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Caroline Andrews

Boro Birth

Phone: (615) 261-9950

Birth Fee: $700

Fee Details: As a trained member of DONA International, my mission is to provide doula services for every mother who wants one. Please do not let a fee prevent you from reaching out for birth support. I can provide a payment plan as well as military and civil servant discounts (police, firefighter, etc.). My fee covers two prenatal meetings, birth support, and one post-partum visit. A portion of my fee will go towards Portico in Murfreesboro, a non profit that serves young and at risk women.

Birth Doula Experience: 5 years and 11 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, November 2016
Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Vanderbilt University Medical Center, St. Thomas Midtown , and more
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Some Home Births
I am a supporter of homebirth; however, I can only attend assisted homebirths with a licensed midwife. I cannot attend an unassisted homebirth due to liability concerns.

Other Relevant Certifications

  • CPR Certified - Red Cross

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Home Birth
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption

Client Testimonials for Caroline Andrews

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Jessica Giles

Caroline was an answered prayer for us.  We did not have a doula with our first pregnancy and that was a mistake.  My husband went into this thinking that a doula would not be needed but I insisted.  Let me say that Caroline was worth her weight in gold.  We did not know what was ahead for us but most of the delivery did not go as planned.  Caroline was able to give us the pro’s and con’s for each issue we faced so we could make informed decisions.  My husband was able to step away for meals and breaks when needed.  Caroline kept my husband level headed when the stress was at its peak.  My husband’s exact words after we had our baby was thank God that Caroline was there.  Caroline was a breath of fresh air in the face of a sea of health care professionals all wanting you to do exactly as they say.  Carolina also has a bag of tricks so to speak for all kinds of scenarios.  You will never regret having Caroline by your side but you will regret it if you don’t hire Caroline.  Caroline also took notes and documented my labor and deliver experience.

Thanks again Caroline!



Posted 6/28/2019

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Kate M. Nelson

After interviewing a number of doulas to help with our first delivery, we knew Caroline Andrews was the perfect fit for our family. During the pregnancy, Caroline drilled-down what we we’re looking for during the birth process, answered our countless questions, and was a great sounding board.

Everything was on track for a planned natural birth…until it was the time came for the baby to actually come out. I can’t underestimate how rough the 50+ hour delivery was—horrid Pitocin pains, inconsistent epidurals, baby wouldn’t turn, etc. All that said, Caroline rose to the occasion and was our rock during this emotional/physical rollercoaster. Her calm, steady demeanor helped us when we needed it the most, and her knowledge about the birthing process helped us know what was likely coming next so we could mentally prepare. Everything turned out fine as I had to have a caesarean delivery, and Caroline was one of the first people to meet our happy baby boy.

We could not have done it without Caroline Andrews.

Posted 9/12/2018

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Amy Tompkins

Having Caroline by my side during labor was one of the best choices my husband and I made during our pregnancy. We found out at 24 weeks gestation that I would have a high risk delivery due to our son having a congenital heart defect, and he would be taken to NICU shortly after delivery. Caroline went above and beyond to answer any questions my husband and I had and to prepare us for the delivery. When we found out the delivery would not go as planned, she never placed any judgement and instead helped us foster questions to ask the specialists.  Not only was she with me throughout my labor, she stayed by my side when Theo and my husband left for the NICU.  Caroline has an open, loving personality, and my husband and I both joked that we wanted her to be our new BFF.  I would recommend Caroline to any mama looking for an excellent doula. 

Posted 7/9/2018

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Brooke Ann Lamb

Caroline was an excellent addition to my birth team. I didn’t want lots of people around - just my husband and a doula. She did a wonderful job ahead of time preparing us for all the potentialities of birth - even the ones I didn’t want to think about! I was so thankful for this because I ended up having an induction and c section even though I had planned a natural birth center birth. Thanks to Caroline’s wisdom ahead of time, I knew what to expect with a medical birth and was able to navigate it successfully. Her emotional support  during my induction was invaluable. She brought a gentle, loving presence that I needed in the midst of exhaustion and some unexpected turns of event. She reminded me to advocate For myself and my wishes while also fully honoring when I changed my mind or the situation required a change. She knew the hospital system well and helped me to remember the important things to consider while I was in labor. I also an fully confident that if I had had an unmedicated birth, she would have been amazing at aiding us with comfort measures and positive management of natural labor. No matter what kind of birth you’re having, Caroline will be a wonderful support and witness for this beautiful transition in your life. 

Posted 7/6/2018

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Rachel Hockey

Caroline was my doula for my third pregnancy. I had never had a doula before but felt like from what I had heard, having one would be quite beneficial for my goal of a second natural childbirth. Caroline’s personality made it so easy for my husband and myself to get along with her. Her bedside manner was just what I needed in the toughest moments of labor. She has a gentleness to her strong nature and is one to always speak up when necessary. She never pushed her own preferences on me, but always had solid information if we needed help making a decision. My doctor and nurses loved her as well. Caroline was a fantastic support to my husband and I during labor and delivery, never getting in the way, always where we needed her. I would pick Caroline to be by my side again in a heartbeat.

Posted 6/22/2017

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Lindsey Robert

My friend Caroline attended the birth of my son, now 14 months old, as my doula. I have known Caroline for several years, and know her to be kind, personable, caring, and incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about pregnancy and birth.

During my pregnancy, Caroline was so helpful and encouraging; and I always felt like I could ask her anything. She helped me and my husband create a birth plan we were comfortable with, and during my birthing time in the hospital (we used Vanderbilt Midwives) she was so helpful in taking on the responsibility of communicating our birth preferences to the nurses and midwives. Having her there as a strong, but respectful, mediator allowed my husband and me to focus on the labor process. Having her there to support us was wonderful.

She was so helpful during the birth process, even attending overnight and into the next day. Not only did she encourage vocally, but she physically made contractions so much easier by rubbing my back and supporting my hips to alleviate pressure. It was a long labor process with some unexpected complications, and she so respectfully and lovingly helped us navigate our options.

I am forever thankful that my friend Caroline was there for my birthing time, and that in the end I gave birth to a healthy baby boy in safety. It was so wonderful sharing the joy of his birth with my lovely and nurturing friend Caroline. I full-heartedly recommend her! She will be an exceptional asset.

In warmth,
Lindsey Robert

Posted 6/10/2017

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