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Katrina Curren, CD(DONA), MCPCD, MCE

beBelieve Birth and Doula Services

Orlando, FL Service range 50 miles Additional charges may apply for long distance travel.



Birth Fee

$600 to $1500

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $35

Availability Remarks: I am currently offering case by case virtual support. Please contact me for more detailed information and how I can serve you during this difficult time in our world!

Birth Fee

$600 to $1500

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $35

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula
  • Madriella Doula Network - Certified Labor Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Madriella Doula Network - Certified Postpartum Doula

Birth Doula Experience

4 years

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International, July 2017
  • Madriella, August 2018

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 1 to 7 births and 1 to 3 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: Non-smoking home only. I will not support cry-it-out method for babies.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Hospital births are my passion. The need for education and advocacy in a hospital environment is so important to me. I love empowering moms to have the birth they desire! I have attended births at all the area hospitals. Doulas are very well accepted and I have never had a problem with any medical staff! However there are still a couple of that are not allowing doulas in as additional support. For those birthing in those setting, please contact me for virtual support.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I have worked with a number of area birth centers, and have a great relationship with them!

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I will gladly join a home birth as long as medical staff will be planned to be present for birth!

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby sign language education
  • Belly casting
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • End of life doula services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

I have three different packages to choose from to best fit your needs. I offer payment plans to help services to be more affordable. I also offer "day of birth only" services as well.

Orlando, FL Service range 50 miles Additional charges may apply for long distance travel.

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Client Testimonials for Katrina Curren, CD(DONA), MCPCD, MCE

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Jenn Donovan


As a FTM I knew having a Doula was needed as our families live far away. Katrina has been nothing but personable, kind  and a wealth of knowledge. Throughout my pregnancy she has been supportive and present to me and my husband. When our birth plan drastically shifted from a home birth to a hospital birth requiring medical intervention Katrina was there every step of the way ensuring we knew our rights and was aware of all options. She helped us ask all the right questions and was very hands on with aiding me every step of the way. Adding Katrina to your birth team means adding a skillful Doula who can assist you through any birth plan, planned or improvised. 



From our first interview with Katrina we knew we wanted her as our doula. As someone who struggles with anxiety, I knew I needed a very special person to come alongside me to help with the birth of our baby. I am so glad we went with BeBelieve! During my pregnancy Katrina had many resources to offer in preparation for birth. I felt very calm and at peace about my labor because of this. During my labor she was with me every minute to encourage, support, and help with the pain. We had a lovely birthing experience and I know it was because I had Katrina helping me. She also offers postpartum services. I didn’t think I would need them, but it turns out I needed the support. From breastfeeding to dr appointments to texting check-ins, I have never felt alone. I highly recommend Katrina.

Allison Miller


This was the 1st experience that I ever had using a doula for a birth and I am very very glad that I did! This was my 3rd child and yet the stress and anxiety that comes over and impending labor and delivery was still there but she helped me talk through the process and talk through what I liked and disliked about my previous births and what I wanted most for this upcoming birth. She had really good questions to help me think and she really helped me go through all of the details of what I hoped for with my birth plan and so she helped me feel more calm than I would have been and it was so so incredibly helpful. When the day of the actual labor came she came in and her presence was so calm and uplifting and excited that I couldn't help but feel more excited and calm myself. As the labor progressed she had really good tips on helping me work through the pain to try to achieve the type of birth that I wanted and she was able to I direct my husband as well to be able to help. I would definitely go with Katrina again because she was just so helpful and kind and happy about everything that I was going through. She had good advice for recovery as well, and was prompt in delivering the encapsulated placenta pills, which she did a great job with!
Anyways, I love Katrina! Even over a year later, I often think about how wonderful she was. Thank you, Katrina, for a wonderful memorable birth experience!



Katrina is amazing! She is incredible at taking care of babies and working with families. She is a wealth of knowledge about all things pregnancy, birth, nursing, and baby care. She has worked with us postpartum (and beyond!) and our daughter absolutely loves her. She is professional and responsible and easily accessible. It’s clear that she views each family she works with as an extension of her family. She’s also a really positive and supportive presence. We wholeheartedly recommend her!



My story is a little different, Katrina was actually my back up doula who I had never met or actually spoken with! I arrived in the hospital parking garage already feeling the urge to push and really thinking I couldn’t do it! My husband and I saw a woman with a some bags walking towards us to the parking garage elevator and I said to my husband I think that’s Katrina, she asked if I was Tessa and once we knew for sure it was her I instantly felt better and more confident! Just Katrina’s presence gave me such a boost! Although I’m sure you could not tell from my face that I was more confident! She showed up at the perfect time too! Cause that walk to the hospital from the garage was no easy feat when having back to back contractions, she helped me so much! Then at the hospital she was a great help in educating us to better advocate for ourselves and the birth I wanted! My baby was born an hour after we arrived at the hospital, I really was ready to push and having Katrina there made my experience so wonderful and she was so calm and reassuring! Husbands and partners are great and all but having a doula, especially one like Katrina, makes the birthing experience sooooo much better! Even though we had never met, Katrina was exactly who I needed in that moment!

Helen & Paddy


Katrina is an absolute rockstar! We hired her as a postpartum doula to provide general help with our daughter. At that point, our daughter would experience a lot of separation anxiety, and was generally inconsolable when apart from either Mom or Dad. Katrina's calm and endlessly kind manner helped our daughter get over that hurdle, and she was a great emotional support for both of us as parents - like an amazing, incredibly knowledgeable friend. She has a wonderful energy around kids and her sense of positivity and enthusiasm is infectious. We are eternally grateful for her help and would highly recommend her. Some people in this world have a true calling and this is definitely Katrina's. She is now someone we are grateful to call our friend.


Ashley Blake


I have had the opportunity to utilize Katrina as my doula on two seperate ocassions. Katrina was very instrumental in playing a crucial role during my labor and delivery. She is very knowledgeable and provided so many techniques to assist in maintaining my comfort during a lengthy labor. She was very soothing and nurturing and continued to reassure me that my body was going through its natural process. This relieved me of anxiety and allowed me to take my mind off the pain. Katrina is very supportive and thoughtful as to the birth plan that the parents want to utilize and continues to guide them through this. Katrina is always punctual and always follows through on her promises. Her concern is genuine and is reflected from the first call to initial meeting to accompanying to prenatal appointment and through labor and checking in post partum is greatly appreciated. Should my husband and I decide to have another little one we would not hesitate to have Katrina as our doula as she has truly had a tremendous impact on our family. 

Laura Himschoot


I could not be more happy with my decision to hire Katrina as my doula. My husband was deployed overseas and Katrina was amazing and worked with me rather last minute when i became pretty certain he wouldn’t make it back before the birth. Katrina was very kind, professiona, and caring when we met before the birth and she was calm, knowledgable, and helpful during the delivery.

My delivery ended up being much faster than my first. Katrina was quick to meet me at the birthing center and jumped into action right away with applying counter pressure during contractions, applying cool compresses, suggesting helpful positions, and using peppermint oil to help with the nausea. My delivery was fast and furious and I am so greatful to have had Katrina by my side to help me through.

Glenda Sheppard


Katrina was such an amazing doula and I thank God I found her! She gave me all the encouragement I needed to reach my hope & dream of a VBA2C. She educated me in ways that helped me believe it was possible.  She asked me what I wanted for my birth and did everything to help bring that dream alive.  When I went into labor she was at our house in no time.  We then went to the hospital and she helped me advocate for myself with ongoing encouragement and reminders of my goals.  She helped me relax and when the time came for my baby to be born, she was right there - like a true sister.  Her support was priceless!  

Ivinie K Moreno


She was a total breath of fresh air and when I mentioned that I was trying for VBAC, she was totally encouraging. I made it to 40+3 weeks and throughout my pregnancy Katrina was available with helpful information. During my 26 hours of labor, She was able to help me avoid the epidural as long as possible. She assisted me with breathing correctly also reading when you're in distress and reminding you to re-focus your thinking. I was able to start with the walking epidural and she was very supportive while walking the halls with my hubby and I. I got the full epidural because my contractions were piling on top of each other with little to no rest in between. With being a TOLAC, I was being constantly checked and was sitting at 9cm for over 6 hours, C-section conversation came up. My epidural had failed and needed to be re-done. Katrina noticed the mood of the room had changed and she was able to re-focus us and gave me foot massage to focus, while my epidural started to fail again. Then, came the moment we had been hoping for. The midwife asked me to push to see if it would help baby move lower into the birth canal. I was emotional because of the C-section conversation had brought my hopes down and now I was going to push. I still remember Katrina saying, "You're going to push, they only bring that machine if you're going to push the baby!" I was overwhelmed with emotion, pain and complete disbelief because at this point there was no more epidural medicine and felt every push. 30 mins later our 9lb baby was here. Katrina was even able to capture pictures and short videos complied into a mini movie of the birth for us of the true knot in the umbilical cord, cord cutting by dad and first breastfeeding. Truly the most unexpectedly beautiful thing we have ever seen. We couldn't have asked for a better birth experience. Proud to be another successful VBAC birth story. I seriously believe everyone needs a doula at every birth but I wish everyone had a Katrina.

Paige Landaal


I cannot express how thankful and blessed I was to have Katrina help with my delivery. I was very nervous about delivery, but she eased my mind before and during. I had a long delivery since I was induced and she was there through it all. I also prolonged having an epidural and she was right there through every contracting helping my husband and making sure I was comfortable. She also helped direct my husband when the doctor was asking questions or suggesting things since I was completely out of it due to exhaustion. I would highly recommend having Katrina at your birth, I know I am having her at my next one! Couldn’t have gotten through labor without her!!

chris shorkey


I cannot express enough how amazing and dedicated Katrina is. I had a high risk pregnancy, and during the process we had some scary moments, and Katrina was always there for us. We cried, laughed and prayed together during my whole pregnancy. She helped me tremendously to reduce having a C-section. As soon as I got to the hospital the Dr. who was on call from my OBGYN office refused to do a VBAC (because didn’t want the risk). I was already in a lot of discomfort and the situation made me doubt if I should just go with the c-section (because the doctor said so) Katrina helped me remember my birth plan, so I decided to have another doctor take care of me. With Katrina’s assistance I  was able to have a successful and completely natural VBAC. Katrina was always by my side keeping informed of what was going on around me, and always giving me the strength and support I needed.
Katrina, I can’t thank you enough! You were everything I could’ve asked for. You are loving, patient, knowledgeable, caring, supportive and very professional. You’ve been a huge blessing to our family.

Jade Matthews


It is obvious as soon as you meet her that Katrina is passionate about caring for mothers and helping them prepare for and fully embrace pregnancy, labor & delivery, and motherhood. She listened, asked great questions, and was a wealth of knowledge for us as we prepared. We experienced a lot of unexpected turns in our labor, but she helped us feel empowered every step of the way, even when things weren't going the way we'd hoped. She was present for 24 hours at the hospital with us, and was engaged the entire time (incredible dedication). She let us lead the way for her role (helping me walk, getting broth for me and coffee for my husband, actively helping me manage pain, and in the background taking photos of my husband supporting me that I absolute cherish). After our son was born I needed to be treated by the doctor for an issue with the placenta not fully detaching, and she held my hand and attended to me so my husband could have skin to skin time when our son. Since then she has visited us and followed up with texts and calls to encourage me and offer her support. Katrina has been a huge blessing for us and there's no doubt with her compassion and knowledge she's operating in her calling!

Ashley Blake


Be believe Birth and Doula services was AMAZING in the assistance of prenatal planning and birth to my husband's and I bundle of joy. Katrina was fantastic very competent, informative and supportive during my labor and birth. My goal was to have a natural birth without pain medication or an epidural. Katrina's techniques and relaxation methods truly helped achieve this goal. Her calm and empathetic demeanor provided great

 reassurance during my 12 hour labor. I HIGHLY recommend her doula services as her passion for providing extrodinary care as a birth coach is evident.

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