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Crystal Broer

Birth First Doulas

Vancouver, WA Service range 40 miles


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

4 years and 65 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years and 50 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, May 2016

Type of practice: Independent contractor with a doula agency

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 1 to 3 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Babywearing education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Fee Details

BIRTH PACKAGE includes: unlimited phone/text/email, 2 prenatal visits, 24/7 on call availability starting at 38 weeks, unlimited support during labor and birth, and 1 postpartum visits. POSTPARTUM PACKAGE includes: non-judgemental and skilled support for the whole family, birth recovery care, baby care, hands-on education (baby cues, soothing, feeding, diapering, etc), breastfeeding support, postpartum mood screening, light cooking and housekeeping, errands, sibling care, resources and referrals. Postpartum Hourly Rates - Day support: $35.00 per hour, with a minimum of 3 hours per visit. Overnight support: $37.00 per hour, with a minimum of 8 hours per visit.

Vancouver, WA Service range 40 miles

Client Testimonials for Crystal Broer

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Sierra Luke


From the first meeting with Crystal she was a source of calm and optimism for my husband and me. We had suffered two miscarriages in a row before our first baby, and I have anxiety and depression (that turned into PPD/PPA after I gave birth), so my worries about the pregnancy were immobilizing at times. During my very short and intense labor, Crystal talked me through exactly what was happening and what I could expect, and was exactly the calming presence that I needed.
Post-partum, Crystal gave us a few nights of desperately needed sleep when our son was 3 weeks old and we could not function anymore on 1 hour stretches of sleep. She gave us numerous referrals to lactation consultants, other doulas, chiropractic care, and other specialists when our son had feeding difficulties starting at 6 weeks. The amount of support that we have received from Crystal is amazing and ongoing. I cannot imagine going through this without her.



Because of Crystal I have wonderful memories of my birth experience. She was a literal shoulder to lean on when I needed it. She really listened and applied the things I said I preferred to help me AND my husband. 

His was my 3rd baby, but first induction which came with it all the nervousness of the unexpected. Crystal blended herself in seemlessly to the situation and you would never know she hadn’t worked with those nurses or midwives before. 

She was also very accommodating to our scheduling needs with small kids during our getting to know you meetings. She also had a lot of resources for labor prep, breastfeeding and other types of new parent/ pregnant lady needs. 

Would happily hire her again, but we have enough kids now lol! 



For our first child we felt very lucky to have someone like Crystal guide us through this exciting (and occasionally terrifying) experience. From the intial consults through labor and post partum she was a consistent resource and friend to us.

Crystal struck a really nice balance between evidence based and emotional support, and knew when we needed which type of support. She provided us kind and non-judgemental advice ranging from technial logistics to navigating family dynamics.

Something we both appreciated was that she helped my husband support me during the labor, so he could be present and supportive throughout.

I'm so glad Crystal was part of our birth team!



Crystal's flexiblity and willingness during a chaotic time was so appreciated. Her support over the phone, text, and in-person made me feel so held and heard. I was able to just sleep in the trust that my newborn was in great hands. Crystal will make sure to tailor her support for you and your family!

Julia H.


We loved our doula, Crystal Broer! As a first time mom and always anxious person, I didn't know what to expect from labor and birth and Crystal took a lot of the mystery out of it for both me and my husband. Our pre-birth meetings with her were fun and informative. During labor, Crystal's warm, practical and calm presence was a lifesaver both for me and my very freaked out husband. We had a challenging birth and recovery, and through it all, Crystal was the person I would look towards for reassurance and guidance.

Lauren Storz


I worked with Crystal Broer for postpartum doula services. Being a first time mom with not much family in the area, securing her in advance of my baby's arrival gave me great peace of mind to know she'd be there to help ease the transition.
Crystal was fantastic. From a planning and availability standpoint, she was exceptionally professional, respectful, and on the ball. She was amazing with my baby, and most importantly gave me confidence to trust my intuition. She was calm, knew how to get things done and help around the house, but not be overly intrusive.
Highly recommend.

Chelsea T.


Crystal was so warm and always 100% supportive of me as a new mom and how I was choosing to do things like breastfeeding and supplementing and how/where my baby slept. However, she was also such a resource for all of the questions I had, and many times, would follow up with additional resources like videos and websites, to help me. Crystal always made me feel truly cared for and supported. She cared for both me and for my baby and I highly recommend her!

Krista Fobert


Crystal was wonderful to have by our side during the preparation and birth of our daughter. We wanted a natural birth at the hospital, which she was thourogh in determining exactly what our wants were for any situation and giving suggestions and support for those choices. When I was ready to give up she was able to provide encouragement and alternatives to help us achieve our goal. We appreciated everything she was able to do for us including taking my husband's spot during the most difficult parts of labor so he could eat to capturing the moment of meeting our daughter. We agree we would absolutely have her with us for our next child!

Brittani Velasquez


My husband and I were very lucky to find Crystal as a Doula. She was always supportive in my decisions and helped me feel comfortable with the unknown. When she would come over for our prenatal visits, it felt more like having a friend over than someone I hired to help me through this journey. 

Our baby was breech and I had a planned cesarean. Unfortunately, last minute, the staff told us she could not come into the OR with us. Even though I did not go into labor, Crystal was there throughout the prep and the recovery making sure I was comfortable and assisting us after the baby was born.

We are unsure if we will have another baby. But, if we do, I would gladly hire Crystal again to join us for the next pregnany.

Rachel Dunlap


My husband and I can't say enough good things about Crystal. We interviewed several doulas but we were immediately drawn to Crystal's positive and calm energy. Leading up to the birth of our son, she asked us thoughtful questions and really got to know us as a couple and our hopes for the birth. She was extremely responsive through text, emails, and phone calls and is truly a gifted communicator. During the birth itself, Crystal provided consistent soothing support through all phases of labor and through the significant amount of downtime we had before it was time to push. Her presence was calming and positive and she tirelessly sat with us and used massage techniques to keep me comfortable. She strikes the perfect balance between being a wonderful support system and a patient advocate. My husband and I can't imagine our birth experience without Crystal -- we would hire her again in a second! 

jessica perrin


Crystal is a wonderful doula. She helped us through the challenging post-partum time and took amazing care of our baby so we could get much needed sleep and helped keep our home running smoothly. My older child adored her, too. It's hard having a new baby without family nearby, but Crystal made our lives so much easier.

Sarah Anne Terry


My husband and I both took birthing classes offered by the hospital. We were feeling pretty confident in our approach & birth plan, but there was just this low level fear of the unknown that was lingering. Also statistically people birthing with doulas have a better outcome of achieving ones birth plan. And we wanted someone to consultant that has been through the birthing experience. We interviewed a couple of doulas and when we found Crystal we just thought that she was genuine, down-to-earth and communicated in a style that was similar to our own.

I started having contractions in the middle the night & my husband contacted her throughout the next six hours while we labored at home. She reassured us that staying at home as long as we felt comfortable it was OK. She met us at the hospital in the AM and a couple of key things I remember while having a non-medicated water birth was Crystal telling me to trust my self & my body. She also turned my negative mantra of “I can’t do it” into “yes I can”!! She had a mainly hands off approach because my husband and mother were there fulfilling that need. But she really had the perfect thing to say in critical times. We are very thankful we decided to go with her!


Sarah, Chris & baby Salima Layon  

June 2018 

Laus Mwakalebela


Before Birth
Crystal had a good balance between personal and professional approach. She spent a good time to learn about us as a couple and shared her experiences as a doula and a mother. As a father, I felt very comfortable with her by the time we checked in the hospital.

During Birth
Crystal was very resourceful and always ahead of events. I like her calmness and how she bridged the communication between us and the hospital staff. She created an environment where we could make decisions better for us.

After Birth
Crystal was always there for us whether was how to feed the baby or how to make simple meals for ourselves. She came to our house one time to hold the baby while we are resting which was priceless. I would recommend Crystal without hesitation. The first and best decision we made, before bringing our son to the world, was to pick Crystal.

Kate Kimball


Working with Crystal was the best decision we made in planning for our baby's birth and navigating the first weeks at home. Crystal is kind, open and nonjudgmental, and truly has a passion for welcoming new life into the world. She's quick to respond to questions or concerns. I found her nuggets of information, tips and resources to be especially helpful. 

Molly Yeend


Crystal was an amazing asset to our birth team! My husband and I knew as soon as we interviewed her that she was the one we'd be working with for the birth of our first child. If you're looking for someone who is down to earth, easy going, yet also happens to be incredibly detail oriented, Crystal is the one for you. During our prenatal visits, Crystal asked all the right questions to get us prepared with our birth plan. When I would send her updates after doctor visits, any concerns I voiced were followed-up with encourging words and links to research for more information -- she is super supportive without being overbearing. She had a way of putting us both at ease. My husband trusted that I would be in good hands during labor in case he needed to step away for a break. When the labor got intense, she kept our wishes in mind and guided us through an unmedicated birth as we intended. I truly feel like we could not have done it without her! We will be forever grateful that she was there to support us for the birth of our daughter! 

Christen Cannon


For a first-time mom dealing with a challenging postpartum recovery and no family nearby, Crystal was a lifesaver during the newborn days. She brought a calm, centered approach that was nurturing and attentive to both mama and baby. Crystal was a joy to work with. I could not have asked for better supportive care and help. She’s an absolute professional who is full of heart! I highly recommend Crystal as a postpartum doula.

Andre Bouchard


Crystal lent valuable support during a difficult pregnancy and irregular birthing process.  She has a great, calm demeanor and she genuinely cared enough to understand our entire situation and supported in every way that she could.  Due to an extreme rapid labor process Crystal could not make it to the birth but compensated on the other end by spending that vast majority of the day after the birth and giving us a very long post-partum check-up (which amounted to a post-partum doula session).  

We had an overall excellent experience and rapport with Crystal and would gladly recommend her to others.

Sarah Murali


I can't recommend Crystal enough. Her competence, reliability, and professionalism were evident from the beginning, but what we could never have predicted in an interview was her stamina! Crystal stuck it out with us through a labor that stretched over multiple days, massaging my back through contraction after contraction, for hours on end. She helped us plan the kind of birth we wanted, and when things didn't go as we had planned, she was there to help us think through our options and make informed decisions at each step along the way. She was a huge support to me and my husband, and my mom still talks about her when she tells the story of my son's birth. Crystal is an excellent doula who will bring comfort, experience, and a calm, reassuring presence to your birth.

Ashley B


Crystal was the perfect balance of support for our birthing experience. She is very professional and yet still comforting on a personal level. She helped us figure out our birthing plan and work through tough decisions. We felt she was very open minded and did not judge us in any way for making one decion or the next. Her most valuable role in our pregnancy was helping my husband feel confident in his purpose/role in delivery. She gave him the tools he needed to comfort me throughout the laboring process. My husband and I feel closer than ever to have gone through such an intense process so harmoniously.

I would absolutely reccomend Crystal- she is a good listener and will let you do as much or as little directing as possible- she is not invasive or over powering which is very important for a type A mama-to-be!

You will be in caring and comforting hands with Crystal- and major plus- she gives AMAZING massages!

Emily Merickel


Crystal was our amazing doula for the labor and delivery of our first baby. Her compassion and knowledge were a tremendous help to us as we navigated the confusing process of preparing for baby. As first time parents, we did not entirely know what to expect of ourselves or the process and she helped us determine what we needed and wanted to get out of the experience. During our time in the hospital, Crystal  provided both physical and emotional comfort and helping to advocate for us when things were hectic.  We both agree that we would not have wanted to go through it without her! She was available for my entire (very long) induction and did everything she could to help keep me comfortable and ensure that I felt I was being listened to.  After baby was born, Crystal continued to provide emotional support during the overwhelming first month and it was so nice to be able to lean on her for information, compassion, and understanding. Overall, Crystal was the perfect doula for us. She is level-headed, steady, respectful, compassionate, and a very calming presence. My husband and I definitely recommend her doula services! We cannot say enough good things about her. 


Michelle Brown


Crystal is a phenomenal doula - she provided excellent postpartum care for our family. Not only is she a warm and compassionate caregiver, she's also extremely knowledgeable. Crystal proactively provided much needed insight and resources around taking care of our newborn - everything from feeding to soothing to baby wearing. She went above and beyond for us and even accompanied me to a Mom's group to help me build confidence being out and about with baby. She's also great about proactively finding ways to help if you're too tired to identify tasks. Working with Crystal feels like having a trusted (and very knowledgeablel!) friend in your home. I highly recommend her! 

Tisa Mccay


Crystal was amazing with our 1 day old daughter. We got out of the hospital and were so exhausted from being there 3 nights. She came to our residence and we felt an immediate   Sense of security. She was warm friendly and extra helpful. She didn’t just sit down and watch baby. She made bottles washed dishes organized clothes while baby was sleeping. When baby woke she held her for hours fed her changed her. She had such a beautiful gentle energy. We like her so much we asked her back another Few times. It’s difficult to trust someone to care for your brand new baby, however Crystal made me feel confident in her and her expertise. I highly recommend her for newborn and infant care. 

Grace Doan


I recently gave birth to my first baby. Having Crystal as our Doula was invaluable to the birth process. My husband and I had never experienced anyone in birth, and really had no idea what to expect. We signed up for a childbirth preparation class at the hospital that I planned on birthing at. The class was helpful, but we both still felt really lost and unprepared. We planned that my husband would be my main support person during the birth, and I really didn't want my mother present for pushing or the actual birth, but my husband felt like he didn't know how to be a support for me. Luckily enough we were able to enlist Crystal's help for this important time.
During our pre birth appointments, she helped us talk through options of what we would want, even things we hadn't thought of at all, such as would my husband like to catch the baby when she was born. It was really helpful having not only an outside point of view, but also from someone who has helped several other births go successfully.
It was great having someone to reach out to, if I had a question, and especially once labor was starting.
During the labor, Crystal suggested new positions and items to aid like the exercise ball. She stayed calm the whole time, which helped keep myself and my husband more calm. She also helped with pressure points during contractions when my other support needed a break.
I only wanted the medical team and my husband ( and Crystal) in the room for the actual birth, so she jumped right in to help hold my legs and encourage pushing or resting.
Crystal was extremely helpful for me in preparing for my ideal birth, and during the birth she was a great emotional support for my husband so that he could help me more.
I'm confident that having Crystals help made the process as smooth as it could have been.

Hac Matthew Doan


Crystal was there with us, from before the birth up to the hospial & after as well. She was

amazing, she made the whole experience wonderful. First exiperience with a doula & very happy.

Rose Schaffner-Kibler


It was great. She is very easy to work with she was very helpful for my partner to get see our daughter to help him understand what was going on with her when she had to go to the NICU. I definitely recommend her to anybody.

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