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Niko Palmer

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Edmonton, AB Service range 25 miles

780 965 6585

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 86 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

2 years and 12 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, May 2008

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 0 to 2 births and 0 to 3 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Babywearing education
  • Birth pool rental
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I have worked as a volunteer for various birth organizations over the years. Some positions include Secretary, VP Internal, President of ASAC (Association for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth) and Assistant Editor for the magazine Birth Issues. I have also held the position of Referral Coordinator and Webmaster (current) of DAE, the Doula Association of Edmonton.

Edmonton, AB Service range 25 miles

Client Testimonials for Niko Palmer

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Shannon Turvey


Niko was indispensable from start to finish.  The birth preferences session was useful for both myself and my partner.  It helped us feel prepared for birth and helped us think through our desired approach in a low pressure setting.  Her presence in the delivery room made a huge difference, both to our experience and to the outcome.  She is knowledgeable, warm, patient, tireless, and available.  I would highly recommend her services as a doula.



We have had the pleasure of having Niko work with my family and sweet baby girl as a postpartum doula for both overnights and days.  With a kind, gentle and adaptable approach, Niko seemlessly fit into my daughter’s routines and was a truly fantastic help with light chores around my daughter! From the very first night when my daughter was only a little baby, Niko was able to quickly soothe her and attend to her varying needs while letting me rest and when asked, offering great tips and advice. Niko quickly earned my trust to leave my daughter in her care, so when I needed to have a medical procedure after the traditional postpartum period (i.e. when my daughter was 10 months old) I did not have to think twice about having her come back over several weeks to care for my daughter again! My daughter is always happy to see Niko and I am so grateful for her kind assistance. Niko enabled us to navigate what could be a tricky period, with comfort, confidence and smiles. I would recommend Niko’s Doula Services without hesitation! Thank you Niko!

Shelley Xu


Niko came in with her warm and calm presence, sound knowledge and experience, yet being very modest and open in communication. We had the pleasure to work with her post partum from 3 shifts a week to 2, and once each week over the span of 4 months. She accommodated us and meshed with our small family very well. Both my husband and I could communicate with her, sharing ideas and asking questions at any time, and I feel 200% comfortable when my baby is with her. She's also a very good cook, preparing hommie food for us or sharing recipes. We highly recommend Niko to any mom that needs the support.

Amanda M


I am so thankful that Niko came into my life and was there during my labour.  She took amazing care of me and helped me to have the water birth I dreamed of.  She has a sincerely warm and caring demeanour and I felt extremely safe. She took a lot of pressure off my husband as well. Niko also took photos of my labour and of my family afterwards, and I am forever grateful for those moments being captured. Before she left, she prepared a little meal for me which I was so grateful for. I hope that all women are able to have Niko by their side for their births, im very lucky I did. 

michelle payne


Niko attended the birth of my first child in 2015. I didn’t really know what to expect, but was really nervous about having a hospital birth and my coworker had suggested I look into working with a doula. I was so thankful to have had her there – my labour was quite long and Niko was with us at home for most of the day, and with us at the hospital all night. I would have been totally lost without her there – she helped keep me calm, encouraged me to trust myself and my body when I was unsure and exhausted, and gave my husband some much-needed breaks. Whenever I felt like I couldn’t keep going, she was there to reassure me. She knew exactly what to do to help with physical comfort (even though we went to the prenatal classes, my husband just didn’t get the hang of the massage techniques!) Ultimately, I got the unmedicated natural birth that I had hoped for, and I really think I couldn’t have achieved that without her.

For my second birth, I knew I didn’t want to be at the hospital and I knew immediately that I wanted Niko to be there again. My second birth was much different – at home and much quicker and more intense. Once again, I was so grateful to have Niko there. She had such a tranquil demeanor, and kept reminding me that I was safe and everything was fine and normal. The massage she did with each contraction made such a difference for my comfort. She completely took care of the birth pool setup and takedown, so I could focus on my labour and my husband could focus on being there for me.

For both births, when I started to feel scared or not confident in my ability to keep going, she was so reassuring. I’m so glad she was with me, and I know my births were better because she was there.

Patricia Gongal


We had a great experience with Niko, and are really glad we worked with her for the birth of our daughter at the Royal Alex. We did workshops through both the hospital and the doula group, and in the end, felt like we had a very balanced perspective on what to expect and what we should be doing. It was wonderful having Niko as a continuous resource throughout my pregnancy and birth. She was always easy to contact, and gave us lots of hands on help with our birth plan and of course during labor. Just having her around gave us more confidence in our ability to make and voice decisions, and we would recommend her without any hesitation.

Carmen Bara


Niko has been a godsend for our family. When we brought our twins home from the NICU st 5 weeks old, we were not prepared at all for the sleepless nights that so many people talked about. With one baby I am sure it’s so hard, with two it is without a doubt the most challenging thing we’ve ever encountered. I’d heard about “night nannies” so I started searching online, and I somehow stumbled across Niko - the best thing to ever happen to us. From the very first night, Niko was so at ease with our boys. I was amazed at her ability to just jump right in on the first night and take care of twins (who by the way didn’t sleep at all) while we caught up on some much needed rest. I’ve had other people help us during the day, but no person has been able to manage both babies alone until Niko came along! She has a calming demeanour which I really needed to witness as a new, very stressed out mom, and she has been so kind and loving towards our boys since day one. We couldn’t have survived without her!

Brittany Wyllie


We first met Niko back in 2014 when I was pregnant with my son! We were immediately impressed with her extensive knowledge, experience and calming personaiity. She was always available to answer our many questions and we benefitted from the workshops provided by her and her team. When my water broke at 4AM, Niko readily met us at the hospital and was a huge help during the labour process - she helped me manage my discomfort with a variety of techniques, assisted my husband with his involvement, gave him a break when he needed it, provided information to the medical staff when I was unable to do so, and much more. We so appreciated her calming presence and that she wrote down details of the whole event (which was definitely not on our minds at the time). After our son was born, Niko took some lovely pictures and stayed to help with breastfeeding and answer any other questions we had. During the next couple of weeks she kept in contact to make sure that we were all okay, and continued to provide support to us as new parents.

When I became pregnant with our daughter in 2017, we knew that we would be hiring Niko again as our doula! I told her I was worried when the baby was breach a few weeks before my due date, and she provided me with information to help turn the baby around (and it did!). This time in the hospital I decided to have an epidural (I didn't with my son), and even though I felt guilty, Niko reassured me that I needed to do what was best for me. I really appreciated her support with this decision, as well as with the rest of our birth preferences.

Both of our experiences with Niko as our doula were incredibly positive, and my husband regularly states that it was money well spent. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a kind, knowledgeable, dependable doula. 

Thanks Niko!

Sarah Hirsch


My husband and I had twins in August 2016.  We decided to hire Niko as a night doula to cover night time feeds for a couple of months when the twins were 6 and 7 months old.  She came for one night a week just to give me a break and allow for some much needed sleep. She was amazing with the little ones.  She was able to comfort them when they were crying and get them back to sleep. She did bottle feeds and even cleaned and made up new bottles.  We were very blessed to have her help! I highly recommend Niko!

Angela Nicole Anderson


I found Niko through a friend when I had confided in this friend that I was uncomfortable with my current labour team. I really wanted a midwife but due to unforeseen circumstances was with an obstetrician. Niko listened to all my concerns, helped me to understand all the pros and cons of different tests and interventions, then helped me to feel confident in making good decisions for my family. We love Niko so much and call her a family friend and have a had the privilege to have her with us for three of our four births! If we have any more she's the first call after my hubby. 

Kate Ann Topola


Niko was my doula for my 2nd baby and first time home birth. I remember with my firstborn going into labor just “winging it“ and not knowing what to expect. Going into the hospital just to get sent home cause I wasnt dialated enough. Not knowing how to breathe through the contractions, or even cope with the pain in general. My poor husband wanted to help ease my pain but even he had no clue what I needed or how to support me. Knowing what I experienced then, i knew we needed that extra support! Niko was my saving grace. She gave me excersises to help keep my early labour going, and answered my texts through out the night when I wasnt sure of myself. I was nervous and not confident on when was the ”right” time for her to help me. Was this pain gonna get harder? Is it too early to call her? How much longer is this pain gonna last? What if she gets here and the contractions stop? So many questions ran through my mind making me so nervous and doubt myself. When niko arrived to our home at 130am she instantly calmed my nerves. She guided me in positions to keep things going. She knew the exact places to rub without me even knowing I needed/wanted to be rubbed. We had baby only a short couple hours after she arrived. She was by my side the whole entire time and i would not have been able to have done it without her. She captured photos, cleaned up the pool for us, took care of my placenta for encapsulations/made me my placenta imprint that I requested. She drove out to check up on me a couple days after And answered any questions. Checked up on me by text and emails. I struggled with babys latch that caused nipple damage/mastitis, she came to my rescue again. Refreshed my memory on breastfeeding and how baby should latch/held. She was just my saviour all together. My outlook on childbirth has forever changed because of Niko. She has inspired me and taught me anything can be acheivable with the love and support of one another.muchlove! 

Mareike Stefanov


Niko was constantly supportive and reliable throughout prenatal, birth and postpartum with an open mind and heart. In her care, encouragement and love we brought a new life into this world naturally which was a dream come true. It went unnoticed that she didn't get a chance to sleep much before I went into labour.

Niko has an amazing ability to provide a sense of calmness during a stressful time. I wouldn't hesitate to have you by my side again.

Joanie Proulx


Niko is a calm and informed person. She had more than one trick up her sleeve and she can adapt to any situation. 

Before birth: Our prenatal meetings were useful, informative and reassuring. We covered all my needs, desires and dislikes. She always had an anwser to my questions.

During birth: She came to my house as soon as I asked her to be there. She had a very nice trick to squeeze my hips during a contraction and she taught it to my husband, so he can contribute too. The whole time she stayed calm and comprehensive. Simple things made a whole difference in my experience. Like putting a straw in my water bottle so I don't have to move my head to drink. She brought some honey sticks, which near the end of pushing gave me the last bit of energy I had left a boost. She helped me breastfeed and was a great support for my husband and I.

After birth: Her post-natal visit was nice. She answered a few more questions we had. The overall experience was great.

The greatest part of all was that she spoke french, which was one of my hiring citeria. 

Encore merci Niko!

-Joanie Proulx (March 6th, 2017)

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