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Phone: 9166164093

Birth Fee: $1200 to $1600

Postpartum Rate: $35 to $45

Fee Details: My fees are based on services tailored to the specific needs of the birthing family. I offer payment plans other options for those who require them.

Birth Doula Experience: 2 years and 38 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience: 2 years and 1 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Cornerstone Doula Trainings - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International, September 2017
Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 0 to 3 births and 0 to 1 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
Will not attend births Sutter Roseville
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I love attending home births and offer a discounted fee for home birthing families.

Breastfeeding Certifications

  • Certified Lactation Educator Counselor (University of California San Diego)

Other Relevant Certifications

  • Evidence Based Birth® Instructor

College Education

  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • Over 40
  • Teens

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Birth Pool rental
  • Breastfeeding Consultant Services
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth Education Services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Satellite Doula (For remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Sierra Childbirth Institute Advisory Board member, Capital City Doula Collective member

Languages spoken: English

Certifications for Shalin Butterworth

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Client Testimonials for Shalin Butterworth

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Shalin is my favorite! This is our 2nd birth having Shalin as our doula and we feel so blessed to have had her there for both. After hiring Shalin for the birth of our 3rd child, and then finding out we were pregnant with our 4th baby, Shalin attending our birth was one of the first thoughts I had. I knew I wanted her there again, especially upon deciding we were going to do a home birth. She was a main source of my comfort and confidence going into birth. I felt heard and affirmed and I feel like she knew what I needed before I even knew what I needed, whether it was a calming environment, gentle touch, a word of encouragement, or getting in my face (in the kindest way possible ??) to get me to focus. Her presence is extremely comforting and if you're blessed enough to be graced by her, soak it up! Her bedside manner is amazing, even through text and phone, she is incredibly present and encouraging and I felt supported throughout the entire pregnancy and beyond. We also hired Shalin to encapsulate my placenta and I am beyond pleased with her timeliness and "customer" service. I appreciate her so much as a doula, friend, mentor, person, etc! I can't thank her enough or express the gratitude I feel to have had her present for our last two births. The amount of comfort and confidence I felt through having her there by my side is just priceless. She is a wealth of information to all things pregnancy, baby, birth, breastfeeding and beyond that, is just a beautiful person inside and out. I highly recommend her services! These last two birth experiences have a special place in my heart because of Shalin ??.

Posted 11/18/2019

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I absolutely cannot imagine having had my second son without Shalin’s support. Leading up to the birth, she was accessible and proactive in checking in with me regularly and providing resources that addressed all of my questions and concerns. When my partner couldn’t attend due to work, she even accompanied me on the hospital’s stork tour!


During early labor she helped with exercises and techniques to lessen my discomfort. Most importantly, during my intense unmedicated birth, she knew just what to say to coach me through, even at moments when I was convinced I couldn’t do it. Before the labor, my partner questioned if a doula were necessary, since I already had him as a support person. After our baby arrived he was convincing another expectant father that they should have a doula, as she was able to talk to and reassure me in ways that he couldn’t. It was a huge relief to both of us that she could ask questions, relay info to hospital staff, etc so we could focus on what we needed to do in labor.


She is professional and organized yet warm and friendly. It was so easy to schedule appointments with her with her online calendar. She also instilled a lot of confidence with her deep knowledge and willingness to look up and share information on questions she didn’t immediately have the answers to.


Within a few interactions I felt like I’d known her forever and if I were to have more children I would not hesitate to hire Shalin again. She is worth every penny!l

Posted 11/13/2019

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Christine Merrill

I cannot say enough amazing things about Shalin.  From the second my husband and I met her we knew she was the one. One moment that sticks in my mind is a point during my labor, that point in maybe all labors where the pain is horrible and you genuinely don’t know if you can keep going. I was in the birthing tub, experiencing a lot of back pain, and I was internally contemplating if not getting an epidural was the right decision. I did not know if I could make it through. I don’t know if Shalin knew this is where I was emotionally but the next thing I felt was some counter pressure on my lower back, a cold towel on my shoulders, and a whisper reminding me of my strength. Shalin knew exactly what I needed before I did. A lot of my husband and I choosing to have a doula was about having someone  (other than the doctor) who has been through it, knows the options, and can help inform you and navigate it all. Shalin has all this and more. She weaves through every option carrying a soft touch that will calm you, no matter where you are in your pregnancy. You simply do not have to worry because she knows what to do. “Well, did you talk to Shalin yet?” My husband would always ask. It was so reassuring knowing we had her on our team throughout pregnancy and labor. I knew, no matter what happened, I would be the one dictating my labor experience because Shalin was there to make sure that happened. Shalin can help you experience it all in the way you feel most comfortable and most empowering. We chose to add her lactation services as well and even before birth this gave me such peace of mind knowing she was going to be there to help guide me through any breastfeeding struggles. When the time came to breastfeed her hands on help, advice, and encouragement are what kept and strengthened my breastfeeding journey. Shalin will always be part of my birthing story and I can never thank her enough.

Posted 11/1/2019

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Alexandra Gallus

My husband and I recently welcomed our daughter, Penelope, into the world and as we prepared we wanted to build a great birth team. We found that team to consist of Sutter Davis providers and Shalin, our doula. She knows the perfect balance of assisting the mother and encouraging the partner. She has amazing communications skills, is extremely well-versed in evidence-based birth education and is in-tune with you and your partner, prenatal to postpartum. My husband and I felt heard when we talked through our questions, discussed laboring comfort measures and felt at ease to have Shalin in our corner when baby decided to arrive. My non-medicated, natural, hippie birth plan went south almost 24 hours into labor, BUT, we were well-educated, supported and prepared to make quick decisions regarding intervention. She was our biggest cheerleader and knew when to give us kind words, a smile or a wink to keep us confident. I know every birth story is an emotional and life-changing event, but we truly could not have done it without Shalin. If you are considering a doula, we highly recommend, Shalin, and we know it will positively impact your birth story whether you are a new or experienced mom or dad. My husband has told many friends, “This is the best money we have spent on ourselves and our little girl, thus far. Shalin gave us context and perspective. She helped me be a better coach and support to my wife.” All-in-all, you won’t be disappointed. Promise.

Posted 9/30/2019

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Laura Vogler

My husband and I think hiring Shalin as our doula was the best decision we made during our pregnancy. We do not have any family that live close by and her support prenatally, during birth, and postpartum has been invaluable. We hoped to have an unmedicated vaginal birth but knew we were at risk for a Cesarean due to some special circumstances. During Shalin’s prenatal visits she helped us physically, mentally, and emotionally prepare for different birth scenarios. After consulting with our doctors after my water broke early, my husband and I decided the best option for our little one was to proceed with a Cesarean. This was a really tough time for us after all the preparation we had done for a vaginal birth. Shalin helped us to emotionally process the decision and mentally prepare for surgery. Before our belly birth,  she suggested to my husband that he share with me a story from our life together, which really helped calm me. She reminded us to advocate for skin-on-skin in the OR and I was able to have about 20 minutes of special time with my baby, which our doctors emphasized was not common, though they were supportive. She stayed with me in the recovery area while my husband went with our baby so I was never alone and even helped me express breast milk for my baby's first meal. She also took tons of photos throughout the process to document this special day. During our postpartum visit she helped us to process our birth story despite all its challenges. She also provided breastfeeding support which was extremely useful for a first time mom as I was transitioning from bottle feeding in the hospital to breastfeeding at home. My husband and I feel like Shalin was both a birth support person and a birth therapist as she encouraged us to talk about our emotions as we made difficult decisions. Furthermore, she was always professional, timely, and knowledgable. We will absolutely hire her again and would recommend her to anyone we know! 

Posted 9/26/2019

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Hillary Hermon

There aren’t enough words to describe how amazing Shalin was as our doula. She is so kind, personal, and professional. As this was my first pregnancy, I was so nervous and in the dark when it came to what to expect. Shalin educated me as well as gave me the confidence and support that I could accomplish my natural birth plan. When it came to prenatal visits, she was always on time and so kind every meeting. My husband and I really looked forward to seeing her! She also was always available when it came to texting or calling. I never felt like she did not care about my pregnancy. She answered all my questions and was wonderful at providing me with evidence based information. She definitely knows her stuff!

I had a very long labor and Shalin was at the hospital the entire time. She supported me and was truly there for my husband, me, and my soon to be daughter. Hiring her as a doula was the absolute best decision we made because without her, I don’t know what I would of done! I highly recommend hiring her as a doula. If you are looking for a loving, personal, professional, supporting, and amazing doula.. then you found her. I have so much love for Shalin and absolutely plan on hiring her for our next pregnancy.

Posted 9/4/2019

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Words cannot describe how amazing Shalin is! From the moment we met, we had an instant connection, and I knew right then that I wanted her to be a part of my birth journey. Her energy, knowledge and gentle, genuine tone are exactly what a new expecting mother would want. Not only is she kind and have the warmest heart with the best intentions, she's extremely knowledgeable and supportive in your every decision. I knew I wanted a doula from day one. I wanted the peace of mind in knowing someone who's experienced with the birthing process and comfort measures, would be in the room with me during my labor. My birth plan did not go as planned, and it ended up being a little more complicated and risky than I anticipated. Given my circumstances of having a long labor and having to be induced, I don't know how I could have survived without Shalin's support. She stayed by my and my husband's side every step of the way and we are forever grateful for her. From the prenatal visits to the postpartum visits, she was amazing, and I cannot thank her enough for getting me through one of the most difficult and most beautiful experiences of my life. I whole-heartedly recommend Shalin and her So Zen Birth Services to any new or experienced mommy.

Posted 8/31/2019

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Melissa Rae

Shalin is the ideal combination of professionalism mixed with true compassion. As a first time mom, I was grateful that she always met my nervous energy with calm, and constantly directed me back to two important sources: evidence based research and my own intuition. Throughout pregnancy and birth Shalin was responsive, communicative, knowledgeable, and the ultimate support. Having her as a doula was invaluable, and I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a calm and supported birth.

Posted 8/7/2019

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Zoe Heller

Shalin is an amazing doula! When we interviewed her, we knew right away that she was perfect for supporting our birth. I was high risk with a number of potential complications and we were looking for someone who would support us through whatever decisions we would have to make, yet advocate for us in the areas that were important to us. I immediately appreciated her evidence-based approach to birth and all things related to pregnancy and becoming a new mama. She shared with us a number of resources to consider to prepare for birth, breastfeeding, postpartum care, and so much more.

We could have never predicted the complications we would have with our birth. I had an emergency c-section three and half weeks early. Shalin immediately came to the hospital and was with me during the entire procedure while my husband was with our baby. Shalin helped us navigate through difficult choices, advocated for us, and provided amazing postpartum support. She was equally supportive of both my husband and me. She went above and beyond anything we could have ever expected from a doula and I'm not sure how we would have made it through the experience without her.

Our baby girl is doing great and we have already let her know that Shalin is an incredibly important person in her life. We are grateful for the support that Shalin provided and highly recommend her for families that are looking for both a knowledgeable, skilled professional and a warm, compassionate human to support their birth.

Posted 6/25/2019

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Selena Wong

I recently gave birth unmedicated at Sutter Sacramento to our first baby and hiring Shalin was the best thing we did for our birth. Shalin is amazing! She is professional, knowledgeable, kind, and strong yet gentle. My husband was such a confident birth partner because of Shalin.

Her prenatal visit prepared us for what to anticipate during birth in a hospital. During birth, she was incredibly helpful: encouraging/timely words, hand massages, hip squeezes, taking pictures and notes per our request. We decided to rent the labor tub from her and she set it up for me at the hospital. Birthing tub = game changer! The hospital does not allow births in the tub, but laboring in it until I had to push was so nice. She answered all of our new parent questions at the postpartum visit and pointed us to excellent resources. She’s checked in with us a few more times after that just because she really cares about us!

I knew I wanted to give birth unmedicated if possible. I also knew I wanted to hire a doula who wouldn’t judge me if I changed my mind and wanted the epidural. Shalin was perfect. She does not care what kind of birth you choose, she is supportive of whatever choices you make! Having Shalin at the hospital with me really helped me to stick with my birth plan.

Because she was such an important part of our birth story, Shalin feels like a part of my family!

Posted 4/17/2019

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Vincent Wong

My wife just gave birth to our first child, baby M. Shalin’s service as our doula was amazing. It’s tough to quantify just how immensely helpful, insightful, confidence-building and reassuring it was to have her by my wife’s side (and my side too) for labor and delivery. I called Shalin when my wife started having regular contractions. It was well past midnight but Shalin picked up the call and was ready to help. The way she gently yet assertively counseled and coached my wife through the pain and contractions was so valuable.

And when we actually went the hospital, Shalin promptly met us there in the wee hours of the morning. It was like having a really good friend by our side the whole time, a really good friend that’s also really knowledgeable and experienced and gives tactful and wonderfully-timed help in time of need. During labor, if my wife needed a smooch or my presence or hand to hold I was right there. During labor, if my wife needed some pain management coaching or well-timed and rightly spoken words, Shalin was right there.

Because of this experience I liken having a doula to having an experienced friend helping you as a trainer at the gym. If you have a fitness goal in mind, sure, you could just go into the gym and start lifting on your own. But how much better if you have a really good friend who’s also an experienced trainer and is committed to helping you be your best and do your best in the gym. From this husband’s perspective, having Shalin as our doula was like that for my wife’s labor/delivery.

Oh, and the pre-birth and post-birth visits were delightful. She is very knowledgeable, genuinely cares, and provided us with super helpful books and online resources so that we could further educate ourselves as brand new parents. Hands down I’d recommend Shalin to any friend looking to hire a doula.

Posted 4/7/2019

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Shalin was an amazing support for us during the birth of our first baby! Just knowing we had someone reliable and caring that would be there for me and my husband during labor and delivery made us both much more confident.

She was a relaxed and calm presence at our birth and made sure to help us document everything by photo (which we never would have done if she was not there).

I especially appreciated that she handled follow-ups and references for me so professionally and promptly. I feel like she was a good resource both before and after birth.

Posted 2/4/2019

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Marisa Warnock

Shalin put us at ease right from the start, from the first conversation we instantly connected. She had us thinking about questions we would be asked well beforehand, and we always felt she had our best interests in mind. She offered her unbiased opinion and presented us with the pros and cons of each situation.
Not only did she take amazing care of me (the laboring mama), but she helped my husband to support me better as well. My husband felt a huge weight taken off his shoulders by her presence. We were blown away by her support of our families and even the hospital staff! She earned the respect of the hospital staff by her professionalism and knowing when to step in and when to hold back.
With Shalin’s help, we felt well prepared going in and relieved she was with us when things didn’t go according to plan. Shalin was responsive and spent so much time with us at the hospital that she greatly exceeded all expectations. We are so grateful for everything Shalin did for us and will be recommending her to everyone we know.

Posted 11/13/2018

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Liane Winter

I was very happy to have Shalin as my birth doula. Shalin always followed up on any questions I had with lots of informative resources which helped me make decisions about my birth preferences. For the birth, Shalin was an asset to my experience in the following ways:

• I got to the hospital and my labor stalled. Shalin provided invaluable emotional support that helped me maintain a positive mental attitude and focus on the eminent arrival of my son.

• After I established a pattern of active labor, my husband, my mom and Shalin were all present to support me. The contractions became more difficult to tolerate and Shalin guided my mom and my husband to assist me with a variety of comfort measures. Techniques included massage, aromatherapy, mindful breathing, rebozo, and active labor positioning to help the baby move down.

• During the pushing phase, Shalin kept my mom and my husband supplied with ice chips and cold towels to help my stay cool. The ice chips and cold towels were heavenly.

• I was so focused on pushing that I did not care to even look down to see the baby come out. Thanks to Shalin, I have wonderful photos of this, as well as other parts of my labor. 

• Shalin also made sure my mom and my husband were fed and hydrated throughout our many hours in the labor room.

Shalin visited us a few days after the birth and listened to my concerns about breastfeeding and lack of sleep. She followed up later that day with options and resources for us to consider for making it through the transition of being new parents. Shalin also provided us a written birth story which detailed the events leading up to my son’s birth. 

My birth experience was a positive one because Shalin was a part of my care team. We are so blessed that Shalin could be a part of our beautiful life experience of becoming a family of three.

Posted 7/17/2018

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Kari Beddow

Shalin is an amazing doula and the sweetest person! I had a rough start to this pregnancy with moving and having to find a new doctor and place to deliver and I found Shalin at the perfect time! I interviewed a few other doulas before her and felt like I would have been settling in hiring any of them, but then I met with Shalin and instantly felt comfortable and that we were a good fit. She made me feel so at ease with all my anxieties over delivering somewhere new and with new midwives. She was there to text, call or email whenever I needed and was able to attend to all my questions and concerns with encouragement, resources and anything else I needed. During labor, Shalin offered huge emotional help by just being there and talking with me and my husband and encouraging different labor options, positions, etc. She offered physical help and offered my husband assistance when needed but also stayed back when we had it covered. She was able to help take pictures of our birth and during our postpartum visit, gave us a beautiful birth story she wrote composed of notes she had written throughout my labor, that we will truly cherish forever. I will definitely hire her again with any other pregnancies and will refer her to anyone looking for a doula. She truly made my birth experience with our 3rd child one that I will cherish and remember forever. It wouldn't have been the same without her!

Posted 6/21/2018

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Cailey Cossey

Shalin Butterworth is a terrific doula! She knows her stuff, and is very well informed on natural birth! If I needed information on certain topics relating to birth she would send me plenty of information on it. Shalin has a kind personality and is a sweetheart! I loved how she was always a text or call away if I had any questions. She made me feel very confident with my choice of a drug-free labor and delivery. I felt that she was well invested into my wishes as well. In the future if I am looking for doula services for my third child I would call her up and would recommend her to anyone.

Posted 6/5/2018

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Serra Blaine

I had contacted Shalin because of a horrendous previous birth experience I’d had with my first child. The moment my husband and I met with her, we had a great feeling that she would help bring our son into this world as peaceful as possible. And she did. She was amazing my entire pregnancy. She was able to help with my pain and anxiety and during the birth she was a lifesaver to both myself and my husband. I would love to have her with us again if we ever had another child. She is a very kindhearted and wonderful woman.

Posted 5/8/2018

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matt chaney

When my wife and I first realized that she was pregnant with our first baby, we knew that we needed the support and guidance of a doula. Lucky for us, we found Shalin!

Even during our first meeting her confidence and calm energy helped to sooth our first time parent jitters. Once we began working with her we found her always available to answer any questions that we had and also able to distill down all of the information out there to digestible size. She kept ahead of all of our prenatal visits, helped us prepare for what to expect, and checked in on us afterwards.

During contractions we worked closely with her to decide the correct time to head to the hospital. Long story short, she beat us to the hospital (at 1:45 am) and my wife was at 6cm when we arrived and baby came about 4 hours later!

I was most appreciative of Shalin during the labor. She was there to assure us that everything was normal, help to keep my wife comfortable, and communicate our wishes and birth plan with the hospital staff so that I could focus on my wife and not miss anything. She somehow managed to be an integral part of our birth experience while operating in the background. She gave us the space for this to be our time and our experience but was also there as a backstop when we needed her. I would recommend that anyone considering using a doula contact her and see for themselves. Thanks Shalin!

Posted 4/10/2018

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Stephen Smoker

Our friends mentioned to us when we were 25 weeks pregnant that they had doula and it was one of the best experiences for their birth. So as we started to look into it having a birth Coach (as I liked to refer to them) we heard more and more good things. Both my wife and I can look back now and agree that having Shalin as our doula was one of the best decisions we made about the entire birth experience. I have to say that as a husband I was slightly skeptical that a Doula might replace me and be more helpful in the process than I could be. This was not the case at all! From the start, Shalin was a warm and comfortable person to have around. She was easy to talk to and we knew from the start that the three of us would make a great team. Indeed this was the case, Shalin was a pleasure to have by our side in such an intimate environment. I highly recommend Shalin to anyone looking for a doula and cannot say enough about how she helped create a transformative birth experience.

Posted 1/16/2018

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Beth Smoker

We interviewed many Doula's and Shalin was by far the best option for us. She is professional, yet personal. Gentle, yet strong. Wise, yet always willing to learn. As much as the physical work of labor would be on me, my husband was very much an equal partner in the brith of our baby. Shalin was the only Doula interviewed to ask my husband how the pregnancy was going for him and what he expected of the birthing process. This equal balance of my husband and I was kept through her whole time with us. Shalin challenged us to admit any fears we had going into birth, along with the things we were excited about. The mental preparation she guided us through was invaluable. Shalin didn't assume that since we were hiring a Doula that that meant we wanted a certain birth - instead she went in with no assumptions and learned our desires and wishes with advice along the way. The day of our labor, her help was more than we could have ever asked for - from helping me labor physically to mentally helping me navigate the pain during my unmedicated vaginal birth. Shalin and my husband were a team, taking care of my every need - all I had to think about was being in the present moment and delivering our healthy baby boy. I'd unquestionably have Shalin as our doula for our next baby!

Posted 1/16/2018

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