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Michele Wheaton

The Diligent Doula

Sweet Briar, VA Service range 100 miles



Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

4 years and 21 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, July 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Birth pool rental
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Informed Birth Options volunteer (VA), Hosted and organized speaking events of birth professionals, Blessing Way Director

Sweet Briar, VA Service range 100 miles

Client Testimonials for Michele Wheaton

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Joanna Rakoski


My experience with Michele as my Doula was nothing short of amazing. From our first meeting I felt as if we truly clicked. She supported me throughout my pregnancy, often checking in and answering any questions I had. She was a wealth of knowledge. She is a busy momma herself but always found the time to answer my questions or direct me in the directions where I would find my answers. When the big day came I felt totally prepared with her and my husband by my side. Michele stayed throughout my side until my little one was born. She used different techniques to help me through my overlapping contractions, knew when I needed some private moments and was never in the way. She was the perfect mix of gentle and diligent. I could tell that her goal was for me to have the birth that I envisioned and she would whatever she could to make that happen. After having Michele as my Doula, I can’t envision choosing anyone else! 

Miriam Gonzalez


Michele is a wonderful doula. She is very knowledgeable in all birth plans and anything baby. Even though this was our second pregnancy, I felt like I was learning new things with her every time we connected. She was able search and provided new techniques to every aspect of our concerns that we had. Michele connected with not only my husband but also my daughter. Incorporating the entire family is important to her. We anticipated having a natural probably induced birth (like our first pregnancy), but little did we know that the doctor and baby had different plans. I had a C-section. Michele was in constant contact with my husband as we headed to ER because baby failed one of the ultrasounds test. We discuss all of our birth plans and anything we could do to have a safe delivery. The baby became breach so doctors went ahead and try to move her back into place but baby decided to move back. Michele made sure to give us more options and explain medical terms to us. She talked to my husband and nurses to see make sure everything was going as plan. During the C-section, I lost a lot of blood and ended up having hypothermia. I was miserable, but knowing that Michele was with my husband and baby made me feel better. She did an outstanding job in keeping my husband calm and in positive attitude. Michele was very well like by all hospital staff and especially my husband. Once I arrived to the room, she was amazing with the right words and helping my husband with the baby. Of course, this was not the outcome of what we had plan, but having Michele on our side was the best thing that we could have hope for even if our plans turn out different. Postpartum was a little hard and Michele was in constant contact and was able to visit us a few times to come help. She made sure to give us more info on breast feeding/postpartum depression. I know she won us over with her overwhelming knowledge and her wonderful friendship. We love you Michele you are an angel!

Edvard Stevenson Janvier


The first time I heard the word “doula” my wife was just a few weeks away from giving birth to our precious little girl. A friend introduced the idea to us because my wife was under a lot of pressure from the doctor to be induced early. She had gestational diabetes during the pregnancy which she managed greatly by changing her diet, but the doctors were more concerned about their procedures than giving her a customized treatment, at least that’s how we felt. We didn’t know what to do, and my wife was going through tough time emotionally that ’s when Michelle showed up in our lives through a referral from my friend.
Although we had very little time to interact with her prior to the delivery, her presence and her passion provided immediate relief for us. Michelle patiently explained to us what was about to happen at the time of the delivery. She walked us through the alternatives we had. Her advice were very soothing.
Eventually, my wife was induced a couple of days passed her due date, however, Michelle did not let us go through that experience alone. She stood with us for what was arguably the longest night of our lives. We had no one else there with us. Having Michelle was the greatest gift we could have hoped in that times. She spent the whole night with us, involved, and engaged. We didn’t know how we could have made without her presence, but God knew better he sent her to us. We are grateful that she was there with us. We can’t express how much having someone there at the moment meant to us because we were a long way away from our family and our closest friends but at the right time an angel “Michelle” showed up. She provided the professional but mostly the emotional support that we needed. We cannot thank you enough Michelle.

Kim Fleischhauer


At 33 weeks pregnant I started feeling panicky about giving birth again. I wanted an un-medicated birth and did not feel confident I could achieve this goal on my own. Enter Michele. I reached out to Michele to explore the possibility of having a doula. After meeting with her and discussing my hopes for this birth, I knew right away she was what I was looking for. I was truly just looking for some support and encouragement and here is what I got:

> A kind and thoughtful person, who was there when I needed her.

> An extremely knowledgeable and informative advocate, who provided any information when requested or needed for various situations.

> A calm yet strong presence ready to either stand by my side or give the same support from a distance to allow family to have our intimate moments.

> A sensitive and supportive guide making great efforts to know my goals and help me meet them.

> A caring help and encouragement during my post-partum days, checking to make sure baby and I were making a healthy recovery.

Michele was brought into our lives “for such a time as this.” I strongly recommend her services! You will find, as I have, she goes over and above to be there for you and help you have the best possible birthing experience.

Stephanie Boron


Working with Michele was, hands down, the best decision we made in preparation for the birth of our baby. We met with several doulas and knew right away that Michele was the one for us! At our very first meeting, it was apparent what a wealth of information she had about pregnancy and birth. On top of that, she was warm and nurturing while also being a strong and grounding presence that we knew we could count on in more challenging moments. She asked thoughtful questions and made sure that she knew our goals for working together, while also taking the time to get to know us as a couple. After each of our prenatal meetings, we left feeling more at ease and more prepared for the big day. She worked closely with both me and my husband so that we would both feel empowered.

As my labor progressed, she was a wonderful support both emotionally and physically. She spent hours and hours with us at home and at the hospital. I was experiencing uncomfortable back labor, so she worked as a team with my husband to provide hands on support. I never imagined how grateful I would be to have two sets of hands there to help. During the more emotionally taxing parts of my labor, she was a warm and supportive presences for both me and my husband. As first time parents, we felt so lucky to have her there. In the end, we had a birth story that both my husband and I can reflect on positively and Michele was a huge part of that.

As I sit here with my happy, healthy baby girl, I’m beyond thankful for everything Michele did for us. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Tanya Javor


Michele is an amazing doula with vast knowledge and a huge heart! When she initially met with us, she asked such thorough questions and really tailored her services to the experience we wanted to have. She made sure to involve my partner and understand what role he felt he would play in the experience. She asked us questions to get us thinking about what we wanted for our birth. There were a few times that we had questions about certain procedures, and she provided not only her perspective but also the reasearch regarding the topic.

When it came time for labor, she was encouraging and supportive. She worked so wonderfully with my partner. I don't know what we would have done without her. She gave me the courage to push through some very tough moments during labor. I can't say enough about how wonderful she is!

Katie McGrath


I had Michele as my doula for my last birth. Her attention to detail was impressive. She balanced being very attentive to my needs with giving me the space I needed. I was so at peace leading up to the birth because of how well prepared she seemed. Michele asked me a lot of important questions about what I wanted and did not want and about my previous births. She typed up a very specific birth plan for me, emailed it to me, brought a copy to my birth and was there for me when I needed her. I was also very appreciative of the special post-partum tea she made a great big jar of for me and gave me the recipe for. It is a great uterine tonic and helps with milk production. I was grateful for her knowledge of such things.
Michele has a beautiful heart to boot and added to the peacefulness of my birth experience. I would call upon her again and highly recommend her!

Hillary Boucher


Amazing doesnt begin to describe Michele.

We moved to Chicago when i was about 22 weeks pregnant wihtout a support system, (family and friends are in New England). We knew we wanted a doula to assist with our birth -- as first time parents we figured it couldnt hurt to have someone with experience present to help guide us through the process. We struck gold with Michele. She exceeded every expectation we had for a doula. She made sure we had every resource possible to be well prepared for the third trimester, our delivery, and everything that comes after. She kept both of us reassured during the last stretch of my pregnancy and answered every 'stupid' question i could come up with. Michele was also extremely supportive of any decision we made without judgement, and would offer unbiased information for items we still needed to make decisions on. During labor she managed to meet every physical and emotional need i had, but was also able to really support my husband and make sure he had everything he needed to be there for me. I was successful at reaching my goal of having an unmedicated birth, and honestly i dont think that would have been possible without Michele being present (even my husband says he would have been HIGHLY supportive of an epidural at times). Michele made sure my birth goals were met by all of the hospital staff. It was freeing, i could focus on myself and depend on her to be a strong and dedicated ally when times called for it. Now that i've had our little one she is still proving to be a phenomenal resource. I truly believe i could send her questions for the rest of my life and she would happy answer and still be there for me and my family.

Having a doula is shown to make the experience a more positive one for the mother and baby. If you are lucky enough to have Michele as your doula, she will not only enhance your birthing experience but it will magnify and strengthen all the good things that come with becoming a parent.

Janice Rodriguez


Michele was my doula for my 2nd pregnancy and I wish I can yell from the mountain tops how amazing she was and how grateful I am for her.

I found Michele late in my pregnancy, I believe almost at 8 months. I had already spoke to a few other doulas but me & my husband were just not convinced that we needed one nor could spend the money on a doula. When I had almost given up, someone recommended her and Michele replied to my call right away and was super informative and personable over the phone. I was actually very excited to meet with her for a consult and she was very flexible with mine & my husband's busy work schedule which was very important to me. From the minute she walked into my home I knew it was a good fit! Her presence was so calming, reassuring, friendly, funny, attentive, and yet professional at the same time. I felt as if she was already a friend, and THAT is someone you want by your side during labor. She put all of our concerns at ease and answered all of our questions, reassuring my husband that she will not take his place but be BOTH of our support.

I truly believe that thanks to Michele at our side, we were able to have a successful beautiful natural waterbirth. In the little time we had at the end of my pregnancy she was able to provide the help & resources to prepare us for the birth we wanted. I needed ALOT of physical support from her during labor and she handled it like a pro! She knew exactly what pain relief I needed like using a rebozo or hip presses, and what I needed to hear at tough moments, she truly anticipated my needs. Most of all she was there emotionally for me before & after delivery.

Again I can't recommend Michele enough, and I will absolutely use her for all of my future pregnancies as well. 


Melissa Goodridge


I met Michele about a year ago on a local breastfeeding milk sharing page. She needed milk for her son and I had quite a bit to spare. I soon learned her passion for birth. She had shared stories about her home births and I was very intrigued. Well shortly after I became pregnant with my second child. My first emotion was fear. I was afraid of the whole birthing experience and I knew I had to do it differently this time around. As Michele told me about her home birth experiences it sounded so peaceful and that became what I desired. Later in my pregnancy I asked Michele if she would consider being my birth doula because I knew she had expressed that being something she wanted to do one day as a profession. She was of course ready to take me on as a client. She soon after went on to get formal training. Michele was extremely professional and came with a plethora of information. Her main goal always was to serve me in the best way to achieve what I wanted in a birth.

As the days led up to labor she was always available to be an emotional support and remind me that my body was made for this and everything will fall into place. She always remained calm and positive.

On the day of my birth she was very fast to respond and arrive to my home. She immediately stepped into her role and was ready to serve me in any way I needed. She read my emotions and body language perfectly. She knew when to be my main physical support and when to step back and let my husband step in, as part of my birth plan. She studied my birth affirmations I had posted on my wall and repeatedly spoke them to me. When I was in transition Michele reminded me of my birth plan and would always reassure that I can do this and my body was made for this. Michele was truly everything I could have asked for and more out of a doula and I would recommend her to everyone. Michele helped me achieve my dream birth. It was such a healing experience and I wouldn't change a single thing about it!

Julie Palmisano


When Michele offered her services as a doula, I actually had to Google the word. I had no idea what it meant. I had four hospital births before, all were terrible experiences. I had always just listened to what the doctors said in regards to my pregnancy and birthing options. When child number 4 came, he was delivered during a horrible divorce and by C-Section. When my fifth child was due to be born (15 years later), I knew I did not want another C-Section and I knew I needed something different. Michele was in the process of becoming a doula. She sent me information while I was pregnant that opened my eyes to many different sides of childbirth. I was introduced to many websites and FaceBook groups that had in mind the same outcome that I wanted. I wanted a VBAC (Vaginal birth AFTER C-section), and Michele got me connected to the groups I needed to get my mind prepared for childbirth after 15 years AND and an attempt at having a VBAC.

She would check in with me, ask me questions, send me articles, ask if I had thought about a 'birth plan', and nudged me in many ways. She arrived at the hospital shortly after my waters broke. She watched the dynamics of the room and as my labor started to get more intense,  my teenagers, parents, and others started to leave, she came closer into the fold. If I could say that this labor was a dance, she stayed close to me the entire time. I did not need to tell her anything, she instinctively KNEW how I was feeling. She knew when I had intense pressure, and would start rubbing my lower back. It relieved the pressure perfectly. She taught my daughter how to be alert to my signs and she gently taught my  husband how to be in tune with what I needed. I didn't have to say a word! She suggested different options while I was in labor and was a beautiful advocate for me when the hospital nurses started to push their hospital agenda. I forgot what I put in the birth plan, but she didn't! Thank you Michele!

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