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Cynthia Baker

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Phone: 5039128935

Birth Fee: $1200

Birth Doula Experience: 3 years and 33 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per Month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • High risk
  • Single parents
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth
  • Women and Families of Color

Client Testimonials for Cynthia Baker

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Kristen and Stuart Maxwell

We are incredibly thankful to have met and worked with Cynthia before, during and after the birth of our daughter in 2019. 

Cynthia is a kind, calm and compassionate human and an amazing doula. It's hard to put into words how much Cynthia contributed to our successful birth. Cynthia spent a lot of time getting to know us and was able to use that insight to help educate us and support our decision making throughout the process. Cynthia brings so much passion, insight, advice, support, doctor to layman translation, calming techniques and labor position ideas to a birth. During our birth, she also built an excellent rapport with the labor and delivery team and had a lot of hands on involvement in labor and delivery activities. 

If you are considering using a doula, we cant recommend Cynthia enough and you would lucky to have her on your journey. 


Posted 11/2/2019

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Michelle Wong

I had a wonderful birthing experience with cytnthia. She knew exactly what I was and wasn't comfortable with. She even instructed my husband with what he can do to help me along with laber and delivery. My husband said: I'm sure glad she was there because I would be out the door not knowing what to do. 

Posted 8/25/2019

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Once my husband and I decided to hire a doula for the birth of our first child, we set up a meeting with Cynthia. She came prepared and we got to know each other as she answered all of our questions. We then met twice to work on our birth plan, which Cynthia wrote up for us. My doctor was impressed with how easy it was to understand. As my plans for a natural birth went sideways due to an induction, Cynthia was available and there every step of the way. With labor finally starting, Cynthia arrived at the hospital and stayed with us for the next nearly 24 hours. Having a knowledgeable person who was so calm, warm, and reassuring made all the difference in our birth experience. I seriously don’t know how we would have made it through without Cynthia. My husband was especially grateful and will sing her praises to all who ask about our doula experience. Cynthia was hands on with supporting me and making suggestions for ways to ease my pain. She worked very well with all of the hospital staff. She stayed with us after the birth and we had her visit after we got home from the hospital and when our son was a few weeks old. I texted and called her many times for advice before and after my son was born and she always responded and eased my worries. It felt great to have that support! Cynthia really shows that she cares about mom, dad, and baby. If we have another child, we will absolutely want Cynthia with us again. I highly recommend having Cynthia as your doula!

Posted 3/22/2019

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Zorah Toddenheimer

Our experience with Cynthia can best be summed up in the note I wrote her on my son's one year birthday:

One year ago, at 10:16pm, you helped Ryan and I usher Jack Emmet Todd earthside. I felt supported every single step of the way; between you and Ryan, I was never alone. I wasn't sure I could do it, but with your help and support, I did. Jack's birth was so incredible. It was a magical moment in a day that went a bit sideways. 

We now have the most joyful and smart little boy. Jack is incredibly observant, independent, funny, and sweet. We are both so grateful for the part you played in helping us meet him in a gentle and medically minimized fashion. If we ever have another child, we will definitely hire another doula, and I hope that doula is you.

Thank you for all that you did for us, and all that you do. Warmest wishes for you,

Zorah, Ryan, and Jack

Posted 12/7/2018

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Melinda K

Cynthia is an amazing doula who provided great support throughout my pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum experiences.  She is very kind, but more importantly she really listened to my needs and my story.  She genuinely wanted to know how to best support me and I feel like she honored my wishes along the way.  I had a lot of lost trust with my medical system and her approach was not to be angry at them with me, but to really know how to work with me and support me while delivering my baby at a hospital I didn't want to be at.  I delivered my first child very fast, so I knew that I needed someone who could jump right in, and she was able to do just that.  Overall, I found Cynthia to be kind, genuine, flexible and knowledgeable.  I feel like we made a good birth plan and she was able to stick to it.  My husband and I were very pleased that we were able to share our birth experience with Cynthia! 

Posted 10/11/2018

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Kierah Hollins

Cynthia made my experience amazing through the last months of my pregnancy and the birth of my beautiful little girl. She is very understanding and flexible to each and every situation that may occur. When I was first interested in finding a doula, I knew that I wanted someone that was going to be 100% supportive and judgement-free when it came down to what I wanted my birth plan to look like. My goal was to follow through with an  un-medicated waterbirth and she made that possible by easing me through my fears and giving me a handful of resources to look at and techniques to try. She made sure that I had the emotional support that I needed after delivery and even when it was time to bring baby home. If I were to ever choose a doula for a pregnancy in the future, Cynthia would be the first person that I would call. She has such an amazing heart and the love she has for her clients and their newborns is just outstanding! I will definelty recommend her to any mama that is interested in a doula. Thank you so much for giving us all the support throughout this beautiful experience.


Much love from the Hollins family. 

Posted 10/3/2018

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Kinley MacGregor

Cynthia was my birth hero! Through a 52 hour labor she stood by my side. From the moment we met her, we felt completely at ease. Prior to our first meeting my husband was definitely skeptical of having a doula present for our birth. However, as soon as we left our first meeting, he turned to me and said “yep, we have to have her”. It turns out, that was the best decision we made. 

I ended up going far overdue and was induced at 42 weeks. From 38 weeks on, Cynthia was always there to answer my questions and give me ideas to help get my labor going. Once induction was decided on, she helped us through every step of the way. In addition to supporting me, she was a huge help to my husband. Because he has ADHD, he needed the ability to leave the room occasionallay in order to clear his head. Having Cynthia present, gave him that chance without having to worry about me being alone.

Once my labor stalled, Cynthia tirelessly worked with me to stretch and change positions so I could achieve the birth I wanted. Without her there, I can only imagine how different my birth would have gone. She made me feel so empowered during the entire process. Having her by myside, holding my hand through it all was absolutely priceless. 

Posted 9/16/2018

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