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Belly, Baby and Boobies LLC

Caldwell, NJ Service range 15 miles


Birth Fee

$1000 to $1200

Birth Fee

$1000 to $1200

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

2 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International, March 2017

Type of practice: On-call doula service

Clients per month: 2 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services

Fee Details

I am certified DONA Birth Doula, GentleBirth Childbirth Educator and a Certified Lactation Counselor, with a true passion for birth and lactation! I am a mother of 2 great kids, totally understanding how overwhelming and demanding the process can be. I am here to help you answering your questions and guiding you through one of the most exciting moment in your life as the birth of your baby. I love to spend time with my couples to understand their goals and expectations to provide the best support. If you would like to learn more about how I can assist you during labor and delivery and the techniques and tools that I use, please feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to support you on one of the most beautiful time of your life :)

Caldwell, NJ Service range 15 miles

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Client Testimonials for Donatella NESTI , CD(DONA), GBCE, CLC

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Donatella is amazing! she helped me a lot with the lactation. My baby had tongue tie and Donatella visited me at my home twice and showed me technique and tips. My baby had the tie removed and with this and the training Donatella gave us, now the use of bottle is almost end. FYI my baby is 2 mo's and I believed was to late for breastfeeding. Only in one week!


Karina Lozano


Before anything I want to thank Donatella for being such an amazing person with my natural birth experience. I can not recommend her enough to any couple wanting a doula by their side she has this calming amazing personality, she gives you the support that you need, & she makes you as comfortable as possible with whatever birth method you decide to do. I chose to have a natural birth while the nurses kept pushing pitocin and epidurals she kept my head clear and helped me smoothly through my contractions to be able to have my amazing natural birth that I wanted. Her aromatherapy and soothing tecniques helped a lot as well! She is bery knowledgeable with what she does and I wpuld have her by side again with our next baby! She truly is amazing! 



Dontatella was the perfect doula for us.  As a first time mom, I wasn't sure what to expect during labor.  I had learned about doulas during the third trimester and thought that having a doula for labor would be great.  I am so glad that I decided to work with Donatella.  From the first meeting it was clear that she is passionate about helping moms have the ideal birth experience. 

In the weeks before labor Donatella would regularly check in to see if I was progressing, learn what my birth goals were, offer morale support, and answer any questions I had.  On the day of labor Donatella coached me through the contractions and could sense what I needed before I even knew.  She had me breathing, drinking water and lemon ice, taking hot showers, and even ran a hot bath (would recommend this).  Donatella knew what to do to help me have the experience I was dreaming of; a natural birth without an epidural. I was blessed to have a healthy baby in my arms after a short 10 hours in the hospital.  I 100% attribute my baby's healthy, smooth, and stress free entry into the world to Donatella.   I would recommend Donatella to friends and family (if or when) they have children. 

If you are deciding if you want a doula... I would say go for it!  Donatella made me feel like I was in charge of the birth experience, and worked with me to guide me to the perfect birth experience.  I would not have changed a thing about that day.  



Hi!! I have two beautiful boys. My first pregnancy, I didn’t search for help, I didn’t know what to expect on labor, also I had diabetes on both pregnancies, I don’t have a doula or search for one. Results? I had a hard time on labor and delivery, stayed in bed since I got into the hospital until the time that he was born (18 hours). Baby had to use the helmet because they used the vaccum, baby was born with a bad apgar score. Was it was really hard! My second one, I did a lot of search and I found out that a doula could help me to give birth on a natural and healthy way for both of us. So I found Donatella. I have no words to say how she was important for me, my husband and my son. She gave me a lot of information, reference books and lot of things that I could be prepared for the big day. She believed in me since the beginning, when not even the doctor or nurse did. She was amazing. I would have another baby just because of this amazing experience I had. The most important, she respected me in all my decisions, being on my side whatever choice I make. I highly recommend her. I will always be thankful for her for help me to bring my baby to this world the way I wanted ????



I highly recommend Donatella. She was available and answered questions from pregnancy through delivery and after. As a first time mom I didn't know what to expect, having her there with me to let me know if what I was experiencing was normal really helped put my mind at ease. She used effective techniques during delivery that reduced the pain of contractions. She supported my birth plan of trying for a natural birth and was equally as supportive when the pain was too much and I opted for an epidural. Having her with us in the delivery room helped me and my husband feel less stressed and less anxious about the whole process and experience. Donatella is kind and friendly. She is easy to talk to and you immediately feel comfortable with her. Choosing Donatella was the best decision we made!




Donny was my Doula just a few months ago when I had my first child.  I found her to be extremely patient, knowledgeable, understanding and just an overall wonderful person to have along your side throughout this exciting yet anxious time in life.  I  found her very caring, easy to talk to, and always willing to go out of her way to help in any way possible.  We actually formed a real friendship and I am happy to refer Donny to anyone I know looking for a great birthing Doula.  She is an amazing Doula, mother and person.  I am so lucky that I got to meet her.  During my birthing experience Donny worked well with trying to assist me, communicate with the staff, and made me feel as comfortable as possible in a hospital setting.  She was totally dedicated to ensuring I had the best birth experience possible.  

Antonia O'Rourke


Donatella is an amazing doula! From the very first time we talked I could sense her kindness, genuineness and intellect. She is so insightful and has such a positive outlook and presence, exactly what you would want during the highs and lows of labor! Throughout my pregnancy and labor she was very responsive and thoughtful and I felt so immediately comfortable with her that I never thought twice to look to her for reassurance and encouragement. Donatella is such a great resource and really took the time to get to get to know me and figure out exactly what I was looking for in a doula and for my son's birth. While I was in labor, she focused on me being as comfortable as possible and she used so many techniques to get me there! Although I'm sure these words do not do her justice, I thank her for having such a pleasant birthing experience because I could not have done it naturally without her! I would no doubt recommend her to be your doula! 

Elizabeth Kuder


I hired Donatella in March to be my doula for my upcoming birth in May. She was very friendly and knowledgable. She spent a lot of time going through the birthing process, birthing positions and pain management. She even gave us several classes about breastfeeding. Donatella was always available for questions and she was well prepared when it was time for me to go in to the hospital. Donatella was right there providing support with laboring and helping maintain a calm environment. Even though things didn't go as planned and I had some complications, Donatella was still a wonderful support. I highly recommend Donatella!

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