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Shayleen Sammons CD(DONA)

A Mother's Heart Doula

Lexington, SC Service range 50 miles additional mileage for an added fee.



Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 85 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, March 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Attended by a licensed midwife

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Military families support

Fee Details

My fee includes 2 prenatal visits, 1 postpartum visit and 24/7 access to me through text, email or phone for anything pregnancy, labor and birth related. I will be on call for you from 37 weeks till you deliver.

Lexington, SC Service range 50 miles additional mileage for an added fee.

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Client Testimonials for Shayleen Sammons CD(DONA)

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Katelyn R.


From the moment I met Shayleen I knew she was the doula for me. Shayleen is very welcoming and makes you feel at home with the care she provides. She is truly one of the most genuine ladies I have met. She is very knowledgeable of the birthing process and excels at providing care to mothers and babies. Shayleen was comforting to work with and she never made me feel rushed during our prenatal visits. She made me feel valued as a client and was very supportive of my desires. When discussing labor, birth plans, and during my labor she was always honest, provided reassurance, and encouraged me to believe in myself. From the phone calls to the delivery room, Shayleen went above and beyond the expectations of her role. She instilled in me that “I was made to birth my child” and she reminded me of this truth while providing great support during the labor process. She also assisted my husband with directions and cues to assist me during the labor process. My husband and family would agree that Shayleen was the best decision we made! She went above and beyond by communicating with our families as needed and truly made a world of a difference for our birthing experience. Shayleen has a loving nature to her and she truly went above and beyond to make sure that we were supported during our birthing experience. To be honest, I was one of the first of my family and friends to use a doula and it was the best experience for my husband and I with welcoming our child into the world. I feel like I could never repay her for the love and support she showed me and my family. We will defiantly be calling Shayleen for baby #2! Shayleen is special and any mom and family would be blessed to be able to work with her!

Keywa Henderson


My experience with Shayleen as my doula was a life experience I’ll NEVER forget! This was my first home birth and Shayleen’s expertise, keen sense of how to support a laboring mother and her family, her loving nature, and SOOO much more was a MAJOR reason why I was able to successfully home birth and have such s beautiful experience. I almost cannot put into words how amazing this woman is! Our pre-natal visits were very fruitful, organized, loving and she really discovered my “happy place“ and elements we could use during labor to help me. And OMG this was MAJOR! When things got difficult she essentially able to mentslly take me to the “place” we spoke of, envisioned and more. She was excellent with my children and family who were a part of the experience. She stepped in and worked very closely with the midwife team - just perfect!! I could write forever about how great of a doula and person Shayleen is! From supporting the mother, her entire vibe, her genuine care and love, her experience, and so much more - if you’re looking for a doula, look NO further! Shayleen is THE ONE! Im forever grateful I chose her and I hope many others will get to experience what I experienced no matter what type of birth your choose to have. Shayleen is amazing! 

Jessie Badgett


Shayleen was absolutely wonderful! She is kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and instantly felt like family. She was able to answer all of our questions and help us formulate a birth plan that was right for us. Throughout labor, she was there when we needed her as well as giving my husband and I the space we needed as a family at the appropriate times. At the hospital she advocated for our birth plan and helped us to create a birth space as comfortable as in our own home. Her skill and experience makes her intuitive to the laboring mother's needs, and she made sure to involve my husband as much as possible in the experience. I cannot say enough good things about Shayleen, she made our birth experience absolutely amazing.

Verlisha Goins


Shayleen was an amazing doula for me and my family. She made us feel like family. When we first met her she greeted me with a hug. When she left our home my husband had a much better understanding of what a doula was and he really liked Shayleen which is saying a lot coming from my husband we decided to book her. And might I add she is very reasonably priced. I wanted to have a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) and she was very supportive and offered a plethora of resources for me. Shayleen shared affirmations with me and she always helped keep me confident in my decision when I felt like I was doubting myself. I gained a sense of trust with her and she was always the first person I contacted when I had a not so positive OB visit. During my labor process she was available when I needed her most. My water broke at like 2am and I texted her for advice and she was readily available. After a long drawn out labor and some issues with my baby I had to have a csection. As soon as she could, Shayleen joined me in recovery. She checked on me and my baby even a week after delivery. I would recommend Shayleen to anyone anyday. She is the best. If you're looking for quality, caring, compassionate and reasonably priced doula, Shayleen is for you. I can never thank her enough for what she did for me and my family. 

Cavanna Merritt


For me, I think Shayleen is close to walking on water. The No seriously, she was AMAZING!!! From the first consultation visit to the post partum visit I always felt comfortable and heard. She totally understood my desires and helped me have a birth story I was comfortable with. Like all plans we make we have to be prepared for deviations, especially when we’re not in control. My water broke and I had to immediately go to the hospital instead of laboring at home and I had to have pitocin to get contractions going. Both things I didn’t want but Shayleen explained everything to me and told me all my options. From the time my water broke to the time I pushed out my baby it was 28 hrs (17 hrs in labor). I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that I wouldn’t have made it without pain meds without her and my husband’s help. And that was the other thing I was thankful for. My husband wanted to be heavily involved and not on the sideline. Shayleen knew exactly when to jump in and when to let him help. The support and attention she gave me was on point and I thank God we found her. I remember every time I needed something from massages to supportive complements to suggesting position changes to feeding me cherries (yes, she even fed me cherries), she was right there. IF...IF I have another baby she’ll be the first person we call. #bestdoulaEVER

samantha peterson


How do you explain the unexplainablle? 

I'm a pretty tough, do it yourself kinda woman. Being a military spouse made me that way. So in all honesty, a doula was a foreign concept. Having just moved to a new state, trying for a nearly unheard of VBA2C, I had pretty well made up my mind that I would be standing alone in that battle. Then I met Shayleen.  

Embarassed after just a few hours into what would be over 30 hours of labor, she came and we worked through 4 cm of manufactured dialation. Between the magic back squeezing and the head massager, I was able to completely go into my mind and out of my body getting precious sleep. I've never been so vulnerable yet felt completely supported in my life. When disagreements later on arose between the medical stafff and myself over wishes for a more holistic approach, she was my rock and research partner and advocate. We laughed, I definitely cried, and we smashed a VBA2C together!

I cannot describe how much Shayleen means to my family. With her gentile care, I was confident and able to have the birth I always dreamed of. Shes the kind of person who walks into your life and feels like she's  always been there. She's who you want as your Doula. 

Rachael Ginther


Shayleen was a life saver as a doula, I do not know how I would have made it without her through labor and delivery. My labor was very long, painful, and slightly humiliating and she was calm, patient, nurturing, helpful, and just amazing the entire time. I was scared and things didn't go to plan, but her unwavering strength helped to get me through it.

She was very supportive and helpful during my pregnancy as well... going above and beyond to do things to help me from answering tons of random questions to accompanying me to a long appointment to brining me a breast pump for nipple stimulation.

I very much appreciated having such a wonderful doula to be there for me for my first labor. The name of her business is fitting, she definitely has a very nurturing, caring, and loving mother's heart.

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