediately made me feel at ease and somehow more confident that it was going to be ok.  Emily was amazing from the first call she knew I was a little stressed about "being behind" in the process so she scheduled a facetime meeting and soon after, I knew it was the right fit,she came to our home to meet my husband.  My husband and I  had a birth plan and when things changed we were so grateful to have Emily just a phone call away to answer questions and talk us through things.  On baby girls' birthday we called Emily and she was at the hospital in no time, she went to work quietly setting up the room and making it feel more like home.  She was encouraging to both myself and my husband who was at times unsure of how to help me.  Emily offered suggestions for different positions, coaxed me through contractions with breath awareness, while at the same time making my husband feel important and included as well.  We had quite a few changes from our original birth plan due to health reasons, but I'm so glad we had Emily to keep us together and ensured that I was still able to have an amazing birth experience.  Emily even took photos on my phone so we had something to look back at and remeber that very special day. My husband and I agreed it was the best choice we made during our pregnancy, we highly reccommend Emily to anyone looking for an excellent Doula.

Tonya Cassibry



I decided to hire a doula because I knew I wanted the support of someone who could help me through the process of having a natural birth. With my first two babies I had epidurals but for my third, my goal was to have a natural unmedicated birth.

From the moment I met Emily I knew I found my doula! At our first meeting she was so nice and seemed so genuine about her love for what she does and the care she puts into her clients. From the prenatal appointments all the way through postpartum she proved it to be true, she was amazing! Always maintaining her professionalism while still feeling like a friend who you could be completely comfortable with. During our prenatal appointments one of the things she did was make sure she had a clear understanding of what I hoped for during birth and also made sure I knew how she would be able to help me achieve my goals.

Once I got into active labor and asked her to come Emily was by my side the whole time. Always a calm reassuring voice. She helped me to relax when I would tense up. Provided massage and a heating pad for my lower back. Encouraged me to move and get into favorable positions. Made sure my music was there, chapstick when I needed it, handing me water, she also provided me with essential oils to smell during labor for various needs. She has everything you can think of in her doula bag of tricks! She was just amazing at anticipating my needs and being supportive throughout labor. It was also just comforting knowing she was there and her faith in me that I could do it.

I can't say enough how amazing this birth experience was! It will always hold a special place in my heart. As it currently stands my husband and I don't plan to have any more children but if we do, I would want to do it the same way all over again and with Emily there with us! I am so grateful to have had her as a part of my birth team. ??



Kristy Rozier


Emily is such a calm, reassuring and loving presence in a birth space. She is selfless in her work and shifts all her goals to align with the parebts-to-be. She works with the birthing parent to help them achieve their desired birth experience and with the partner to help them be involved and give the support they need without  interruption. Best Doula out there!

Alethea Watson


My very good friend was in labor and I happened to be the only one there with her. I had been there several hours and it was getting close to my start time for work (3rd shift). As her labor contractions were increasing I did not feel comfortable leaving her alone. She had mentioned that she called a duola and she was on her way. I still felt that I was going to have to call in to work, without hesitation, so I could be there for my friend.  When Emily came into the room the whole atmosphere changed. She had a glow, presence, and auora that immediately made her feel comforted. This was the first time I had met her and she greeted me with a smile and a warm hug. She spoke soflty and calmly to my friend and quickly atteneded to her needs. I felt a angelic, heavenly spirit from her as she made my friend comfortable and calmed her down. Neverless I felt secure and good abut leaving for work. I gave her my number. during the night, Emily texxted myself and family about her and baby's condtion. She was very professional, kind, and great at what she does. I HIGHLY recommend her as a duola. If you want a loving and caring peron at your bedside to attend to not just you, but your loved ones please contact her. Thanks

Kristi Leigh - Doula


Emily has the most geniune and loving soul. when we met we instantly clicked and I felt comfortable with her being in my birth space . I had an extremely complicated pregnancy, but she stood beside me and never let it scare her away. she was a constant in what felt like the longest uphill battle that would never end. when I finally went into labor Emily was so attentive and loving and she was able to read the atmosphere of the room and jump into it head first. During my labor I didn't want to even see my husband and while I knew it was mean, I couldn't care less. Emily not only reassured my husband that it was a temporary reaction but she also helped make me feel like all my feelings were validated and correct (even when I was mean to my husband.) she truely gave support to the whole family before ,during , and after labor . she is so knowledgeable, and just down to earth and very understanding. I couldn't have chosen a better Doula to support me and my family. she truely is one of a kind !

Ananasa Wright


As a mother of twin boys, I was not looking forward to another birthing experience. It all started when I found out I was pregnant with our newest addition. I was so scared because my first birthing experience was not the best, it was in a military training hospital and I felt rushed and I also just felt like another number. All of that had changed when I met Emily. I had found her online while I was searching and she was hundreds of miles away from me. She did all she could to make sure I had someone as my doula. My son must have felt that too because he waited 42weeks plus 4days for her to fly to my city. That's when it all clicked.  I knew what I wanted to do this time I knew all the things I needed to know and Emily  was right there step-by-step guiding me reassuring me and letting me know that I could really do it this time. Once I arrived for my scheduled induction, she made the hospital room resemble the comfort of my home.  I was totally relaxed and pushed through despite my hungry pains.  After 50 plus hours of labor, My son was born in a room surrounding with love. The birth was such an easy birth even Emily was shocked as well as the doctors and medical staff that were in the room. Emily is very patient understanding kind very enjoyable and easy to get along with and love. If she would have been there for my first pregnancy I probably would have 40 children by now! Her patience her resilience her ways to keep you calm are impeccable. She is an amazing person and as I have told her before she deserves nothing short of the best. 

Fawn Miller


My experience with Emily was everything amazing and wonderful a birthing Mom could ask for. 

Initially, I wanted a doula to help me maintain my birth plan- to go all natural again. It had been 6 years since I’d had a baby and wanted to ensure my fears of starting over didnt take away my confidence in going without medicine. 

When I first met Emily, she was so comfortable to be around that I realized I wanted a doula for all the reasons most women do, but I also wanted a female companion i the room. Being 2,000 Miles from home with no one but my husband by my side was a chilling and foreboding thought. For all of my previous births I’d had my mother or sister by my side to be that compassionate warmth and “homey” feeling. 

It was as if we were old friends. She maintained a professional presence, one that is too rare these days, while also feeling like I could laugh and be completely relaxed around her.  Oftentimes she would check in on me just to see if I needed anything, knowing how hard the pregnancy was going in the end. She even went so far as to print my favorite quotes out to bring them to the hospital. Anything to ensure my comfort level was a priority. 

Once we got the hospital, she and I didn’t interact that much as I was in a kneeling position most of the time, but I knew she was there every second. I knew in the soft soothing voice telling me to relax my shoulders. In the light touch to my lower back during a contraction and the hand that grabbed mine just as a contraction was peaking. 

Emily had a great knack for anticipating my needs. When it was all said and done I felt like I’d had my sister in The room with me. I wanted to share everything with her and truly felt bonded with her. 

Christine Tyler


Emily is as compassionate as she is professional, and as adaptive as she is capable. When looking for a doula, the best we can usually hope for is someone who can do the job. Emily goes above and beyond that and becomes a friend. Her love and encouragement are some of the best chapters in the story of my son's birth. I recommend her with both enthusiasm and deep gratitude. 

Ashtyn Wescott


Emily is someone that I cannot birth without! She is the definition of the perfect birthing partner. During my delivery she was by my side the entire time. She was so in tuned with what I needed and just got up and did it so that my husband and I could stay focused on bringing our perfect little boy into this world. Giving birth was easily one of the most spiritual things I have every done on this earth, and I am so honored that I got to share that moment with my sweet sister and doula. Right before I transitioned I felt like I couldn't go on and that giving birth naturally in a pool was something that I couldn't accomplish. During that moment I looked at Emily, and through her bright eyes and encouraging smile I knew that I could do it. She was my motivation and my husband was my rock, and together I was able to have a supportive and loving environment to welcome my son into. There is one thing that you have control over during birth, and that is your support circle. By choosing Emily, you will be choosing someone who can truly hold down the fort.

Emily Cunningham


Emily was my doula for my 3rd baby in august 2017. My 1st two kids i didnt have a doula nor did i know what one was. I was induced with my first two kids  so with my son i was as natural of a birth as possible. When i met Emily i lived her personality. She is sponky and loves to laugh  and smile and i knew she woukd be a perfect match as my doula. When my water broke at home it was in the evening and Emily  knew the hospital was close to a 45 min drive and she was right there when i needed her and fast! 

Emily offered to rub my feet right when she got there, which i was supprised about but really enjoyed it. As i got into my labor room i wanted to get into a labor tub to relax and clean myself off and she helped with everything and more. She brought candles that were powered by battery to set the mood which at first seemed silly but i loved it cause it was relaxing. By the time my contractions were picking up it was around 2am and she let my husband sleep for awhile which was amazing. She stuck by my side the whole time rubbed my back, did breathing exercises, got me water, and talked with my hospital staff. When i reach the transition stage I started to get sick and she helped me get through it. When it was time to push i was completely comfortable  with her holding one of my legs up and she helped me with my breathing. After my son was born she stuck around til i was comfortable with her leaving. Me and my husband  couldnt be more thankful to have her there and knew she helped out so much. If i have another  child me and my husband want Emily to be apart of the birth again.

Heidi Nickerson


Emily was my courage when deciding to deliver my twins. Even though I'd had two success all natural births before, the thought of twins intimidated me, even though it was the route I really wanted to try. I talked to Emily and she and I discussed all the ways she could support me in a twin birth. She also told me about other women who had delivered twins naturally with great success. Just hearing those stories and knowing it was possible helped me so much. I made the descion to attempt a natural birth because of talking to Emily, and I'm so happy I did! At the birth Emily was perfect, she walked with me, talked with me, cheered for me, and rubbed my feet and back at my request A LOT! Bless you Em! She had a perfect sense of when to step back and let my husband and I work together, and also when to step in to let him rest. She worked beautifully with my nurses and doctors, every commented on how intuitive she was, always knowing where to be or not be at the right time! I even asked her to cut my second baby's umbilical cord! She cried ?? I know I would not have even tried to deliver twins naturally if I hadn't talked to her when I was so unsure of what to do. Her faith in me and my ability to deliver twins was the greatest gift, I tried the impossible and succeeded because she believed in me!

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