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Kyndal May, AdvCD(DONA), Trainer

Confident Birthing Class

Boise, ID Service range 26 miles

(208) 695-7767

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Advanced Certified Birth Doula
  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

28 years and 396 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, September 1995

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
As an experienced birth doula, I have a keen sense of how to best work with hospital staff to get you the best care possible, & ensure your desires are followed as closely as is safely possible. I have wonderful working relationships in the hospitals here & am grateful for great care offered to families by the L&D nurses. Having given birth once in a hospital, I understand the value it offers. I attend births at St. Luke's, and St. Alphonsus Hospitals.

Attends birth center births? Some Birth Centers
My work as a birth doula began in a free-standing birth center in Seattle where I later became Director of Outreach and Education. It is a wonderful option for families who seek that experience. I attend births in most of the birth centers in Boise and the Treasure Valley.

Attends home births? Some Home Births
My second son was born at home (with midwives and doulas of course) and it is truly a uniquely special experience. With the care of a great licensed midwife, home birth provides an unparalleled experience for the family that values it.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Therapeutic bodywork
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Former Chair, Idaho Chapter of Postpartum Support International, Former Director of Education, DONA International; Appointed by the Governor: Charter Board Member, Idaho State Board of Midwifery; Idahoans for Midwives; The Big Push for Midwives/Idaho Team; The Grassroots Advocates Committee of the Coalition to Improve Maternity Services-promoting The Birth Survey; Committee Member, CIMS: The Coalition to Improve Maternity Services Nurse Recognition Program; The Midwives Association of Washington State; The Seattle Midwifery School; The South King County Breastfeeding Coalition; Director of Outreach and Education, 1999-2003 Puget Sound Birth Center

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Through prenatal meetings, childbirth preparation, massage and movement sessions and postpartum resources, we'll identify exactly what you need to feel both confident and confidently cared for at this time! Ior more info:

Boise, ID Service range 26 miles

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Ann Vonde


We hired Kyndal for our first birth with the expectation we would have a natural vaginal birth.  When our baby was breech and my water broke that birth ended up being a c-section.  Although Kyndal wasn't able to help with labor, she was by our side throughout the experience helping to navigate the hostipal, facilitating communication with the nurses and doctor, and meeting us afterward to help initiate breastfeeding.  That birth experience didn't end the way we thought, but we were still grateful to have Kyndal by our side.  

With out second child I knew we wanted to attempt a natural birth VBAC.  VBACs come with higher risks and I knew it was importatnt to have the best help and guidance possible if we were going be successful.  Calling on Kyndal's doula services again was a no brainer.  Our natural birth VBAC was a success in large part because of the excellent guidance and calming presence that Kyndal provided.  When labor got tough Kyndal was there guiding me through with a firm hand of support on my back or a much needed word of encouragement.  She helped facilitate communication with the doctor and nurses and kept track of details that would have escaped both me and my husband.  I truly cannot imagine going through labor without a doula by my side.  Kyndal's professionalism, her expertise in labor coping techniques, and her warm and caring presence were exactly what I needed during the most difficult times in labor.  I would highly recommend her as a doula. 

Stephanie Austin


This review is long overdue, but better late than never! We found Kyndal from this website and our midwife had glowing things to say about her experiences with Kyndal, so we decided to meet with her. Kyndal is so knowledgeable and her years of experience are so apparent upon that first conversation. She came to our house, talked about her services, but more importantly, asked us a lot of questions that we haven’t even thought about before then! Right from that first meeting, we knew we wanted her in our corner for us! She is incredibly attuned to her clients and has a natural intuition! As a part of her package, enrollment in her Confident Birthing class series is included and boy are we glad for that! I refer all of my pregnant friends to Kyndal, at the very least for the class (and hopefully for her doula services as well)! I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, I had an incredible birth experience and I credit Kyndal for much of it! She was with us though the entire labor, holding space for my husband and I, advocating for and educating is, taking incredible pictures of our son’s birth, and most importantly, encouraging an indescribable bond between my son and I! A few weeks after the birth, Kyndal had incredible follow up and support, came to our house to debrief on the birthing experience, provided breastfeeding support, and was available for questions! I cannot stop raving about the experience I had, and as we start to think about adding another little one to our family, there is no doubt she will be one of the first ones that I call to make sure we her there for all subsequent births!!!! We are so lucky to have such a knowledgeable, intelligent, experienced, and truly gifted doula in our city!!! 

Dana Van Der Giessen


When I think of the births of my 2 girls, I cannot express enough how thankful I am for Kyndal's support.  My husband and I felt that we learned so much in her birth class and we just knew we wanted her support for the rest of the journey.  And it is a journey!  We ended up having a planned C-Section for baby #1 due to breech presentation and being unseccessful at version attempts.  Kyndal was so available and supportive for all those decisions.  She has a way of holding this calm and supportive space, but being active in her monitoring of the needs of her client(s).  I found myself in a situation that was not my "plan," but I can say I had a really good C-Section experience.  I felt really informed from Kyndal's services and that information helped me advocate for things that I may not have known otherwise.  Throughout the journey, from birth planning all the way to checking-in after our daughter's birth, Kyndal was easy to connect with and she is really attuned to the needs of her clients.

For baby #2 we took a little refresher laboring class, since I did not labor the 1st time.  Baby #2 was also breech, but we were able to turn her and I had a totally natural V-BAC.  Kyndal helped my husband stay present.  I felt like Kyndal was looking out for us in a way we could not for ourselves because of the intensity of the experience.  She checks-in and asks questions and yet is so emotionally available.  She can be assertive, but also knows when to yield.  

If I were to have a 3rd baby, I would utilize Kyndal as a doula again!  Oh and I must mention, Kyndal is a talented photographer and we love our birth photos!

Thank you Kyndal!

Dana and Michael




Kaela Westbrook


I had taken doula classes with Kyndal a few months before i was pregnant with my first baby. In the time we were together for the class, i had decided then that she was the doula i wanted for my own birth. I had Kyndal booked by the time i was barely 11 weeks pregnant. I am so glad we did! Kyndal was always available to answer questions, even when some of them may have just been my irrational first-time mom worries. I had a relatively easy and enjoyable pregnancy for the majority of the 9 months. Towards the end, some issues popped up that had me worried, and she was so good at calming my nerves and providing ideas on how to help. My husband and i also took her Confident Birthing class, which gave us limitless information and resources.

My husband and i do not live in the Boise area, but we knew we wanted to have an unmedicated water birth at a birth center. There are none available in our area, so we decided that traveling would have to be an option for us. The night i went into labor, we made the trip up to Boise to stay in a rental house. Kyndal did amazing with keeping in contact with us, even though she was teaching a birth class that night. When I got into more active labor, Kyndal was there within half an hour. We were only at the house for maybe 10 more minutes before she suggested leaving for the birth center. If Kyndal and her experience weren't there, i believe we would have left too late and had the baby in the car! Luckily, we made it to the birth center, and baby was born about an hour later. She was so present during the entire birth. She was SO effective at calming when things got intense. She also was our photographer and beautifully captured the whole process. I had a very successful and beautiful birth, and i give a large amount of credit to Kyndal and all of her help. I can't imagine doing it without her, and i already had an amazingly supportive family as well. She was crucial for my labor and delivery! 

Bizzy Schorr


Kyndal saved my daughters life. 

Kyndal was my doula for both of my pregnancies. Some people say doulas are only for home births and they couldn't be more wrong! Having a doula, espeically one as experienced as Kyndal, is the wisest decision you can make for your pregnancy and childbirth, no matter where you deliver. Kyndal was with me all through the extremely difficult labor before my first c-section and a strong bulwark of encoruagement during my time in hospital before my second c-section.

When I found out my daughter was breech, I was devastated, because that meant we couldn't try for a VBAC. Kyndal was instrumental in helping me work thorugh all the emotional baggage this uncovered and getting me to a saner, safer place as I prepared for her birth. Most importantly she helped me accept the posibility of a version. If Kyndal hadn't encouraged me to try this, I wouldn't have been in the hospital the day we discovered my amniotic fluid was dangerously low. We had a c-section that day and my daughter is now a floruishing 10 monht old and so beautiful! But if it weren't for Kyndal's support and encouragement we almost certainly would have lost her. 

Pregnancy is hard. Birth is hard. Post partum is hard. Breast feeding is hard. It's confusing and overwhelming and emotional and scary. In these times you need someone in your corner, to stand up for you when you can't stand up for yourself.; someone to advocate for you and also to coach and encourage and counsel you to make informed, safe deicsions for you and for your family.

Kyndal is the best. She has decades of experience and attended over 300 births. Her teaching and coaching were instrumental in helping me cope with the physical and emotional challenges of pregnancy and in healing afterwards. 

I have trusted Kyndal with the lives of my children when they were at their most vulnerable and I would do it again in a heartbeat.


Katie Hanson


I was so excited about having a home birth for my first pregnancy, My midwife recommended Kyndal's birthing class early on, later when we started discussing doula's she also said that Kyndal was the best. I put the doula search on the back burner, since so many other things were on my mind with the pregnancy. 

My husband and I knew within 10 minutes of meeting Kyndal at her amazing birthing class that we had to have her as our doula.  It was immediately clear that her depth of knowledge and passion fo all things birth, pregnancy, and life coupled with her energy and personality would be an incredible fit for us. Kyndal's class left us feeling exceptionally prepared for our bith. Her 1-1 doula meetings with us brought us claser to our personal vision for our bith and how we would all work together to achieve our birth goals. I cannot imagine working with a more competent and compassionate doula.  

My water broke at 1:30 AM, labor started progressing quickly. My husband and I knew exactly what our plan was thanks to Kyndal, when I called her at 2:00 AM, she picked up the phone and we made our plans for her to come over. Kyndal was incredibly intuitive and proactive to all of my needs, as well as my husbands. She quickly and unfussily took care of just about everything, moving furniture, massaging me, taking beautiful photos, making food, communicating with my midwife, and so much more that I don't even know of because she does it all without direction.  All I know is that the ONLY thing I had to focus on was my labor, every need was met before I even voiced it.  She has done this so many times, and yet she makes you feel so special.

On top of that, she takes beautiful photos, and offers support after your baby is born. We ended up having the most beaufiul and special home birth, I'm confident it would not have been nearly as successful without Kyndal's support as a doula and education in her birthing class.

Tara Kristensen


One thinks that having a doula is just for the actual birth process. But where Kyndal helped me the most - and don’t get me wrong - she was AMAZING during the birth - but it was just so unexpected how much I needed her before and after the birth. It was so nice to have Kyndal, for lack of a better term, as a pregnancy counselor to talk to about all the emotions I was experiencing. This was my second baby (she was my doula for my first baby too!), but I just needed that extra support for all the unexpected stress/emotions I was feeling during that time of my life that seemed so different from my first pregnancy. And after he was born happy & healthy at home, but I had to make a trip to the emergency room for a quick surgery due to a bad tear, Kyndal‘s smiling face was the first I saw on my way out of the OR. My husband was thankfully taking care of our baby and wasn’t able to be with me. Kyndal pulls marathon hours - she was with us for a solid 28 hours with the very long birth of my first baby. And with my second, even though he came out quick, she came with us to the hospital at 11:30 pm and didn’t leave until after she came home with us at 6 am (I don’t know how she does it!). And two days later, Kyndal’s support was heaven sent when I was really struggling with nursing. I couldn’t be more thankful for the support and I wish the same experience for every new (and not so new) mother.

Lily Caywood


I had the pleasure of having Kyndal as my doula for the birth of my first son in 2017.  Due to personal history and experiences, I had many fears about pregnancy and delivery.  From our first phone call, Kyndal was understanding, supportive, and began to build my self-confidence in this process.  I took her class, Confident Birthing, in which I learned about child birth, learned about a variety of helpful tools and techniques, and I became closer with my husband throughout it all.  When I went into labor, Kyndal was instrumental to my success in naturally delivering my healthy baby boy.  She was there every step of the way, though she never tried to take any of the experience away from my husband.  She knew exactly when to offer suggestions or guidance and how to coach my husband as well.  She will definitely be one of the first phone calls when we get pregnant with baby number two!  I cannot thank her enough, and I highly recommend her services.  

Melissa Atkin


I could not have asked for a better Doula. I was experiencing anxiety during my pregnancy and once I had voiced my concerns to Kyndal she went above and beyond to help make me feel comfortable. She listened to me,  went to several doctors appointments to support me, and took me on a private tour of the hospital to work out some of that anxiety. I ended up needing a cesarean but Kyndal stayed and helped in any way she could. Once we got home and settled she came for a visit and and again Exceed our expectations  with making sure we were successful with breastfeeding and helped ease the shock of parenthood. Kyndal has a very calming presence and has the best hip squeeze. . We we are so lucky to have found her and always recommend her to anyone that asks. 

Mary Gobeille


Early in pregnancy I started reading lots about labor and delivery and tried to get my husband to do the same. At some point I realized he could not possibly learn enough to provide the quality of support I wanted and it was unfair to ask him to become essentialy an experienced doula through books alone. So on the recommendation of a friend I hired Kyndal. I am so glad I did. over the four (yep 4) days of labor I went from my midwife attended out of hospital birth to a cesarian. It could not have been further from what I wanted. During that time Kyndal did so many wonderful things for me and my husband and supported us in so many ways I could have never foreseen needing, (it's good to have a doula in the house in case you've been in labor so long you fall asleep on the toilet in the middle of the night). Every step of the way I had someone paying close attention to what I wanted that was willing to fight for me. After I consented to a cesarian she began working with the nurses to make it as pleasant for me and my husband as possible. in recovering she got my baby latched and nursing before I even really knew what was going on (she had asked my permission in one of my prenatal meetings so don't worry she won't touch you if you don't want her to). With her help I would not have been able to have started breast feeding in the importaint first hour of life.  She followed up with me after the birth of my baby and made sure I was taken care of physically and emotionallY. When I left a follow up appointment for my baby in tears she helped me find a second opinion that could see me immediately. 

But I think the important point is this: after more than 90 hours of labor and a cesarian I can look back and say I never felt scared, ignored, mistreated or traumatized. i have peace of mind that my birth outcomes were the best they could have been. That is something I think only a great doula can deliver.

Toni Hunt


When we found out we were pregnant with our fifth child, my husband and I immediately knew we wanted to hire Kyndal as our doula.  She is a hands down the most passionate and educated of doulas that we have ever met.  However, it isn't just her ability to do a good job, it is really her concern for each person as an individual.  Kyndal has the ability to assess the needs of her parents and provide just the right type of support.  She has an adaptability and repoire that can not be taught and truly sets her apart from other doulas.  We also benefited and truly appreciated her extensive knowledge of massage therapy and basic body mobility.  This knowledge helped in assisting in our birth and made all the difference in the birth of our child.  Having experienced several other doulas in the course of our birthing experiences, we would be hard-pressed to recommend anyone else as a doula.  There is just something special about the way that Kyndal cares for her clients.

Alena Sheire


At one of the most vulnerable, emotional and exciting times of my life I am so grateful to have had Kyndal by my side. I had no idea what a Doula was – or the role of a Doula in birth. After meeting with Kyndal I realized just how much I didn’t know about birth, what it meant to have a birth plan and what to do if my plan didn’t go as expected. Shortly after Kyndal walked out of the coffee shop, my husband and I looked at each other and didn’t have to say a word - we knew we wanted Kyndal to be our Doula and we were going to take her Confident Birthing Class. I mean, come on, it says confident in the title…this class was meant for us!
Fast forward a few months to when our classes started. It was a great time for us to continue to build our bond and prepare ourselves for the birth of our son. In one of our classes, Kyndal discussed the breech position & what that meant the closer it got to your ‘guess date’. We learned all about External Cephalic Versions (ECV). Little did I know at the time that I would be in that very situation. From 35 to 37 weeks my little boy was breech with no signs of turning. Per my request (with Kyndal’s guidance) at 38 weeks we scheduled an ECV. Kyndal was there throughout the entire procedure to remind me of my breath & keep me calm as he was being turned. We got lucky & the ECV was successful!
A few weeks later I went into labor & we made the call to Kyndal that it was time. Once we got to the hospital & I started transitioning she helped me through my contractions. We found my son wasn’t in the right position when it got closer to pushing so Kyndal suggested a few positions for me to move into in order to get him into place. That sure did the trick! I can’t begin to explain how comforting & empowering it was to have Kyndal through my birth experience. She has a true passion for what she does & is an incredible advocate!

Teresa Acheson


I am a midwife, retired now, who has attended about 900 births, either at home or at a birth center. When I was practicing, I was sometimes fortunate enough to attend a birth when Kyndal was the doula. I always felt very comfortable and confident working with her.

Now I want to sing her praises even more. My daughter and her husband chose Kyndal to be their doula, and they just had their baby, a big, beautiful 9 lb. 7 oz. baby boy. The birth was a wonderful VBAC, and Kyndal was instrumental in achieving that.  Without her, it might have gone differently.  She is a direct communicator, which is just what my daughter needed.  She also had a good rapport with the hospital staff. It is obvious that she is well respected by the nurses and other staff. She supported my daughter and her husband in their choices, but she also offered guidance to them when they needed it. Her help was knowledgeable and intuitive. Her timing was perfect. She knew when to leave them to themselves, when and how to step in and make suggestions, and when to become very involved and help them through the hardest part of labor.

I have heard some people say that they don’t understand why a doula might be helpful or necessary when the father or other support person is present. In the case of my daughter’s birth, Kyndal’s presence was a huge contribution. I don’t believe that I, even with all my experience, or my daughter’s husband, though he’s well educated about birth, could have been so helpful. Sometimes it takes a skillful and compassionate professional, who isn’t quite so personally involved, to help navigate the difficult waters of laborland. 

Kyndal, I am so glad you are passionate about what you do and hope many more people can benefit from your good work. Thank you from the bottom of my mother’s (and grandma’s and midwife’s) heart.

John Dunstan


John's point of view: Kyndal helped so much! She empowered me to be fully present in the labor and birth and to fully support my wife. She percieved what both my wife and I needed and guided us in getting it (or directly provided it herself). I honestly think without her our son's birth would have ended very differently. I can confidently say that with her on our team, an amazing, beautiful birth experience unfolded.

Liz's point of view: We took Kyndal's 'Confident Birthing' class and were very impressed with her knowledge. We debated having a Doula for a long time. Kyndal informed the class that statistically one of the few things found to enhance/improve the birth experience is a Doula. She wasn't pushy or anything, just stated the facts and moved on. Honestly, I didn't have the sense that I'd need a Doula. It was my husband who wanted the support of a Doula in order to make sure he was taking care of me WELL, so I let him pick our Doula. At 35/36 pregnant weeks along he chose Kyndal. After learning from her for 6 weeks in class, recognizing that she was the BEST & most experienced in the Treasure Valley and knowing that she would be someone I could feel safe with, it was a no brainer. Early in our Doula decision making process a friend gave us the advice that "if she's the best, then why wouldn't you want the best for something like this?" Well, we don't regret inviting the best Doula in on the labor and delivery journey at all. After at least 48 hours in labor, I had the BEST of the BEST birth experiences with a friend, confidant, cheerleader, support, massage therapist, photographer... and that was just what KYNDAL brought to the experience. She is good at what she does. She learned me and used her gut to get me what I needed. I had some crazy and confusing times throughout labor and Kyndal stuck through it with me to the end... I have the pictures to prove it!

Jonathan Condel


You want a doula for many reasons. You want expertise, someone to turn to for advice, advocacy, comfort, and to help you find your strength when you want to give up. You want and need to surround yourself with real support for one of the most challenging of life events.

You want Kyndal as your doula because she works tirelessly to be everything you need and makes it look easy. Because her personality and expertise make it effortless to trust her. Because she can comfort you and take any panic and doubt out of your labor and replace it with with the focus and strength that you need and she will do these things and more for as long as it takes. She is effective in every way.

We had a home birth all planned out, but things did not go as planned. There was over 24 hours of labor, a baby unexpectedly facing forward, a transfer to the hospital and a late night c-section before we finally had our daughter. It was our first child and it was all unexpected, draining and overwhelming. Kyndal was there from start to finish, did not depart till we were tucked into our room and ready for our first real rest. We felt genuinely cared for. We still feel deeply grateful for all she did for us.

She's also a great photographer and the disc she gave us became a real treasure. We can not recommend Kyndal strongly enough.

Rachael Schussler


My husband and I met Kyndal while taking her Confident Birthing class.  When we approached her about serving as our doula, she was very attentive and professional.  She met with us once before class to go over her contract, then visited our home once before we gave her "the call".  I never expected labor to be the way it was for me.  Kyndal was called several times over a couple of days and was always supportive.  After our second trip into the birthing center she came home with us to labor for a few more hours.  I was tired but she was able to help me focus and press on.  At one of my hardest mental times she took a scripture off of my wall and placed it in front of me "I can do all things through Christ".  This was so helpful.  We ended up heading in to the birthing center one last time.  After another few hours we decided to transfer to the hospital.  This was the last thing we wanted to do, but it ended up being the rest I needed.  Kyndal was great at navigating the hospital, which seemed so intimidating at first.  She stayed with us through it all.  I will always have such gratitude in my heart for her.  She stayed focused helping me to do what my body needed.  Eventually our son came.  Kyndal helped us to have a satisfying birth experience.  We would recommend her to anyone who is needing  extra support, especially if this is your first child.  She knows what to do and when to do it.  We can't say enough good things about her.

Robert Reid


We hired Kyndal to be our doula for the birth of our first child in May of 2014 after taking her Confident Birthing class.  Our expectations were exceeded. both my wife and I would  highly recommend her.  

Kyndal was an amazing resource and an advocate for the three of us before, during, and after our pregnancy.  She was readily available to answer any of our questions via text, email, and phone.  

Our labor was exceeding long (36hrs) and Kyndal was with us the entire time. We started out at home, and had to be transferred to the local hospital.  She was extremley valuable in both situations, and helped us to understand each decision we were making.  

She was instrumental in protecting the space of the couple.  My wife described her as a mama bear and whenever she needed a calming presence, or the voice of reason Kyndal was there.  

We will absolutely rehire her again if we choose to have another child.  The role of a doula is to comfort the woman, protect the space of the couple, and Kyndal mastered both.  Thank you Kyndal!


Rob, Beth, and Liv!





Jamie Parkinson


Kyndal once again was our hero during the birth of our second son.  We where faced with an induction at 38 weeks.  She was by our side through the entire process and helped us have the medication-free birth we wanted.  Once my water broke labor progressed very quickly.  In less than 2 hours I had an intense urge to push, but the doctor wasn't there yet.  Trying not to push when every fiber of my being screamed to push was the most difficult thing I have ever done.  Kyndal knew just what to do to help me through it.  We don't know what we would have done without her.  We love love love Kyndal.  Thank you Kyndal for being by our side as we completed our family.  Kyndal is such a kind and loving person.  The Treasure Valley is lucky to have Kyndal.

Heidi Leben


Hiring Kyndal was the best decision we could have made. She got to know us very well prior to the birth so she could provide personal attention based on our personalities, needs, and goals. Because of this personal attention, I was able to achieve the birth of my daughter without any pain medication. She provided the education, confidence, and practical support I needed to get into the mental space to do this.  

She takes great care of husbands too--she snuck mine away to get some dinner and made sure I didn't even notice he was gone.

She seemed to always know when to take charge, when to ask me to make a choice, and when to just observe.

Kyndal also took amazing photos of the birth that we will always treasure.  

Taran Bhattal


My Dreambirth of a Natural, Waterbaby would not have been so Sacred and Miraculous
without Kyndal as my Doula.
Having travelled all the way from India, for this Key Experience in my life,
i am going back overjoyed, enriched, empowered ,centred with my birth experience.
Kyndal's continuous emotional support, communicative skills, physical coping comfort measures and Unique intuitive talent helped me keep my Focus and brought out my innermost potential, thus making this my most Cherished lifetime memory.
Kyndals suttel knowledge, wisdom, experience, also helped me get the
Confidence of what to expect during pregnancy, guided my partner Amar as to how best to envelope and father 'us' and how to allow my body to Bloom and stay Calm and become one with my baby Esra....
Absolutly agree to the phrase..Kyndal is Contagious..must have Doula!!!

Bonnie Olswanger


My husband and I contacted Kyndal regarding her doula services after signing up for Confident Birthing and hearing countless praises of her from our dear friends. From the moment we met her we felt we were in the best, most capable of hands. Kyndal's years of experience in the birthing community and her vast knowledge of pregnancy and labor were such a comfort to us from the start and became even more important as we approached the birth of our daughter.

I will forever appreciate Kyndal's dedication to our birth wishes and plans but also her openness to changes along the way without judgement. Our questions were always answered openly and honestly and she guided us calmly through any of our concerns. There are very few people in this world who have discovered what they were absolutely meant to do and Kyndal is one of them. She was truly meant to guide women through their pregnancies and labors and support their partners through the process, as well. 

It's difficult for me to explain the amount of gratitude I feel. I truly believe Kyndal is one of the main reasons I look back on my labor with such joy and satisfaction. I felt completely supported the entire time and she gave me confidence and strength when I needed it most. She was an invaluable part in it all to both of us and we feel like we owe her our entire world.

Josh Olswanger


My wife and I took Kyndal's childbirth classes starting in the Winter of 2013. We met with her briefly to discuss her doula services, and based on numerous raving reviews, we felt really confident in choosing her to be a part of our birth.

Kyndal met with us multiple times throughout the pregnancy and her experience and calmness was exactly what we needed as first time parents-to-be. Having no prior experience in childbirth or never witnessing a birth, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. 

During the actual birth, we felt as if things couldnt have gone any smoother. Kyndal was more than calming and extremely intuitive to every contraction, how my wife was experiencing them, and always offering massage, different positions,  suggestions, etc.

From a husband/partner's point of view, I cannot stress how important having a doula present at your wife's birth is. More importantly, having Kyndal as your doula is about as good as it gets. I cannot put into words how thankful I am she was a part of this amazing life event for us, and she will without a doubt, be present for our next child. Thank you so much Kyndal!

Lauren Church


My husband and I both agree that hiring Kyndal as our doula was one of the best decision we could have made in preparation for our natural birth. I had a long labor, and am fairly sure I would not have had the confidence to get through it without medication, had it not been for her knowledge, experience and encouragement. We chose a hospital birth, and Kyndal helped us to know what to ask for to create a calmer/more personal atmosphere.

Kyndal is so passionate about the work she does, and truly gets to know her clients. Because of this, she can assist them in the way that best suits their needs. Kyndal did such an amazing job supporting us through the birth process, but at the same time, allowing us our space to have an intimate birth experience as a couple. We could not have asked for a better support than what Kyndal gave us during one of the most imoportant moment of our lives.


Jody Thatcher Bullard


We were looking for a doula who had experience in both natural child birth and hospital births.  I knew from other friends that Kyndal is a huge advocate of midwifery (which isn't available in our hospitals in Idaho) so it was important to me to have a discussion about why we wanted a hospital birth and to make sure that we found a doula who would be supportive of that decision while advocating our desire for natural child birth.  She definitely is most interested in women having the experience that they want rather than imposing her ideals on others - so we decided that it would be a good match.

I ended up being put on bed rest early in the pregnancy and she was wonderful about coming to our house to do the child birth education (she is also a child birth educator) without charging more than her regular class fee. It was hard enough to miss out on all of the pregnancy classes on bed rest - so it was great that she didn't make this more challenging.

The birth experience in her words was "textbook".  It was calm, mellow and well supported Kyndal, our nurse and the doctor.  At shift change Kyndal made sure that we were assigned a nurse who was natural-childbirth-friendly (our nurse had 3 natural and 1 epidural pregnancies herself and preferred natural).

She also takes great photographs which is a side bonus.  Most of all I was surprised at how powerful of a NEED it was for me to be surrounded by women who have assisted child birth 100s of times before.  Kyndal and our nurse were the two women that we needed that day, and it was a perfect day. 

Mary and Eric Grohs


Kyndal May is the best doula available in the Treasure Valley. I have not personally met any other person as qualified to help a woman through the birthing process and she came highly recommended by everyone in the birthing community here in Boise. After experiencing a traumatic birth with my first child, I decided I needed a qualified, experienced doula to assist me during the birth of my second child. I contacted Kyndal and during our first conversation I could tell she was truly listening to me and would be a wonderful help during birth. She met with me and my husband several times before the birth to talk about our expectations and hopes for our birth. She always answered my calls and listened when I would hit emotional roadblocks during my pregnancy. My husband particularly liked her professionalism, organization and clarity. I appreciated her ability to help me wade through the baggage I was carrying from my first birth. As our due date came and went, our journey became more stressful as we faced the possibility of elective C-section due to postdates. Kyndal was supportive as I grappled with potentially having to choose a second C-section, helping me to recognize all of the things were different about this pregnancy including my involvement and decision making. When, at last, labor began (at 43 weeks!), Kyndal was absolutely the foundation of our successful labor and delivery. After my water broke and I needed to push at 4 centimeters, she kept me focused on making it through the contractions. She accompanied us to the hospital and made check-in at triage easy. She steered me through each contraction, coached me into helpful positions, and protected the sacred space of our birth. My second son was born naturally without any unnecessary interventions and without drugs in a remarkably short time. I can say, without a doubt, that our birth would not have been so smooth or healing without Kyndal.

Joyce and Trevor


Kyndal was such a special and helpful addition to our birth. We knew we wanted to use her as soon as we found out we were pregnant, as we would be attempting a Vbac and knew her experience and expertise would be crucial to our success. Kyndal took the time to meet with us on multiple occasions to discuss our upcoming birth, answer questions, and provide the support we needed to feel well prepared in advance. I love her emphasis on striving for a "Satisfying Birth Experience."Kyndal was a key element in assisting me in overcoming some of the emotional obstacles that I was dealing with from our previous birth that resulted in a c-section. I don't think I would have ever attempted to pursue a Vbac without her support and extensive knowledge in the area, not to mention the time she took to generously share that with me and listen to my concerns. Once in labor and all through the birth, Kyndal was intuitive and worked diligently as a quiet and supportive partner in our birth. She was able to provide sound advice and guidance in getting me comfortable and progressing my labor and knew what to say to keep Trevor and I motivated when the going got tough :) We went on to have a successful Vbac at St. Lukes Downtown and couldn't be happier with the results. We're so glad we chose her and can't imagine our natual birthing experience without her. Doula's are special women indeed, and Kyndal May is an expert in her field. Boise is so blessed to have her, and so were we <3

Marieke Hahn


Kyndal was everything I could ask for and more. For weeks after the birth, I kept thinking, “I am so glad Kyndal was there. I could not have done it without her.” She was everything I needed. She said and did all the right things at all the right times. She took care of so many things, but I’ll just highlight a few. She helped get me into various positions and kept reminding me to relax my shoulders and embrace each contraction. She really helped me through the contractions by reminding me to use the visualization techniques I had developed in her class. She included my husband, reminding him how to do the double-hip squeeze (which we had learned in class) and showing him where to stand and sit so I could lean on him in the most comfortable way. She encouraged me to take advantage of the big tub in our birthing suite, which is not something I initially wanted, but which felt divine and helped so much. It was as if she knew me better than I knew myself. She took care of a thousand small details too, like making sure I had food and water and making sure there were cool, wet washcloths available. She even made sure my husband got breaks to go eat.

When I entered transition and thought I couldn’t take one more second of the immense pressure, she really helped me work through it. And when it came time to push, she even helped me through that – hers was the voice I listened to. She was an amazing guide during our birth. I felt like she held my hand the whole way. Our birth wasn’t perfect as we didn’t get the OB/GYN we had seen for months and my labor started with my water breaking rather than the contractions I was expecting, but Kyndal being there is one of the main reasons that I have such a positive feeling about my birth. Her presence alone was calm and reassuring. Her assistance was invaluable. I have such respect and admiration for her and I will be forever grateful.

Chelsea Johnson


Kyndal attended the birth of our most recent daughter as our doula. She is just amazing as a doula and it was such a blessing for us to have her there with us. Just having her in the room with us gave us such added confidence. She has a way of helping people feel confident and has a positive and calming presence. She thought of everything and was just exactly what we needed to help us have an even more wonderful and beautiful birth experience. She came to our house and to the birthing center with us, took pictures for us that have been really nice to have, heated up heat packs for me, helped me in and out of the birthing tub, got me water, encouraged me, and did all of the behind the scenes work so that I could just relax and not have to worry about anything - much of which I probably don't even know about. At one point as I was pushing in the birthing tub, my back was cold and my husband started pouring warm water over it, which felt so good. Later he told me it had been Kyndal's idea. He was so happy to have her there with us and says we definitely need her there with us next time we have a baby too. It was so nice to have Kyndal there with her added wisdom and experience. She is a wonderful doula and I would highly reccommend her to anyone - her presence during your labor and the birth of your baby will be invaluable!

James and Jamilyn Barrett


 James and I first met Kyndal at her Confident Birthing class in 2010, her class came highly recommended by a couple of our close friends and by the Babyplace Midwives.  From the beginning we loved the way that Kyndal spoke about the process of labor and birth.  Throughout this whole event Kyndal was so kind and helpful, she was amazing when it came to reassuring us about what was happening.  Her wisdom and the peace that surrounds her gave me strength.  During the entire 37 hours of labor we were taken care of.  While we were still laboring at home Kyndal was attending another birth and sent over to us her "backup" doula Sheila Taylor, we had never met Sheila but from the moment she walked into our home I felt peace.  Sheila was a great asset to our little labor team, she was attentive, knowledgable and seamlessly meshed with the rhythm and routine my husband and I were in.  After arriving at the Birth Center Kyndal was able to join us once again and even when at times things seemed a little hairy she was calm and very present.  She really helped me to feel strong, confident and at ease with what my body and baby were doing.  I had full confidence in the way my body was created, and Kyndal reminded me of that along the way.  She supported my husband and took care of what he needed as well.  This amazing experience was in so many ways enhanced by the presence of my doulas and I would not do this again without them!

Greg and Sarah Morris


We first met Kyndal May in early 2007 while attending her Confident Birthing class.  Kyndal's warmth and extensive knowledge/experience really impressed us.  We really wanted a natural birth experience (our first), and Kyndal was extremely helpful to us at every level of our learning.  When the contractions started two weeks ahead of due date, Kyndal was there for us.  Our birth experience was very challenging, and ultimately involved over 40 hours of active labor.  There are not enough characters available in this post for us to adequately share just how much her constant presence, support, and guiding wisdom helped us through perhaps the most difficult night of our lives and into perhaps our greatest joy.  Kyndal worked seamlessly with a team of midwives, and with us, to provide whatever was needed at any given moment (and there were many).  She was a true servant to our birthing process, and always honored our wishes.  Ultimately, we were able to have our daughter naturally, but had it not been for Kyndal and the midwives, we would likely have forfeited our desire for natural childbirth and gone to the hospital. 

We cannot recommend Kyndal more highly to any couple hoping to have someone serve them, their birthing experience ideal, and honor the sacred process.  In the next few days, Kyndal will attend the birth of our second child and we are so grateful and secure knowing that she will be there. 

Greg and Sarah Morris

Angela Labrum


My husband and I have been blessed by Kyndal’s participation in the births of our two daughters. With her help we went into each birth educated and informed. She helped us make decisions that were best for our family and we were comforted knowing that she would help make sure our choices would be respected. In addition her energy brings such encouraging strength. I believed in myself, my husband believed in me and Kyndal not only believed in me, but also pushed me to continue believing in myself at my very weakest moments. With each friend or family member of mine that is preparing for the birth of one of God’s greatest gifts I always pray that they take the time to educate themselves, ask questions and seek assistance from our dearest Kyndal May.

Andrea & Shelia


Andrea was 5 months along when we scheduled a time to meet with Kyndal May.  We had heard great things about her and wanted to see if she would be a good fit for us as "non-traditional" parents.  After talking with her for about 10 minutes, we knew she was the one.  Her openness, expertise, and positive outlook reframed our whole idea of how beautiful this experience could be.  We eagerly signed up for her Confident Birthing class.  Kyndal's knowledge and belief in humanity left us feeling more prepared and excited to share this experience together.  The week of the birth, Kyndal provided unyielding guidance through each stage of labor.  Being ten days overdue, we were becoming more and more nervous.  Her constant presence both on the phone and in person, reassured us that things were progressing as they should.  On the day of the birth, Kyndal devoted an enormous amount of time.  She was with us the night we checked into the hospital, going home only when the process slowed, but then getting up early the next morning to be with us again.  Her calm, secure, reassurance allowed us the space to truly experience the birth like we wouldn't have, had Kyndal not been there.  When we look back at our birth, it was the most powerful, raw, and natural experience of our lives.  We will be forever grateful to Kyndal for the huge part she played in helping to hold sacred the space where we got to experience love and devotion at a whole different realm.  We love you, Kyndal!

Michael Schwartz


My wife Whitnee and I had our first child in October 2008 at the Baby Place in Meridian, Idaho.  We live two hours away and on more than one occasion, Kyndal opened her home to us.  This was a safe environment in which we learned much about ourselves, our relationship and our ability to see ourselves as parents.  Kyndal gave use space to reassure ourselves, increase our confidence and gain tools for the experience of birth.  Kyndal's ability to share her knowledge allowed Whitnee and I to recognize and understand what it meant to have a positive birth experience.  I can not state enough how impactful the awareness of having a positive birth experience was for me in supporting my wife through our pregnancy and child birthing process. 

During the birth process Kyndal was nurturing and supportive of our needs and desires.  She was able to help both Whitnee and myself make the right decisions and guide us in a physical, mental and emotionally safe and moving way.  It was very evident that Kyndal had been down this road before and in many ways, Whitnee and I believe that she was the best guide for us.  Kyndal was a tremendous, inexhaustible and calm resource.

When the baby turned one year-old Whitnee and I reminisced the long night of her giving birth.  At one point Whitnee described a moment in the pre-dawn hours when candles were lit and the room glowed and rippled in their light.  There were no candles, actually, but I think it a beautiful thing that this is her memory.  I also think in some ways, for Whitnee and for myself, Kyndal May was a big candle with a lot of light.

We look forward to having Kyndal with us during our second child's birth during the Summer of 2010.


Andrina & Jim Davis


We chose to have our baby at The Baby Place, and the midwives highly recommended Kyndal’s Confident Birthing Class. Her class was great and up until about a month before our due date we hadn’t thought much about using a Doula. As we learned more about the birthing process we realized as first time parents, it would be nice to have Kyndal with us. Kyndal is very knowledgeable, caring and comfortable with the birthing process. It was wonderful having her before, during, and after the birth of our baby girl. She also knows her clients well, I felt like she was reading my mind at times. This really helped me voice concerns that I had about giving birth. This also showed me how committed she is to her clients and their needs.
One thing that Kyndal did for us that was unexpected was facilitate a stronger bond between my husband and me. I can’t seem to find the right words to explain how she did this, but by her being there and through our meetings with her, she seemed to bring out the best in our marriage. I am just so grateful for her! This was the most amazing experience we have ever had. And the birth of our daughter was perfect! Kyndal will always be close to our hearts and thought of with love and respect.

Maria Sabo


I highly recommend Kyndal as a doula! She was absolutely amazing for us and I can't imagine our birth without her. We met Kyndal by taking her Confident Birthing childbirth class. Since we were having an out of hospital birth at a birth center with midwives, i wasn't thinking we'd also need or want a doula at first. But at about 37 or 38 weeks my husband thought that HE really wanted a doula to help him. He wanted someone knowledgeable to help him decide when to go into the birth center and for someone to help him help me. What a good decision! Kyndal was indispensable. She is full of knowledge, funny, fun to hang out with and very calm and professional. She brings so much experience and made us feel so pampered and taken care of.
A few moments stand out to me that I especially am glad we had Kyndal as our doula. One was in deep active labor when both Rob and I were in the tub laboring. She was there at our side getting cold cloths for both Rob and I and she seamlessly helped me the few moments Rob needed to take a break and I had to have someone there at my side. She constantly had a glass of water there for me and these small things felt SO big at the moment.
Another was afterwards on the 2 day post partum visit. we had not slept at all the night before and in came Kyndal with advice and help. She was willing to run over and bring us a breast pump I was crying for and also helped me with some nursing techniques that were a godsend!

Cortney George


My husband and I were fortunate enough to have Kyndal work with us as our birth doula for the birth of our first child. We also took Kyndal’s wonderful Confident Birthing classes. Kyndal has the perfect combination of knowledge, nurturing, honest motivation and passion for natural childbirth. She was an expert at knowing when to be involved with me, as the birthing mother, and when to stand back and let my husband take the lead. I am sure that the combination of taking Kyndal's class and having her as a birth support contributed directly to my satisfying birth experience.

I am currently pregnant with my second child and only wish she could be my doula again! Alas, she's in Idaho and I'm in Washington...

Kyndal is a blessing to the natural birthing community and would be a huge asset to any family who wants a supportive, competent doula. (She also gives an amazing pregnancy massage!)

Dr. Stephanie Perry


My husband and I are both Chiropractors and knew that we wanted to have a natural child birth from day one.  I decided to hire an experienced doula to aid in having a satisfying birth.  My husband supported my wishes but did not think it was necessary.  Kyndal was a wonderful asset during birth.  Kyndal knows a great deal about labor and the birthing process.  She knows how to make the mother more comfortable, as well as, positions and techniques to progress labor.  She worked to encourage my husband and I, and knew when to fade into the background or when to be present for me.  But above all, when we were faced with one of our biggest fears, she was there for us.  During intense labor, we found out our baby was breech and would be born c-section.  We were not prepared for this, but Kyndal was.  She was there to comfort us and provide us with the information we needed.  Needless to say, my husband had a change of heart.  We feel very blessed that Kyndal was a part of the birth of our first born, baby girl, Memphis.

Josh Hindson


We initially met Kyndal through her extraordinary 10-week "Confident Birthing" class for expectant parents. Her knowledge and passion were such that we could not possibly have taken "no" for an answer when trying to secure her services as our doula. She accepted, and we were positively elated with the entire experience. Kyndal maintains an air of confidence and absolute professionalism while at once demonstrating an amazing compassion. Kyndal was there for the birth of our first child, and if we have it our way she will be there for the birth of all our children.

-Josh, Tori, and now Elliot, Hindson 

Helen Neville


Having had a c-section previously, I had not considered a vaginal birth because I was mis-led by my Dr. into thinking it was unsafe. I met Kyndal the week before my surgery; she encouraged me to look into a VBAC, gave me resources for research, and I decided in the span of 2 days to do it. We cancelled the surgery, found a new VBAC-friendly Dr. recommended by Kyndal, and hired her as our doula. Kyndal provided a crash birthing course and her coaching and availability to answer questions before the birth made us much more prepared and confident once the day arrived. My choice to be in a hospital led to various limitations and I had a relatively long and somewhat complicated labor. Kyndal’s ability to adapt to the hospital setting, attention to my physical needs, and emotional support for me and my husband was essential. Our baby was turned OP, but by positioning me in various ways she got her to flip, and facilitated great communication among me, my husband, the nurses, and the Dr. We were able to deliver a healthy baby and have the most incredible and emotional experience of our lives. We couldn’t have done this without Kyndal. The nurses and Dr. were clearly very moved by our teamwork, and all took the time to tell me how impressed they were with Kyndal. One important aspect of her coaching – which is often overlooked I think – is how she facilitated my husband’s involvement in the birth, making it much more rewarding to him; the pressure points she recommended he do were essential in getting me through the pain, and the constant physical effort and attention it required for him to do that for so many hours meant he was right in the trenches with me. Kyndal’s commitment to birth education and to being a doula is truly exceptional. Given the comparison I now have between my two birth experiences, I would not give birth again without a doula and would recommend Kyndal to anyone, in any birth situation, at any time!

Megan Deboi


When my husband, Zack, and I were first introduced to the idea of a doula we thought that it was unnecessary. We were at a hospital and knew there would be nurses and a doc present-  thinking that was naive as first time parents.  Now we cannot even begin to describe how thankful we were to have Kyndal present at the birth.  No matter how much preparation is done to welcome the baby to the world, you really never know what kind of labor you'll get.  Like Kyndal teaches in her Confident Birthing Class, each birth is unique, you can't know what yours will be like- you simply have to prepare for all possible outcomes. Kyndal is a versatile person and can quickly adapt to a given situation.  This is great because as the couple your emotions are much different than the emotions of the doula during the labor.  Having a professional there who fully understands your desires for the birth is crucial in the moments of intense emotion.  The nurses, doc, and doula are there to do thier jobs; the major difference is that the doula's main goal and focus is helping you have the successful birth you are looking for.  A nurses may not understand your desires or what type of person you are, and they may be preoccupied with charting, helping the doctor, and paying attention to medical equipment.  The doula is the ultimate support system for you and your husband. Kyndal was phenomenal at making Zack and I feel like she was there for us with the sole and complete purpose of the same birth outcome that we desired. Yes, a person absolutely can get through a birth without a doula, but would you get behind the wheel of a car on a busy interstate without ever having been taught how to drive?  Sure, it may seem easy and the basics are all the same, but there are outcomes that you can't control outside of the car and you definitely want to be prepared and taught how to handle those outcomes.

Mandy Petty


We started out by taking Kyndal's Confident Birthing Class in preparation for our first baby. I had no intention of using a doula at all when we first started the class, mostly because I didn't understand what doulas actually did, and how they were different from midwives. Toward the middle of the class I started to realize what a benefit a doula would be for my husband and I as first time parents. Skpping ahead to the actual birth, Kyndal was everything that my husband and I needed her to be. She listened openly and carefully to what our specific needs were as a couple, observing our personalities and relationship dynamic, in order to give us the best service possible. Her experience, expertise and sensitivity brought calm and reassurance to our birth experience. Speaking specifically to those who might be in limbo about whether or not to hire a doula, we are both so very thankful that we had a doula at the birth and especially thankful that it was Kyndal!

Claire McGrath


Kyndal May was my doula for the birth of my first child.  I had previously received fertility and prenatal massage from Kyndal and I attended her Confident Birthing class.  I am a single mom.  Kyndal was sensitive to meeting my unique needs as a single mom in both her childbirth class and during my daughter's birth.  She has amazing communication skills, and I always felt 100% comfortable communicating my thoughts, needs, concerns, ideas, etc.  I planned a hospital birth but wanted a natural and peaceful birth.  Unfortunately, labor complications and a very long labor, coupled with poor care from hospital staff ,made my labor much more difficult than I had hoped.  Kyndal's continuous presence, support, knowledge, communication, and care were invaluable.  I simply cannot imagine having gone through my difficult birth experience without her with me.  I have told her that I will forever consider her a huge blessing in my life and my daughter's life.  I consider hiring Kyndal as my doula the absolute best decision I made in preparation for my birth. 

garry lough


Kyndal May was a "must have" for Jami's pregnancy and birth. Kyndal was an invaluable guide, friend, coach and counselor throughout the birthing process. She provided timely and objective support and education for Jami and I. Her objectivity and thorough research made the information and guidance she provided palatable for our family to accept during our transition. There is no doubt she was the catalyst for the paradigm shift we experienced in our birth plan. I cannot imagine what people do without attending a "Confident Birthing" class like hers. I would have felt vulnerable and ill prepared for any of the unforeseen circumstances that require couples to deviate from their original birth plan. Jami and I were blessed to have her as our doula. Thanks Kyndal.

Jami Lough


My husband and I began our journey with Kyndal during the later stage of our pregnancy during her Confident Birthing Class.  Kyndal had been my massage therapist for over a year and I new she had a passion for teaching couples about childbirth.  Little did I know that by attending her classes, my husband and I would undergo a major paradigm shift in our understanding of natural childbirth and the value of her constant support and affirmations.  She brought out the best in us both, giving us the confidence and skills we would need to get through the challenges of labor and birth, all along with her steady support, guidance and special attention and care.  Kyndal possesses a wealth of information regarding pregnancy and childbirth, and with her extensive experience as a doula coupled with her dedication, committment and special attention to us, she gave my husband and I the greatest gift ever - the confidence and knowledge all couples deserve while experiencing the greatest moment life has to offer;  the birth of a child.  There are no words to describe how thankful we are to have had Kyndal as our doula, mentor and friend.  Her services are priceless.  Our experience has been greatly enriched by having Kyndal by our side.  She went above and beyond all expectations and her devotion and expertise are unmatched.  Kyndal's greeatest gift is her ability to empower couples and prepare them for this life changing event.  Her teachings as our doula have overlapped into our parenting and we will be forever thankful to her for inspiring us and giving us the tools to be better and stronger  than we ever thought possible. 

Heather and Dave Skogerson


My husband and I were blessed to have Kyndal May as our doula for our first child's birth. Her Confident Birthing classes we took before hand did just that...gave us the confidence to birth the way that we wanted to all the while supplying us with the information needed to understand, as best we could never having done this before, what to expect and what we may experience. She was a calm presence to us during the birth being hands on when necessary, giving us suggestions on what might help facilitate labor and delivery while giving us the space we needed as a couple to get the work done, together. Afterwards, she was there checking in, helping us understand better what we were going through postpartum while gently working with us on some difficulties I was having. She helped us to feel empowered during the whole process of pregnancy, birth and postpartum in a way that we would not have felt had we not had her to assist us. She was also able to capture some beautiful, amazing photos of the birth that I, as a birthing mother in a space mentally,emotionally and physically prepared for labor, would not have remembered otherwise. It brings tears of joy to my and my husband's eyes whenever we look at them again, remembering the hard work and satisfaction that went along with our natural childbirth that was more than fulfilling because of Kyndal's guidance, understanding, knowledge and desire to help us have a safe and satisfying birth experience! 

Jessica Gradhandt


During the first half of my pregnancy, both my husband and I were unsure as to if we needed a doula during our birth.  My husband already had experienced a birth with his first child and felt confident and capable in giving me the support I would need.  But as we got closer to our due date, I started to realize how important that support would be for both of us.  I wanted to be sure that he would be fully supported and present for me and the birth.  So despite his hesitation, we agreed to hire Kyndal May as our doula.  It was one of the best decisions we made for our birth!  Kyndal spent a lot of time with us leading up to the due date in helping clarify our birth plan and understanding how we wanted to utilize her services.  She listened to our needs and desires, and carried that into our birth accurately and with compassion.  During the labor and birth process, Kyndal did a phenomenal job in holding the space for my husband and me.  She was there physically and emotionally when we needed her, yet knew when and how to give us space at the moments when it was most important.  For me, she was like a personal attendant that always seemed to know when I needed a drink of water, some food, the right comfort measure, or the perfect words of encouragement.  And at the times when I was being asked to do something physically that seemed beyond my ability, she had a gentle yet commanding way of guiding me through that was incredibly helpful.  Her knowledge and experience is extensive and is apparent through every element of her work.  But most importantly, my husband and I were able to feel completely connected at every moment and we are incredibly grateful to Kyndal for supporting the space to do this.  I would recommend her without hesitation to any couple expecting a child.  And to top it off, she is an excellent photographer for capturing those precious moments of birth!

Tiffany Clayton


Kyndal attended the birth of my son 6 years ago, and I am thoroughly excited that she will assist with my next birth as well.  I have attended her Confident Birthing course twice and have found that the education I received from her was thorough, accurate, and fundamental to my understanding of the experience of childbirth.  Kyndal is warm, professional, extremely competent and knowledgeable, and more than that, she has a deep and intuitive understanding of birth and the course mothers travel on their journey through labor.  I have become a passionate advocate for natural childbirth and I can attribute much of my knowledge and positive experience to Kyndal's tutelage and to the care that I received from her when she served as my doula.  Kyndal is absolutely, unequivocally, a fantastic choice for a doula.  You will not be disappointed.

Ashley Hickerson


Kyndal has such a passion for the work she does - it's contagious!  My husband and I felt relatively 'lost' in the early part of our pregnancy prior to meeting Kyndal.  At 5 months pregnant, she was the first doula we interviewed and we hired her immediately.  Upon first meeting Kyndal, her passion, knowledge and ability to inspire purpose and confidence in us was amazing.  We have felt so thankful  that we were able to meet Kyndal and as a result the resources she provided us with gave us the birth experience that we feel we couldn't have had without Kyndal.  Also as part of the doula contract we took her confident birthing class which provides a framework in which we could have the confidence needed to have a natural birth and the experience we ultimately wanted.  Kyndal knows exactly when to be present at the birth and when her help is needed and also when to just let the couple have their space. Kyndal is absolutely outstanding in her level of professionalism and the care she takes with her clients. 

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