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Jennifer Peters

The Night You Were Born Postpartum Services


Phone: 5108470830

Postpartum Rate: $45 to $55

Fee Details: Rate varies from $45 - $55 depending on location, needs of the family, and number of babies.

Postpartum Doula Experience: 2 years and 30 families served

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Cornerstone Doula Trainings - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • Cornerstone Doula Trainings, February 2017
Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1 to 3

College Education

  • MA/MS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Postpartum mood disorders

Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Breastfeeding Consultant Services
  • Satellite Doula (For remote and rural clients)

Languages spoken: English, some Spanish

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Client Testimonials for Jennifer Peters

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Heather Ivey

We hired Jenny to help us after the birth of our second child because our first was only 18 months and my husband needed to travel for work shortly after the birth. It was the best decision and investment we could have made. Jenny not only kept our energetic toddler happy, she prepared amazing meals, held and rocked our newborn so we could nap, and made sure our entire family was well taken care of during such an important time. Even though this was our second baby and things went rather smoothly, it was so nice to have Jenny's experience and advice when questions or concerns came up. I have recommended Jenny to all of my friends who are expecting because she provided such a wonderful service to us during an emotional and overwhelming time. 

Posted 12/10/2019

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Annalisa Tuel

Jenny is a lifesaver!! I am a typical first-time mom who was terrified to come home from the hospital with a newborn, feeling completely lost and like I would definitely mess everything up somehow. In comes Jenny, who gave me an enormous boost of confidence, taught me every trick in the book to make things easier, and taught me to take care of myself as well as my beautiful baby. As soon as Jenny walked in the door, she seemed to know what I needed before I did. She anticipated our needs as a family, and my needs specifically as a new mom. Thanks to her I feel like a competent mom, and still have most of my sanity! Thank you, Jenny!!

Posted 6/18/2019

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Hiring Jenny was one of the best decisions we have ever made. My only regret is that I did not hire her earlier and for a longer time period! I first reached out to Jenny as an exhausted second time mom juggling two kids while very sleep deprived. My baby was 2 months and my old daughter was 4 years and I felt totally overwhelmed.

I will never forget the day Jenny walked into our home. She has the most kind, gentle, nurturing way about her that is hard to put into words. She jumps right it and does exactly what is needed, and for the first time  I was able to take a break. Jenny cooked the most delicious meals for us, cleaned my kitchen and folded laundry, played with my 4 year old (who adores Jenny now!!) and even out my baby down for a nap. I will never forget how much she helped me, and I adore Jenny so much that I would hire her just to sit and talk with her. She is just wonderful. 

Posted 3/12/2019

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Alicia diVittorio

We love Jenny! She is real, down to earth, and most importantly, a HUGE help at a time when a mama needs it most. Not only was she a rockstar with my little one, she gladly took on part of the "invisible workload" of meal planning (and then cooking & cleaning!). No other night doula offered a similar service, so I feel super lucky to have found her. I'd recommend Jenny to anyone who's looking for someone who's wonderful with babies, but also wants someone intuitive and "just knows" what support you need, without you asking (or knowing).

Posted 1/17/2019

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Thalia Milano

While I was pregnant with my third child (other two being ages 4 and 2), I knew that I needed some support for my postpartum. By the time you get to have three children, not many people are knocking on the door to provide support (at least not like the first or second). I contacted Jenny to meet with her and see what type of services she could provide. I was immediately impressed with her professionalism and knowledge. I decided to hire her for week three of my postpartum to help me with meal prepping three times a week for three weeks.
I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had never had a doula. I was blown away by how nurturing and caring Jenny was. She would come to my house and immediately ask me how I was doing and if I needed anything. She made sure I napped during her time at my house. When I would wake up from my nap, there would be a little snack plate waiting for me. The meals that she cooked were not only delicious and nutritious, but my whole family ate them. Including my very picky toddlers. The days after childbirth are so very hard. There are lots of emotions and moms can often be neglected. Jenny made sure all my needs were met. She took an interest in hearing about how my newborn was doing and made great suggestions. Even as a third time mom, there was so much I didn’t know. This postpartum has been incredible for me and I attribute it largely to Jenny. Even 13 weeks postpartum I still follow her meal plans. Actually, I missed Jenny so much after our time was over, that I asked her to come back at a less frequent basis. I am so incredibly grateful to have had the level of support that Jenny provided during my postpartum. I can’t say enough good things about her.

Posted 1/2/2019

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Nikki Polito

Being a first time Mom and not knowing what to expect, you have a lot of anxiety and questions. Jenny was there to walk me through any inquiry I had and gave me the knowledge and encouragement I needed to feel confident in my new Mom role. Her presence was soothing to me and my baby, Ava, as we learned new and invaluable information. Learning about the importance of swaddling in a sleep sack and sleep routines was so useful as I saw immediate improvement from my newborn. Jenny checking in with me on how I was feeling and recovering and providing ways to take care of myself nutritionally was especially helpful. Also going over general newborn information gave me peace of mind as you don't remember everything from Infant Care class!

Jenny has such a calming spirit and her love for babies radiates out of her. Her knowledge and expertise on adjusting to life with a newborn was a perfect fit for our family. Whether this is your first or third baby, having the support of a postpartum doula is a must for any family. With all of the excitement of bringing baby home, it can be stressful and overwhelming while you're settling in. Having the assistance and knowledge of a postpartum doula is so beneficial for you and baby as you establish your new routines.

Posted 8/15/2018

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Jennifer Good

Being unfamiliar with exactly what a postpartum doula provided, I now feel like the answer to that is "everything I need". Jenny literally has an answer, in detail, with options, for everything that has come up so far! (Why am I getting headaches all of a sudden? How do I hold the baby to breastfeed when I can't sit on my couch with my Boppy pillow? I pumped too much and now my boob hurts, what's happening? How on earth do I use these baby carriers? Does it matter where I put my newborn down to sleep yet?) It's such a relief to have a sounding board that is trained and knowledgeable about post birth care (as well as organized), as opposed to hundreds of conflicting articles in a Google search or chat forums with a lot of opinions.

I highly recommend any and everyone use a postpartum doula. Jenny's expertise takes something hard and makes it a little easier. Even better, Jenny does it with humor, relatable stories from her own experience as a mom, and a nurturing kindness. Jenny makes the postpartum doula experience so approachable and not only presents you with solutions to any pitfalls, but works through them with you and your baby so that you are comfortable. She's also highly accessible and responsive to answer questions that come up after or before your meeting.

Posted 8/14/2018

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